Here are some of my favorite QL sites!



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The Accelerator Chamber's Quantum Leap Section

Quantum Leap: The Virtual Seasons (hundreds of great stories continuing the show with all new seasons!)

Stallion's Gate (Has a page with script continuing the "Mirror Ending" episode as originally intended if the show had continued into a sixth season!)

Pam's Quantum Leap Page

Andy's Quantum Leap website

Barry's Quantum Leap page

Beckett and Calavicci's Quantum Leap Page

Becky's Quantum Leap Page

Christina's Project Quantum Leap Page

Leapin' Lil's Timeout Lounge

Paranoid Angel's Quantum Leap Page

Scott's Quantum Leap Page

SueJBakula's Quantum Leap Page

Trudy's Haven for Leapers

Ferry's Quantum Leap Page

Wendy's Quantum Leap Pad

wHom's Quantum Leap Page

Ziggy's Quantum Leaping Website

Calavicci Casanovas Club

Dawlphyn Leap

Evil Leapers

Fate's Wide Wheel

H1 Quantum Leap

Leap to Leap: A Quantum Leap Journey

Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap Television Coming Soon!

Quantum Leap: The Leap Home

Timeless Adventure, Timeless Excitement

Quantum Leap Revival Initiative

Dawlphyn Leap

Leaping Links

Code Quantum (Great French Site)