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On March 26, 1989, NBC aired the pilot for a television show that would have a fan cult following years after the series had ended on May 5th, 1993. Combining science-fiction and drama with a hint of comedy and a splash of adventure, the series lasted four and a half seasons with 95 episodes (including multi-part episodes).

From the producer of Magnum P.I., Airwolf, Battlestar Galactica, and JAG came the series fans still long for and newcomers become entranced by: Quantum Leap.

In order to understand the basic plotline of the series and it's characters, first visit the FAQ pages and developing Episode Guide!

Now, a decade later, Quantum Leap is being revived and updated with the announcement of a new television movie! Check the News section for more information on this and all QL news as it comes in.

Be sure to visit The Virtual Seasons, perhaps the largest collection of QL fan fiction available! Each week a new episode airs for your reading enjoyment! This portion of the site is maintained by MJ Cogburn.

If you are looking for still more fan fiction, stop by The Starbright Project, a new prequel series telling the stories of a top-secret government project Sam and Al helped develop years before Quantum Leap!

There is also a message board and chat room where you can post your ideas & thoughts, as well as converse with fellow leapers around the world!

If you can't find all the information you are looking for here, check out the Leaping Links page and Site Map. Or browse our online calendar for upcoming events!

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See photos of many members of Al's Place community.

Al's Video Library

Commercials, Interviews, Conventions, Bloopers, Alternate Endings, Parodies, & more. Close to 100 different clips! (Winzip download utility required.)

Cast & Crew

Biographies and info on all cast & crew members plus "Gooshie's Legacy," our tribute to Dennis Wolfberg.

Comic Book Series

Download and read information on all thirteen Innovation comics plus info on the unpublished comics.

Contact E-mail, mailing list, guestbook, webring, messageboard, & donation information.

Control Room
& Chat Room

Al's Place chat schedule & transcripts, flash game, and real-life time-travel information.

Episode Guide

Complete episode guide & The Episode Adoption (TEA) program information.

Evil Leapers Enter the world of the Evil Leapers featuring sounds, video, episode guide, and more.

Fan Fiction Quantum Leap fan fiction links.

FAQ The Quantum Leap Primer, Frequently Asked Questions, & Al's Place disclaimer.

Imaging Chamber Photos & screenshots from the television series.

Leaping Links The largest collection of Quantum Leap site links anywhere on the internet.

Media & More Articles, cartoons, advertisements, scripts, quotes, wallpaper, screensavers, the QL font, artwork, and many more miscellaneous pages.

Merchandise Links and photos of QL merchandise available to buy online. Also includes info on the QL soundtrack, DVD, and Videos!

Mirror Imaging Page dedicated to the final episode of Quantum Leap: Mirror Image.
News Latest news on the Quantum Leap telefilm, DVD release, & anything else related to the program.

Novels Pictures and information on the novel series & The Novel Adoption (TNA) program.

Online Community Messageboard & Chat Currently the most active Quantum Leap messageboard available. Membership is free. Fully moderated and clean atmosphere. Join in today!

Showtimes &
TV Schedule
Don't miss out on watching your favorite TV show! Here is the latest television schedule for Quantum Leap.

Site Updates The latest updates to this fan site. Join the mailing list for email updates. Check the online calendar for upcoming events!

The Starbright
This fan fiction prequel series tells the stories of what happened before Quantum Leap. What exactly was this secret project mentioned several times in the TV show?

The Virtual Seasons Quantum Leap continues with Season Six in this fan fiction continuation of the series! Over 100 different stories continue the adventures of Sam and Al.

Visions Internet Columns Rodvision, RodetteVision, & GuestVision:
Three internet columns to wet your appetite for Quantum Leap.

Waiting Room How long will you wait before you discover the purpose of this room?
Ziggy's Sounds Over 100 different sound clips to bring Quantum Leap back for your hearing enjoyment.

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