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Monday, May 10th, 2004

Al's Place Online Community Chatroom
Special Guest: Jarrett Lennon of "A Little Miracle"

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6 pm to 9pm EST


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alsplacebartender:: Ok, well this shindig is underway!

MikeKraken:: Clara!!

Dman176:: hey there

#clara5:: I thought I wasn't gonna make it on time but actually, I caught the bus which I was sure I was going to miss

#clara5:: MIKE!!!

SueJBakula:: Oh, BTW Brian, are the security cleances ok in my story? I didn't know if I got then the wrong way round

TinaAlsGirl5 joined

Dman176:: just to let you guys know, I'll be disappearing briefly in a little while, because I'm not at my own computer at the moment

alsplacebartender:: i'll have to see what you have but i'm sure that will be fine

TinaAlsGirl5:: Heylo, everyone!

MikeKraken:: hey Joy!

Dman176:: when I leave, I'll try to be back as soon as I can

alsplacebartender:: hey Joy!

SueJBakula:: Hello JOy

Dman176:: hi, Joy!

Dman176: Long time no see

TinaAlsGirl5: Hi Mike. Hi Brian. Hi Sue. Hi Damon.

#clara5: hi joy

TinaAlsGirl5: Hi Clara

SueJBakula: I'm gonna go and get some more tabs, but I won't be long

Dman176: ok

SueJBakula: Hiya again Clara, sorry about before

alsplacebartender: does anyone have the law and order season two DVD set by chance?

TinaAlsGirl5: yeah, school's been keepin' me rather busy... just two more days to go! And then I still have bunches of paperwork to fill out for college

#clara5: before what?

Dman176: no, not yet, Brian

Dman176: don't even have the first one

SueJBakula: when U came into chat at work

alsplacebartender: it is supposed to have a trailer for the Quantum Leap DVD's on it! I'll have it this week (renting it)

Dman176: oh really?

Dman176: cool

#clara5: well, it was just to warn, I didn't mean to stay there until I got an answer

MikeKraken: neat, Brian

TinaAlsGirl5: awesome

#clara5: is my color too harsh to read?

MikeKraken: not really, for me anyway

Dman176: hey, Joy, my sister's goin away to college too... she's going to Skidmore in Saratoga Springs

SueJBakula: just made sur I was there on time, only 3 hours early!!! LOL

#clara5: well, you manade to read what I write to you on msn...

MikeKraken: manade?

#clara5: uh, I'm confused, I meant mike, on ICQ

Dman176: lol

#clara5: and I meant manage

MikeKraken: LOL.. yeah, was gonna sAY< I'm not on MSN

#clara5: lol

#clara5: can't type

Dman176: he knows, I think, just messin with ya ;)

Dman176: Mj does it to me all the time

MikeKraken: no, I didn't... LOL...

TinaAlsGirl5: cool, Damon

#clara5: brain swiss-cheesed, can't remember how to write the words

#clara5: lol

SueJBakula: I have that problem all the time

Dman176: yeah, the most important thing for my sister was being away from home

TinaAlsGirl5: ah

SueJBakula: BRB

Dman176: Skidmore wasn't her first choice, but we all think she'll be happy there

Dman176: she's 17 going on 30, I think

MikeKraken: haha

alsplacebartender: so what's been going on guys? we haven't met together since January at the Stuart Fratkin chat and that was about four months ago

TinaAlsGirl5: :)

MikeKraken: no comment here...

Dman176: I wasn't at that chat :(

MikeKraken: too much to write. :P

TinaAlsGirl5: Just trying to survive the last days of high school

Dman176: been trying to keep busy with work, and writing stuff... nothing much

#clara5: I was at that chat, now I finished my studies for now and am working full time in an office...

Dman176: and just glad that winter finally decided to move on

MikeKraken: speaking of ICQ, haven't seen you on since your birthday, Clara..

#clara5: I keep myself busy on the bus writing...

TinaAlsGirl5: I haven't even found time to begin any writing on my QL stories... and I have no idea when I will

#clara5: well, wait a second

MikeKraken: I agree, Damon! It's a nice thirty degrees here today. :D

Dman176: LOL

MikeKraken: Celsius, of course.. haha

TinaAlsGirl5: Oh, and... I believe that January chat was just before or just as I was getting into the "Harry Potter" craze... well, it's full-on now

Dman176: I was going to say, "Poor Canadians" but I won't :b

#clara5: well, for me it's more like 20 degrees over here, but very humid

MikeKraken: LOL

#clara5: why poor canadian *tries to look annoyed, but fails miserably*

MikeKraken: yeah, about 26 here, plus 4 for humidity.. i love it

Dman176: Out of curiosity, Joy, have you been reading the QL stories at least?

TinaAlsGirl5: Nope... no time

TinaAlsGirl5: I'm mad at myself, about it, too. I'm really anxious to catch up on this season

Dman176: when he commented on the weather, Clara, I meant it as a joke meaning, it's warmer down here in NY

#clara5: well I for one am not complaining... we didn't have snow in montreal

#clara5: lol, I got it...

Dman176: lol

Dman176: you haven't read any at all, Joy?

MikeKraken: I think I'm up to Helen's first story... or Sue's...

Dman176: yeah, you were telling me that, Mike

TinaAlsGirl5: I think I read the first 6 or so of the season

Dman176: well, if I may... a little bit of plugosity... :b my next story is supposed to go up this week, first of 3

#clara5: well, I for myself am too caught up with Star Wars to read Quantum Leap right now... maybe later, but I don't need more distractions from my story than I already have at the time

SueJBakula: you're in for a real treat when you do read, Joy and Clara

Dman176: and I'm still not even done writing the second one yet... yikes... almost there though, wouldn't want to worry MJ

Dman176: that's why I haven't been around much

TinaAlsGirl5: I really gotta get started on my newest VS story... I've had it in the works for over a year now, but haven't had the time to do much writing on it

#clara5: well, I will when I feel like it... I already read one some time ago, and I didn't get it, so it kind of disappointed me into waiting until I felt like it again

Dman176: which one, Clara?

#clara5: well, it was something about Sam leaping to same Princess Anastasia

#clara5: *save

Dman176: don't remember if I asked you already, I have a tendency to forget

Dman176: hmm, that's not TVS

Dman176: I'm not familair with other fanfic

SueJBakula: anyone have any ideas? I have Jana on msn and she can't get into the cahat

#clara5: no, you didn't ask 'cause I never told anyone before that I had read one

SueJBakula: Not ny story Clara, on The fan fiction forum?

Dman176: well, that must be something else, it's not the Virtual Seasons

alsplacebartender: not a clue on janna's problem

Dman176: don't know either, Sue

SueJBakula: A Leap Out Of Time?

alsplacebartender: you have to have java enabled and be logged in to the board

Dman176:  hmm... I'm gonna try to get onto my puter at home, it's almost 6:30 here

#clara5:  I believe that was it, thinking about it

Dman176:: dinner time soon, but I'll see if I can stay on a bit when I come back

#clara5:: I agree with it being unusual, but I was a bit taken back by it... I guess it was a weird first story toread

MikeKraken:: HB, Damon!

Dman176:: catch you guys in a little while

SueJBakula:: That isn't the TVS

alsplacebartender::If someone else can try and keep this (transcript) too, that would be great

MikeKraken: I can do it> :P

SueJBakula: ok Damon, be quick LOL

#clara5: see you later, Damon

alsplacebartender: thanks mike!

Dman176: depends on if the puter at home is being used... could be in a hlaf hour or so, we'll see

Dman176: ok, see ya in a few

(Dman176 left)

#clara5: Sue, I can guarantee your story was good, just to weird for a first one, found it on your site...

SueJBakula: ahhhh LOL

TinaAlsGirl5: brb--gotta go set my VCR to tape "A Wrinkle In Time"

MikeKraken: wasn't

MikeKraken: that a book?

MikeKraken: I remember reading it in grade 5 or something... haha

SueJBakula: most of my stories are 'unusual' teehee, my weird imagination

#clara5: and I will read more when I'm through with all the Star Wars stuff... they're just not too compatible

SueJBakula: I haven't finished the 3rd one yet, TVS has sorta taken over

TinaAlsGirl5: okay back

SueJBakula: wb Joy

TinaAlsGirl5: thanks

(Neverreturnedhome joined)

Neverreturnedhome: hello people

alsplacebartender: hey man, i got your pic up finally today

#clara5: hello

Neverreturnedhome: hahahahah

Neverreturnedhome: nice one bri

MikeKraken: hi there, never

Neverreturnedhome: sorry about the punctuation

Neverreturnedhome: all right mike

alsplacebartender: lol! i had to mess wit you on that

Neverreturnedhome: thats cool

#clara5: well, maybe we'll get through to you after a time

MikeKraken: I noticed you kept on picking on him BrIan... LMAO

SueJBakula: yeah Brian likes to pick the pips now & again LOL

Neverreturnedhome: cheers

Neverreturnedhome: hey sue

alsplacebartender: bring me ANOTHER shrubbery!

SueJBakula: Hiya

MikeKraken: LOL

Neverreturnedhome: the amount of trouble i have getting into your site is unreal

SueJBakula: what's wrong?

MikeKraken: Sue likes causing trouble

alsplacebartender: the site or the board?

Neverreturnedhome: it must be myu comp the settings on it

SueJBakula: OY!!!

MikeKraken: :P

Neverreturnedhome: its trying to get threw the control chamber

#clara5: oh my, too many people writing pale yellow, can't follow!!!

Neverreturnedhome: i keep trying i think i got threw one time by a link thats been it

MikeKraken: ... it's all white, Clara...

SueJBakula: you mean the map of images to different parts of the site?

#clara5: it's not white

Neverreturnedhome: i think so

#clara5: ah, better

MikeKraken: yes it is... LOL

#clara5: lol ;)

Neverreturnedhome: no its wait im confused

#clara5: :)

Neverreturnedhome: its trying to get to the part where yeh can watch the

SueJBakula: the menu at the top left?

SueJBakula: the Acceletator Chamber?

Neverreturnedhome: wat can i say im a total techno phobe

Neverreturnedhome: thats the onethe the accelerator chamber

#clara5: (whispers: we can see that...)

Neverreturnedhome: lol@clara

MikeKraken: LOL

SueJBakula: hahaha

#clara5: lol ;-)

MikeKraken: I watched "The Leap Home", both parts, this afternoon...

#clara5: *smilies don't work...

alsplacebartender: so Never, you are from the highlands, eh?

Neverreturnedhome: naa north east scotland

alsplacebartender: that's cool

alsplacebartender: always wanted to visit there

SueJBakula: I'm smack dab in the middle of England, Robin Hood country

#clara5: well, I for myself watched What price, Gloria? last night and before that I had watched Play it again, Seymour

Neverreturnedhome: its cool place leap over lol

MikeKraken: I'm doing my Sibby LoNigro research. :P

SueJBakula: LOL@Mikey

#clara5: but somehow the .Avi blocks at one place and it causes an error about halfway through

Neverreturnedhome: just finished watching permanent wave

alsplacebartender: i watched the color of truth on laserdisc yesterday lol

Neverreturnedhome: didnt realise mr bakula directed

MikeKraken: Aww.. that's annoying! Mine are on tape. hehe

Neverreturnedhome: mine all downloaeded

#clara5: grrrrr :-0

Neverreturnedhome: 3 to go before i have them all hahahahahahah

MikeKraken: yeah, I watched "The Color of Truth" and "Double Identiy" last night... also looking for Ike Bentenhof. :P

SueJBakula: got all eps on tape and copied most to CD

MikeKraken: isn't that an amazing episode, Brian?

alsplacebartender: oh yeah mike

MikeKraken: I'm always blown away by it... hehe... Miss Melanie is great!

SueJBakula: did you get it from my site, Clara?

#clara5: no, I got it online from a friend of mine, but the resume corrupted the file

#clara5: uh, brb

MikeKraken: >_<

alsplacebartender: i love the part with the train

MikeKraken: Oh yeah... "Thank you, Charles. But you didn't have to swear."

SueJBakula: cos if you've got Filtopia installed, you can download them from me there

(Dman176 joined)

alsplacebartender: yes! love that. i have that sound file on the site somewhere

MikeKraken: WB Damon

SueJBakula: wb Damon

Dman176: yeah, I'm back

TinaAlsGirl5: welcome back Damon

alsplacebartender: i'll brb guys

Neverreturnedhome: bri i well was into the waiting room codes part wat fun

MikeKraken: all righty, HB

Neverreturnedhome: alrite dman

Dman176: ok, think that color works

Dman176: takes a few seconds to adjust this darn window

Dman176: you can all continue talking... I'm sort of here and there

Neverreturnedhome: sue i well liked yer forur minute warning story

Neverreturnedhome: not sure bout the snakes though

MikeKraken: no spoilers!!


Neverreturnedhome: spoliers?

MikeKraken: *plugs his ears* la la la la la la la

MikeKraken: yeah, don't spoil any parts of the story. :P

Neverreturnedhome: it was a good story

SueJBakula: great p2p program

Dman176: don't give away any details

MikeKraken: I haven't read it yet

Neverreturnedhome: why not

Dman176: a few people haven't read them yet

alsplacebartender: back now

Neverreturnedhome: its the only one ive got round to reading

SueJBakula: LOL@snakes, someone else who don't like em

MikeKraken: snakes are cool... haha

Neverreturnedhome: and we cant dicuss boohoo

Dman176: well, there was an important detail toward the end of Part 2

Dman176: are you only talking about Part 1?

Neverreturnedhome: no i think it was part two i read

SueJBakula: LOL, I think I confused everyone

SueJBakula: snake were in part 2

Neverreturnedhome: i liked the whole pql senerio it was well thought out good luvved it and that sall ill say

Neverreturnedhome: no more

Dman176: that's good ;)

SueJBakula: thanks

TinaAlsGirl5: Yes, from someone who hasn't caught up on reading... thanks

MikeKraken: Yes, thank you ver much. <G>

Neverreturnedhome: is that a dig

Dman176: no

Neverreturnedhome: do youz all work on th eone story or how doz it work

MikeKraken: for the most part, we each write on our own...

Dman176: there are just a lot of developments that have happened this season that have started to shakle things up a bit... and still to come to ;)

Dman176: MJ edits all of them though, so that if something doesn't match up right, she corrects it to fit with continuity

SueJBakula: Mikey and I are in the beginns of one and I'm writing one with
Helen, plus a few others I have already started

Dman176: or at least, she tries to

#clara5: I'm back, but I'll have to leave when dinner starts soon, just when the guest arrives, ;-(

SueJBakula: Janna still can't get in

Dman176: if someone writes something, like adding a new character or changing an aspect of someone's chgarqacter or whatever, you have to run it by her first

#clara5: what unfortunacy (yes, I know that's not a word) that my parents decided to make us eat at that very time

Neverreturnedhome: i didnt realise how ardcore you's all were

Dman176: LOL

Dman176: it's ok, Clara, I usually eat around this time too

#clara5: lol

Dman176: which is why I said I'll be here and there

alsplacebartender: i don't know how to help janna :(

SueJBakula: she's logged in and had java enabled, I've told her to reboot

alsplacebartender: good call

#clara5: indeed

Dman176: for the most part, um... neverreturned... most of the stories everyone writes can be read on their own, I think... just like the way the original show was

#clara5: hehe, except the first and last episodes, of course

Neverreturnedhome: im sure the creator would be proud of you guys

Dman176: and a few others :)

Dman176: well, we try

Neverreturnedhome: is there any more news on this bold leap forward?

#clara5: and even if I don't know about it, I'm sure you do

#clara5: and that you succeed

Dman176: the story I have coming up is that thing I mentioned a while ago about my own interpretation of... A Bold Leap Forward, I guess for lack of a better term

#clara5: lol

#clara5: *is in a good mood tonight*

Dman176: well, I don't really remember what post it was, it was a long time ago when I first joined up

Dman176: my "bridge" between the old series and a new one

Dman176: just twqeaked a bit

Neverreturnedhome: *is knakered* its nearly 12am got work in five hours

Dman176: *tweaked

#clara5: seems interesting

MikeKraken: sorry, I am making dinner... forgot to say BRB. haha

MikeKraken: yeah, we should get to work on that, Sue! :D


7pm EST - Jarrett Lennon Joins Chat!

JarrettLennon joined)

Dman176: sorry for the "plugosity" :b... I'll try to not bring it up anymore

Dman176: ah, he's here

alsplacebartender: Welcome Jarrett!

JarrettLennon: Thank you very much!

Neverreturnedhome: hello jarret

Dman176: Welcome

alsplacebartender: How are you this afternoon?

JarrettLennon: Doing quite well, thank you. Having a good day.

JarrettLennon: And how is everyone else today?

MikeKraken: hello Jarrett

Dman176: hanging in there

MikeKraken: !

MikeKraken: ahh, my keyboard is being mean... haha

Neverreturnedhome: bouncing aff the wallz

Dman176: lol @Mikey

MikeKraken: oh wow, there were funnel clouds near me today. *gets scared*

TinaAlsGirl5: Hello, Jarrett.

Dman176: LOL

TinaAlsGirl5: I'm having a fairly good day, thank you.

(#clara5 left)

JarrettLennon: My wife used to love to tornado chase.

TinaAlsGirl5: That's what I want to do when I have the time and money.

Dman176: hmm, Clara having problems I wonder?

Neverreturnedhome: same here tina wat a rush

JarrettLennon: She's got more guts than I.

alsplacebartender: Jarrett, we know you were quite young when you did Quantum Leap, but is there anything you remember about the shoot you
can tell us?

Dman176: oh God, my sister would probably want to do that too

Dman176: yikes

MikeKraken: LOL, would be fun...

(jannagalaxy joined)

jannagalaxy: yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Dman176: hey, Janna made it

SueJBakula: welcome Janna

TinaAlsGirl5: My name's Joy, "never"

JarrettLennon: Not a lot of specifics come to mind, unfortunately. It's been a pretty long time since I filmed it.

jannagalaxy: bliemy it took me for ever to get here!

SueJBakula: glad you made it

Neverreturnedhome: soz joy

jannagalaxy: :)

Neverreturnedhome: hey janna

jannagalaxy: hi everyonw

jannagalaxy: everyone

alsplacebartender: how did you get the part as a child actor back then?

JarrettLennon: I remember working with Charles Rocket, which my mother
was quite excited about. She was a fan.

Dman176: oh, "never" I"m Damon btw

alsplacebartender: what was charles like?

Dman176: I was going to ask that, Brian lol

Dman176: heh heh

JarrettLennon: Well, I've been acting since I was four, so getting the part merely required being right for the role.

JarrettLennon: Charles was fantastic. I worked with him years later on Short Cuts.

alsplacebartender: cool!

MikeKraken: yay! Hi Janna!

JarrettLennon: This text field sure is laggy sometimes...

Dman176: yeah, it's weird sometimes

jannagalaxy: hi mike

alsplacebartender: One of our member who isn't here today wanted me to ask if you remembered anything about Dean Stockwell. He is supposed to be good working with children...

SueJBakula: Don't let it put you off though

alsplacebartender: yeah sorry about that

JarrettLennon: I vaguely remember meeting Dean, and I do recall that he was incrtedibly nice to me.Made a

JarrettLennon: Made a real effort to talk to me without being condescending.

jannagalaxy: that was so nice of him

Neverreturnedhome: im jealous

alsplacebartender: yes, great to hear that

Dman176: that's great

MikeKraken: good ol' Dean. <G>

JarrettLennon: I had been a fan of the show when I did it, so it was especially nice to be treated so well on the set.

SueJBakula: Do you remember anything that was specifically done on the set that ammused you?

(#clara5 joined)

#clara5: Hello Mr. Lennon

JarrettLennon: Primarily the whole section where we sung the Christmas carols. I'm a terrible singer, but when I was a kid I hadn't yet realized that, so I had a lot of fun with it. I learned the words to carols I had never bothered to learn before.

JarrettLennon: Hello, clara

MikeKraken: WB Clara

#clara5: Sorry guys, have to go eat dinner, be back in 30 minutes

MikeKraken: bon appetit!

jannagalaxy: may i just say something?

jannagalaxy: i just thought I'd ask don't wanna be rude

JarrettLennon: Go ahead, assuming you're asking me...

jannagalaxy: yes

JarrettLennon: No worries, go right ahead.

SueJBakula: I love the scene with the carols, so moving

alsplacebartender: janna are you going to say something lol

jannagalaxy: my name is Janine. I first saw that episode when I was 12 and made me think of sunday school, for I went to the salvation army and I nearly felll off

jannagalaxy: still typing!

jannagalaxy: give me a minute

JarrettLennon: Hehehe

jannagalaxy: my seat. So I knew all the christams carols that were sung.

SueJBakula: we're not all speed typer's LOL

Dman176: wow, sorry, guys, my computer's acting a bit freaky on me,
don;t mind me

(Sherdran joined)

jannagalaxy: I tried to tell them the following sunday what i saw but they wouldn't beleive me

Dman176: Hi, Eleiece

jannagalaxy: I must say that you looked so adorable. :)

JarrettLennon: Hehehe... so that episode had a personal connection for you? That's great.

Sherdran: Hi, Damon. :)

SueJBakula: Hiya Eleiece

Sherdran: Hi, Sue!

MikeKraken: hey Eleiece!

Sherdran: Yo, Mike!

MikeKraken: mine slowed right down, too, Damon

Neverreturnedhome: feel th elove in the room

alsplacebartender: How about something more recent Jarrett? What was it like on "She's All That"?

JarrettLennon: She's All That was unusual, as I worked only two days, but spread out over two seperate weeks.

JarrettLennon: And because they scheduled me to be paid on a weekly schedule, I ended up getting paid for two entire weeks, despite working only two days.

TinaAlsGirl5: Excuse my ignorance, but I haven't had a chance to check out your filmography. Who did you play in "She's All That"?

MikeKraken: LOL

Dman176: well, THAT isn't bad, is it? ;)

JarrettLennon: Those days were absurdly long, though, and involved mostly waiting around.

JarrettLennon: I played a charaacter named Naylon. You wouldn't recognize the name, as the party scenes where I introduced myself were cut from the final film.

JarrettLennon: My only seen was when Laney and Taylor met in the school hallway for a photo op, and then Taylor stormed off, slamming into, sending Laney Yes flyers all over the place.

JarrettLennon: I then turned to my geek friends and said, "I think I touched her boob!"

JarrettLennon: (seen=scene)

Dman176: heh heh

SueJBakula: Now you're older, what would you think as being written in as a character in our very own Quantum Leap Virtual Televison Series?

jannagalaxy: <giggling>

TinaAlsGirl5: Ah, I remember that scene! That's cool!

alsplacebartender: yes! was rachael leigh cook as hot as i would like to imagine? lol

JarrettLennon: Hahaha... I'd be honored, and happy to read it.

JarrettLennon: I had absolutely no interaction with RLC. She seemed to keep to herself.

SueJBakula: Any character in mind?

Dman176: LOL@ Brian

JarrettLennon: I got to chat with Jodi Lyn-O'Keefe, though, and she was quite nice. I had a connection with her, because I had worked with two of her co-workers on Nash Bridges.

alsplacebartender: great!

MikeKraken: I'll BRB... Java seems to be disrupting Dreamweaver...

JarrettLennon: I did a failed pilot that Don Johnson produced called Flipside, and a cable movie with Jaime Gomez called One Child (reNAMED Untamed Love for its reale)

jannagalaxy: i'm sorry but i don't know what to call you, dont wanna be rude

JarrettLennon: reale=release

SueJBakula: Tell me to shut up, if you want Brian, LOL

JarrettLennon: Jarrett's fine, no worries.

alsplacebartender: lol sue!

jannagalaxy: Okay, Jarret. :)

(DeadZoneLeaper joined)

(MikeKraken left)

Dman176: Well, Jarrett, since a question was asked about what it was like working with Dean, I might as well ask (didin't see the question here), what was it like working with Scott Bakula?

Dman176: hi, Greg *waves*

JarrettLennon: You're probably going to kill me for this, but I honestly have no memory of him beyond watching the episode.

DeadZoneLeaper: hi D!!!

SueJBakula: LOL Damon, that was my next question :)

Dman176: lol

Dman176: oh well, had to ask it, heh heh

JarrettLennon: Sure did, and I knkew I'd be asked.

jannagalaxy: Jarret, I would like to ask you if did a "sam beckett" and travelled back in time to your own body when you were on QL would you do anything different?

alsplacebartender: nobody pull out a gun, he was quite young then lol! do YOU remember where you were when you were 5 years old? hahaha

SueJBakula: yup, LOL, happy days

Dman176: lol@ Brian

jannagalaxy: i always ask strange questions

alsplacebartender: ha sue!

Sherdran: Jarrett, I saw in your filmography that you did an episode of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". What was it like working with Sarah Michelle Gellar and James Marsters?

Dman176: that's a cool question, Janna

jannagalaxy: thanks

JarrettLennon: First question first: I can't say I could really have done anything different. It certainly ended up well in the end, and I think my character helped that slightly, anyway.

jannagalaxy: thanks for the answer

JarrettLennon: As for Sarah Michelle Gellar, the camera really does add ten pounds. She was terrifyingly thin in real life.

JarrettLennon: Also looked much older than she does on TV.

alsplacebartender: Jarrett you also did the pilot episode for E.R. right?

JarrettLennon: She was far more professional than I imagined, though, and knew exactly what she was doing, advising on camera placement, lighting, positioning, staging, etc. We shot that scene in less than two hous, since it was just the two of us, and I consider myself very professional.

Sherdran: thanks

(Neverreturnedhome joined)

JarrettLennon: As for James Marsters, I would have killed to have even been near him, but alas, no luck. I did see Alyson Hannigan pull up in her British Racing Green Jaguar XK8, though, and she seemed like a sweetheart.

JarrettLennon: I was more interested in the supporting cast than SMG, really.

DeadZoneLeaper: Hi Jarrett, have you ever done any voiceover/animation voice work besides being in front of the camera? If so, what shows have you done that for and is it much different from regular acting?

JarrettLennon: Let me jump to ER before I answer that.

(Als Handlink joined)

JarrettLennon: I did do the pilot of ER, but when I filmed it it wasn't a pilot... it was a movie. If I'm not mistaken, Steven Spielberg was involved at that time, and it was the day I was on the set that he showed up to inform the cast and crew that they were turning it into a series.Anyway,

JarrettLennon: I was Dr. Ross's first patient. It was a greeaT EXPERIENCE>

Dman176: oh cool

alsplacebartender: wow i didn't know that! very cool

Als Handlink: Hi All

JarrettLennon: My agents tried to get me on the show again many times, but they were incredibly strict about not recasting the same actor, no matter how different they look when they're older.

JarrettLennon: I know other actors who have played multiple roles on the show, though, so I don't know what was up.

Dman176: how was it working with George Clooney? Oh, sorry, answer Greg's question first

JarrettLennon: As for voiceovers, I've actually done a ton of voiceover work, primarily when I was a kid.

DeadZoneLeaper: hehehe...d'ohh

JarrettLennon: Speaking of d'oh, I've even worked with Dan Castellenetta a couple of times.

Dman176: cool

DeadZoneLeaper: awesome

SueJBakula: P.S. Don't tell George about TLC, he'll go nuts

Dman176: I know, Sue ;0

JarrettLennon: Voiceover work is fantastic because it pays very well, and is incredibly quick and easy. Two hours max, and you're out of there. Then you collect residuals for years.

Dman176: I just wonder cause George sometimes seems like he's let the stardom go to his head... sometimes :b

DeadZoneLeaper: Was voiceover work difficult to get into? At one time I had given serious thought in trying to get into that as something to do on the side...

Dman176: hmm, I've thought that too, Greg :)

DeadZoneLeaper: (MJ had me doing voices on the IM mic for the longest time the other

Dman176: everyone always used to tell me I was good at voices when I was a kid

JarrettLennon: As for George Clooney, he was wonderful. Then, about five years later I was filming something else on the Warner Bros. lot, and I walked by one of their many stages. He and Julianna Marguiles were outside, and he actually came up to me, remembered me by name, and reminded Julianna (who didn't see to care) who I was.

TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, I've wondered that as well... what with being on Quanta-DimensionaL Leap

Dman176: oh, that was nice

Dman176: thanks

alsplacebartender: any shows that we should especially listen for your voice in?

SueJBakula: tis very nice when you're remembered like that, even years later

DeadZoneLeaper: me too Damon..I can imitate Homer SImpson and Hank Hill to name a few

Dman176: I can do a good Homer ;)

Neverreturnedhome: lol@dzl hank is the man

JarrettLennon: Voiceover work wasn't too tricky to get into for me since I was already in the business. My agent would send me out on intereviews for it like any other kind< AND I"D GET WORK> Then I'd start getting requested. Once my voice changed the work dried up.

DeadZoneLeaper: it sounds like fun work if you can get it

JarrettLennon: It's a modertately cliquey business these days though, and I rarely get the work.

Dman176: actually, I do a good Baby Dinosaur and Elmo too... not sure I should admit that though :b

JarrettLennon: I met someone online who's putting together a Flash webtoon, and I'm going to be doing a lot of voices for it. It's going to give me an opportunity to create some character voices which I haven't done before.

DeadZoneLeaper: lol

JarrettLennon: NOT THE MAMA!

Dman176: The Flash?

Neverreturnedhome: lol

jannagalaxy: Jarret, being on this website are you surprised that the fandom of QL still lives on 10 years after the series was cancelled?

JarrettLennon: Flash animation.

Dman176: oh, ok

DeadZoneLeaper: had Flash by Queen going in my

JarrettLennon: Oh, not at all. Good shows die hard. Anything worth having fans is worth having fans forever. I've got my obsessions over old shows, too.

DeadZoneLeaper: what are your fave shows?

Als Handlink: What shows

Dman176: lol, you both asked it

jannagalaxy: :) hey it made an impression on me!

JarrettLennon: My obsessions' ReBoot.

DeadZoneLeaper: oh yeah, Damonm, I should add Christopher Lloyd to the list...;-)

Neverreturnedhome: reboot the cartoon

TinaAlsGirl5: Oh, I love that show!

jannagalaxy: I was only 9 when I was hooked!

Dman176: what, as a voice, you mean?

DeadZoneLeaper: yup

Dman176: hmm...

JarrettLennon: No, just my favorite long-dead show.

DeadZoneLeaper: Greatest American Hero is my fave long gone show

JarrettLennon: I tend to obsess of cancelled shows that should have survived.

Dman176: heh heh, mine too

JarrettLennon: of=over

DeadZoneLeaper: like Misfits Of

jannagalaxy: well theres people here from over the world so that must surprise you?

Als Handlink: Sliders was good for a while, then they recast Quinn

jannagalaxy: it's half past midnight here

DeadZoneLeaper: Jerry's ego, I heard

Neverreturnedhome: 37 mins past exactly

JarrettLennon: Actually, no. It's amazing how much some of our shows are loved overseas more than here. I get a lot of residuals from strange countries.

Dman176: eesh, don't remind me of Mallory, alshandlink :b

jannagalaxy: :p

Dman176: what were they thinkin?

JarrettLennon: Yeah, Sliders was great in the beginning.

DeadZoneLeaper: the Other Arturo

Als Handlink: I have no clue, it was an insult to the fans intelegence recasting him

jannagalaxy: yeah well England is strange

jannagalaxy: :)

JarrettLennon: I was in rehearsal for The Great White Hype when John
Rhys-Davies got the call that Sliders had been renewed. He was so disappointed.

jannagalaxy: :) hehe

DeadZoneLeaper: when you're a stranger

Als Handlink: He was disappointed

(MikeKraken joined)

#clara5: I am back, and I'll try catching on to what you have said in case I want to ask a question

JarrettLennon: Yep, he apparently hated the show.

DeadZoneLeaper: I heard he wanted out bad because he didnt like the scripts

Dman176: Greg, one of those sites spoofs Sliders saying what would have happened if the show had continued in his image... "When Jerry's Ego Attacks" I think it was called

DeadZoneLeaper: lmao

JarrettLennon: Yes, he hated the directions it was going, and apparently the production overall was bad.

Als Handlink: That'

JarrettLennon: One good thing about Sliders was Sabrina Lloyd, who went on to do my all-time favorite cancelled show, Sports Night.

Dman176: that's why John wanted out, yeah

Dman176: yeah, Sports Night was good, although I didn't watch it regularly

DeadZoneLeaper: didnt mind Karu Wuhrer coming on tho...;-)

DeadZoneLeaper: Kari

Dman176: heh heh

JarrettLennon: I was lucky enough to never miss an episode, which was a feat since the cast never even knew when it was on.

Als Handlink: s funny, Personally, I think the show started going downhill when they were dealing with The Kromags every episode

JarrettLennon: I have it on DVD, as well.

Dman176: LOL

alsplacebartender: You were in the LIVE "Lightning Crashes" video??!

JarrettLennon: Yep

DeadZoneLeaper: yeah the Kromags got overused

DeadZoneLeaper: I met one of the guys from Live and didnt know it

JarrettLennon: I gues the costumes were cheaper than coming up with original characters.

alsplacebartender: i love that song and the band... too cool

Als Handlink: That new one on HBO "Deadwood" is really good too

JarrettLennon: Yep, Live's great. They gave me an autographed copy of the album, which I hadn't heard before, an I loved it.

JarrettLennon: Deadwood's filmed a few miles away from me.

DeadZoneLeaper: I live in Lancaster, PA and the band is from nearbyarea..I was at a karaoke bar singing Higher by Creed and this guy with spiky hair and half a goatee came up and said I really liked your singing..It was Chad Taylor and I didn't know it

jannagalaxy: I'm going to have to go, had a long day and got to go to the hospital and bliemy well you know the rest. Just came here to say hi, my doctor would go made if they knew i'm up so late :) don't care QL RULEZ. oh by the way...........

Als Handlink: What a compliment

DeadZoneLeaper: my friends toldme afterwards and I looked up the group photo and it was him

JarrettLennon: That's awesome, dead

Dman176: aw, ok, Janna

alsplacebartender: very cool dead

jannagalaxy: it was nice talking to you Jarret. And the rest of ya!

DeadZoneLeaper: dont expect me on idol

Dman176: hope you feel better, Janna

Neverreturnedhome: u to jannaaaaaaaaa

MikeKraken: bye Janna!

JarrettLennon: It was great talking to you, janna. Thanks for sTOPPING BY> Get better.

Als Handlink: Bye Janna

SueJBakula: bye Janna

TinaAlsGirl5: Alright, Janna. Hope you get better.

jannagalaxy: thanks

alsplacebartender: later on janna!

jannagalaxy: i hate blood tests!

jannagalaxy: well bye! :) Janna/Janine from Teesside, England signing off!

alsplacebartender: oh! you were the carla's son on Cheers! I remember those episodes... neat!

JarrettLennon: So does my daughter. She's two, weighs only 21 pounds, and it took three of us to hold her down when they drew blood.

jannagalaxy: :'(

Neverreturnedhome: ouch

jannagalaxy: oh dear

MikeKraken: guys, I'm gonna go work out with my roommates... it was great to meet you, Jarrett. Thanks for taking time out to chat with us QL fans!

MikeKraken: bye bye, all!

Dman176: bye, Mike

alsplacebartender: later mike!

Neverreturnedhome: effter mike

SueJBakula: Bye Mikey

jannagalaxy: bye mike

JarrettLennon: No problem, Mike. Have fun. Don't strain yourself.

Als Handlink: later Mike

MikeKraken: I'll try not to. :P

MikeKraken: later!

(MikeKraken left)

DeadZoneLeaper: Were you at the wrap party for Cheers after filming? I was on the set once offseason and the place was crawling with straycats and they kept a keg of root beer behind the bar all the time

jannagalaxy: bye everyone!

Sherdran: bye, Janna

Dman176: bye, Janna

SueJBakula: seez ya

Als Handlink: bye

JarrettLennon: I don't think I got to go to any Cheers wrap parties, unfortunately. But I do remember the root beer keg, and I also remember they had a masseuse on set.

jannagalaxy: oh that documentary will be finshed by monday.

jannagalaxy: bye

(jannagalaxy left)

Dman176: you were on the set, Greg? How'd ya get that gig?

Neverreturnedhome: they couldnt pour pints on cheers far to much head!

Als Handlink: I think I heard once that the final episodes, they were serving real beer

JarrettLennon: In those days it was illegal to drink real alcohol on television.

DeadZoneLeaper: I was part of a college student mass media group in 1992..I spent 2 weeks at UCLa and got to tour the studios during offseason hiatus...They let us walk on the Cheers set...I was in the test audience for the shows Delta (Delta Burke) and FOx's Flying Blind (Tea Leoni?)

DeadZoneLeaper: I bombed Delta's show and it still

Dman176: Oh, I'm looking here, I see you were on Lois & Clark, Jarrett. I bet that was a fun experience?

Neverreturnedhome: they were drinking live on tv today getting v tipsy

DeadZoneLeaper: Be cool if you were on Lois and Clark & Smallville

Dman176: Freaks and Geeks too actually, I see... I liked that show. I thought it was a shame it got taken off after one season

JarrettLennon: Yep, Lois & Clark was a blast. Dean Cain's another person who remembered me again years later. Awesome people. And I got to work with Penn Jillette, too.

JarrettLennon: Yeah, F&G's my number-two favorite cancelled show.

Dman176: oh wow, something in common, I met Penn Gillette and Teller too;)

DeadZoneLeaper: cool

Sherdran: Jarrett, I was just checking your filmography and have discovered that your daughter and I have something in common. *g*.... we share a birthday.

Dman176: my father took pictures of the model he was dating many yearsa go and we got to go backstage on the Refrigerator Tour

JarrettLennon: Oh, what a nice coincidence.

Sherdran: I think so. :)

Als Handlink: It would be kind of neat if you were on an episode of the new Quantum Leap if/when it begins

Dman176: got their autograph and everything :)

DeadZoneLeaper: You need to get on Dead Zone, it's my favorite "current" show (Enterprise a close 2nd)...:-)

DeadZoneLeaper: Yeah, take over for Gooshie!!

JarrettLennon: I would never have guessed, DeadZoneLeaper

SueJBakula: yeah, I'm loving how Enterprise is wrapping up this season

Neverreturnedhome: hes too young for a gooshie

Als Handlink: Dead Zone is my current favorite series on TV right now. I love the episode that guest stared Ally Sheedy

DeadZoneLeaper: Gooshie's replacement..give him a big IQ

DeadZoneLeaper: that was really good episode

Sherdran: Of the many roles you've had, were there any that you enjoyed more than others?

JarrettLennon: Is Dead Zone on DVD yet? I haven't seen the show.

Dman176: aren't they only like halfway thru over there, Sue?

Dman176: on Enterprise, I mean?

Als Handlink: The first season yah

DeadZoneLeaper: Season 1 is out already, Season 2 comes out June 8th

Als Handlink: beat me to it

JarrettLennon: Cheers was one, but my all-time favorite was PROMISED LAND> It was the best cast and crew I've ever worked with, and I loved my character in it.

DeadZoneLeaper: you mean we can spoil the end of Enterprise Season 3 for those that are behind???

SueJBakula: watched "Forgotten" tonight

DeadZoneLeaper: CBS show with Major Dad guy?

SueJBakula: think there's another 3 eps left

JarrettLennon: Yeah, that's the one.

DeadZoneLeaper: I rememebr that show

Dman176: hmm, that's not much father behind... I thought England was months behind... oh well

Als Handlink: Is it officially cancelled at the end of the season

DeadZoneLeaper: darn, can't

DeadZoneLeaper: what is?

Dman176: still don't know "handlink"

Sherdran: Promised Land was a fabulous show! I loved it, though I didn't get to watch it much.

SueJBakula: you've had a couple of month hiatus, I thin with repaeats, that's where we've caught up

JarrettLennon: The show as pretty good, although I didn't really watch it. It was the experience that was fantastic.

Dman176: ah, ok, Sue

DeadZoneLeaper: As long as you got to go inside the trailer..;-)

DeadZoneLeaper: I think they all lived in a trailer or a mobile home or something on Promised Land

TinaAlsGirl5: Oh, I adored Promised Land, and I absolutely loved the show it spun off from--Touched By An Angel (in which Charles Rocket had a recurring character, by the way)

#clara5: there, done catching up... and now I think I got a question

Sherdran: Yep, they did. Gerald McRaney and Celeste Holm were perfect in their roles on that show.

DeadZoneLeaper: just like Billy and that trailer from the old Shazam/Captain MArvel show...haha

JarrettLennon: Yes, it was a spin-off.

alsplacebartender: wow! well we have talked about your past works jarrett... what are you working on now?

SueJBakula: Is your head 'spinning' yet Jarrett?

#clara5: well, that's it for me, no more going to eat in the middle of a chat, see what I miss? lol

JarrettLennon: Not much. I'm in an episode of Gilmore Girls tomorrow night. From there, nobody knows.

Dman176: lol, I'm about to heat up some food myself, Clara :b

#clara5: cool, Gilmore Girls, my sister loves that show

DeadZoneLeaper: putting the ballgame on as I read the chat

#clara5: and I like it too...

alsplacebartender: it's airing tomorrow night? or you're filming it tomorrow?

Neverreturnedhome: wat gilmore girls?

JarrettLennon: It's on tomorrow night, here in the states.

alsplacebartender: cool... i'll have to check that out. who do you play?

Neverreturnedhome: wats it about for the non americains in here

#clara5: oh, I don't know if I'll be able to catch it but be sure I will watch if I can..., I live in Canada

JarrettLennon: I've honestly never seen the show, so I don't know the overall plot. I play the boyfriend OF Rory's dormmate, Tanna.

Dman176: btw, Greg, speaking of baseball, did you read the ending of your story for my leap-in this week? :b

TinaAlsGirl5: I've seen another QL guest star on Gilmore Girls before--Liz Torres

Als Handlink: Who was Liz Torres

Dman176: is that the angel?

Sherdran: She played Angelita on the QL episode It's A Wonderful Leap.

TinaAlsGirl5: Yep, Angelita

DeadZoneLeaper: i think it was ANgelita

Dman176: Angelita Carmen Guadalupe,whatever

DeadZoneLeaper: lol

TinaAlsGirl5: Cecilia Jimeniz

Neverreturnedhome: wat a brilliant eposde

#clara5: that name keeps reminding me about B'Elanna Torres (Star Trek Voyager)

Dman176: she's done a few things

Als Handlink: Ya, that was a good one

TinaAlsGirl5: Yup. QL's Christmas episodes were always some of their best

#clara5: lol

DeadZoneLeaper: havent read it yet, stupid, put the game on and team isnt playing tonight..d'ohh

Neverreturnedhome: al and her is well funny

Dman176: she's a good actress

Sherdran: I agree. And Liz has a wonderful singing voice. I still love the way she sang "Someone To Watch Over Me" in that episode.

#clara5: yes, she really is, awesome job

TinaAlsGirl5: Ah, yes, definitely

DeadZoneLeaper: i think she was on John Larroquertte Show too

Dman176: yeah, right, she was

Dman176: I forgot about that

alsplacebartender: What do you do besides acting work if I may ask?

DeadZoneLeaper: and chatting

Neverreturnedhome: and voice overs

DeadZoneLeaper: lol

#clara5: *and me, and me, Brian, I wanna be next*

alsplacebartender: go for it clara!

JarrettLennon: I'm a sales representative for Epson, a web designer, a computer consultant, and the Director of Development at a viideo game publisher.

#clara5: no, he needs to answer your question first

Dman176: go ahead and ask, Clara, he'll answer it next :)

#clara5: that's really nice!!!

DeadZoneLeaper: get to test the games?

Dman176: I was gonna ask what games, but I'll wait for Clara to ask her question

SueJBakula: so...... any QL games in the pipeline? LOL

JarrettLennon: First it was testing, now it's designing and testing

#clara5: well, I wanted to know if in your career you got to travel much, and the farthest you've been from the States for work

Als Handlink: So do we talk to you for a hook-up for Metal Gear Solid 3

JarrettLennon: I used to travel quite a bit when I was young. But the farthest I've travelled out of the states for work was just to Vancouver.

Dman176: heh heh, probably not, they're pretty tight-lipped about MGS3

JarrettLennon: Yeah, and I'm not in with Konami.

#clara5: oh, so you did go to Canada, nice, did you go more in the East?

#clara5: lol, I'm in Quebec, that's why

TinaAlsGirl5: Cool, I own an Epson printer and scanner

DeadZoneLeaper: If you could pick a show currently on air that you haven't been on yet, which one would it be?

DeadZoneLeaper: Konami? Did they make Contra?

JarrettLennon: I've filmed in Utah, Arizona, Nevada, New York, and Vancouver, besides SoCal and San Francisco.

Dman176: yup, they did

JarrettLennon: As do I, Tina. Good taste.

Dman176: Castlevania and Silent Hill too

DeadZoneLeaper: Contra rocks

Neverreturnedhome: silent hill 4 on its way

Als Handlink: Are you working on any games we might have heard about in the gamer Magazines

Dman176: forget it, you wanna know about games, ask me I probably know unless it's PC :b

Dman176: big hobby of mine

JarrettLennon: DeadZone: Probably Will & Grace. There's plenty of others, but I'd kill to be on that. Ooooh... and Alias. Maybe more Alias. I don't know.

Dman176: Alias is a great show, wish I watched it more often

Dman176: you need to watch it regularly unfortunatley

Dman176: kinda like with 24 also

alsplacebartender: I am renting the first couple of seasons of Alias to catch up

DeadZoneLeaper: I remember seeing the actor who played Will in a movie before the show took off...It was called Free Enterprise with him and
Shatner...very funny movie

alsplacebartender: 24 is awesome!

JarrettLennon: No games you've heard of. The company I work for now is brand new, so we're using E3 this week to help get on our feet.

Dman176: ah, ok

Als Handlink: That was one of the things that was good About QL. You could miss a bunch of eps and not miss and crucial; plot points

Dman176: true, "handlink"

DeadZoneLeaper: today its story arcs and continuity

JarrettLennon: Very true. No real plot development.

TinaAlsGirl5: Oooo, I believe they're showing off Roller Coaster Tycoon 3D at E3... I can't wait for the holidays!

JarrettLennon: Kind of like classic video games versus current games.
#clara5: oh, actually, Free Enterprise passed recently on TV, about a week ago on Space (Canadian sci-fi channel), coincidence

Dman176: yeah, with a show like QL, that works though

Neverreturnedhome: tinalslimk the rollertycoon gamers are ace

DeadZoneLeaper: cool..I really liked that movie...Shatner really makes fun of himself

Neverreturnedhome: got them all

TinaAlsGirl5: Absolutely, Als. My first QL ep was a 3rd or 4th season one (can't remember), and I followed very easily

Dman176: I'm a fan of the classic games too

JarrettLennon: Anyone here excited about the Firefly movie?

alsplacebartender: ooo yes i am

DeadZoneLeaper: was that the show that the network aired the episodes out of order?

JarrettLennon: I've run into several crewmembers at work. I'm glad to see Joss isn't just rolling over and lettin ghte concept die. I just hope theyy can keep the entire cast.

TinaAlsGirl5: I never watched Firefly, so I can't say I'm excited or otherwise

Sherdran: What's Firefly about?

#clara5: I know I should, but I'm not since I've never seen the show, lol

Als Handlink: I Saw Heart of a Champion for my first ep and pretty much knew what was going on after about half of the episode

JarrettLennon: It was a brilliant Joss Whedon series that Fox screwed over royally.

Sherdran: Oh, okay.

Dman176: I know that Joss Whedon is also writing the new X-Men comic series, if that interests anybody

#clara5: Space plays it in order, though

DeadZoneLeaper: sometimes I think networks dont know what to do with sci fi shows

alsplacebartender: no doubt... FOX has been doing that a lot lately! Like Wonderfalls

JarrettLennon: It does me. I love his writing.

JarrettLennon: I was about to catch up on my taped episodes of Wonderfalls when it was cancelled, so I decided not to torture myself.

Dman176: Fox screws up almost everything... I mean, they have a reality show called The Swan

Als Handlink: Ya, that show is a bunch of bs

JarrettLennon: Yep. That show sickens me.

Dman176: or what was the other one? Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?

alsplacebartender: yeah how does that crap beat a fresh show like wonderfalls? blah!

#clara5: it's ugly, I hate the Swan

JarrettLennon: And they have the gall to make claims like it being the most unusual competition ever devised.

Neverreturnedhome: wats it about?

TinaAlsGirl5: The only reality show I ever really watch is American Idol

Sherdran: oh please.... I'll second and third that!

Dman176: only reality shows I really watch are Survivor and The Apprentice

JarrettLennon: They take a bunch of moderately unattractive women, give them tens of thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery, then make them compete in a beauty pageant.

Als Handlink: All these reality tv shows, I can't stand them. Charmed actually aired an ep Last night making fun of them

Neverreturnedhome: lol thats tv for ya

JarrettLennon: I hate them for another reason: They're putting me out of business.

DeadZoneLeaper: reality shows will continue because its cheap and no writers are needed

Sherdran: Now The Apprentice was good. The only other reality show that I follow is Big Brother. Missed the first one, but have followed it since.

alsplacebartender: lol! yeah i guess that is a tough one

Als Handlink: but I do watch American Idol. I like Jasmine and Diana

Dman176: you know, I never thought of that either

Dman176: wow, yeah, that stinks

TinaAlsGirl5: That's the funny thing, too. When movies and TV first got started, it was so that people could *escape* reality. Now they're trying to shove reality in our faces!

JarrettLennon: Hate to disagree, Als, but Jasmine and Diana are my weak links on that show. I'm all about Fantasia.

Dman176: I think if we wait a few years, reality will die out and we'll be back to regular tv again

Dman176: hopefully, anyway

DeadZoneLeaper: and some of the people from these reality shows get deals anyway...I heard William Hung's CD, it is horrible

Als Handlink: I hate her voice. It sounds too whiny to me. I think Latoya will win though

TinaAlsGirl5: My top 3 choices were La Toya, Fantasia, and Jennifer/George tying for third

alsplacebartender: the thing about The Swan is that they make it seem like unless you have plastic surgery, you aren't beautiful. That is so messed up.

#clara5: I like Jasmine too, she's so pretty and sings so well

JarrettLennon: Mine were Fantasia and George. La Toya's very talented, but she bores me.

Als Handlink: I couldn't agree more

alsplacebartender: I like Fantasia and Diana

Dman176: at some point, someone's probably gonna get maimed or kiled on Fear Factor or something and then that'll be all she wrote for reality TV

TinaAlsGirl5: What they need is another show like QL to take Hollywood by storm and start a new era of TV programming

Sherdran: I agree Brian.

DeadZoneLeaper: or the reality show Fox had Temptation island, if you don't put out you have to get out..what was up with that?

Dman176: LOL

Dman176: are you serious? was that the slogan or you made that up?

JarrettLennon: Diana seems like she belongs in a rodeo, not behind a major recording contact. That's just me, though.

Sherdran: Temptation Island was worse that The Swan, if you ask me.

#clara5: go Joy go, I totally agree

DeadZoneLeaper: im waiting for that on FearFactor too..not that I would wish it on anyone, but its bound to happen

Als Handlink: Fear Factor. I can't believe that people would subject themselves to that kind of stuff for only $50,000.00

JarrettLennon: I can't stand any of the dating reality shows. The fact that someone has to find "the one" out of such a small group is absurd.

Dman176: you're serious... that's all? 50,000?

DeadZoneLeaper: 5th wheel and elimidate

Dman176: geez

#clara5: I only like the physical stuff that's cool, but the rest is just ewwwww

Sherdran: Ugh!! I'd rather have my teeth drilled without novacaine than watch Fear Factor. That's just sick.

JarrettLennon: Even The Bachelor. That group's too small to be likely.
alsplacebartender: I liked Jon Peter Lewis before he got booted off Idol

JarrettLennon: Fear Factor's alright. I always believe I could do moderately well on that show if I don't get stuck with swimming or eatinc ompetitions.

DeadZoneLeaper: i liked Joe Schmoe

Dman176: I used to watch Blind Date sometimes just so I could laugh at the people and say, "Thank God, I'm not that stupid!"

alsplacebartender: Joe Schmoe rocked! lol

JarrettLennon: I really like Mad Mad House.

Als Handlink: But did you ever notice how all the group absoultly falls in love with whomever they put up there

Als Handlink: It's rediculous

#clara5: and of course two weeks after they break up...

TinaAlsGirl5: Ah, yes, Joe Schmoe was hilarious

DeadZoneLeaper: My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancee was good

Sherdran: What comes after ridiculous?

JarrettLennon: Don't forget that reality shows are nearly as well-scripted and better-edited than written shows. you watch what they want you to watch, and you believe what they want you to believe.

#clara5: Mad Mad House... I only saw the finale, but I think it was good

JarrettLennon: Season 1 of Big Brother was the only show that allowed you to see reality, and that bored most people so they went back to editing it. I always enjoyed the first one, though.

Sherdran: I agree, Jarrett

Als Handlink: ya, wasnj't there a marige proposal afetr Surviver, and then one on High School Reunion. What a coincedence

Sherdran: I missed the first Big Brother, but I got hooked on the 2nd one, and now follow it whenever it's on.

JarrettLennon: There's only been one successful reality romance (Trista and Ryan). That should say a lot.

#clara5: I watch these things whenever nothing else ineresting is on...

#clara5: from what show were they?

Neverreturnedhome: going on big brother is like selling your soul why would you want to do that?

Sherdran: a test pattern, Clara? lol!

Als Handlink: IIf there is nothing on I pick up a book

JarrettLennon: I always watch BB, too, but now they cast the show specifically to cause conflict, and edit it to make it look worse.

Als Handlink: Like Jerry Springer

Sherdran: Springer? Not even!

JarrettLennon: The first season, on the other hand, was mostly live shows, with free live online viewing, and one recap show per week. It allowed us to see what was really going on. Unfortunately for the network, everyone got along, so most people got bored.

(Dman176 left)

#clara5: even here in Quebec we got our share of reality shows... but I don't understand why any people would like that like they do it over here

(Dman176 joined)

TinaAlsGirl5: Well, hey, you can't have drama without conflict... So they oughtta just concentrate on their fictional dramas, where they can create conflict without hurting anyone

DeadZoneLeaper: wb D

Dman176: computer hung up on me

Dman176: sorry bout that

SueJBakula: sok Damon

#clara5: yeah, like most of those daily talk shows, they usually go to casting actors to do the job

JarrettLennon: Well, I hate to do it, but I really should get going. I have a diaper to change, and a I have to clean up a mess my daughter made in the hallway before my wife gets home.

SueJBakula: only reading anyway, don't know much about any of these shows

Neverreturnedhome: same here sue lol

DeadZoneLeaper: thanks for chatting Jarrett

alsplacebartender: yikes! well, thanks so much for coming to chat with us and if you'd ever like to do it again, just let me know!

#clara5: well, it was nice chatting with you

JarrettLennon: But I had a blast here, and I may just stop by for the heck of it in the future. Some good people here.

Dman176: nice talking with you Jarrett, hoipe you stop by again sometime :)

Neverreturnedhome: nice one jarret

Sherdran: Nice chatting with you, Jarrett. Bye.

#clara5: yeah, come by again

Als Handlink: Well thanks for stopping by. I hope you do stop back again

alsplacebartender: we'll look for you :)

SueJBakula: very nice to meet you Jarrtett and thanks for taking the time to chat with us

JarrettLennon: I will. And I'll start reading through the fan-fics, as well.


TinaAlsGirl5: Yes, thanks for coming! I had fun!

#clara5: See what you've done? LOL

#clara5: now he's hooked

Dman176: heh heh

Als Handlink: I'm still trying to catch up on the fan-fics

Neverreturnedhome: hahah

JarrettLennon: Goodbye all!/exit

JarrettLennon: /exit

Dman176: bye

Sherdran: bye

#clara5: bye

alsplacebartender: bye

Neverreturnedhome: bye

SueJBakula: bye

JarrettLennon: Hahaha... I guess this issn't IRC.

Als Handlink: Bye

#clara5: lol

Dman176: just close the window

#clara5: bye

JarrettLennon: But that's so uncool, Dman!

Dman176: ha ha

alsplacebartender: lol!

DeadZoneLeaper: he needs to leap out

JarrettLennon: Why would I want to click a simple mouse button when I
can type a command?

Als Handlink: Cue effects

Dman176: lol

TinaAlsGirl5: Okay, let's fire up the Accelerator Chamber!

SueJBakula: "X" to exit

JarrettLennon: Ah, solution: Alt+F4.

Dman176: exit stage right

JarrettLennon: G'night, all!

Dman176: night

alsplacebartender: night!

TinaAlsGirl5: Good night!

DeadZoneLeaper: heavens to mergatroids

Als Handlink: night\

#clara5: good night Jarrett

JarrettLennon left)

Dman176: LOL@Greg

#clara5: well, now that he's gone, HOCKEY!!!!

DeadZoneLeaper: whatever happened to Snagglepuss anyway?

#clara5: there's a game tonight

TinaAlsGirl5: "mergatroids"? That's a new one

Dman176: in that context, it was actually "exit stage left" wasn't it?

Neverreturnedhome: i think hez in rehab

DeadZoneLeaper: yup stage left

SueJBakula: his head must be reeling, I know nine is

#clara5: 3-0 after only the first period, I think

alsplacebartender: lol, well that was cool

Dman176: yeah, that was nice, where do you find em, Bri?

Sherdran: That was definitely cool

alsplacebartender: i look hard lol

Neverreturnedhome: and whoz next?

#clara5: lol, and what about me? I had to catch up with what all that you had said while I was eating

SueJBakula: a shame most of the UKians couldn't be here

DeadZoneLeaper: i saw a want ad in Variety

alsplacebartender: i have another one coming next month so look for that soon!

DeadZoneLeaper: for chat guests

#clara5: but it was really nice

#clara5: oh, great!

Dman176: it'll be archived, don't worry, Clara

Als Handlink: Any hint as to who

#clara5: I'm awaiting impatiently

Dman176: at some point

#clara5: I did catch up...

alsplacebartender: Cliff Bemis from "A Hunting We Will Go"

Neverreturnedhome: you gonna get scott and dean anytime soon?

alsplacebartender: he was the sheriff

#clara5: it just took me 20 minutes... lol

alsplacebartender: scott and dean.... very tough to get on here lol

Neverreturnedhome: naa you can do it

#clara5: wow Brian, that is just Awesome!!!

SueJBakula: be really cool if you get em in together

DeadZoneLeaper: next time Scott is on StarTrek chat, we all need to bombard him with al's place links for chat...:-)

Dman176: if they were here, forget it... I think the site would explode from
so many people

alsplacebartender: i'm still waiting on scott to reply about the walk of fame star

TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, Dean's way busy the next couple months, it appears... He's got a couple conventions/film fests he's attending and he's going to be working on a new film

alsplacebartender: yes, this only handles 20 people at a time lol

#clara5: yes, that's too bad that they don't answer

Als Handlink: I wonder if they have ever been on thisd web site

Neverreturnedhome: maybe one day though

Dman176: maybe

Dman176: you never know

#clara5: maybe.......

Als Handlink: I think they would concider it if they saw how much time and effort is put into Al's Place

#clara5: I guess nobody here is interested in hockey... lol

Neverreturnedhome: wat about getting don p or debrah pratt

DeadZoneLeaper: baseball and

Als Handlink: NASCAR

SueJBakula: nope, too hard on the shins LOL

Dman176: I keep forgetting... I should really try to ask my cousin about the Sci-Fi Channel... he works there, maybe he hears stuff

DeadZoneLeaper: i like going to Hershey Bears minor league hockey but never was a Flyers fan

alsplacebartender: who knows? maybe they would... the PQL website has a contact with Pratt

#clara5: awwwwww *is disappointed*

alsplacebartender: he wosk at Sci-Fi??

alsplacebartender: works

Dman176: Marketing Division, I think

Dman176: not sure what he does

Als Handlink: Clara, What are the Hartford Whalers called Now

DeadZoneLeaper: tell him to get Sci-Fi to air Space1999 and Greatest American Hero...and put QL on fulltime!

alsplacebartender: i wonder if he is the guy who emailed me a while back?

Dman176: he's the one whose father died a few months back, that's why I haven't bothered him with it

#clara5: the Whalers??? no idea, brb, I'll ask my dad

Dman176: who Brian?

alsplacebartender: this guy emailed me and said he had a friend at sci-fi in on-air promotions

Dman176: my cousin's name is James

Als Handlink: I would like to see some new info on A Bold Leap Forward

alsplacebartender: i don't know the name of the guy at sci-fi, just the friend

SueJBakula: I've lost touch with all of my contacts at Earlstree and Ealing studios

Dman176: I don't know if he would know about any of that, but I wanted to ask him about if he ever hears about anything before they make it official

Sherdran: Well, ladies and gents, time for me to add my good-bye to list. Talk to you later.

alsplacebartender: cool, see what you can find out!

Dman176: like I said, not sure what he does or who he knows exactly

Sherdran: bye

alsplacebartender: glad to see you were able to be here sherdran!

Dman176: oh, ok

Dman176: bye, E

Als Handlink: bye

#clara5: Als Handlink, my dad doesn't know, sorry, but I thought it was the Hurricanes, but I think I'm wrong anyways

#clara5: bye

Sherdran: It only took an "act of Congress".... *g*... but I made it after all.

SueJBakula: Bye Elieice

Sherdran: Bye, everyone.

(Sherdran left)

Dman176: When I see him again, Brian, I"ll ask him about it

Als Handlink: oh well

alsplacebartender: cool

#clara5: lol

(Neverreturnedhome joined)

Dman176: don't want to get people's hopes up though, he might not know anything about it

Dman176: we'll see

#clara5: oh, so, *doesn't know what to say* well, I'll get an idea later...

TinaAlsGirl5: Hey, did anyone catch Johnny Depp on "King of the Hill" last night? It was *hilarious* (well, at least, what I saw of it; I flipped to it when
Harry Potter went on commercial)

SueJBakula: yup, it's 1:37am here and I've not done any writing for the past 2 days so I think I'd better get cracking

Dman176: oh so, Sue, should I just add onto what you sent me?

Dman176: I'll let you see it this week and you can tell me what you think?

SueJBakula: yeah, thought you were gonna post what you had

Dman176: wanted to get a good deal done first before I posted it

Dman176: still tweaking some parts here and there

SueJBakula: yup know what you mean

SueJBakula: same here

#clara5: hehe, I knew it would happen sooner or later, my sister is bugging me for the computer, LOL

Neverreturnedhome: ou tof all the stories you guys have done wats the best

Als Handlink: Ya I have an idea for a virtual seasons story and I'm trying to write it now

Dman176: you mean, written?

Dman176: you're goin, Clara?

Neverreturnedhome: well in overall

SueJBakula: I'm keeping stum cos I'm one of the writers

Neverreturnedhome: which yer most proud of

#clara5: well, maybe not just yet Damon

Dman176: that's what I mean, out of the written stories, what do we like the best?

Neverreturnedhome: yup

#clara5: but I'm going soon

Dman176: well, so far, I"ve only written 1... 2 if you count that it's a 2-parter

Dman176: but I like the one I'm doing now a lot

SueJBakula: Out of the ones I've written, I think I like my first the best ( first born ya know) The Final Solution

Dman176: first part should be up Thursday

#clara5: is there a Quantum Leap channel somewhere on IRC?

Dman176: Sue... yeah, The Final Solution is great

SueJBakula: yup bur IRC is a b*gger to use

Dman176: don;t know, don;t use IRC

#clara5: it depends... I was just wondering

TinaAlsGirl5: Hey, I gotta go. Dinner's ready, and my chat window is screwing up. It was great talking with ya'll! I had tons of fun! See ya round!

(TinaAlsGirl5 left)

Dman176: it's tough to pick just one written story out of the ones that are there though

alsplacebartender: glad you could come Joy!

#clara5: bye

#clara5: oh, she left very quick...

Dman176: oops, missed Joy

Neverreturnedhome: shes gone

DeadZoneLeaper:: hall and oates

SueJBakula:: Long time no C Joy, don't leave it so long next time

Dman176:: she's busy with schoolwork, I'm sure

Dman176:: my sister's been going nuts the past few months too

SueJBakula:: mayby she'll read it later

Dman176:: Hall and Oates?

#clara5:: maybe she will, maybe she wil...

Neverreturnedhome:: isnt that a band

Dman176:: yeah

DeadZoneLeaper:: scroll right above my last comment

Dman176:: oh... song, I guess

DeadZoneLeaper:: she's gone is their song

Neverreturnedhome:: lol

Dman176:: I think that one went over my head, sorry :b

Neverreturnedhome:: nice one

DeadZoneLeaper:: hehe..sorry i do word association a lot

Dman176:: so do I

Dman176:: heh heh

Neverreturnedhome:: doz anyone watch friends

SueJBakula:: nope

Dman176:: not regularly, but I watched the finale

Neverreturnedhome:: wats friends and ql got in common

Als Handlink:: occasionally

DeadZoneLeaper:: no, not a voyeur...ohhh, the tv show...nope

Dman176:: LOL

Dman176:: good one

Neverreturnedhome:: who knows the answer

alsplacebartender:: jennifer aniston

Als Handlink:: Rachel

Neverreturnedhome:: who else

Dman176:: don't know... this sounds like something Ross would ask

DeadZoneLeaper:: watched the first 2 years and realized they were gonna drag Rachel and Ross out for the f the show..I said no thanks and stopped watching

SueJBakula:: Jason

Neverreturnedhome:: jason?

Neverreturnedhome:: theres anther actrees on ql thats in friends too

SueJBakula:: Jason Priestly

SueJBakula:: he's in friends ain't he?

Neverreturnedhome:: nope

Neverreturnedhome:: i dont think

DeadZoneLeaper:: Priestly is on Tru Calling now

SueJBakula:: well, told ya I've don't watch it

Neverreturnedhome:: and there was me thinking youz all watched tv all the

DeadZoneLeaper:: yeah, just not Friends

SueJBakula:: not much TV when you're writing LOL

DeadZoneLeaper:: I crank the QL soundtrack when I write

SueJBakula:: LOL, I put the QL eps on

Neverreturnedhome:: hockey to the max clara

#clara5: lol, thanks

alsplacebartender: have fun clara and thanks for coming!

SueJBakula: bye Clara

DeadZoneLeaper: altho, Damon, have you noticed the guy who interviews Scott on the Ql soundtrack sounds like Braves announcer Skip Caray

#clara5: see you later everybody... and it was a pleasure, Brian, I told you I'd come

Neverreturnedhome: bye clara

#clara5: bye

DeadZoneLeaper: bye

Als Handlink: bye

SueJBakula: Thanks for all the reminder Brian, I sure needed em :)

Als Handlink: Teri Hatcher

(#clara5 left)

Als Handlink: no, she wasn't on friends was she

DeadZoneLeaper: they're real and they're spectacular

Neverreturnedhome: nope

alsplacebartender: i thought that would help sue lol

Neverreturnedhome: it was the chick that played rosses first wife

Als Handlink: That's what I was thinking

Neverreturnedhome: she was in a hunting we will go

alsplacebartender: oh! yes of course

Als Handlink: You're right. She was on that shoe, Inside Hermans Head too

Neverreturnedhome: wats the name of the enterprise epsode wit dean in it

Als Handlink: Detained

DeadZoneLeaper: Hermans Head was funny

(Dman176 left)

(Dman176 joined)

DeadZoneLeaper: howdy D

Neverreturnedhome: any good

Dman176: ok, having some problems again

Als Handlink: what, detained?

Neverreturnedhome: yup

Als Handlink: Ya, There were some obvious refrences to QL in it

Neverreturnedhome: think ill go and download that then

SueJBakula: very good ep

Neverreturnedhome: is enter pirse getting cancelled then

Neverreturnedhome: prize

Dman176: ok... were you asking me something before, Greg?

SueJBakula: lost of tension moments between Al & Sam erm... Archer

DeadZoneLeaper: still waiting for Enterprise and StartTrek animated series to be announced on DVD

Dman176: if I try and scroll back, my puter will lag

Als Handlink: If it does, maybe it will free Scott up to atleast guest star in the new series

Neverreturnedhome: hopefully

DeadZoneLeaper: Yeah, D, I asked if you noticed if the guy who interviews
Scott on the QL soundtrack sounds almost like Braves announcer Skip caray?

Dman176: I don't have the soundtrack

DeadZoneLeaper: tsk,

Dman176: lol, sorry

Neverreturnedhome: did the soundtrack get realsed on vinyl

DeadZoneLeaper: 8track and Victrola

Dman176: I was gonna ask before... we were speaking of reality shows earlier, did anyone watch the Survivor finale?

DeadZoneLeaper: i have it on 78

Als Handlink: I prefer the opening later on in the series. I wish they had put that on the soundtrack instead of the first one

DeadZoneLeaper: the jazzed up theme..yeah...

DeadZoneLeaper: I mailed my consumer card back to the lable and told them they should have put it on

Neverreturnedhome: that from season 5

SueJBakula: should put them both on

DeadZoneLeaper: yeahhh

DeadZoneLeaper: would have liked a Dean interview too

DeadZoneLeaper: oh well

SueJBakula: prob get tat on the DVDs

Neverreturnedhome: june 8th

Neverreturnedhome: woohooo

DeadZoneLeaper: one of his older movies gets released tomorrow on DVD

SueJBakula: soz gotta go, getting so tired

Dman176: ok, Sue

DeadZoneLeaper: from 1962 with him and Hepburn

Neverreturnedhome: poor soue

Neverreturnedhome: i got work in 4hrs aswell

alsplacebartender: glad you could come sue! thanks!

Dman176: I'll get the story stuff to you this week so you can see what I did

Als Handlink: The only song I could really have done without on the cd is the revised Alphabet song

Dman176: or what I had in mind, I should say

SueJBakula: YVW, enjoyed it immensley

Neverreturnedhome: alphabet song is the funniest seqence ever

SueJBakula: ok, Damon

Als Handlink: In the series it was good, but on the cd, I just skip by it

SueJBakula: look forward to it :)

SueJBakula: seez ya all 2mora

Als Handlink: Bye

SueJBakula: byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

DeadZoneLeaper: Long Day's Journey Into Night -1962 - Katherine Hepburn, Dean Stockwell releases tomorrow

Neverreturnedhome: bye sue take care

DeadZoneLeaper: bye SUe

Dman176: ok, take care

(SueJBakula left)

DeadZoneLeaper: think Im gonna head out as well...l8r all

Neverreturnedhome: bye dzl

Dman176: I'll probably be going in a few minutes myself... got a week to finish this story up... yikes, probably need another 10 pages

Dman176: see ya, Greg

Neverreturnedhome: im needing my nicotine intake

DeadZoneLeaper: see yas

(DeadZoneLeaper left)

Neverreturnedhome: bri

alsplacebartender: ok, well looks like this is the end... is that ok with you guys?

Dman176: you got all the chat stuff, Brian?

Neverreturnedhome: ace

Als Handlink: I'm going too. See ya all on the message board.

Dman176: logged, I mean

Neverreturnedhome: nice too spk tae yaz all

alsplacebartender: yes...  I'm editing it now

Dman176: ok, glad I could help

alsplacebartender: thanks!

Neverreturnedhome: bri wat a guy

Dman176: all right, y'all

Dman176: nice chatting

Neverreturnedhome: later amigos k

(Als Handlink left)

Dman176: talk to you all soon

Neverreturnedhome: keep it surreal

Dman176: bye

alsplacebartender: later guys! see you at the next one! I'll have the
transcript up later this evening

(Neverreturnedhome left)

Dman176: ok, se ya later, Brian, I'll try to get the story to you too

Dman176: or at leasat the SBP parts

alsplacebartender: cool... thanks man!

Dman176: see ya later

alsplacebartender: later

(Dman176 left)

(alsplacebartender left)

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