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Sunday, June 1st, 2003

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Part One - 3pm EST


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jannagalaxy joined
alsplacebartender:: hey janna
jannagalaxy:: oh great it looks like I'm early
jannagalaxy:: hiya!
alsplacebartender:: we'll get this going shortly
jannagalaxy:: ok
leaper1 joined
jannagalaxy:: hi
alsplacebartender:: hey helen
leaper1:: hi guys
leaper1:: wouldnt let me type again for a minute
leaper1:: u starting early then, or is it already 3 over there
alsplacebartender:: it's 3 here
leaper1:: wow, day gone quick
alsplacebartender:: yep
jannagalaxy:: it's 8 werre I am
alsplacebartender:: where you from?
leaper1:: me too janna, u in sheffield?
jannagalaxy:: Not far from there
leaper1:: thought so
leaper1:: I am in Bedford
jannagalaxy:: I'm from Stockton
alsplacebartender:: stockton? where's that?
leaper1:: ah, where first railway was
jannagalaxy:: but I'm on my boyfriends computer in Middlesbrough
leaper1:: to darlington
jannagalaxy:: yeah that's right
jannagalaxy:: England, Brian
leaper1:: yay, i remembered something from school!
jannagalaxy:: BRB just get a drink
leaper1:: starting early on the rodbeers!
alsplacebartender:: whoo-hoo!
leaper1:: are we the only ones here so far then?
alsplacebartender:: yeah
alsplacebartender:: hopefully we'll get more soon
leaper1:: so how's ur day been Bri?
jannagalaxy:: back
alsplacebartender:: eventful.... been updating character bios for Starbright and a couple other things like a new video clip and Rodettevision
leaper1:: kewl
alsplacebartender:: what have you been up to?
leaper1:: Big day here
jannagalaxy:: I'm hoping to make a QL music video.
leaper1:: both my kids were confirmed by the Bishop of Bedford this morning
jannagalaxy:: I was thinking of doing a music video for somewhere in the night
leaper1:: lovely jg
SherDran joined
leaper1:: welcome sherdran
alsplacebartender:: cool helen
SherDran:: Hi, Helen.
jannagalaxy:: hi
alsplacebartender:: i'd like to see the video when you get it done
SherDran:: Hi, Janna
leaper1:: we wer so proud of them
alsplacebartender:: hi sherdran!
leaper1:: me 2
SherDran:: Hi, Brian!
SueJBakula joined
alsplacebartender:: hey sue!
leaper1:: hiya sis
jannagalaxy:: sorry i thought you put converted
SherDran:: Hi, Sue.
leaper1:: nah confirmed
jannagalaxy:: I need to put my glasses on
jannagalaxy:: :D
jannagalaxy:: I'm blind as a bat
leaper1:: lol
SueJBakula:: Yay I made it
alsplacebartender:: what's been going on today sue?
Yoshihira joined
leaper1:: u bin paintin on ur wall sue?
alsplacebartender:: yosh!
leaper1:: hi yosh
SherDran:: Hi
jannagalaxy:: hiya
Yoshihira:: bah! java lags on me
leaper1:: hey brian, sue says she cant type in here
leaper1:: any ideas
SueJBakula left
alsplacebartender:: i'm trying to help her
Yoshihira:: maybe the lag >_>
leaper1:: good on ya
jannagalaxy:: I hve no idea on what to talk about
leaper1:: errrr how about ql?
leaper1:: lol
alsplacebartender:: lol
Yoshihira:: i can barely type on here myself
SherDran:: There's a novel idea! lol!
jannagalaxy:: yeah but what part?
alsplacebartender:: watched any good QL with the sound off lately? heh heh heh
leaper1:: do u have family jg
jannagalaxy:: oh I love the world of choice
SueJBakula joined
jannagalaxy:: yeah, I'm a identical twin
SherDran:: I knew it! I knew you couldn't leave it alone, Brian. *g*
SueJBakula:: I'm back
alsplacebartender:: hahaha sherdran
leaper1:: wb sue
alsplacebartender:: you know i had to
leaper1:: kewl jg
leaper1:: how old r u, or is that a rude one
SherDran:: As surely as I know that water's wet, I knew that, Brian.
jannagalaxy:: 21
SueJBakula:: it crashed on me
leaper1: oh just a baby to us then eh sue
jannagalaxy: but I've been told I only look between 16-18
leaper1: make the most of it
SherDran: In fact, I was watching The Leap Home, Part 2 just a little while ago; preparing to finish my last T.E.A.
alsplacebartender: cool :)
SueJBakula: done 'Above Suspicion' 4 U 2day Helen
leaper1: u superstar sue
jannagalaxy: I've been a QL fan since between the ages 9-10 I can't remember which one
leaper1: i still working on jake
SherDran: Amongst everything else I'm doing today. But hey, everybody's entitled to a 'coffee break'. Maybe that should be a 'Q. L." break. *g* I like that even better.
leaper1: or working him over! lol
Yoshihira: Brian Java is slowing down and the lag is unbarable, wanna help me on msn?
leaper1: dirty job sher but somebody gotta do it
SueJBakula: Watching 'Future Boy' 4 the 2nd time 2day LOL
SherDran: *sigh* Ain't the truth? ;-)
jannagalaxy: on UKGold
jannagalaxy: I did this morning
SueJBakula: yup LOL
alsplacebartender: ok yosh
leaper1: wish i had the chance
leaper1: bin too busy 2day
jannagalaxy: 4 hours of QL
jannagalaxy: bliss!
leaper1: sure would be
SherDran: I know there's a QL marathon this week (Friday). As luck or RL would have it, I'm working that day. But then, aren't most people working on Friday morning?
leaper1: sure r
alsplacebartender: i'm working for sure...maybe i'll tape it
SherDran: Future Boy is a good episode but it just never appealed all that much to me.
(Yoshihira left)
SueJBakula: except 4 me, I can do anything I want, when I want
jannagalaxy: if anyone wants to add me on their MSN my address is
leaper1: u so lucky sue
SherDran: Independently wealthy, we are? *g*
alsplacebartender: my favorites are another mother, good morning peoria, MIA, Mirror Image
(Yoshihira joined)
leaper1: my favorite is catch a falling star
jannagalaxy: Leap for Lis rules!
leaper1: wb yosh
Yoshihira: ...... still
SueJBakula: I still like 'Gloria' best - still has me rolling
SherDran: My #1 favorite is 8 1/2 Months, followed by M.I.A., A Leap For Lisa, Mirror Image and Dreams...
alsplacebartender: if you are having trouble in here, use the beta chat bug & usability reports link to submit a complaint
jannagalaxy: I just got back from a QL con four year ago yesterday, wish I had a time machine so I could go back there
SueJBakula: LOL, borrow Sam's
jannagalaxy: Also I'd go back to December 1st 2001
leaper1: y
SherDran: Never went to QL con, but I did get to meet Scott at the "Love Letters" charity benefit in June 1999.
jannagalaxy: and throw those tablets away before I ill
Yoshihira: >_<
jannagalaxy: my Best friend went to that
SueJBakula: take me back 6 years & give me a shotgun
leaper1: go sue
jannagalaxy: y?
SueJBakula: very long story
SherDran: If I had the chance to turn back time, I've got 2 different times I'd go back to. 1to change a specific decision; the other to be somewhere ahead of time, so to speak.
leaper1: id go back 3 weeks and chop down a tree in texas
SherDran: Who was your friend, Janna?
alsplacebartender: good call
jannagalaxy: I've got to live with what I did it was my decision but I was so Bl**dy stupid to do it
jannagalaxy: but I didn't know that anything would happen to me
jannagalaxy: Her name is Lynne Hughes
jannagalaxy: Welsh?
(Dman176 joined)
SherDran: Thought I might have met her at the benefit, but her name doesn't ring any bells.
Dman176: hello everyone
leaper1: hi dman
SherDran: Hi, Damon.
alsplacebartender: hi damon!
SueJBakula: Hiya Damon
jannagalaxy: what's ya name and I'll ask her
jannagalaxy: hiya!
SherDran: Eleiece
Dman176: ok, just seeing who's here, lol
Dman176: how is everyone today?
alsplacebartender: groovy
SherDran: I posted a lot over at the old Q.L.I.P. messageboard. It's been closed for about 2 years now.
jannagalaxy: thanks, I'll tell her
leaper1: ok, how u dman?
SueJBakula: Great Damon & U?
SherDran: :-)
SherDran: So far, so good.
Dman176: I'm doing good, my brothers were home today and they just left
Dman176: so now I can talk for a while
leaper1: kewl
Yoshihira: daaaaaamn lag
leaper1: dman can i email u some ideas i bin workin on for jake and 'lothos'
Yoshihira: hi damon ::hugs::
(MikeKraken joined)
Dman176: I was gonna say, Andrea darling, weren't you gonna say hi to me ;)
leaper1: hiya mike
MikeKraken: Hi everyone!! Sorry I'm late!
SherDran: Hey, Mike!
SueJBakula: Hiya Mike
Dman176: hiya, Mike
Dman176: oh yeah, sure Helen e-mail away
Dman176: I just got here about a minute ago, Mike, so don't worry
jannagalaxy: I'm going to have a hell of lot of fun making that QL music video
SueJBakula: I've nor been here long either
MikeKraken: I completely forgot until a couple minutes ago when I was like, "I should do my TEA since nothing is on TV". <LOL>
Dman176: I've noticed that MJ has finally gotten around to posting as Zig again at TLC, Sue
alsplacebartender: yes you should mike! LOL
Dman176: which means I gotta start bein evil again now ;)
MikeKraken: hehe, don't worry, Brian! Even though I start work tomorrow, I will get it done this week. ^_^
SueJBakula: It is fun making QL music videos, I made one a fewmonths back
jannagalaxy: I'm going to use the song "somewhere in the night"
jannagalaxy: should cheer me up
SueJBakula: Yeah, I welcomed MJ back to the TLC board
SherDran: Ah, another Lothos.
jannagalaxy: recovery is really etting me down
Dman176: hey, Brian, I might as well ask you a question, I need something clarified for my TVS story
MikeKraken: what happened, Janna?
jannagalaxy: I'm one of the youngest person to get DVT and it has been hell
MikeKraken: yeah, Eleiece... I'm a Lothos, too. ^_~
Dman176: in your opinion, would you think that Sam started to try and start up PQL before Star Bright ended?
MikeKraken: DVT?
jannagalaxy: but my boyfriend has been helping me get through it
leaper1: email sent dman
SherDran: 3 Lothos in one chat room?! Think it can contain all of us? roflol!
MikeKraken: aww, well that's good then. ^_^
Dman176: ok, I'll check later, Helen :)
leaper1: kewl
Dman176: oh boy, heh heh
MikeKraken: LOL, I dunno Eleiece... ^_~
jannagalaxy: Deep Vein Thrombosis, I took the pill for a week and it give me DVT I was only 19 hence wanting to go back to 2001
Dman176: if you've been keeping up with TLC, you'd know that Lothos ain't quite... himself lately ;)
SherDran: If I suddenly see a big "BOOM' on my monitor, I'll know it couldn't. *g*
leaper1: oh nasty
MikeKraken: Awww...-_- Sorry to hear that, Janna!
leaper1: poor janna
Dman176: oh, sorry to hear that Janna
MikeKraken: So does this mean I hafta start writing for Donna again on TLC?
SueJBakula: doesn't siut everyone tho Janna
SherDran: Sorry to hear that Janna.
Dman176: not sure yet, Mike
MikeKraken: :P
SueJBakula: LOL@Mike
jannagalaxy: yeah but I've got to live with it. I've been trying to write my story but I doubt anyone is listening
Dman176: I myself have some catching up to do over ther
leaper1: hence the email damon
MikeKraken: we need some activity over at Future's Past, as well!
SueJBakula: We all have I think
leaper1: wot we doin about the bartender
jannagalaxy: I shoulda tried the lottery after I got it because I was told there was more chance wining the lottery, my luck might of been in! :))
jannagalaxy: :)
Dman176: I thought you and me were doing that, Helen
leaper1: can we twist ur arm to get back in bri
leaper1: yah ok dman
leaper1: need to jam wit ya sometime on that
Dman176: unless of course, as you said, Brian could find time to do it
leaper1: he has gone very quiet
Dman176: so has Andrea
leaper1: mebbe they private chattin, nudge nudge
Dman176: you two better not be smooching over there ;)
MikeKraken: Sue, were you as surprised as I was at the new board member named "RossBeckett"???
SueJBakula: BTW Angela has taken back Angelina, & she says everything is kewl
Dman176: I noticed him, Mike
leaper1: so did i
MikeKraken: oh, that's great Sue!
Dman176: oh, good, Sue
Yoshihira: brb all
alsplacebartender: haha i wish damon! no i was trying to solve her lag problem, but to no avail.
MikeKraken: LOL I thought it was a strange coincidence
(Yoshihira left)
SueJBakula: Where Mike??
leaper1: thats one way to describe it
Dman176: you wish?!?
MikeKraken: on Al's Pace board
Dman176: hmmm
SueJBakula: not noticed, but I've been busy to read the new posts
leaper1: hows the new job mike
Dman176: Brian, do I need to ask you that question again?
Dman176: about Star Bright?
alsplacebartender: in answer to your question about Sam and Starbright and QL project Damon, I don't know just yet. Maybe...I think when Starbright began to fail near the end, Sam probably did start looking to create project QL
jannagalaxy: I wonder if anyone else is going to turn up?
SueJBakula: in my oppinion Dman, I think that Sam had plans for PQL even before Starbright
alsplacebartender: but he built QL on the foundation of the Starbright project, so SB would have had to be already closed for him to use the property
leaper1: me 2
jannagalaxy: isn't that what they say in Prelude
Dman176: ok, here's why: I'm writing up a new character for TVS who would be one of Sam's biggest opponents in terms of trying to discredit his theories on time-travel...
alsplacebartender: me too sue
MikeKraken: Job starts tomorrow, Helen. ^________^
Dman176: I was contemplating having him be linked to Sam'spast, like during the Star Bright years
leaper1: oh k, good luck 4 2mora then
alsplacebartender: cool
MikeKraken: thanks!! :D
alsplacebartender: then you could write for TVS and SBP!
SueJBakula: keeping my fingers Xed 4 Ya Mike
alsplacebartender: like a crossover type of thing
leaper1: neat
Dman176: in other words, something along the lines of Al telling Sam, "You don't remember him do you?"
Dman176: kinda, yeah
Dman176: the thoguht crossed my mind
jannagalaxy: How many times is Mirror Image dubbed?
jannagalaxy: about 4 times?
SueJBakula: in quite a few place Janna
jannagalaxy: but why?
MikeKraken: thanks Sue! ^_^
Dman176: What I'm wondering is how he would have been involved with Sam, like did he show up when Sam won the Nobel Prize, that kind of thing
MikeKraken: dubbed??
SherDran: voice overs
alsplacebartender: could be, damon... up to you since it's totally new
SueJBakula: BRB, need a cuppa
MikeKraken: oic... for mistakes... gotcha. ^_~
Dman176: well, that's why I wanted to run it by you, cause the plan is to make this guy a recurring character who's gonna cause trouble for Sam in some leaps
leaper1: a sort of nemesis
Dman176: I wasn't sure if I should have him already aware of Sam or not
Dman176: yup
alsplacebartender: sounds very interesting... i'm game for that for sure
alsplacebartender: would be a neat idea for both series
SherDran: Let's see: There's voice over in the barroom scene with Sam saying "BVD report" instead of "KGB" as he said originally....
jannagalaxy: yep!
Dman176: ok, around then when? Mid-80's?
MikeKraken: sorry all... looking at the polls. :P
jannagalaxy: that's the one that all ways give me a headache!
jannagalaxy: Thank you!
Dman176: he could have tried to discredit him then, and then disappeared sometime around the time PQL started
jannagalaxy: now I know what he said
SherDran: Then there's the voice over of 'Gooshie's voice over about the 'slate on his back'....
alsplacebartender: yeah maybe even from the very beginning... that's all up to you :)
Dman176: ok, have to run it by MJ at some point too
SherDran: then there's the voice over between Sam and The Bartender....
Dman176: the idea was already approved by both her and AJ, but I wasn't sure about the link to Sam's past or not
SherDran: |and I think there was a 4th, but can't recall it at the moment.
alsplacebartender: fine with me.... sounds great
Dman176: ok :)
Dman176: what did Andrea have to go and reboot?
jannagalaxy: I wish I could stay longer but I've got to be at my parents tomorrow my old mans 50 birthday
alsplacebartender: yeah she's having issues with windows xp and java
Dman176: how much longer you staying, Janna?
SherDran: 50 isn't all that old, Janna. *g*
MikeKraken: all right, I didn't know that, Eleiece!
leaper1: it called windows cos u feel like throwin it through one!
jannagalaxy: :)
alsplacebartender: lol
SherDran: Hope your dad has a wonderful BD.
Dman176: my dad's about 55 or so, not sure anymore :P
SherDran: what didn't you know, Mike?
jannagalaxy: bye bye everyone. Hope I can show everyone the video when it's done!!
MikeKraken: mine's in between... LOL
Dman176: bye, Janna
alsplacebartender: bye janna! thanks for coming!
SherDran: bye, Janna
MikeKraken: bye Janna!
leaper1: ttfn janna
MikeKraken: No, Eleiece, I didn't know!!
jannagalaxy: bye bye! ;) no problem.
SherDran: Mike.... what is it that you didn't know?
Dman176: oh, Eleiece, were you the one that wanted to join at TLC as a "spy" at PQL?
(jannagalaxy left)
MikeKraken: about the voice-overs
SherDran: Wasn't me, Damon. I don't think I've been over to the TLC game in a while. But I'll keep my options open. Right now, my rp/fan-fiction writing plates are both full.
Dman176: I seem to remember someone posting about that a while back
Dman176: oh, maybe it was KAt
MikeKraken: is this all because of Joy's thread that I just started reading?
SherDran: That's possible.
MikeKraken: that was Kat!
Dman176: about the dubbing, Mike?
(TinaAlsGirl5 joined)
MikeKraken: She doesn't wanna do it anymore. LOL
Dman176: ok, thanks, Mike
SherDran: She is great at rp! *g*
TinaAlsGirl5: Yikes! I can't believe I forgot!
Dman176: speak of the devil
MikeKraken: yep, the dubbing. haha
alsplacebartender: hi joy!
Dman176: hi, Joy
leaper1: hiya joy
MikeKraken: Hi Joy! don't worry, Idid too. LOL
TinaAlsGirl5: Oh, you guys talkin' about me?
TinaAlsGirl5: lol
TinaAlsGirl5: Hi, everyone
SherDran: Were your ears burning, Joy? *G*
SueJBakula: Hiya Joy
Dman176: about the dubbing threasd you started, I think
SherDran: Hi, Joy
TinaAlsGirl5: Ah
TinaAlsGirl5: So, I miss anything interesting?
leaper1: yeh, dean dropped in!
leaper1: as if
alsplacebartender: it was great!
alsplacebartender: haha
Dman176: just discussing my TVS idea with Brian, TLC, and the dubbing issue, that's about it
TinaAlsGirl5: Cool
TinaAlsGirl5: Oh man, I really gotta get caught up on the TLC
Dman176: so do I
leaper1: now u 18 it is ok joy
Dman176: it's been pretty dormant actually, since MJ's accident
TinaAlsGirl5: Oh, well... I got my characters locked in a room
MikeKraken: LOL Helen
leaper1: lol
TinaAlsGirl5: Ah, I've been reading from day one
leaper1: u not gonna like what i bin plottin 4 jake mike
Dman176: she just posted this morning or something, so I guess we'll be starting it up again
leaper1: will he sue
Dman176: I know what Helen's got planned for Jacob
Dman176: YIKES!!!
Dman176: ;)
SueJBakula: not one bit Mike :P
leaper1: the details damon?
leaper1: has sue told u
Dman176: you e-mailed me, right?
Dman176: about him?
leaper1: again i say - details
Dman176: yeah, she told me
leaper1: lol
MikeKraken: LOL oh my...
leaper1: yup u need to line ur stomach mikey
SueJBakula: get the brown paper bag ready Mike
Dman176: lol
MikeKraken: What about you on Future's Past? Got anything to post yet? :P
Dman176: me?
MikeKraken: LOL hey, give me some credit!
Dman176: I"m still not sure if I can do it or not
MikeKraken: no, you as in the people who are on FP. LOL
Dman176: oh
Dman176: sorry :P
MikeKraken: NP ^_~
SueJBakula: I've posted for Donna, writing up something for Ross
MikeKraken: oh, you did? Cool!!
SherDran: Well, Verbina needs to respond to Donna in FP. Hopefully that will happen this week. If I can get 5 free minutes to do so.
Dman176: I'm waiting for MJ to respond at Black Star, then I"ll post as Lothos again
SueJBakula: but I can't think what mischief he can cause
MikeKraken: LOL don't push yourself, Eleiece! Is the move over yet?
Dman176: hey, Joy, what was the last thing you remember happening at TLC?
Dman176: the last thing you read?
SueJBakula: Love the Verina post Eleiece
TinaAlsGirl5: Uh... can't remember, actually
TinaAlsGirl5: I'll have to go over the summaries thread to catch up
leaper1: her brain swiss cheesed
Dman176: lol
Dman176: even THOSE might be confusing ;)
SherDran: The move is over (as of May 1st) but we are STILL unpacking boxes! And there's a possibility, we might be losing our receptionist, which would be ALL of her work/duties would come to me. And if that happens, I'll be the only secretary in the office.
leaper1: oh yeh i have to do a summary for zig
MikeKraken: oh no!!!!!! *_*
leaper1: heavy sd
SherDran: Thanks, Sue. :-)
leaper1: ask for a payrise
Dman176: hey, Helen, if I get the chance when I see it, I"ll try and help you with the summaries
leaper1: thx
Dman176: np
SueJBakula: We've got a storm brewing here
leaper1: i almost up 2 date i think
leaper1: yup here 2 sue
leaper1: my head says it is close
Dman176: hmmph, hasn't STOPPED raining over here in NY
SherDran: That's exactly what I'll do. If Bob will give me even half of what she (the receptionist) makes a month, it would be about a $500.00 - $600.00 a month raise, and God knows I could use it.
leaper1: wow
MikeKraken: rained all day here yesterday... today is nice but a bit cool
Dman176: go for it, Eleiese
leaper1: least rain held off this am, tg
Dman176: wow, so Joy, you may not even be aware of what happened at TLC, huh?
leaper1: we gonna corrupt her 4 sure!
SueJBakula: or at PBS?
(TinaAlsGirl5 left)
Dman176: well, I meant in general
SherDran: I'm not wishing anything bad for the receptionist - she's a friend, but like I said, I could use the money, and I might not have to take on so much outside typing to make ends meet. So now if everyone will say a little prayer..... it would be much appreciated.
Dman176: oops, she 's gone
leaper1: u got it sd
MikeKraken: for sure, E!
leaper1: we scared joy away
alsplacebartender: lol
Dman176: sure thing, E
leaper1: or else she cant wait 2 read
(TinaAlsGirl5 joined)
Dman176: LOL@Helen
SherDran: She's baaacck!
TinaAlsGirl5: I hate my browser
leaper1: wb joy
SueJBakula: wb Joy
SherDran: wb, Joy
Dman176: ditto
TinaAlsGirl5: Thanks
leaper1: gotta duck out for a few, back soon
MikeKraken: what are you using, Joy?
SueJBakula: oki Helen
Dman176: I meant, Joy probably doesn't even know what's happened to SAm?
TinaAlsGirl5: I have to use IE when using this chatroom... I normally use Netscape 7
Dman176: see ya in a bit, Helen
TinaAlsGirl5: Say what?
Dman176: lol
Dman176: uh, no comment ;)
SueJBakula: Poor Sam
MikeKraken: yeah, NN7 rocks! That'swhat I'm using
Dman176: I think Joy's got a LOT of catching up to do, we're all at Al's Place now
TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah... thank goodness for summer vacation, eh?
Dman176: he heh
MikeKraken: ack! Brian! So many new characters over at SBP!
alsplacebartender: yeah, only one more character bio to go unless there are more created as things move forward
MikeKraken: :D
Dman176: Poor Andrea, havin problems with her computer
Dman176: she's supposed to be the "logging Queen" :D
TinaAlsGirl5: I've gotta get started on my SBP story... I've already got a few pages written, but gotta get them typed up and all
alsplacebartender: cool joy
Dman176: oh, BTW, I'm finally up to Season 9 at TVS, so I should be getting around to reading the recent stories some of you have written
TinaAlsGirl5: Coolio
alsplacebartender: i had fun writing for TVS
MikeKraken: I love the SBP bios, Brian!!
alsplacebartender: thanks, Mike!
MikeKraken: good stuff, Damon. ^_^
MikeKraken: I am still in season 7. ^_^;;
alsplacebartender: i only have bartlett to get done
Dman176: I read LEap from Hell 1, all I can say is MJ and AJ are a bit... disturbed ;)
SueJBakula: Y's that Damon?
Dman176: why do so many of you people like inflicting all this pain on Sam and Al for, huh? ;)
SherDran: You think that's disturbed? *g*
Dman176: ha ha
Dman176: I'm only teasing, I love MJ :)
SueJBakula: Cos Scott is so good with the hurt thing?????
Dman176: yeah yeah :P
TinaAlsGirl5: Oh, yeah, that reminds me. After my cousin left on Wednesday, I finally got to read the other two parts of your story, Brian.... Muy bien!
alsplacebartender: i'm surprised no one hurt ME for the TVS season ending lol
TinaAlsGirl5: It's called hurt/comfort, Damon
MikeKraken: LOL it's fun, Damon!
TinaAlsGirl5: I loved it, Brian!
SherDran: I know, Dman. I'm just thinking of a private rp I'm part of it, and in that game we really put a hurtin' on the guys sometimes. *g*
alsplacebartender: thanks joy :)
Dman176: yeah, MJ told me ;)
MikeKraken: LOL no kidding, Eleiece... :P
Dman176: something about "skinning?"
SueJBakula: I've yet to read part 3 Brian, but loving it so far
alsplacebartender: ty sue
SherDran: That's one thing.
MikeKraken: yeah, I really enjoyed your trilogy, Brian.
Dman176: and then there's MJ's story, Stripped Free
alsplacebartender: i tried lol
Dman176: funniest thing I read in a while
MikeKraken: succeeded!
SherDran: Yep.
alsplacebartender: did you guys get those videos to play for you?
alsplacebartender: on the TVS story i mean
Dman176: once I get all the 9th season stuff printed out, I hope to get your trilogy read by mid-summer, Bri, probably sooner
SherDran: In fact, in the 2-part story Kat and I wrote "Vietnam Revisited" there was a small part edited out because it had to do with skinning... more than what was mentioned, Dman.
Dman176: ah, ok
Dman176: deemed TOO graphic for some readers? ;)
MikeKraken: where's Ruthie today?
SherDran: In spades.
Dman176: yeesh
SueJBakula: I've not seen her online for ages
MikeKraken: yeah, I did Brian... really liked that
alsplacebartender: cool
Dman176: oh yeah, the videos worked
MikeKraken: neat feature.^_^
SherDran: But then, in all honesty, a lot of what happened in Vietnam was too graphic for a lot of people.
Dman176: I could only download them together though, not separeately
SueJBakula: work for me too, the videos
TinaAlsGirl5: Well, she's on the Sassies nearly every day, but I haven't seen Ruthie anywhere else much
Dman176: true, E
MikeKraken: I got them all individually...
TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, the vids worked for me
MikeKraken: I see her online sometimes, but she quickly leaves...don't get to even say hello
Dman176: well, when I tried, I got nothing but code
Dman176: maybe it's cause I use a Mac
alsplacebartender: yes that's why damon.... macs don't pick up windows media video well at all
Dman176: ah, ok
MikeKraken: *passes out* Hope there isn't too much to read over on theSassies!!
Dman176: no worries though, I've got them from the collected folder files you made of them
alsplacebartender: thought that might be helpful to some folks
TinaAlsGirl5: Anyone know a good free site where I can host my new music videos that I'm making with my new Pinnacle program?
alsplacebartender: as long as they aren't HUGE files, I might be able to put them up for you
TinaAlsGirl5: Well, actually, at the moment it's just one, but it isn't finished yet... it's my newest trailer for The Mirror Shattered
alsplacebartender: coolness!
TinaAlsGirl5:: The other ones I think I'm just gonna keep to myself--they're just vids I made from my b-day party
Dman176:: hold on, dudes and dudettes, gotta check something, brb
alsplacebartender:: ok damon
SueJBakula:: oki
TinaAlsGirl5:: Man, that QL marathon is this Friday, isn't it?
SherDran:: I, too, need to step out for a bit, but I'll be back. To quote Sam, "I swear to God, I'll be back!" *g*
MikeKraken:: ... me too... -_-
alsplacebartender:: sure is, joy
SueJBakula:: anyone seen my new Videoboards yet?
TinaAlsGirl5:: Darn it all... I'm gonna be at school all day... I'm getting my tutoring hours this week at summer school so I can get my A+ scholarship
TinaAlsGirl5:: Nope
alsplacebartender:: i have sue! very cool!
SueJBakula:: Thanks Brian
alsplacebartender:: hurry back sherdran and mike
alsplacebartender: :)
alsplacebartender: i guess shane forgot again lol
TinaAlsGirl5: Hey, Sue. Where do you host your video files?
Dman176: ok, back, just trying to catch up some stuff, haven't used the computer in 2 days
TinaAlsGirl5: I e-mailed Shane yesterday about something, but he hasn't replied yet... He's probably busy getting his QDLeap lines recorded
Dman176: yeah, maybe, Joy, he was having some problems with his audio program
Dman176: he apparently fixed it though
SueJBakula: I've got them on my NTL site, but it's only 55 MB
TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah
TinaAlsGirl5: NTL?
SueJBakula: my cable supplier
Dman176: poor Aurora has been so busy with trying to get all this stuff done
MikeKraken: I watched some of the video board for Genesis (part 1)... remember, Sue?
Dman176: if my damn writer's block hadn't have gotten in the way, I probably would've had what I was writing for her done already
TinaAlsGirl5: Ah
SueJBakula: yep, that was a few weeks ago tho, just started the 2nd Season
Dman176: not reall y that familiar with writing in audio play format
MikeKraken: oh cool...haha
TinaAlsGirl5: Well, see, when you register with Pinnacle, they give you 10mb of space for any vids you make... but for some reason, it wouldn't let me upload my file
SueJBakula: Joy, do U have Wibdows Movie Maker?
TinaAlsGirl5: Uh, no
TinaAlsGirl5: At least... I don't think so
SueJBakula: comes with windows XP
TinaAlsGirl5: Oh, I don't have XP
SueJBakula: U can convert any video file to .wmv file
Dman176: hey, I know she said she would try and make it, but has anyone actually talked with MJ this past week? Just curious
TinaAlsGirl5: I haven't talked to her
SueJBakula: only by email Damon
alsplacebartender: i have briefly a couple times and she said she'd try and make it i think
TinaAlsGirl5: Well, Pinnacle allows you to make your files into .wmv or .mpg or .avi... etc.
Dman176: anytime I came online this week, she was online, but away
Dman176: in fact, she's online in away status right now, too
(leaper1 left)
SueJBakula: I've got Pinnacle's PCTV Vision but it only creates very large avi files
Dman176: I was guessing that work was tiring her out more than usual and that's why she hasn't been around
Dman176: on top of her recovery as well
TinaAlsGirl5: I've Studio 8.5
(leaper1 joined)
SueJBakula: wb Helen
leaper1: thx
leaper1: got booted
leaper1: crashed again
leaper1: did i miss much
leaper1: lost the log
Dman176: oh yeah, someone mentioned the new guy RossBeckett earlier, what's the deal? He seems to be voting on moot topics lately :P
alsplacebartender: i've been logging. in fact, what we have so far is already uploaded on the site lol
TinaAlsGirl5: I noticed that, too.
Dman176: is he from the scifi board or something?
TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, he is
Dman176: ok, I never go there anymore
TinaAlsGirl5: He was ProjectQL or PQLeap or something like that
Dman176: for obvious reasons :P
leaper1: yeh btw sorry i not archived any scifi for a while bri
Dman176: I'm just wodering if he's aware that some of the things he voted on don't matter anymore
Dman176: maybe we should close certain polls
MikeKraken: yeah, I mentioned him... hehehe... it's just funny 'cause we have a character on Future's Past named that
TinaAlsGirl5: Shoot... I haven't even been able to *begin* on my pages of archiving... Been too busy with school
SueJBakula: I can't get onto the Scifi board, I thought it had been taken down too
TinaAlsGirl5: But I'll work on it this summer
alsplacebartender: he's new so all the posts are new for him i guess
Dman176: yeah, that's why I said, maybe some polls shoud be closed, new people wouldn't be aware for example that you changed the look of the site a WHILE ago, BRi
alsplacebartender: oh yeah maybe i'll look at that
Dman176: Ah, don't mind me about that, those are just things that seem weird to me, that's all ;)
alsplacebartender: i closed the one on the board changes
Dman176: oh yeah, and he voted on Matt Vs. Lothos at TLC when that's moot as well ;)
Dman176: I mean..
Dman176: Matt Vs. The Rod
Dman176: Matt's not even Lothos anymore, I am ;)
TinaAlsGirl5: And the convention thing... was that him who voted we shouldn't have one?
(leaper1 joined)
Dman176: maybe, I don't know, Joy
MikeKraken: wow... it's 16:45 now!
TinaAlsGirl5: You know, we haven't even really talked much about the convention lately...
(leaper1 left)
SueJBakula: 21:45 here Lol
(leaper1 joined)
Dman176: hmm, what's goin on with Helen?
Dman176: oh, there she is again
SueJBakula: Are you have ing problems Helen?
(QLDamsel joined)
leaper1: wish i knew
Dman176: MJ!!!
leaper1: hey mj
MikeKraken: hi MJ!
SueJBakula: MJ Hiya
alsplacebartender: hey MH!
leaper1: how u doin hon
TinaAlsGirl5: MJ!!!
alsplacebartender: Oh carol says hi! she has to go to work now so she won't make it this time
QLDamsel: Well, I said that I'd pop in for a bit... as long as my body will let me do so. :p Hi everyone!!! :D
Dman176: no worries, hon, as long as you're able
QLDamsel: Brian? Who is MH?
QLDamsel: *grin*
Dman176: looks like I'm gonna have to start writing at TLC again, huh, MJ? ;)
alsplacebartender: my honey?
alsplacebartender: lol
Dman176: heh heh
Dman176: lol
QLDamsel: Did I miss a beat or something? lol
Dman176: good save, Bri
alsplacebartender: heh heh heh
SueJBakula: Glas to see you're around again MJ
SueJBakula: *Glad
QLDamsel: I guess so Damon. I'm trying to get caught up with everything.... and it's been slow. Ask Brian. I know that he's been trying to hand back TVS.
leaper1: yeh real good to have u back
Dman176: I just said that cause I saw you post as Ziggy
alsplacebartender: oh it's fine MJ. I changed the story again today
QLDamsel: just a warning.... if I say: BRB.... may be a little while. *sigh*
Dman176: s'ok
Dman176: we understand
SueJBakula: np MJ
QLDamsel: Thank you Brian!
alsplacebartender: yw
QLDamsel: Isn't he such a sweetheart?!?!?!?!?!
leaper1: dunno, i ordered a rodbeer hours ago an i still waitin!
Dman176: ha ha
SueJBakula: 3 cheers 4 Brian
alsplacebartender: here's a round of Rodbeers for all!
leaper1: hip hip
Dman176: hooray!
MikeKraken: hip hip
alsplacebartender: where is the Rod? haven't had him in a chat in sooo long
SueJBakula: horray
QLDamsel: As odd as it sounds... it's the head that's giving me the problem. As long as it doesn't hurt... I'm okay. But as soon as it starts to pound... might as well give me a vicodan and let me lie down.
Dman176: Hip hip
QLDamsel: horray
Dman176: hee hee
leaper1: vicodan?
Dman176: wish I could give ya my laptop, MJ
alsplacebartender: dermot says he might me here later on
QLDamsel: yup. Vicodan. It's a pain medication.
Dman176: although with the way it's been acting up, you might wanna throw it out the window
leaper1: ah right
QLDamsel: ahhhh... but its the thought that counts Damon.
QLDamsel: :D
Dman176: :D
Dman176: Actually, Brian, I spoke with The
Dman176: Rod on msn not too long ago
Dman176: for about 15 minutes
alsplacebartender: oh yeah?
QLDamsel: Cool.
Dman176: yup
QLDamsel: He's okay, right?
Dman176: oh yeah, same old Rod
Dman176: we were talking about the idiots we work with ;)
QLDamsel: ahhhhhhh.... you work with the same ones??? *grin*
alsplacebartender: lol
Dman176: but then again, I guess everyone has idiots they all work with
Dman176: ha ha
leaper1: sure do
QLDamsel: I thought that I had all the idiots over here... but alas... I don't work there anymore. :(
leaper1: ?
SueJBakula: I've worked with a fe idyots in my time too
Dman176: you talking about at the school, MJ?
Dman176: I thought you still had some time left there
QLDamsel: Yeah. I havta find a new job. :(
QLDamsel: finished
Dman176: don't you still have a few weeks?
Dman176: no?
(Yoshihira joined)
Dman176: Andrea's back!!!!
alsplacebartender: yea yosh!
QLDamsel: Hi Andrea!
Dman176: yay
leaper1: wb yosh
SueJBakula: wb Yosh
Dman176: wb, sweetie ;)
QLDamsel: Hi Sherdran... you're quiet.... *hint hint*
Dman176: hmm, mebbe she still got computer lag
(Yoshihira left)
QLDamsel: uh oh
Dman176: hmm, I guess so
MikeKraken: E had to go for a bit...
QLDamsel: oh? I bugged her off, huh?
Dman176: She was having problems before, MJ
QLDamsel: Oh. ok.
QLDamsel: :(
Dman176: I guess she's still having them
QLDamsel: *wait a way.... *
MikeKraken: hey Brian... you might want to alter the TITLE tag on the chat transcript page... it isn't in MSN anymore. ^_~
Dman176: Oh, BTW, MJ, I've been starting to write Second Genesis
QLDamsel: Oh YES!
QLDamsel: Yeah! I'm so glad! I can't wait to see it, Damon. Honestly, I can't.
alsplacebartender: good call mike...just fixed it
QLDamsel: Hey, Brian.....
QLDamsel: Can you do me a favor?
alsplacebartender: sounds very interesting, Damon!
Dman176: asked Brian about Collins too, now I'm thinking of having him connected to Sam's past back when he was on Star Bright
alsplacebartender: sure MJ anything for you my love hee hee
TinaAlsGirl5: Second Genesis? Ooo... very intriguing title
Dman176: yeah, there's a reason for it
leaper1: just thinking same joy
SueJBakula: The concept is exciting too
Dman176: you'll see, when I finally get it done, which will hopefully be soon
SueJBakula: Did U get the location Damon?
Dman176: I'm not sure yet, I could add that later
QLDamsel: *giggles* Can you quit changing up everything so much? Your making some of us look extremely bad! *grin* I mean.... 3 weeks... and it looks like I've done nothing! Gorsh! *J/K*
alsplacebartender: sounds like it would be a season opener... is it?
Dman176: might be, would be up to MJ and AJ *hint hint
Dman176: it's their call, not mine :)
MikeKraken: BRB
TinaAlsGirl5: Oh, goody goody... You know, this is going to be my busiest summer yet. I've got an SBP story to write, a VS story to write, make Mirror Shattered into novel form, make videos with my awesome possum new Pinnacle program..... and lose weight!
SueJBakula: ok Mike
alsplacebartender: ychanging
MikeKraken: 2 hours and counting!
alsplacebartender: changing?


Part Two - 5pm EST


QLDamsel: yeah....
Dman176: uh, MJ, i DID "bust Brian's balls" about that on the TVS forum ;)
Dman176: same episode was up for over a week, he said he "forgot"
QLDamsel: I come back from oh... about 2 1/2 weeks and go to your site and see CHANGE galor!
alsplacebartender: changing what?
Dman176: you talking about the Matrix thingy?
alsplacebartender: oh lol
TinaAlsGirl5: Oh, are you talking about the new background and stuff?
QLDamsel: no no.... I'm not griping about TVS.
QLDamsel: Yeah
Dman176: ah, ok, sorry ;)
QLDamsel: I go to his SITE and it's all changed.
alsplacebartender: well do ya like it?
TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, isn't that awesome? Oh, did you see the Matrix page that Damon mentioned?
SueJBakula: Well, U know Brian, he like CHANGE
QLDamsel: He does it so quick and it takes me like... oh I don't know.... 5 months to 2 years.
Dman176: hey, I commented on that too, seems the guys are goin Matrix crazy, especially Rod-man :P
alsplacebartender: change is good lol
alsplacebartender: there is no spoon!
QLDamsel: Yes, I do like it...........
QLDamsel: LOL
Dman176: lol
alsplacebartender: rod cracks me up
QLDamsel: I read all of Rodman's stuff......
Dman176: I liked his article
QLDamsel: and laughed and hurt.
Dman176: 3 words:
Dman176: leather cat suit
Dman176: LOL
alsplacebartender: hahahahaha
QLDamsel: see what I mean? I leave and the leather cat suit comes out!
TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah... I liked The Matrix, but I found Matrix Reloaded to be a bit disappointing... though I'm now anxiously awaiting the premiere of Revolutions
Dman176: LOL
alsplacebartender: well you can put it on MJ hee hee
TinaAlsGirl5: I like the whole animated QL series idea
Dman176: I still didn't see it, I heard it was very overhyped
QLDamsel: I did this time put up what did happen to me and the boys.
Dman176: I saw that, MJ
QLDamsel: NO!
QLDamsel: Don't put it on me!
Dman176: lol
TinaAlsGirl5: It was, that is... if you're a fan of the more philosophical side; if you're watching for action, you won't be disappointed
QLDamsel: Wait... I may have lost 15 pounds cuz of this accident, but don't put that leather thing on me.
alsplacebartender: oooooo meow!
Dman176: I loved X-men 2
Dman176: and Bruce Almighty
(leaper1 left)
QLDamsel: i want to see both of those.
Dman176: Bruce was very funny
SueJBakula: Helen's gonna have to reboot
TinaAlsGirl5: Haven't seen BA yet... Went and saw Finding Nemo with my mom, though
QLDamsel: when??? Don't know...
QLDamsel: haven't even seen that one either. :(
(leaper1 joined)
TinaAlsGirl5: It's great... I love Pixar. I'm *definitely* gonna go work for them someday
alsplacebartender: well joy, when you work there, you can make a computer animated QL!
leaper1: kewl
Dman176: oh, hey, MJ, what pic is that of you that flashes by on the main page under Alumni, you look very nice
MikeKraken: I saw Finding Nemo last night!!!!! :D
TinaAlsGirl5: Well, if I'm gonna make a more realistic CGI QL, I'd go work for Square
Dman176: I'm serious
SueJBakula: Dermy is on his way
leaper1: neat
QLDamsel: oh brother...
Dman176: actually, Joy, their movie division might be gone now, they lost a lot of money on the FF movie
QLDamsel: Brian must have stolen that one from me a long time ago.
QLDamsel: thank you.... but ohhhhhhhhhhh boy!
Dman176: lol
(ziggyego joined)
leaper1: hey dermy
Dman176: I'm serious, MJ, it's a very nice picture of you
Dman176: :)
SueJBakula: Hiya Dermy
Dman176: hey, Dermy
(TinaAlsGirl5 left)
leaper1: is there n e other kind?
ziggyego: hi everybody :)
alsplacebartender: i need one of you in the leather cat suit!!
alsplacebartender: hi dermot!
Dman176: oh geez
QLDamsel: thanks.
QLDamsel: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh lord.
QLDamsel: no!

(Lost about 30 seconds of lines due to technical difficulties)

connected: ezChat version 0.54
alsplacebartender:: yikes! got booted lol
MikeKraken:: you didn't miss anything, Brian.^_~
QLDamsel:: uhmmmm.... brb.... so you guys know what that means.......... *sigh* BRB soon.
ziggyego:: oh joy, great discovery on the dubbing in mirror image!!
Dman176:: ok, MJ
leaper1: take care mj
MikeKraken: yeah, ditto, Joy!
SueJBakula: take care MJ
ziggyego: cya mj xxx
ziggyego: have u all seen yet?
leaper1: nope
SueJBakula: Yup LOL
TinaAlsGirl5: Thanks... I nearly freaked out... I mean, I'd always been able to tell that it was dubbed, but the quality of my MI tapes just wasn't good enough to really see... but on Pinnacle, I saw it up close and went nuts
(BaKfan joined)
ziggyego: quiet good. slow on 56k though
MikeKraken: No.. what is it?
Dman176: Ruthie!
alsplacebartender: ruthie!
MikeKraken: Hi Ruthie!!
leaper1: hiya ruthie
SueJBakula: Hiya Ruthie
SueJBakula: Long time no C
ziggyego: ruthie baby
TinaAlsGirl5: I saw it, Dermot. I had a bunch of fun trying to figure out one of the QL puzzles... Took me a bit to figure out that you had to rotate some of the pieces so they could fit
MikeKraken: Yeah, no kidding!
Dman176: MJ says hi, she said she'd BRB
ziggyego: it is online games designed around scott bakula MK
Dman176: (which could be a while )
BaKfan: Yo!
BaKfan: How ya all doin
MikeKraken: all right, so I've been on the Web site, Dermy... for the Kilborn interview
Dman176: ok
ziggyego: oh yes
Dman176: we haven't seen you in awhile, Ruthie
MikeKraken: taking a look now!
BaKfan: Ive been around, playin, and working and spending time with my parents
Dman176: wow, 11 people here
leaper1: yeh, how many is capacity?
ziggyego: this is much better than msn i feel
Dman176: don't think there IS a limit here
TinaAlsGirl5: Oh, hi Ruthie!
leaper1: kewl
BaKfan: hey Joy,
BaKfan: Hey Sue
MikeKraken: whoa, those puzzles are neat!
MikeKraken: I think the limit is 25
BaKfan: You had that bath yet Joy?
leaper1: ?
Dman176: oh, I stand corrected then
alsplacebartender: limit is 25
TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, actually, I did
TinaAlsGirl5: ;-)
BaKfan: hehehe
leaper1: sit down dman, no need to stand here!
Dman176: LOL
BaKfan: so whats been going on?
BaKfan: am I needed in TLC?
QLDamsel: Hello Ruthie. Sorry I missed you on the leap in. *grin*
Dman176: yeah, Ruthie, MJ was here right before you logged in, she had to go for a minute...
Dman176: oops, there she is
Dman176: :)
leaper1: wb mj
MikeKraken: WB MJ
BaKfan: sok me dear MJ how are you?
QLDamsel: ty
Dman176: and Andrea has been here on and off, computer's giving her problems
Dman176: (Hush, Ruthie) ;)
QLDamsel: I'm sore.... but I'm around.
leaper1: all our comps actin up 2nite
MikeKraken: not mine, thank goodness!
BaKfan: ohhh shush OK lol
BaKfan: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Dman176: lol
TinaAlsGirl5: At least *I'm* not needed at the moment on TLC, from what I saw in the summaries, that is... I'll be content to keep Johnny and Ruthie stuck in his quarters 'til I find time to write some more for it... (a bit of a writer's block; it's gotta be all the thinking I had to do in school this year)
MikeKraken: My computer's been great since I installed WinXP over WinME back in ... February?! ^______^
QLDamsel: As for TLC....
leaper1: u got xp home or pro mike
BaKfan: yeah thinkings bad for ya health
BaKfan: i try not to do it
leaper1: sure is ruthie
MikeKraken: Got Home... Pro was giving me problems in April 2002
BaKfan: it hurts too much
QLDamsel: I know Ziggy replied... but other than that.... up to you Ruthie.
MikeKraken: oh, Ziggy!? :D :D
ziggyego: eh?
TinaAlsGirl5: I really wish I didn't have to think, but school unfortunately is a have-to if I want to get anywhere in life
Dman176: speaking of that, MJ, I needed to talk to you before I continued on with Lothos1
(AlBingo joined)
BaKfan: well Al will be bac ;) hes been on "vacation" ;)
MikeKraken: Hi Chris!
ziggyego: bingo was his name oh!
leaper1: pro usually more stable of 2 mike
AlBingo: Fear not my friend...for I have arrived
MikeKraken: yeah, I know Helen... but Home has been good to me too. ^_^
BaKfan: Hi Chris
TinaAlsGirl5: But, oh well... Just *one* more year of that stupid, God-forsaken high school, and I can run away to a nice little graphic design school where I can be around older, mature, intelligent people--basically, my fellow nerds... hehehe
leaper1: no place like it?
ziggyego: hey where is the rod???
Dman176: Hi, Chris
alsplacebartender: hey chris
MikeKraken: I was having problems upgrading my Toshiba utilities with the Pro version in April 2002... so I decided to try home this past February
TinaAlsGirl5: My stepbrother downloaded XP on his computer downstairs, and the comp's been sluggish ever since... Maybe the comp's too old to handle it?
QLDamsel: I need to do more slowly on the site.... before I overload Brian.
leaper1: could be
SherDran: She's back!
QLDamsel: ELEIECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BaKfan: oh for my sim dudes here, my sim got married to george clooney the other day!
leaper1: hey
MikeKraken: WB Eleiece!
Dman176: LOL@ MJ and E
BaKfan: HEy E
AlBingo: So erm....what have I missed
TinaAlsGirl5: Okay, guys... I *think* my comp may try to freeze on me again, so don't be worried if I suddenly pop out of here in a couple seconds
ziggyego: brb
alsplacebartender: you aren't overloading me MJ lol
(ziggyego left)
leaper1: ruthie dont tell phoebe
BaKfan: LOL
leaper1: george in demand these days
MikeKraken: LOL
BaKfan: hehe
QLDamsel: Well, I don't want you doing so much that you overload yourself Brian.
leaper1: nor should u mj
MikeKraken: My Sim and Alia are married... LOL
leaper1: interesting
Dman176: how've ya been, Chris?
BaKfan: he keeps giving her to many fiery kiises so they are 100% in love
leaper1: can u handle her mike
QLDamsel: I'm glad that Eleiece is back. she's my big sister! :)
TinaAlsGirl5: I liked those QL sims you made, Mike (that was you, right?)
Dman176: hee hee
QLDamsel: huh?
MikeKraken: I think so... she's not evil anymore. ^_~
BaKfan: E is my Mom
Dman176: laughing at the sister remark, MJ, it's cute!
AlBingo: Well i've been busy, so terribly busy, words can not describe how busy I have been
QLDamsel: uhm... I don' t know about the sims...
MikeKraken: I uploaded my Sims Web site, Joy... I haven't made any Sims of my own
MikeKraken: like, Sims skins, I mean
AlBingo: Well I tell a lie
QLDamsel: well, Damon, it's the darn honest truth!
BaKfan: and MJ is my Aunty
Dman176: oh boy, I'm a bit confused, now I know how Yosh feels :P
TinaAlsGirl5: Who was that who used regular Sims to make them look kinda like QL characters?
QLDamsel: She is my BIG SISTER!
AlBingo: I've been sat around the house for nigh on to a month now
MikeKraken: no, she's MY big sister!
MikeKraken: LOL
AlBingo: I think I may be turning into a hermit
leaper1: busy doin 0 thing
QLDamsel: No.... MINE!
QLDamsel: I'll fight you for her.
AlBingo: Or some other kind of tramp
leaper1: now now, cant u share
MikeKraken: Fine! A five-day battle royale!
QLDamsel: Don't get in the way, Mike!
MikeKraken: LOL
AlBingo: I even have a beard to proove it
Dman176: hey, MJ, you're MY big sis, so I guess that makes E my sis too :)
QLDamsel: I'll hurt ya.
MikeKraken: Carol and Helen are my moms... O_o
QLDamsel: Ooooooooooooooo.... ok. If that's true then Andrea is my sister and then that makes her your sister tooooo.......... :)
BaKfan: Mikes got two moms confused? lol
leaper1: hey mj, my kids were confirmed 2day, shall i email u some pics 2mora
QLDamsel: Please do!
Dman176: HEY! MJ!
leaper1: k
Dman176: she can't be my sis...
MikeKraken: I'm getting so confused now... LOL
BaKfan: Oh boy D
BaKfan: you in trouble
MikeKraken: Carol's my Web Mom... Helen is my "mom so I can get free plane rides"
AlBingo: I'm confused by this conversation, is it some in joke that you have to have been here from the start to understand or am I just not paying enough attention?
Dman176: please don't start :P
leaper1: not n e more mike
BaKfan: :P
Dman176: yeah, it IS, Chris
AlBingo: Darn
Dman176: you have to be in on it ;)
leaper1: long standing
alsplacebartender: i'm lost too chris so don't feel bad lol
QLDamsel: ROFLOL! Ok. ....... Ok........ I'm hurting no!
SherDran: Yes, she's back. Just scanning.
BaKfan: D man, im not startin nothing man!
SherDran: Hi, MJ!
SherDran: Hi, Ruthie!
AlBingo: Well I'll just watch in stunned silence for the first round
BaKfan: You hurtin Aunty MJ
QLDamsel: ELEIECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BaKfan: !!
Dman176: ok, fine, subject dropped, so there! ;)
Dman176: :P
BaKfan: smacks D round the head
AlBingo: So...Quantum Leap
QLDamsel: Heehee.
Dman176: ha ha @Chris
MikeKraken: Yes, Quantum Leap!
QLDamsel: Quantum Leap RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BaKfan: HI MOM
MikeKraken: I think I remember that show...
leaper1: sure does
Dman176: lol
TinaAlsGirl5: Okay, soooo... Chris, did you see my post about the dubbing in "Mirror Image"
leaper1: best darn show on tv
TinaAlsGirl5: ?
MikeKraken: it had um... Scott Dracula and Dean Smackwell in it, right?
leaper1: lol
AlBingo: Back in the mists of the early nineties
AlBingo: I did in fact
BaKfan: Deanie boy!
AlBingo: Very observent of you
leaper1: as al can o lychees and sam bucket
BaKfan: The Deanster!
BaKfan: as we sassies call him
MikeKraken: LOL
MikeKraken: I love lychees. ^______^
AlBingo: Lychees are the best fruit
TinaAlsGirl5: Well, it wasn't 'til I had the thing in Pinnacle that I was able to see his lips good enough
SherDran: Lord have mercy, I've got a whole new crop of little brothers and sisters (and 1 kidlet) to look after now! *g* But you're all good kids.
AlBingo: Better fresh than tinned
BaKfan: Well im not trouble am I mom
MikeKraken: Definitley, Chris!
QLDamsel: ooooooooooo.....boy! I think that I may have to go lay down soon. *chuckles*
SherDran: Hi, Kidlet!
MikeKraken: although I'll take 'em either way. ^_~
BaKfan: Hi MOM, missed ya loads!
TinaAlsGirl5: Actually, if you want to give Dean a good last name nickname, a better one would be Dean Stick-Wave... See, that's what Stockwell actually means when translated from German to English!
BaKfan: how ya doin
leaper1: i love translations
(ziggyego joined)
SherDran: Missed you, too, Kidlet. I've been busier than a one-armed paper-hanger in a high wind!
BaKfan: DERMY!
QLDamsel: someone mentioned Scott..... I'm hooked.
leaper1: did u hear bout the comp that translated the phrase
QLDamsel: oooo.... that's busy!
leaper1: out of sight out of mind
(ziggyego left)
BaKfan: awwwww poor MOm! hope ya been good ;)
leaper1: into russian and back to english
AlBingo: What is going on here?
leaper1: came back as invisible lunatic@
alsplacebartender: lol
MikeKraken: LOL
BaKfan: whos invisible lunatic
SherDran: I'm taking another 'coffee break' from the work I'm doing here at home. got to turn it all in tomorrow. I'll be burning a LOT of midnight oil tonight for sure.
QLDamsel: me
Dman176: sorry, peeps, trying to be in 2 conversations simultaneously doesn't always work for me :P
BaKfan: do that most nights hehe
MikeKraken: I'll mail you some petrolium, E. ^_~
BaKfan: hey Chubbie!
QLDamsel: hmmmm.... gonna use a little to yap with me later, big sis?
BaKfan: missed ya there
alsplacebartender: hey ruthie! it's bad i knew you were talking to me lol
leaper1: i gotta go
leaper1: curfew
Dman176: ok, Bye Helen
SherDran: LOL! Thanks, Mike.
QLDamsel: later Helen
(ziggyego joined)
AlBingo: I'm having difficulty trying to cememnt my place in this conversation
alsplacebartender: bye helen!
Dman176: I'll read that e-mail when I'm done here
QLDamsel: love ya
BaKfan: LOL Bri!
AlBingo: Its going over my head
leaper1: dont have too much fun w/out me
SherDran: Fer shure, fer shure, little sister.
MikeKraken: aw, bye bye, Helen. <hug>
QLDamsel: :)
BaKfan: Later Helen!
BaKfan: be good
Dman176: yes, I know Chris, I'm confused myself :P
SherDran: bye Helen
leaper1: huggles to all
ziggyego: didnt think i wud ever get back in lol
leaper1: take it easy mj
QLDamsel: i will
BaKfan: She better
Dman176: that's what I get for talking in 2 windows at once
SherDran: holler whenever MJ
AlBingo: .Lets start our own running joke to confuse everyone
BaKfan: else ill be flying out there
leaper1: ttfn folks
BaKfan: or swimming
(leaper1 left)
(ziggyego left)
alsplacebartender: lol chris
SherDran: What is this? the QL version of "Who's On First?" lol!
Dman176: lol
AlBingo: Or start a conversation subject of such mind boggling magnificance that everyone is drawn to it
MikeKraken: Hi Ruthie...
MikeKraken: LOL
QLDamsel: yup
TinaAlsGirl5: lol
BaKfan: MIKEY!
AlBingo: Anyone know how to play stone, scissor paper?
MikeKraken: ro sham bo?
BaKfan: I sure do chris
alsplacebartender: here's a topic: cookie crisp: it's ntieher a cookie or crispy. Discuss.
MikeKraken: we call it both around here... LOL
TinaAlsGirl5: Have you seen the George W. version of the "Who's On First?" joke?
SherDran: I've heard of it, but haven't the faintest clue how to play it.
Dman176: you mean, Rock, scissors, paper?
QLDamsel: I like the cookie.
MikeKraken: E... are you serious?
SherDran: As the proverbial heart attack, Mike.
alsplacebartender: i like the cookie too, MJ. yummy
MikeKraken: I'm getting a little ferclamped... talk amongst yourselves... LOL
AlBingo: I do indead
Dman176: Scissors cuts Paper...
MikeKraken: Well, see, there are three things: rock, paper, scissors...
Dman176: uh,
AlBingo: Stone blunts scissors
Dman176: paper covers rock?
MikeKraken: each person chooses one and makes it with their hand...
TinaAlsGirl5: Okay... uh... How's about them Royals? They're actually winning games this season.
Dman176: right
MikeKraken: yep, you got it, Damon
Dman176: ok
MikeKraken: stone crushes scissors... LOL
SherDran: okay, I'm following so far...
MikeKraken: that's what we say
AlBingo: I'm wondering if it'll work online
MikeKraken: yeah, and whoever wins, wins
BaKfan: ROCK!
SueJBakula: LOL@Mike
MikeKraken: if I choose rock, and you choose paper, you win!
QLDamsel: Well, I think that I may have to go ........ *sigh* I'm sorry all, but my head is starting to hurt again.
Dman176: oh, ok, MJ
AlBingo: Well you have to do it at the same time
MikeKraken: aww,, all right MJ.
MikeKraken: take care!
SueJBakula: go have a rest MJ
alsplacebartender: bye MJ! hope you feel better
BaKfan: Aunty MJ take it easy Right!
AlBingo: Its all about irrational thought
SherDran: Okay, kiddo. Go take a Vicodin and lie down. We can chat a little later if you feel up to it.
SueJBakula: same here MJ anytime
Dman176: ok, MJ, love ya, "Sis" :)
AlBingo: Bartender!!!
QLDamsel: I will go lie down and have some meds and I'll try to be back later. :)
BaKfan: you can do it online
QLDamsel: Hey Bartender!
QLDamsel: Bartender!?!
BaKfan: cause if someone says rock
alsplacebartender: huh?
Dman176: BRIAN!!!
BaKfan: you just say paper then you win all the time
AlBingo: PAPER
MikeKraken: SCISSORS
MikeKraken: I win. LOL
AlBingo: I want the finest wine available to humanity, I want it here and I want it now
AlBingo: There are variations of course
Dman176: lol@Chris
QLDamsel: *HUGS* Thank you for hosting this wonderful place and making it! It wouldn't be the same without EVERYONE who comes!
Dman176: aww, how sweet of MJ! :)
AlBingo: Some fool inevitably says A bomb blows everything to oblivion I win
alsplacebartender: awwww
BaKfan: Love ya MJ
AlBingo: Rather childish really
Dman176: hee hee
BaKfan: hugs to ya
MikeKraken: yeah, we used to have dynomite
QLDamsel: *teary eyed* You guys be sweet. I love you all. :)
alsplacebartender: :)
Dman176: bye, love
QLDamsel: Bye for a bit...............
SherDran: Dittoes, kiddo. Later sweetie. :-)
AlBingo: So where's my alcahol
Dman176: here, Chris, I"m throwing a Corona over to ya
MikeKraken: LOL
QLDamsel: Hey.... as long as it's Rodbeer... you'll be fine..............
QLDamsel: Rodbeer won't even give you a hangover..........
SueJBakula: No alcohol here, only Rod Beer
MikeKraken: Corona is great. ^_^
AlBingo: Carona...thats that Mexican beer
Dman176: lol
alsplacebartender: rodbeers for everyone!
Dman176: ok, sorry, MJ
Dman176: Rodbeer
QLDamsel: :D
QLDamsel: Bye all.
Dman176: bye bye
TinaAlsGirl5: I'll stick with ginger ale or Martinelli's
SherDran: Guess that puts me out for refreshment. I don't like beer.
TinaAlsGirl5: Bye bye MJ
alsplacebartender: bye
SueJBakula: nite nite MJ
TinaAlsGirl5: Hope you keep getting better
BaKfan: ill be having some of that rodbeer thankyou Chubbie
BaKfan: slide it over the counter if ya may
Dman176: for you, E, a rum and Coke
Dman176: with Captain Morgan
MikeKraken: oo.. I want one of those too... LOL
alsplacebartender: no rodbeer for people that call me chubbie lol!!!
Dman176: those are the best
alsplacebartender: j/k
AlBingo: Sasparilla?
SherDran: Hot dog! Now you're talking, Dman! Make it Bacardi 151 and you've got a happy customer!]
(QLDamsel left)
MikeKraken: LOL, I'll order one for you Ruth. ^_~
Dman176: lol
BaKfan: now crying cause chubbie wont give me a drink :(
SherDran: Captain Morgan's good, too.
alsplacebartender: ok ok here is your drink ruthie
TinaAlsGirl5: Remember the party starts at 21! "D
BaKfan: :)
BaKfan: #
TinaAlsGirl5: :)
SueJBakula: That's a soilor's drink
BaKfan: Tanks
MikeKraken: soilor?
BaKfan: 21?
Dman176: whenever me and my friend Chris (not ALbingo) go out somewhere , that's what we always order
MikeKraken: 21??
SueJBakula: Captain Morgans
BaKfan: is that the age thing?
MikeKraken: oh.... it's 19 here... LOL
BaKfan: well im in England and its 18 here
AlBingo: So anywhoo, whats happening in USA at the moment?
Dman176: you talkin about legal drinking age?
BaKfan: and well im old enough any how
SueJBakula: a sailor's drink
Dman176: it's 21 in NY
AlBingo: In Spain its 16
MikeKraken: yep! I love Ontario. ^_~
BaKfan: since im a big ol 27 years now
Dman176: it's stupid
alsplacebartender: me too ruthie!
MikeKraken: come on over and visit, Damon. LOL
AlBingo: In the Czech Repubic its anytime you want a drink
Dman176: you can fight for your country but god forbid, you drink somethin with alcohol
MikeKraken: even though you're old enough anyway... :P
AlBingo: There is no legal age
SherDran: What is? Rum and Coke? Couldn't agree more, Sue. I was married to a sailor for almost 17 years. He was the one who introduced me to 151 & Coke.
TinaAlsGirl5: That's the new Captain Morgans commercial... "The Party Starts At 21! Captain's Orders!"
MikeKraken: yeah, a lot of European countries are more lax, aren't they?
MikeKraken: LOL, oic Joy... that's neat!
BaKfan: CHUBBIE same age as me? LOL
Dman176: haven't seen that commercial, Joy
BaKfan: whoa Dude!
Dman176: yeah, Ruthie
Dman176: me, you and Bri are the same age
BaKfan: COOL!
Dman176: I think he's the youngest?
MikeKraken: you old people... <j/k>
alsplacebartender: yepper!
Dman176: I'm in Jan
BaKfan: April 3
Dman176: January
AlBingo: I have Polish heritage and they drink Vodka day or night
Dman176: I"m the oldest of us 3?
alsplacebartender: april 15th
Dman176: I thought that was you, Ruthie
TinaAlsGirl5: It's a really cool commercial; they show these people dancing around and you see these dudes at the door using these cool handheld eye-scanners to see how old the people entering are
BaKfan: april 15?
AlBingo: Very strong Vodka may I add
SherDran: My hubby was half pure Polish and half pure Irish, and rum was his alcohol of choice. Baccardi 151.
BaKfan: coolio that was the same bday as my gramps
TinaAlsGirl5: I'm 18 now, as of May 15
SueJBakula: I may be nearly 50 in body, but in mind and spirit I'm still 16
Dman176: yeah, I remember Joy, Happy B-Day last month
MikeKraken: I'm going to be 21 in two months.... *cries*
BaKfan: Well D we can pick on Brian since hes younger!
Dman176: why you crying, Mikey?
BaKfan: hehe
TinaAlsGirl5: Thank ye
MikeKraken: LOL... so old! :P
Dman176: lol
alsplacebartender: no more CHUBBIE!!! lol
Dman176: OLD?!?
MikeKraken: I still sometimes slip up and say I'm 19!
alsplacebartender: arrrggghhhh
MikeKraken: 21... man... I'm like, halfway to 40!
Dman176: then what does that make me, Ruthie, and Brian then, Mikey?
BaKfan: lol
MikeKraken: ancient. :P
Dman176: old codgers?!? :P
alsplacebartender: hahaha
BaKfan: LOL D
Dman176: boy oh boy
BaKfan: chopped liver
Dman176: yeah, Ruthgie
SherDran: Youngsters, all of you! ROFLOL!
Dman176: *Ruthie
BaKfan: LOL MOm !
MikeKraken: hehehe... I made you an honourary 18-year old a couple years ago, Eleiece. ^_~
SueJBakula: I'm the grannie here LOL
BaKfan: Sue and E are the Moms here
SherDran: Dman..... you callin' your newest big sister and 'old codger'? Not a wise move, little brother. *g*
SueJBakula: Granni of 3 come the 11th
alsplacebartender: how old are you, E?
MikeKraken: what about Carol and Helen, Ruth? :P They're our village elders, if you will. ^_~
Dman176: I didn't say that, Mikey 's the one who said we were "old" :P
SherDran: 52 years and 3 months
TinaAlsGirl5: I think it's kinda cool how wide-ranged our ages are... Just goes to show that QL brings in that coveted 18--40-something range
SherDran: how about you, Sue?
MikeKraken: the four of them... haha...
BaKfan: I said here in the room LOL now..
MikeKraken: Yeah, no kidding, Joy!!
alsplacebartender: really? i always pictured you as this hot 18 year old lol! Well, now you are a hot 52 year old
MikeKraken: Oh... LOL
SueJBakula: 49 in November
Dman176: LOL@Brian
MikeKraken: See, when I first saw the photo of E, I thought she was in her early 30s...
MikeKraken: when she said she was 47, I was like, WHAT!
Dman176: you know something, I'm juast realizing that when Andrea reads some of this transcript later on, she's gonna slap me good, oh boy :P
SherDran: *g* Thanks, for the reduction in age, Brian. I don't feel my age. After all, age is just mind over matter. If you don't mind, it don't matter!
alsplacebartender: i have never seen a photo of E.
BaKfan: Mom sent me a pic of her at 50 and she still hot
MikeKraken: LOL! You're right, E!
BaKfan: Ill scan it in and send it to ya Brian if E dont mond LOL
SherDran: Want me to send you a picture, Brian?
Dman176: wish my mom would listen when people tell her how old she looks
BaKfan: ok she can do it
alsplacebartender: sure! you want it on the alumni page? or no?
BaKfan: hehe
SherDran: Sure.
Dman176: she's almost 50, but looks to be in her mid- to late 30's
MikeKraken: You have one on QLVS, right, E?
alsplacebartender: cool :)


Part Three - 6 pm EST


Dman176: ROCK!!
BaKfan: she also was such a dear to me when she went to LA werent you E! she got a pic took of Deans Star for me
SherDran: That's the one I'm going to send. But I've got a Glamor Shots picture I had taken for Jay's BD a couple of years before that picture.
SherDran: Yep.
Dman176: (no one's playing?) :(
SherDran: playing what, Dman?
BaKfan: PAAPER!!! D
BaKfan: I win
Dman176: there ya go
Dman176: no, actually, I win, don't I?
TinaAlsGirl5: Oh, btw, I'll be sending in a new pic of me for the Alumni page eventually
Dman176: no, you're right
alsplacebartender: thanks Joy :)
Dman176: Paper beats rock
BaKfan: nah paper covers rock
MikeKraken: rock beats everything, right? <j/.k>
SherDran: Scissors
Dman176: no
Dman176: rock beats scissors
Dman176: scissors beats paper
Dman176: paper beats rock
alsplacebartender: the great rock paper scissors conflict of '03
Dman176: LOL
BaKfan: like triangle
MikeKraken: Paper covers rock, scissors cut paper, rock crushes scissors
MikeKraken: it's a vicous cycle
Dman176: LOL
Dman176: that it is, Mike
Dman176: ;)
MikeKraken: 'specially when you're playing with three people! LOL
Dman176: heh heh
BaKfan: lol mike
BaKfan: one up top two at bottom
MikeKraken: bottoms up! :P
Dman176: AlBingo got quiet suddenly, he's the one who started the damn game ;)
BaKfan: oh er misus
alsplacebartender: rodbeers all around once more!
BaKfan: yeah!!
Dman176: thanks, dude!
BaKfan: rod beer!
Dman176: Thank you sir may I have another
BaKfan: gosh i didnt relaise i drank the other so quick
BaKfan: i get drunk
Dman176: lol
MikeKraken: LOL
Dman176: you should see me at my friend's parties
Dman176: sometimes, I start getting up on the bar and singin ;)
BaKfan: and look i cant spell so it must be effecting me virtually
BaKfan: you do bar dancing D?
MikeKraken: ^o^
BaKfan: LOL
Dman176: SINGING, not dancing
MikeKraken: Can't say I've ever been that drunk!
BaKfan: haha
BaKfan: Oh I have
Dman176: unless there's a hot blonde with me in which case I do ;)
BaKfan: dranl me self sober
Dman176: that happened once ;)
BaKfan: k
TinaAlsGirl5: brb really quickly
BaKfan: hehe D
BaKfan: why blonde?
MikeKraken: LOL...
MikeKraken: drank yourself sober? Wow....
Dman176: ok, fine, redhead, blonde, brunette, don't really care a slong as she's female :P
BaKfan: it can happen
MikeKraken: The mind boggles. *_* :P
BaKfan: no fun tho
BaKfan: cause then u are depressed
BaKfan: cause theres no fun anymore
Dman176: I got so drunk once that I blacked out, only happned once though, never again
BaKfan: lol
MikeKraken: Awww... I'm always a happy drinker. ^_~
TinaAlsGirl5: me back
MikeKraken: yeah, I've never blacked out... almost once...
BaKfan: yah I done that too D
MikeKraken: damn "all-you-can-drink" kegger!
Dman176: last time I ever drink JD on the rocks
BaKfan: once i feel over a wall in to someones garden
BaKfan: backward
MikeKraken: LOL Ruth!
Dman176: wb, Joy
MikeKraken: I can't drink JD... gross stuff!
TinaAlsGirl5: thanx
BaKfan: did a backward summersault
Dman176: I don;t drink that stuff that often
MikeKraken: nice back, Joy! :P
BaKfan: JD and coke
BaKfan: yummy
MikeKraken: ewwww..
BaKfan: WB joy
Dman176: My buddy Chris makes me do it when we're together somewhere, he says it puts hair on your chest
MikeKraken: all right... so... speaking of drunk... what about Al and the vending machine? hehehe
BaKfan: Deansters drink is JD and guiness I believe
BaKfan: you can get well polished on that
MikeKraken: Guiness... yeah... I have'nt ever had it
BaKfan: i think thats why he drinks it
BaKfan: lol
alsplacebartender: the vending machine lol
MikeKraken: Helen still logged in... I thought she left????
TinaAlsGirl5: So, who's the lucky one that gets to write the Vending Machine Incident for SBP?
Dman176: I can't drink heavy beer
alsplacebartender: that would be me
MikeKraken: oooo... that would be fun, eh, Joy?
alsplacebartender: it's in the works
MikeKraken: :D
Dman176: curious, Brian, how is this going to work?
TinaAlsGirl5: Coolio... Man, I can't wait to read your story, Brian!
Dman176: is it something like TVS?
MikeKraken: ditto!
Dman176: a new story every week?
alsplacebartender: possibly damon, but i need to have a bigger writer base first and work out details.
BaKfan: vending machine?
TinaAlsGirl5: Heck, I can't wait to write my own story! :-)
Dman176: or would it be something like a chronicles type thing?
Dman176: one week it will be 1984, the next, 1983, etc.
MikeKraken: Same here! I am definitely interested in writing, Brian
alsplacebartender: depends on how many writers i can find for this. If there's only three or four, it may turn out to be a chronicles type of thing, but if a lot of people show interest, i may turn it into a weekly series
Dman176: ok, I was just wondering
alsplacebartender: but either way yes it would be a jump from one year to the next each time a new story is published
TinaAlsGirl5: You know, I should really start working on my Calavicci Chronicles stories... I'm planning to write stories that follow Al's entire life, from the day he was born all the way up to past "Mirror Image"...
SherDran: Hey, Brian. I just sent you three pictures.
Dman176: so, in other words, it wouldn't necessarily be chronological from one week to the next
alsplacebartender: cool! I'll take a look after the chat. Don't want to upset my computer by loading the email client
Dman176: it would go back and forth within Star Bright
BaKfan: so is this chat being recorded?
alsplacebartender: no absolutely not. I want it to be open to write for any period of time inside those years
alsplacebartender: yes ruthie
BaKfan: well im changing my name
BaKfan: lol
Dman176: I got ya, Brian
Dman176: huh, Ruthie?
TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, like me, my story is set in 1989
MikeKraken: how do you change your name?
BaKfan: talking about being drunk if my family read this im in trouble LOL
Dman176: oh
MikeKraken: LOL
Dman176: I see ;)
MikeKraken: don't give them the link. ^_~
BaKfan: call me BOB
SherDran: Well, God willing and my situation settles down, I hope to get back into my writing. I've got several things 'in progress', but at the moment RL is being a prima donna and demanding most of my time.
BaKfan: lol
alsplacebartender: ok BOB LMAO!
BaKfan: nah they wouldnt read it im safe
MikeKraken: oh... LOL..
BaKfan: said a lot worse in sassies
MikeKraken: yes, yes you have!
BaKfan: i have a rep LOL
BaKfan: oh boy
TinaAlsGirl5: Okay, got a question for ya, Brian... If you don't want to say just yet, that's okay... I was just wondering--what exact timeframe is Sam gonna start really planning Project QL and Ziggy? Like, in 1989, he would already be planning it right?
alsplacebartender: If I can get enough stories to start a wekly series, I'll contact PVT and see if they will connect me with that
MikeKraken: I still gotta go rent Paris, Texas sometime this week..
BaKfan: well Bri you can allme bob if i can call ya chubbie LOL
MikeKraken: Yeah, that's a great idea, Bri
Dman176: I actually asked him something similar, Joy
BaKfan: *c
BaKfan: all
alsplacebartender: hmmm
alsplacebartender: let me think
alsplacebartender: Ziggy would not be around in "life" but the computer might be
BaKfan: yes you have MIke
BaKfan: the weeke is up today
BaKfan: i think we going on to something else tomorrow
alsplacebartender: i think allusions to QL in 1989 would be fine... hints
MikeKraken: oh well... LOL
TinaAlsGirl5: Well, I just meant Sam's idea... See, I've got Al nagging Sam to tell him what his new "secret project" is that he's planning, but Sam won't tell him. It's a little running joke-thing I was gonna have in my story
Dman176: actually, I always thought that PQL began in 1989
BaKfan: cant remember what Jill said
Dman176: in Roberto, Al told him it woul dbe there in 7 years
Dman176: the year was 1982
MikeKraken: I got my M.I.A. in late...
MikeKraken: yeah, same here, Damon
alsplacebartender: I have incorporated the books the TV show and TVS into my series, so it began in 1990
BaKfan: Joy can u remember what the movie of the week is?
TinaAlsGirl5: Well, in 1990 in "Prelude", Sam mentions a project, but doesn't tell Al until later that year
TinaAlsGirl5: It's Paris TX
alsplacebartender: yes i was just typing that joy
TinaAlsGirl5: lol
TinaAlsGirl5: GMTA
BaKfan: thats this week
alsplacebartender: haha
Dman176: yeah, but I think that was written before it had been established...
BaKfan: im mean next
TinaAlsGirl5: I don't know if Jill's actually said...
BaKfan: hehe
BaKfan: im sure she did
BaKfan: lol
Dman176: that author wrote a disclaimer that some details were only speculation
BaKfan: maybe im preempting
BaKfan: lol
(AlBingo left)
BaKfan: chris left
SueJBakula: sorry about that was on the phone
BaKfan: hey sue
BaKfan: i was just gonna say hey sues quiet
TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah. Uh, well, isn't SBP in the same mountain as PQL's gonna be in this series, Brian? That would go along with the QL being in that area in 1989 thing from "Roberto"
MikeKraken: I don't think she's said yet, Ruth
alsplacebartender: yes, it is built in the same spot as QL using the foundation, etc
BaKfan: okay its me then
Dman176: hold on, everyone, got to order some food on the phone, brb
TinaAlsGirl5: We've been busy deciding whether the LDJIN movie is shorter than the play
BaKfan: all night
TinaAlsGirl5: Well, see, that goes with both "Roberto" and "Prelude", then
BaKfan: think its shorter LOL
alsplacebartender: i need to watch Roberto again.... memory loss
MikeKraken: me too!
MikeKraken: Al mentiones something about "implants" in that episode...
TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, I do, too... *hides* I've only seen it once
MikeKraken: Oh my!
MikeKraken: I've'nt seen any episode just once... LOL
BaKfan: i aint seen it much i dont like that ep much
MikeKraken: I like it...
MikeKraken: it's Stand Up I don't like. LOL
SherDran: Roberto is a good episode.
TinaAlsGirl5: Actually, there are quite a few I've only seen once... Basically, the ones that didn't really "stand out" for me when I saw them the first time
alsplacebartender: i think Sam would have had the idea for QL in his head since even before Starbright, but used Starbright to collect data and experiment, etc, so yes Joy I think it's fine to have Sam hiding the QL idea from Al like you said
MikeKraken: dinner time!
SherDran: Stand Up ranks right down there at the bottom of the list, just above The Beast Within.
MikeKraken: I agree,E!
BaKfan: I like to sit down when talking too mike
MikeKraken: LMAO
alsplacebartender: I think I don't like Stand Up because of Bob Saget. He sucks! If they had Jim Carrey do it, I think it would have been better lol
TinaAlsGirl5: Okay, cool! That'll go great!
SherDran: LOL! Why, Kidlet? Does he make you dizzy if you talk to him standing up? roflol!
MikeKraken: BBIAF... babecued tuna!
TinaAlsGirl5: Actually, I rather liked Stand Up
alsplacebartender: yummy mike!
BaKfan: Bob is Scott good friend
alsplacebartender: maybe i watched America's home video's one too many times lol. Can't stand him
SherDran: No barbeque sauce on my tuna! Just grill it with a little fresh lemon and garlic and a dash of local Cajun seasonings and .... look out! Yumola!
BaKfan: LOL yeah MOm i cant concentrate its like patting my head and rubbing my tummy at the same tim
Dman176: ok, back and caught up...
BaKfan: im not good at multi tasking
TinaAlsGirl5: I grew up with Bob on AHV and Full House... So, when I found out he'd been on QL--especially considering QL and FH competed together for a while--I was thrilled
Dman176: it's not just you, Brian, Bob Saget DOES suck!
alsplacebartender: lol damon
TinaAlsGirl5: Oh, that sounds *good*, Eleice... (sp?)
BaKfan: Eleiece
BaKfan: hehe
TinaAlsGirl5: Okay, I was close... :)
SherDran: *g* The rule of thumb for spelling my name is: Every other letter is an 'e", Joy.
BaKfan: yes you were lol
BaKfan: LOL
TinaAlsGirl5: Oh, I see! Uh-duh... :)
BaKfan: just call her E
BaKfan: lol
SherDran: *g* No problem, Joy. Most people have problems with it.
alsplacebartender: wouldn't be a good name on wheel of furtune! "I'd like to buy an E" would break the bank and you'd lose!
SherDran: It's my middle name.
(Biridox joined)
Biridox: Hello!
alsplacebartender: yay! biridox!
TinaAlsGirl5: I understand... Whenever I tell people my name (my first name--Rebekah), they spell it with the "cca" instead of with the "kah"
Biridox: I didn't even know about this chat...thanks Brian!
SherDran: Or...... hit a $5,000.00 card and hit the jackpot! LOL!
BaKfan: hey Biridox!
Dman176: Hi, Krystal
SherDran: Hi, Krystal. :-)
TinaAlsGirl5: Hello there, Krystal
Biridox: Wow, thanks for the welcome! :)
Biridox: So...what's going on?
BaKfan: well since i live in england we dont have wheel o fortune here im safe with my money
BaKfan: not that i got any
SueJBakula: Oh but we do Ruth, It's on Challenge TV
BaKfan: same as usual kris
BaKfan: we off topic
SueJBakula: More on topic than off 2nite tho
TinaAlsGirl5: Actually, the show I wanna go on is Who Wants To Be A Millionaire... there have been so many questions that I've known that people got wrong, it just ain't funny. I know I could do good enough to win at *least* enough for college
BaKfan: ack i hate challenge tv
Dman176: sorry, everyone, talked to Andrea for a bit on AIM, still having problems with here
TinaAlsGirl5: Ah, I don't know if we're actually off-topic. I mean, we talk about QL all the time on the board. I think the chats are a great time for getting off-topic discussions off our chests
Dman176: hey, Krystal, curious, when's your birthday?
BaKfan: tell her the chubbie twins say hi!
BaKfan: lol
Biridox: My Birthday? Jan 11
alsplacebartender: lol
Dman176: oh, ok, I guess you're not the youngest then :P
Biridox: :P
SherDran: So when is everyone's birthday? Mine's March 19th.
TinaAlsGirl5: Oh my gosh. Have you heard about that new reality show coming on NBC? It's where 15 women compete for the love of one man. The catch: they know that the one he picks will win a million bucks... but *he* doesn't know it. Stupid, eh?
BaKfan: we have another 27 year old?
Dman176: sure is, Joy
TinaAlsGirl5: May 15--I am now proud to be an adult1
SueJBakula: November 1st
TinaAlsGirl5: !
BaKfan: April 3
alsplacebartender: yeah joy, just like Joe Millionaire but on NBC
Dman176: no, she's younger, is it ok for me to tell them, Krystal?
Dman176: she's not our age, Ruthie
Biridox: Hmm...
alsplacebartender: she's got a pic on the alumni page :)
Biridox: I guess the "secret" has to come out some why not...
BaKfan: oh right okay
TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah. I actually watched Joe M. the whole way through, though... It got very interesting. I'm glad they broke up, though. Zora deserves much better than him.
SherDran: I agree, Joy.

(a few lines lost due to technical difficulties)

connected: ezChat version 0.54
Dman176:: ha ha, scared off Brian
alsplacebartender:: got booted!
Biridox:: Hello again...~
SherDran:: LOL! We ran the bartender off!
BaKfan:: is that like the ice man cometh starring Rod MOM?
BaKfan:: lol
alsplacebartender:: The Rod entered and blew me away!
The Rod:: The Rod hopes this chat is being logged, PROOF certain that The Rod DOES indeed exist
The Rod:: lol
The Rod:: The Rod IS The One!!
Dman176:: yes, it is, Rod
The Rod: bwah hah hah
TinaAlsGirl5: Cool, that means I'm still the youngest... only by four months, though
Biridox: ....
SherDran: I guess. Never saw The Ice Man Cometh.
Dman176: and you were mentioned earlier too
The Rod: ahh
The Rod: Cool
BaKfan: nor me but i heard its very good stage play
The Rod: Hopefully it was something bad about Him
Dman176: you missed MJ though
Biridox: Rod you are strange..
The Rod: He IS a Baaad man after all
BaKfan: kevin spacey is in it
The Rod: Why thank you Biridox
SueJBakula: time 4 Rod Beers all round again I think
The Rod: yeh, why not
Dman176: oh boy, I'm gonna end up gettin drunk
SherDran: Make mine another rum & Coke if you please.
BaKfan: gonna have a coffee D siober me up
BaKfan: lol
TinaAlsGirl5: You know, we watched "Death Of A Salesman" in American Lit & Comp the last week of school. Dustin Hoffman is a *really* good actor!
Dman176: you know something, that doesn't work on me
SueJBakula: I'm on Dr Pepper LOL
The Rod: Death of a salesman was brilliant.
The Rod: The whole tragedy angle was well done...
Biridox: Death of a Salesman? Interesting title... ....tragedy?
BaKfan: yep I like dustin
TinaAlsGirl5: The only kids in my class who actually "got" the film was my best friend and I. It was totally lost on everyone else
MikeKraken: oh no, no barbecue sauce on my tuna either, Eleiee... LOL
Biridox: Doesn't sound very tragic to me.
TinaAlsGirl5: I loved Dustin in Hook
SueJBakula: He's always been a good actor
SherDran: I watched the Thornton Wilder play "Our Town" last weekend. Paul Newman and several other actors I recognized were in it. It's still as good as ever.
Dman176: hmm, I DO believe this will be The Rod's first Al's Place, is it not?
Dman176: AL's Place chat
Dman176: I meant
The Rod: he whole point was about the American Dream
SherDran: Hey, Mike........ where's the 'c'? lol!
The Rod: Nope, He has appeared briefly before
alsplacebartender: yes i remember
Dman176: oh, ok, I guess I had left then
SherDran: This is the longest that I've ever been at an Al's Place chat.
MikeKraken: Hi Krystal!
Dman176: you still ending this chat at 7, Brian?
alsplacebartender: so the Rodmobile rides again... that's great dude!
Biridox: Hey!
BaKfan: has anyone seen 24 hour photo with robin williams?
TinaAlsGirl5: Exactly, Rod. Our final project in the class was to write about the American Dream from one of the characters' standpoints then compare their dream to that of three other literary characters we read about this year
The Rod: Yeh, The Rod is very pleased about that
Biridox: How long has the chat been going?
alsplacebartender: I gotta be gone by 7:30 latest so we shall see
BaKfan: i beleive that was one of Robins finest moments
alsplacebartender: since 3pm Biridox
TinaAlsGirl5: I've been wanting to... Isn't that "One Hour Photo", actually?
Dman176: since 3 EST
SherDran: Not yet, but I'll bet anything it's great. Robin Williams rocks!
The Rod: Well Joy, He really enjoyed DOAS, film was good too
(Abdul Ahad joined)
Abdul Ahad: hallo
Biridox:'s only 3:30 here...what timezone is that?
Biridox: ahh est...n/m
alsplacebartender: East coast USA
Dman176: who is that?
TinaAlsGirl5: Have you guys heard Jimmy Fallon's Robin Williams impression? He did it at the Night Of Too Many Stars benefit last night on NBC... He's *great*
Dman176: right now, Krystal, it's 6:40
BaKfan: it could be in america joy
Dman176: EST
BaKfan: i m not sure
BaKfan: but well its the one with robin williams
alsplacebartender: hello Abdul
Dman176: who is that, Abdul Ahad
alsplacebartender: introduce yourself
BaKfan: hes plays a great serious dude
Abdul Ahad: whats up in here?
TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah... 'Cause that's the big thing out here is getting our pictures developed in an hour or less
BaKfan: i have seen him out of comedy role before
MikeKraken: Hi, Rod1
BaKfan: but this tops them all
The Rod: Mike, Hello.
Abdul Ahad: I am me, 21 in usa new mexico...
The Rod: The Rod is pleased to meet you dude
BaKfan: hey Abdul
Biridox: Hello, Abdul!
alsplacebartender: shane is on his way guys!
Dman176: oh goodie
TinaAlsGirl5: Woohoo!
Biridox: Yay!
BaKfan: YEY!
SueJBakula: Hello Abdul, welcome to Quantum Leap chat
alsplacebartender: new mexico?
TinaAlsGirl5: Hello, Abdul.
Abdul Ahad: next to texas
Dman176: lol, just realized that, Brian
Abdul Ahad: hello
Dman176: you're in NM, Abdul?
Biridox: We really have people from all over the place around here...
Abdul Ahad: yes i am Dmaj
Abdul Ahad: Dman*
BaKfan: well thats cool to be in NM!
Dman176: I'm Damon, BTW
Dman176: from NYC
BaKfan: Dennis Hopper and Dean stockwell have lived there
Abdul Ahad: lol not really its kinda hot..
TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, and I'm Joy
SherDran: Hi, Abdul.
Abdul Ahad: hi
SueJBakula: Perhaps Abdul knows where Stallions Gate is located
MikeKraken: sorry, Eleiece... bad keyboard! :P
BaKfan: haha
Abdul Ahad: cant say i do Sue
SherDran: My name is Eleiece, Abdul.
BaKfan: al ber kerke
SueJBakula: LOL@Ruth
(The Someday Man joined)
Abdul Ahad: nice to meet you Eleiece
Dman176: Shane!
Biridox: Shane!!!
alsplacebartender: stallion gate is on the white sands missile test site near alamagordo
TinaAlsGirl5: Hello, Shane!!!
Dman176: hey, man
BaKfan: Shane Dude
SueJBakula: Shane!!!!!!!!!!!
Biridox: Hola!
The Someday Man: Wow, I made it
The Someday Man: lol
Dman176: what's up?
The Someday Man: Hey, everyone!
alsplacebartender: hey shane!
MikeKraken: Robin Williams is great, but I heard that One Hour Photo was a piece of crap... just like that other movie he was in recently... "Insomina"
TinaAlsGirl5: I don't think everyone has seen the cool map you found, Brian
BaKfan: bout time shane
The Someday Man: lol @Bakfan
The Rod: The Rod enjoyed 1 hr photo AND insomnia
The Someday Man: I almost forgot AGAIN
The Someday Man: Glad I didn't this time
The Someday Man: :)
BaKfan: nah one hour photo was great
alsplacebartender: if you want to see a map, go to the Starbright Project site and check it out.
Biridox: Never saw Insomnia..but it has Jonathan Jackson so it couldn't have been that bad.. ;)
BaKfan: trust me I know
BaKfan: lol
Abdul Ahad: last time i was in white sands missile range i was going 100+mph did not see much
TinaAlsGirl5: It's really cool, guys. For those of you who write QL stories, it could really be helpful for locations and stuff
Dman176: you missed, MJ, Shane
SherDran: Hi, Shane! :-)
The Someday Man: Ah, man. I haven't talked to MJ in decades
alsplacebartender: well abdul has been right in the heart of out little QL project then. Coolk!
Dman176: she's doing real good though
The Someday Man: But, I'm glad the rest of you are here! Hey, SherDran!
Biridox: MJ was here?
Dman176: yeah
The Someday Man: Biridox! Whoah. Have we ever chatted in real time before? lol
Biridox: Shoot...
Dman176: she was starting to hurt a little so she had to leave
SueJBakula: two short bursts but she was here
BaKfan: hey D I saw Bruce Almighty the other day
Biridox: I think so... maybe the last chat...can't remember
Dman176: you liked it, Ruthei?
Dman176: *Ruthie
BaKfan: yeah was funny
MikeKraken: Hi Shane!
The Someday Man: Yo, Mike!
Dman176: yeah, it was
Biridox: I know a guy who has the phone # from Bruce Almighty...
The Someday Man: Bruce Almighty was incredible! Jim's back! I've been a huge fan of his since In Living Color.
The Someday Man: :)
Biridox: gets tons of prank calls for "God"
BaKfan: i have a friend who went to the premiere of bruce
The Rod: Havent seen Bruce Almighty yet, not too keen on it either. However, He HA Sseen The Matrix...AGAIN!!! Whooooooooooooooooooooo
MikeKraken: Trust me, Insomnia was that bad... heck, it PUT me to sleep! How ironic!
TinaAlsGirl5: There are quite a few people with that #, it looks like. I've seen articles saying there are at least three people with that #
The Someday Man: lol @Biridox
Dman176: yeah, it was nice seeing him in all his goofiness again :)
alsplacebartender: the matrix rocks!!
The Someday Man: Has Aurora been here?
Dman176: no
The Someday Man: Ah
The Rod: Damn right Bartender Dude
BaKfan: hehe BRB the master is calling
alsplacebartender: she has problems with java and windows xp
Biridox: The Matrix: Reloaded...didn't like it as much as the first one.
The Someday Man: Drats.
TinaAlsGirl5: So, what didja think of Reloaded, Rod? I didn't like it as much as the first.
Dman176: and she's been busy with the audio stuff, I think
Biridox: Zion looked more like a Keg party than the last living city of mankind.
The Someday Man: Yeah, I'm with you Biridox. Hopefully Revolutions will rock and Reloaded will be a good bridge film.
alsplacebartender: lots of Rodbeer in Zion!
Biridox: Hope so..
SherDran: I liked The Matrix Reloaded.
The Rod: lol
The Someday Man: HEY! I didn't see you there, ROD!
The Rod: The Rod really enjoyed Reloaded. It had a lot more to think about than the original
Dman176: I haven't seen the movie, but I picked up the game
The Rod: Shane, Welcome to The RodChat
MikeKraken: Same here, Krystal... the new Matrix... it was good, but the original was much better
The Someday Man: lol
(Abdul Ahad left)
Biridox: What was with the 10 minute sex scene anyway? Couldn't it have cut to curtain eventually? did we have to witness the ENTIRE sex?
Dman176: the RodChat? Oh brother
Dman176: :P
The Rod: lol
The Rod: The Rod agrees Krystal
TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, I found Reloaded to be just a bit lacking... but it still ended so strongly that even my sister is just *begging* for Revolutions to come out as soon as possible
Dman176: hey, that guy left?
The Rod: That was the ONLY thing about the film that He didnt relaly think was cool
The Rod: Did you stay for the preview of Revolutions??
SherDran: I agree, too. What was the point of it....besides the obvious?
The Someday Man: Krystal, I read somewhere that they were trying to show the difference between humans and machines. I agree it went on too long.
MikeKraken: Yeah, I can't wait for the 3rd installation. ^___^
Biridox: Yeah, I still want to see the last one. Reloaded wasn't THAT
The Rod: Right after all the credits was the previeew for the 3rd
MikeKraken: Yep, I stayed!
The Someday Man: Yeah, I saw that Rod.
Dman176: I think I'm the only one here who has not seen it
The Rod: He stayed, EVERy time!
MikeKraken: Those were LOOOOOONG credits!
alsplacebartender: really? damn i left before the creditsd ended!!!
The Rod: lol
The Someday Man: Like, ten minutes Mike.
alsplacebartender: i must go back and see it again!
The Rod: Hey Yo Bartender Dude, you should see it again!
SueJBakula: I've not seen it eithe Dman
TinaAlsGirl5: I didn't stay.... I ended up just downloading the trailer from the game online.... It's apparently longer than the one shown with the movie
The Rod: JUST for the excellent film, adn the cool preview
MikeKraken: They seemed really long... dunnow hy!
alsplacebartender: where's that, joy?
The Rod: ahh, didnt know that Joy
Dman176: yeah, the game is supposed to have some more stuff not in the movie
The Someday Man: Joy! Wow! I really need to review the guest list! lol How're ya' doing?
The Rod: from the "Enter the matrix game
TinaAlsGirl5: Uh.... can't really remember, now. Just do a search on Google and you should be able to find the download
TinaAlsGirl5: Hi, Shane. I'm doing good now that school is finished
alsplacebartender: cool thanks
MikeKraken: wow, your out of school earlier than we are in Ontario, Joy. Exams normally begin around the 19-20th of June
TinaAlsGirl5: I'm gonna have to go rent Enter the Matrix at Blockbuster sometime...
The Someday Man: Has Aurora told you all that we're working on getting another vignette up for the radio play? I think it's gonna be the best yet! Gelfling wrote it.
The Rod: ................................................................................{Lost Carrier Signal}
(The Rod left)
Dman176: oh man
SherDran: Boy were those long credits! They thanked everybody but the audience for showing up! But it was worth the wait to see the teaser for Revolutions.
The Someday Man: Drats. Rod's gone.
TinaAlsGirl5: We got out May 23, though it was originally supposed to be May 21, but snow days made the year go longer
MikeKraken: For sure.. I thought those credits were exceptionally long... LOL
TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, is it that Sam's diary one?
Biridox: They didn't thank the audience? How low of them! ;)
BaKfan: BACK!
Dman176: yeah, Gelf showed me, Shane :)
MikeKraken: oh wow... when do you start school, Joy? We always started first day after Labour Day
The Someday Man: Joy, yeah. It's kind of like him explaining a dream.
The Someday Man: Cool, Damon.
TinaAlsGirl5: We start August 19 this year
MikeKraken: oic... you start so early! hehe
TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, I've read the script. My mom's got a couple lines in it
Dman176: I was working on a vignette for Al, but it's on the back-burner for now
The Someday Man: EXCELLENT!
MikeKraken: I loved having all of July and August off...
BaKfan: just catching up, I aint seen reloaded yet
BaKfan: :(
TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, well, we *used* to start after Labor Day, but things have changed... School just ain't the way it used to be
MikeKraken: go see it, Ruthe
MikeKraken: LOL you're telling me, Joy. ^_~
The Someday Man: Ruthie, yeah you should probably see it. I was disappointed but a lot of people liked it.
Biridox: ditto
SherDran: I'd like to audition some little part in the radio play, but....
MikeKraken: It was a good movie... I dunno what it was about it, but the first was better... maybe because there was less stuff in the matrix in this one
BaKfan: well i plan to its one of those things where you mean to but you dont get around to it
MikeKraken: They need a Tina, E. ^_^
BaKfan: i only just seen two towers
Biridox: I did like the fight scenes in Reloaded better though. Anyone love those weird haired twins as much as I did?
Dman176: oh yeah, that's right
MikeKraken: I'm playing two computers on the QLD now. LOL
MikeKraken: yeah, I know!!
The Someday Man: Mike, I agree. The first one was so terrific because we got to discover what was going on through Neo. Reloaded was a scattershot of sorts. A lot of stuff seemed contrived.
MikeKraken: Those snakey-haired guys... they were wicked-cool!
BaKfan: the twins!
MikeKraken: Yeah, precisely, Shane...
BaKfan: they are English!
TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, well, our schedule this coming year is going to be horrific. We start at 7:25am Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri, and at 8:09am Thurs every week. But our buses pick us up at the same time every day, even on Thurs. And we can't roam the halls before school starts. We'll have designated areas that we have to stay in 'cause they laid off all the hall monitors. We're gonna have almost a 40-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio because of the teachers being fired and transferred and retiring... Yeah, school's gonna suck
The Someday Man: Krystal, I think the fight scenes in part one were better. It seemed like they were really hitting each other hard. In Reloaded, you can almost always tell it was choreographed.
Biridox: Really? No wonder I loved them so much! English...that explains it...
MikeKraken: woooowwww..... that's crazy, Joy.... -_-
BaKfan: lol
MikeKraken: LOL... are you from England, Krystal?
Dman176: yeah, that's bad, Joy
The Someday Man: England ROCKS!
The Someday Man: lol
Biridox: Nope...just love them...
BaKfan: I know we do LOL!
MikeKraken: oh... LOL
TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, I know... I just keep having to tell myself... "One more year. One more year."
Biridox: I'm from Oregon...USA
MikeKraken: Yeah, I like the UK as well. ^_^
The Someday Man: I've been to the UK. Once, back in '97.
MikeKraken: hehehe.. I think you'll love post-secondary education Joy... lots more freedom
Biridox: Why is the schedule like that, Joy?
TinaAlsGirl5: State budget cuts
TinaAlsGirl5: supposedly
MikeKraken: I wanna go!! I've only ever been to the USA, outside of Canada...
Dman176: wow, I woukld have thought you were a senior, Joy
Biridox: Is your area having as many problems with budget cuts as we are?
BaKfan: yall should come to Birmingham!
BaKfan: the center of ENGLAND!
TinaAlsGirl5: Well, actually, I put myself back a grade after homeschooling my freshman year...
MikeKraken: /me wants to visit Birmingham
Dman176: well, NY is cutting things left and right
Biridox: We had to cut 10 days from school in most of the schools around here, this year...
MikeKraken: Wow...
SueJBakula: U can come & stay with me Mike, can't safeguard UR sanity tho
The Someday Man: Ruthie, we went from Brighton, England up to Edinborough (sp?), Scotland and back down to London. It was an intense 17 days.
Biridox: up in portland they cut as many as 20 days...
Dman176: they're starting to give people tickets for the most asinine things on the face of the earth
MikeKraken: sounds like you're worse off than we were a few years ago... damn government!
BaKfan: WOW cool
MikeKraken: LOL Sure thing, Sue. I have the whole country to explore!
TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, they get rid of tons of our teachers, but they bring in TWO more vice-principals to our school, so we're gonna have FIVE ass. princips and a main princip
BaKfan: i like edinborough
MikeKraken: Oh, to get money, Damon?
Dman176: they gave a pregnant woman a ticket for resting on the steps in her apartment building
BaKfan: not been to brighton my self
TinaAlsGirl5: They fire the lower-salary teachers yet hire more high-salary administrators? Talk about stupid
Dman176: yeah, what else, Mike?
The Someday Man: Ruthie, my favorite spot was Bath, England! LOTS of art going on in the streets there. Very inspiring.
MikeKraken: WHAT?
MikeKraken: That's insane!
MikeKraken: To both Damon and Joy... LOL
TinaAlsGirl5: I know
SherDran: The only thing stopping me is that I can't convert a simple wav file into MP3 (or whatever you call it) as is required. My computer doesn't have all the fancy 'bells & whistles', and no way will my present budget allow such luxury upgrades. Soooo....
Biridox: Ahh! Too many conversations going on at once...
BaKfan: yeah Bath is very art oriented
Dman176: another person got a ticket for sitting on a milk crate
MikeKraken: I have a program that does that, E...
The Someday Man: lol @Krystal
MikeKraken: very small, very easy to use
TinaAlsGirl5: Try downloading a free demo of Cool Edit Pro, E
BaKfan: all the students love Bath
TinaAlsGirl5: That's what I use for my QDLeap lines
MikeKraken: me too... CE2000
Biridox: I love to take baths, too! ;)
TinaAlsGirl5: I want to go study in France or Italy
The Someday Man: Ruthie, I met an incredible musician playing in the streets there. Five years after the trip I tracked him down and now have an acoustic CD from him. I couldn't believe it when I finally got it!
MikeKraken: LOL
Biridox: sorry...dumb humor moment...
BaKfan: just read all the students love bath with a TO in there LOL
The Someday Man: lol@Krystal (again) ;)
Dman176: lol@Krystal & Shane


Part Four - 7 pm EST


MikeKraken: <LOL> @ everyone
Biridox: LOL just for the heck of it...
Dman176: LOL
MikeKraken: hehehe
MikeKraken: uh oh!
Dman176: you people are nuts! :P
The Someday Man: lol@nothing in particular
MikeKraken: It's 19:00 EDT
Biridox: You just now figured that out, Dman?
BaKfan: thats cool Shane, I love the buskers over here
Dman176: nah, I've known for quite a while ;)
SherDran: Where can I find a free demo of Cool Edit Pro, Mike?
MikeKraken: I got mine off of KaZaA
SueJBakula: just keeping it secret heh Dman
The Someday Man: I KNOW, RUTHIE! If nothing else works out in my life, I'm moving to Bath and Busking for a living! :)
Biridox: He may be in denial...
MikeKraken: I think so, Krystal. ^_~
Dman176: man, where's my food?
Biridox: :D
MikeKraken: I can send you the install file, Eleiece
Dman176: I"m hungry
Biridox: I ate it, sorry...
MikeKraken: LOL!
The Someday Man: lol
Dman176: heh heh
SherDran: Thanks, Mike! :-)
Dman176: you still here, Brian?
The Someday Man: Alright, roll call!! What state and/or country is everyone from? GO! Kentucky, USA
MikeKraken: No problem! Wanna do it on ICQ?
MikeKraken: Ontario, Canada
Biridox: Oregon, USA
Dman176: New York, NY
alsplacebartender: guys i have to run for about 30 minutes. Can someone take over logging for me?
alsplacebartender: North Carolina USA
MikeKraken: I can do it
SherDran: Marrero, Louisiana (about 15 minutes from downtown New Orleans)
The Someday Man: North Carp;oma
BaKfan: we got buskers all over
The Someday Man: soops
Dman176: hey, BRian, I won;t see you, I'll have to go soon
The Someday Man: LOL
The Someday Man: North Carolina's cool.
The Someday Man: THERE WE GO
TinaAlsGirl5: Okay, wanna check out my birthday costume musical montage that I made as part of my birthday video on Pinnacle? You can upload the zip file here:
alsplacebartender: ok damon
BaKfan: some bums we have over here just stand there play a harmonica and they still get tipped even if they arent playing a tuen LOL
TinaAlsGirl5: The quality is crappy-- it helps to watch it at 50% zoom
SueJBakula: I'm from Nottinghamshire, England
BaKfan: *tune
Biridox: checking it out...
The Someday Man: Ruthie, I had lunch in Nottingham at a Fox and Hound. I never knew Sherwood Forest actually existed! I touched some trees there. lol
TinaAlsGirl5: Shane, did you get my e-mail?
SueJBakula: Robin Hood Country
The Someday Man: Did you send it today, Joy?
BaKfan: yeah i was born nr there
TinaAlsGirl5: Yesterday
Biridox: Sherwood Forest exists? How cool!
The Someday Man: Haven't gotten it yet. Did you use
TinaAlsGirl5: Actually, I'm related to Lady Sherwood from the 1600s
SueJBakula: Yep it does
The Someday Man: I have a leaf from a tree there, Krystal!
(MikeKraken left)
TinaAlsGirl5: Oh, no... I used the yahoo address you use to send to Quantum Realities
BaKfan: Sue worked in the hospital where I was born
BaKfan: just a couple yrs before
The Someday Man: I never check that one, Joy. I will today though.
The Someday Man: :)
(MikeKraken joined)
TinaAlsGirl5: Okay...
BaKfan: Wb Mike
MikeKraken: thanks... darn thing messed up on me...
MikeKraken: who is logging?
The Someday Man: I just read the email, Joy. You got it!
alsplacebartender: ok mike, you want to log?
TinaAlsGirl5: Okay, just added your e-mail addy to my contact list so I can remember the right one
TinaAlsGirl5: Really?
MikeKraken: doesn't matter. ^_^
The Someday Man: Yup
Dman176: yeah, if you could, Mike, my food's here
MikeKraken: Sure, I can do it!
The Someday Man: It'll take about a week to clear up time for it. Is that cool?
TinaAlsGirl5: That's actually perfect. I'll be busy all this week anyway
BaKfan: hey D wat ya got?
The Someday Man: Alrighty then! (*ha* Bruce rocked)
TinaAlsGirl5: Just e-mail when you're ready and I'll let you know how I want the lines separated
The Someday Man: You got it, Joy.
BaKfan: I love Bruce lamighty
TinaAlsGirl5: Thank you *so* much
BaKfan: i love the bit a the beginning
The Someday Man: np :)
BaKfan: with the dog
Biridox: brb
The Someday Man: Ruthie, I've seen it twice but I'll see it again!
BaKfan: LOL
The Someday Man: Jim Carrey's awesome. :)
TinaAlsGirl5: Oh my gosh... It's already 6:10pm!!!
BaKfan: when he carries the dog outside
The Someday Man: LOL
SueJBakula: Wish it was easier for me to get to the cinema
Dman176: ok, everyone, I gotta run, time to eat
TinaAlsGirl5: I love Jim Carrey. He's great... I love his new haircut, too.
SueJBakula: C U later Dman
The Someday Man: See ya', Damon!
TinaAlsGirl5: Okay, Damon. See ya later! Had fun!
MikeKraken: Almighty then!
BaKfan: lateer dman
alsplacebartender: ok guys i'm outta here for a while. My name won't go away, but I'll let you know when I get back if this is not over before then!
MikeKraken: bye Damon!
The Someday Man: Joy, yeah he looks cool with that style. It's kinda like my new one. lol
Dman176: see ya everyone, great chat! :)
TinaAlsGirl5: Awesome possum
BaKfan: later chubbie
TinaAlsGirl5: I'll probably be here, Brian
alsplacebartender: bye! this has been great fun!
The Someday Man: Later, Damon and Brian!
TinaAlsGirl5: I know!
(Dman176 left)
SherDran: Okay gang, I gotta git. It's been a blast. See you next time! Bye!
The Someday Man: See ya'!
TinaAlsGirl5: Alrighty! See ya later, E!
BaKfan: bye Mom
SueJBakula: C U Elieice
TinaAlsGirl5: Eleiece... hehehe
TinaAlsGirl5: I got it right!
(SherDran left)
The Someday Man: I've gotta go here in a few as well.
SueJBakula: Ooops
BaKfan: awwww everyone is quittin
The Someday Man: Ruthie, not just yet. lol
BaKfan: o cool
BaKfan: phew
MikeKraken: BRB
BaKfan: *wipes brow
The Someday Man: LOL
TinaAlsGirl5: You still there, Krystal?
The Someday Man: Krystal, I miss hearing you as Ziggy. Any plans to continue on?
Biridox: Oh...I'm back...sorry I was out for a sec
Biridox: Yeah, I do..I'm actually going to do my lines tonight.
Biridox: I'm so behind...
TinaAlsGirl5: I'm still waiting anxiously for the next episode of QDLeap. I'm on edge wondering what's going to happen next.
The Someday Man: EXCELLENT! I have to do a second read-through of some lines tonight.
BaKfan: know that feeling
SueJBakula: Wish I couls do something, but I don't have the voice anymore
TinaAlsGirl5: Of course, actually... I'm waiting for the Calavicci Catfight to come out. I wrote that, didja know?
BaKfan: I got to catch up on TLC before I get fired
Biridox: This year has been too crazy for it's own good...
The Someday Man: I think I'm actually going to get to sing in an upcoming episode! :)
TinaAlsGirl5: YIPPEE!!!
Biridox: You did? Cool! I read's so funny!
The Someday Man: lol
Biridox: Sing..? :) :) :)
TinaAlsGirl5: I had fun writing it... I can't wait to actually hear it. I've had my lines for it turned in for months now... :)
BaKfan: COOL !
BaKfan: hey we gonna have sam singing again
BaKfan: lol
The Someday Man: Yeah, Krystal. Music is my number one passion.
SueJBakula: Who's gonna fire U from TLC Ruth?
BaKfan: LOL Sue
BaKfan: you lol
Biridox: My man! LOL! ;D
The Someday Man: lmao
The Someday Man: Perhaps you could talk Aurora into letting Sam and Ziggy do a duet! lol
BaKfan: Msuic is a soulful thing
BaKfan: I love music
TinaAlsGirl5: Music is way cool... My sister is hoping to get into recording... I myself was blessed with a good, but not great singing voice--good for school talent shows and church, but not much else... hehehe
Biridox: Lol!
The Someday Man: I hear ya', Ruthie.
The Someday Man: My new album is taking forever to get finished. I'm too much of a perfectionist.
BaKfan: still practicing my ol guitar
MikeKraken: ack...
SueJBakula: yeah, tell me about it, singing used to be my life b4 QL
TinaAlsGirl5: I grew up with music. My mom would put headphones on her pregnant tummy and play Mannheim Steamroller while I was in the womb
BaKfan: hehe
The Someday Man: I'm into all sorts of music. My stuff is mostly singer/songwriter type music. But, I love pretty much everything! I'm even going to see Rockapella again this October.
The Someday Man: lol
BaKfan: that explaines it then Joy
Biridox: I love singing...and acting. I'm going to be majoring in Performing Arts..yeah!
TinaAlsGirl5: Yuppers
SueJBakula: I still have my acustic & bass
The Someday Man: COOL, Krystal!
The Someday Man: I majored in Music Education.
BaKfan: Joy did you know that doing that is suppsoed to be good for the baby
BaKfan: I saw this docu
The Someday Man: I think I'm going to make a new video for Al's Place tonight.
TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, I did hear that. I've also heard listening to Mozart actually helps strengthen your intelligence level
BaKfan: the scientist were saying that its a intellectual stimulant
MikeKraken: yeah I've heard that too, Joy
The Someday Man: Joy, I read that somewhere too.
MikeKraken: it's good to listen to classical music while studying Math...
TinaAlsGirl5: I read that playing Mozart while doing homework helps improve grades
BaKfan: NP: Cold play
BaKfan: lol
MikeKraken: yeah, Coldplay is good too. LOL
The Someday Man: Well, I'd better go. I'll check back in about twenty minutes to see if anyone's left.
TinaAlsGirl5: I've been wanting to make a video for Al's Place... Now that I've got Pinnacle, I can actually do it. So, what should I wear? hahahaha :)
Biridox: Later, Shane!
MikeKraken: cya, Shane! Nice to meet you live.^_^
Biridox: I'm sure we'll still be here...
TinaAlsGirl5: Okiday. I had fun talking with ya, Shane. Thanks again!
BaKfan: later Msuic Man
BaKfan: Music
The Someday Man: Good luck with the video, Joy! You too, Mike!
TinaAlsGirl5: Thanks
SueJBakula: C U Shane
The Someday Man: *imitating Ah-nuld* "I'll be back."
TinaAlsGirl5: Good luck with your album!
TinaAlsGirl5: :)
BaKfan: LOL shane
BaKfan: ditto Joy
MikeKraken: *jaw drops* Futurama is on!!
(The Someday Man left)
BaKfan: LOL futurama
BaKfan: I used to like that
BaKfan: i prefer family man
BaKfan: guy
Biridox: I saw one...I think it was the first one. It was ok...
BaKfan: sorry
Biridox: Anyone watch Pet Star?
TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, I do. I love that show
Biridox: Hehehe...they had the coolest dog that won!
TinaAlsGirl5: Oh, which one won!
TinaAlsGirl5: ?
BaKfan: i just got bored of it (futurama) it got roo trite
BaKfan: too
MikeKraken: Family Guy is awesome
BaKfan: damn
BaKfan: myspelling is bad tonight
BaKfan: the keys are all over
Biridox: There was a dog with a ball, and the ball would be on the other side of the room, and the guy would say "take one step closer"
MikeKraken: I think Futurama isn't being made anymore...
BaKfan: good mike lol
MikeKraken: LOL Ruth...
TinaAlsGirl5: Oh, did the dude have a Texan kinda accent?
Biridox: "whoops...too close. Take a step more...step forward..."
Biridox: The dog would spin in circles...touch the ball...come back. Touch the host of the show with his paw...etc. It was so funny!
BaKfan: HAHAH LOL @ Joy
TinaAlsGirl5: What?
Biridox: I think do..
Biridox: *so
BaKfan: sorry man thats the first time i seen Joy say dude
TinaAlsGirl5: I think I know who it is you're talking about. My sis and I saw him on Oprah, too.
TinaAlsGirl5: Or was it Maury... or it coulda been Jenny Jones
Biridox: lol
TinaAlsGirl5: You never know with all these talk shows nowadays
Biridox: I think I saw that too, once...
Biridox: very true
BaKfan: i hate jenny jones
BaKfan: all her shows are the same
Biridox: I hate all talk shows. Although I do from time to time watch Oprah...
MikeKraken: Jenny Jones grew up in my city here...LOL
BaKfan: once i sucked and now im a pretty blonde
TinaAlsGirl5: I think I'm still in my "Finding Nemo" mode, Ruthie... "And you were, like, 'WOAH!' And then you were, like, 'WoAh'. Then you were, like, '
MikeKraken: I only like the late shows
Biridox: LOL
TinaAlsGirl5: woah."
MikeKraken: I loved Finding Nemo...^_^
Biridox: Haven't seen that yet
MikeKraken: saw it last night... the 22:00 show. :P
TinaAlsGirl5: "Don't hurl on the shell, dude. Just got it waxed."
MikeKraken: I was dreaming about it last night, actually!
TinaAlsGirl5: I love that turtle... The commercials are great
MikeKraken: I liked Dory... speaking Whale!!
BaKfan: LOL Joy
BaKfan: I have no idea whatchya talkin but LOL
TinaAlsGirl5: Or how about the "Cute squishie wishie... I shall take it home with me and it shall be my squishie"
TinaAlsGirl5: Oh, that was great
Biridox: Hehehehe!
MikeKraken: I didn't know that Ellen DeGeneres played her until the end
BaKfan: its this another of those american things?
MikeKraken: yeah, that was funny, Joy.. hehehe... my favourite character
MikeKraken: I liked the sharks, too
MikeKraken: What, Ruthie?
TinaAlsGirl5: Really? I knew... but of course, I've been watching those Disney Channel MovieSurfers things about it for months now
Biridox: Finding Nimo...
Biridox: sorry...Nemo..
MikeKraken: I think the little turtles were great, too!!
MikeKraken: Ruth... it's a new animated film...
MikeKraken: for children, but hey, we computer geeks can enjoy it too. LOL
MikeKraken: computer animated
BaKfan: oh right let me ask the master
TinaAlsGirl5: It's a great movie. My mom and I saw it Friday in the early afternoon.... It was sold out, and practically every seat in that theater was inhabited by a kid under 10... I felt kinda weird sitting there, a new 18 yr. old amongst tons of kids and the only other adults being the parents
MikeKraken: did you get to see "Knick Knack" before the movie started, Joy?
TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, I did. That was *hilarious*
Biridox: I'm learning computer animation. Lightwave 7.0 has to be the hardest program to learn..ever...
MikeKraken: I loved it!!
MikeKraken: yeah, there were only about 30 people in our cinema, but they were mostly our age or older.. haha
TinaAlsGirl5: Well, we were in the big room, so there were about 200 people if it was sold out
MikeKraken: wow...
MikeKraken: then again, you were there in the afternoon during opening day. haha
Biridox: I'll have to go see it, now.
MikeKraken: yeah, it's great, Krystal
Biridox: Where is everyone else?
BaKfan: im here
TinaAlsGirl5: Have you seen the previews for that new Sinbad movie? That looks like it'll be pretty cool
MikeKraken: Sue... ??
TinaAlsGirl5: I'm here
Biridox: Where's Sue?
BaKfan: k spoke to master and hes gonna get it for me
MikeKraken: LOL
MikeKraken: why are you calling Dean that?
Biridox: I'm confused...
BaKfan: dunno LOL
BaKfan: he seems to appreciate it
BaKfan: lol
BaKfan: y u confused Brix?
TinaAlsGirl5: Oh, and they had a preview for a new movie from Disney/Pixar called The Incredibles...... but it doesn't come out for another year and a half! I just don't understand why Disney keeps insisting on advertising so *early*. The Santa Clause 2 previews were playing 2 1/2 years before it finally came out
Biridox: Who is whose master and why? lol!
MikeKraken: LOL yeah I saw that The Incredibles thing... hehehe
BaKfan: my hubbie
MikeKraken: I wasconfused... like, November 2004 or May2004??
BaKfan: Dean
TinaAlsGirl5: Was that Tim Allen doing the voice?
TinaAlsGirl5: It was 11-24-04 I believe
MikeKraken: I don't recall...
BaKfan: (not stockwell)
MikeKraken: Ours said 5/11/2004
TinaAlsGirl5: Let me see....
Biridox: Oh...ok..I'm thinking Dean Stockwell or something...LOL! I forgot that your hubbie's name is Dean, also..
BaKfan: tho if he were 30 years younger
BaKfan: i be out there like a shot
BaKfan: lol
MikeKraken: LOL
Biridox: heh
BaKfan: knocking on his front door
TinaAlsGirl5: It says December 2004 on IMDB, but I could swear it said "11"
MikeKraken: I think I'm starting to get obsessed with Linda Park... LMAO
TinaAlsGirl5: Oh, she's cool. I wish they'd give her more time on the shw
TinaAlsGirl5: show
BaKfan: ack linda noooooooooooo dude dont.. LOL
MikeKraken: yeah, no kidding...
MikeKraken: Yeah, it definitely said 11
Biridox: be right back
BaKfan: any one seen the new movie the Italian Job 2003
MikeKraken: Nopoe...
TinaAlsGirl5: On the Hollywood Stock Exchange site, it says 11--05--04
TinaAlsGirl5: Haven't seen that one yet
BaKfan: its good ud love it Joy
SueJBakula: Is it a remake Ruth or a continuation?
MikeKraken: I don't think I'll go see it...
MikeKraken: Yeah... that's what it said for me, Joy...
BaKfan: think its a sorta remake
BaKfan: but i aint seen the old italian job so i dont know
SueJBakula: how can they remake perfection
BaKfan: too tue
MikeKraken: haha
Biridox: Hey, there's 19 days, 7 hours, 23 minutes and 2 seconds until Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix comes out...yeah!
TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, it's a remake. That was mentioned on the TV Guide Channel
MikeKraken: I haven't seen the original
SueJBakula: I was hoping for a contustion, just to see how they got outta the mess at the end
BaKfan: but im not a michael caine fan at all
MikeKraken: Harry Potter... boo..
Biridox: :P
BaKfan: tho hes a nice dude in life
TinaAlsGirl5: I didn't really want to see it until the new commercials came out... Seth Green yelping out in an airport (it looked like) and saying something about the Spirit coming over him.... That's just too witty to pass up
BaKfan: i have get carter on DVD tho
BaKfan: but thats cause Deans friend left it here 2 years ago
MikeKraken: never heard of it...
BaKfan: i like seth green
TinaAlsGirl5: So, did anyone check out my little video on my website? I'm looking for outside response; you can't trust the feedback from a family member, hehehe
MikeKraken: he's all right
BaKfan: hes in knockaround guys with dennis H
Biridox: Seth Green...Don't like that guy....
TinaAlsGirl5: Seth Green is hilarious...
MikeKraken: what's the URL, Joy?
TinaAlsGirl5: Man, I *still* haven't seen Knockaround Guys!
MikeKraken: Yeah.. I'm with you, Krystal... haha
Biridox: He's too...weird...not that I don't like weird, but you can only take it so far.
BaKfan: JOY!
MikeKraken: me neither! I wanna see it
BaKfan: its cool
BaKfan: Deenis is a brill
TinaAlsGirl5: Oops...
BaKfan: ad so is Vin
BaKfan: vut im not much a vin fan but he acts well in this
TinaAlsGirl5: It's exceeded its transfer rate
TinaAlsGirl5: I *hate* Geocities
MikeKraken: yeah... Iseethat
BaKfan: LOL
MikeKraken: haha.. me too
MikeKraken: I just hate Yahoo!.
BaKfan: i got a thing for V in that sentance
MikeKraken: I don't like Vin Desil either
BaKfan: first time i saw vin was saving private ryan
TinaAlsGirl5: I swear, as soon as I get my first paycheck (that is, once I actually get a job), I'm buying a real domain with lots of space and lots of bandwidth
BaKfan: and he put me off him
MikeKraken: that what I wanna do too, Joy
Biridox: I didn't know he was in Saving Private Ryan...that was a good movie
Biridox: don't like Vin though
TinaAlsGirl5: I liked XXX, but everything *except* Vin
MikeKraken: maybe in July...haha... ask my dad to borrow hiscredit card
TinaAlsGirl5: but *for* everything......
BaKfan: i didnt wanna see XXX becuase of Vin
BaKfan: lol
MikeKraken: me too Ruth
BaKfan: but after seeing KAG i changed my mind about him
MikeKraken: shall we wrap this up at eight?
(The Someday Man joined)
MikeKraken: WB Shane!
Biridox: Hey, Shane's back!
SueJBakula: WB Shane
The Someday Man: Howdy
The Someday Man: thnx
The Someday Man: :)
BaKfan: music man!
Biridox: Where's Sue?
The Someday Man: lol
TinaAlsGirl5: That would work. I wanna watch that NBC special of "Most Talented Seniors"... it should be very interesting
SueJBakula: I'm here
BaKfan: we are talking movies still
MikeKraken: yeah... haha
Biridox: Ah, hey!
MikeKraken: I gotta work tomorrow... -_-
The Someday Man: I had to catch the last few minutes of Futurama. lol
BaKfan: vin diesal is the subject at the Mo
TinaAlsGirl5: Well, if you guys find that my website isn't working much, you can always e-mail to see my music videos from my birthday (btw, that's me at the very end of the video)
MikeKraken: LOL
MikeKraken: me too Shane...
The Someday Man: lol @Mike
TinaAlsGirl5: use my address
BaKfan: Shane have you seen Knock around guys?
The Someday Man: No, Ruthie. Is it good?
Biridox: What was the video for, Joy? Your birthday?
BaKfan: well i like it
BaKfan: but i could be being biased
BaKfan: cause dennis hopper is in it
MikeKraken: hehe
MikeKraken: that's why I wanted to see it
The Someday Man: I did watch Phone Booth last night. A friend of mine let me borrow the screener.
MikeKraken: never seen Hopper act
TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, the one you saw was of the people who came to the party. It was a Medieval/Fantasy theme costume party.... Kinda childish for my age, but it was a party I'd been promised for my 16th but never got
Biridox: Ahh...ok.
The Someday Man: YUP!
BaKfan: I saw the screeener too
BaKfan: oops
BaKfan: screener
BaKfan: lol
The Someday Man: Hey, here's a morality question... If I've paid TWICE to see Bruce Almighty, am I entitled to download it on the web? lol
MikeKraken: LOL
MikeKraken: yes
TinaAlsGirl5: And hey, if you guys want a VCD of the entire 25 minute video--which includes my cousin surprising me to the point of me crying, the three music vids, and more--let me know....
BaKfan: LOL Shane
TinaAlsGirl5: I'd say so, Shane
Biridox: That's pretty cool. I haven't done much for my birthday in years...though I do have a running thing with my friend Hakme where we try to upstage each other on their birthday
The Someday Man: Joy, where is this?
The Someday Man: I thought so. lol
TinaAlsGirl5: What?
BaKfan: i cant reember the last time i went to the movies LOL
The Someday Man: Your videos.
MikeKraken: ooo.. a JAG commercial!
The Someday Man: Ruthie, do you download instead?
TinaAlsGirl5: Oh... Well, you'll have to e-mail me if you want to see them, 'cause my Geocities site has already used it's allocated data transfer after one download
BaKfan: yup
MikeKraken: Dean is on JAG this Tuesday!!
The Someday Man: Cool Joy.
BaKfan: WOW!
TinaAlsGirl5: Which one is it, Mike?
The Someday Man: Ruthie, do you use MIRC?
MikeKraken: Dangerous...Fire??
MikeKraken: something like that... LOL
BaKfan: erm ye hsane LOL shush LOL
The Someday Man: lmao
The Someday Man: Mum's the word.
BaKfan: ;)
TinaAlsGirl5: Oh, I know which one you mean. A good one ('course, all the ones with Dean are good)
Biridox: program in the world.
MikeKraken: I don't understand mIRC
The Someday Man: I agree, Krystal!
MikeKraken: Yeah... LOL
Biridox: Took me a while, but once I got it, I couldn't let it go.
The Someday Man: Ya'll should check out
The Someday Man: It tells you when there's a new movie file out there.
TinaAlsGirl5: Oh... This one didn't have Dean, but if the episode "Each of Us Angels" replays this summer, you HAVE to see it! You will bawl your eyes out
The Someday Man: It even gives you jpegs of the quality.
Biridox: I've downloaded so many movies from it. My poor Hard drive hates me now, I think
SueJBakula: me neither Mike, idiots are supposed to understand it, so what does that make us 2 LOL
The Someday Man: lol
BaKfan: LOL shane
MikeKraken: I think I missed that one, Joy
MikeKraken: LOL Sue
BaKfan: Dean does all the downloading for me, hes got a big amount of space
BaKfan: then puts them on vcd if i want to keep them
TinaAlsGirl5: Well, I've been watching the whole season, whether Dean's on it or not, so when I saw that one... man oh man....
Biridox: The best thing is you can almost always find a movie the day is comes out in the theaters
TinaAlsGirl5: And you don't have to be familiar with the characters of the show in order to appreciate it, 'cause it's not a normal kind of episode
MikeKraken: yeah, me too... just missed a couple eps this season... first season of me watching
Biridox: I've got Matrix: Reloaded, X2, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers...
The Someday Man: I'm making a fan-film right now using a lot of familiar sci-fi themes. It's about a guy who has a DeLorean time machine, a lightsaber, and a portable teleportation device. lol THE ULTIMATE FAN-FILM!
BaKfan: yeah we got them
Biridox: And tons of Quantum Leap episodes, as well
MikeKraken: LOL Shane
The Someday Man: After Effects is a Godsend.
The Someday Man: lol
TinaAlsGirl5: Me, too, Mike
BaKfan: i aint got QL eps tho
BaKfan: but i get to see Jag
BaKfan: and I get to see all hte new tv eps
MikeKraken: me neither, Ruth... trying to get some,but people with 100 in the queue...
TinaAlsGirl5: That sounds great, Shane
MikeKraken: JAG is great
The Someday Man: I'm missing about 9 episodes of QL to complete my collection. Well, I'm also missing #11 of the comics and a few novels.
Biridox: I was able to download the few episodes I had never managed to see using mIRC after the show was cancelled
TinaAlsGirl5: I'm gonna use my $41 of birthday money to buy 4 QL novels and the QL patch
BaKfan: and I am trying to persuade Dean to get SNL for me
MikeKraken: I have all of them on tape... haha
MikeKraken: so does Joy, IIRC
The Someday Man: Joy, I had bid 30 dollars on a 17 novel lot on Ebay. I was outbid at the last second, though. :(
TinaAlsGirl5: Oh cool, you know I could make all my QL tapes into VCDs now that I've got Pinnacle... Coolio!
SueJBakula: I have all QL episodes
TinaAlsGirl5: Yup, I shore do... :)
MikeKraken: I wanna do that too, Joy!!
The Someday Man: I'll soon have every episode. HAHA!
The Someday Man: lol
BaKfan: lol
BaKfan: yall watched 24?
MikeKraken: nope
SueJBakula: nope
BaKfan: dont tell me what happens
Biridox: nope
The Someday Man: I'm addicted. I just paid $60 for a two-DVD and soundtrack set of an old 80's show called "Dreams." It starred John Stamos as a rock musician.
SueJBakula: keep forgetting
The Someday Man: Ruthie, I have EVERY 24 on tape.
TinaAlsGirl5: Well, I've got a few novels already. I have to buy a new copy of Prelude, though, 'cause my mom ruined hers by marking out all the "bad" words with a ballpoint pen... totally messed up many of the pages
BaKfan: thought you might shane
BaKfan: cool aint it
The Someday Man: Amazing!
TinaAlsGirl5: Ooo... My sis *loves* John Stamos!
BaKfan: im up to the bit where the girl shot her fiance
The Someday Man: Mr. Stamos was my idol when I was a kid. lmao
Biridox: Ahh My computer is wigging out!
The Someday Man: I'm not kidding. :)
Biridox: Oh, there we go..
MikeKraken: I have about 5 of the QL novels.. Foreknowledge, Song and Dance (currently traded for The Wall), Obsessions, Too Close for Comfort, and TheNovel
The Someday Man: Computer's tend to do that, Krystal. lol
TinaAlsGirl5: My sis is a major league fan of Full House. She's probably seen every episode at least three times... She watches it *constantly*
MikeKraken: Full House... it was good when I was younger.. looking back, it was terrible. LOL
The Someday Man: Joy, it doesn't air on any of my stations anymore. It's coming to Nickelodeon this fall though. I've already bought the tapes. (I know, I know... I'm weird)
Biridox: Changing my color.
TinaAlsGirl5: Well, I was going to buy more novels and forget the patch, but took off the novels on my list that I can check out from the library and I'll just buy them after I get a job
Biridox: I have all of the QL novels...haven't read all of them yet. Most of them, though
MikeKraken: nice, Krystal!
BaKfan: i have about 16 novels
Biridox: bought them on ebay for $20 :)
MikeKraken: I need to readthem all
BaKfan: my fave being the same as Joys
MikeKraken: WHAT? That cheap??
MikeKraken: lucky!
TinaAlsGirl5: Oh, Full House drives me nuts, unfortunately. Very predictable. Like, one of the girls does something wrong, so one of the guys will come up to their room and as they start talking, sappy music plays in the background. Then, one of them says something funny and they go on acting silly as the show fades out... :)
Biridox: I know! I was sure someone would bid higher. I had it going up to $50...I was quite desperate, lol
MikeKraken: I paid $5 Cdn. for TCfC
TinaAlsGirl5: Oh, you talking about Pulitzer, Ruthie?
MikeKraken: yeah... FH is soooo sappy
The Someday Man: Joy, yeah I agree. But, it's something from my childhood. lol Like Teen Wolf the animated series or Misfits of Science.
BaKfan: the one and only Joy LOL
MikeKraken: you got the British novels too, Krys?
BaKfan: Teen Wolf LOL
TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, I understand. My favorite shows when I was a kid was ALF and that Wonder kid one (the one with the robot girl)
MikeKraken: ALF!!
Biridox: I think so...can't remember which ones the British ones are...
The Someday Man: Small Wonder, Joy
Biridox: I used to know..
TinaAlsGirl5: I have the British copy of Pulitzer
BaKfan: I loved MJF movie of that
TinaAlsGirl5: got it on Ebay
MikeKraken: I still loveALF
TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, that's it, Shane
TinaAlsGirl5: I never can remember the name to that one
BaKfan: I have the american version of Pulitzer
MikeKraken: wow... been here for 5.5 hours... LOL
MikeKraken: what's the diff?
BaKfan: dunno
Biridox: Pulitzer is the best....I've read that one a few times, now.
(Dman176 joined)
BaKfan: lol
TinaAlsGirl5: It's very interesting to read it because the quotations are opposite the way we do them in the US
The Someday Man: Yo, Damon.
Biridox: Damon!
MikeKraken: WB Damon
BaKfan: Dame!
BaKfan: hehe
Dman176: I didn't think I could come back
BaKfan: awwwww
Dman176: I can stick around for a bit longer
BaKfan: glad ya did
Biridox: yup
MikeKraken: yeah, you're not allowed
SueJBakula: wb Damon
MikeKraken: LOL
MikeKraken: :P
TinaAlsGirl5: Intead of... "Hello, my name is Joy. She said, 'Hello,' then I walked away." It is: 'Hello, my name is Joy. She said, "Hello," then I walked away.'
Dman176: thanks, I'll stay for at least a little bit
MikeKraken: yep, I know whatyou mean
TinaAlsGirl5: It's really cool
BaKfan: LOL
The Someday Man: I didn't know that, Joy.
BaKfan: me either
MikeKraken: I've read British books before... John LeCarre, or Douglas Adams
MikeKraken: you didn't? You guys don't read enough. LOL <j/k>
BaKfan: Doug adams Rocked
SueJBakula: weird cos I've nevr noticed
TinaAlsGirl5: So, Ruthie... You understood which scene I was talking about when talking about Face to Face, right?
The Someday Man: Anyone ever read "House of Leaves"?
Biridox: Nope
MikeKraken: nope
BaKfan: right Joy
TinaAlsGirl5: I tried reading "Sons and Lovers"... only got through the first "book"
BaKfan: thats my fave bit in the book
BaKfan: i cried
The Someday Man: The singer Poe's brother wrote it. Wish I could remember his name. The book is amazing!
BaKfan: actually cried
TinaAlsGirl5: Yup... Oh gosh, I cried so hard when I read that... Actually, I cry *every* time I read that
BaKfan: Dha LAwrence is a hard read
TinaAlsGirl5: Well, just wait 'til you see F2F
BaKfan: its alot to do with the old english
MikeKraken: I love old English. ^__^
BaKfan: plus the accents
Biridox: Speaking of there's only 19 days, 6 hours, 57 minutes, and 3 seconds until the next Harry Potter book.
BaKfan: there is a lot of accent in Sons and Lovers
Biridox: Sorry, I'm a human counter, sometimes..
BaKfan: LOL kris
TinaAlsGirl5: It wasn't 'til 15 minutes after I got out of the movie, and I was sitting waiting while my dad was in the bathroom, that I realized what a certain scene in F2F reminded me of. I started playing it back in my head, and I near about started bawling right then and there. I stopped myself, though, 'cause I was out in the light where people would see me crying.
BaKfan: heh Joy.
BaKfan: I remember the first time i cried at a book
BaKfan: was The green Mile
TinaAlsGirl5: I think I'm gonna try reading S&L again. After reading the Adventures of Huck Finn, I might find it just a bit easier to get through accents
TinaAlsGirl5: I've never read Green Mile yet. I wanted to, but someone had checked out the book when I was at the library... darn it
Biridox: I've cried during many books...movies...
MikeKraken: my dad said it's a good book... Ihaven'tseen the movie
Biridox: Saw the movie for the Green Mile...crreeeeppy!
BaKfan: the book, ya know


Part Five - 8 pm EST


TinaAlsGirl5: It's funny. I'll cry if I just hear a good piece of music nowadays.... Before I grew into my teenage years, you wouldn't even see me tear up when I got a paper cut......
Dman176: I saw the movie of The Green Mile, I liked it
The Someday Man: cripes. I gotta go again. My friend needs a ride home from work. It's been GREAT talking with you all!! Very cool.
Biridox: Later, Shane!
TinaAlsGirl5: I loved The Green Mile movie... Made me cry.
BaKfan: i dont know which is better? the movie or the boo, its the first movie i have seen (stephen king) that i can say is on par with the book
Dman176: bye, Shane
Biridox: Take care!
TinaAlsGirl5: Okay, talk to ya later, Shane
SueJBakula: C U again Shane
MikeKraken: bye Shane!
(The Someday Man left)
MikeKraken: So... shall we wrap this up?
BaKfan: later dude
TinaAlsGirl5: Unfortunately, as much as I love "Compulsion", it is way, way underpar compared to the book
alsplacebartender: I'm back!
BaKfan: I can imagine Joy
MikeKraken: hey Brian!
TinaAlsGirl5: WB, Brian
alsplacebartender: man you guys are still here!
BaKfan: Chubbie ! LOL
Dman176: I came back for a bit too, Brian
Biridox: I love The Stand, by King. (The movie, at least)...I've wanted to read the book and compare
BaKfan: :P
MikeKraken: Yep!
alsplacebartender: lol ruthie
MikeKraken: I been logging.LOL
Biridox: Hey, Brian! Welcome back
Dman176: oh yeah, The Stand was great
alsplacebartender: you can stop now mike thanks!
Dman176: the miniseries, I mean
BaKfan: he tried to wrap this up twice
TinaAlsGirl5: Oh, Brian... If you want to see my birthday music montages I made with Pinnacle, you'll have to e-mail me for them. My Geocities site doesn't allow enough data transfer to let more than one person download....
BaKfan: i dont think he wants to log anymore
MikeKraken: LOL Idid?
TinaAlsGirl5: Believe me... You guys *have* to read Compulsion when you get the chance
alsplacebartender: cool sure joy :)
MikeKraken: Do you need me to e-mail what you missed to youBrian?
Biridox: Compulsion...I'm not sure I've heard of it...
BaKfan: Joy have a to read aboyt 15 books
Biridox: but I have a lot of summer reading to do..I'll have to check it out, as well
BaKfan: I have them all piled up
alsplacebartender: actually no, my computer stayed on and i have it all. Thanks so much though!
MikeKraken: cool, no problem!
Biridox: Anyone ever read Ender's Game, br Orson Scott Card?
Biridox: That is a great book!
BaKfan: no whats it about?
TinaAlsGirl5: It's written by Meyer Levin. Make sure it's the original version and not the movie tie-in
Dman176: no, I'm bad, I haven't read that many books in years
Biridox: If you like sci-fi.. (haha! asking a QL chat room!)
Dman176: I don't seem to have the time to read
alsplacebartender: did i miss anyone stopping in or anything?
MikeKraken: me neither, Damon...
TinaAlsGirl5: The hardcover edition, which has an orangeish color, is about 495 pages long
Biridox: Who you asking, Bak?
MikeKraken: I used to read all the time... now I can start reading onthe bus tho'. haha
MikeKraken: Shane came back
BaKfan: you brix
Biridox: a chicken...bak bawk bawk bawk
Biridox: sorry! lol
BaKfan: lol
BaKfan: np
MikeKraken: LOL... Krystal... you been to the Star Trek for Leapers forum?
Biridox: I have a thing for chickens
Biridox: anyway..the book
BaKfan: sue is still aaround somewhere
SueJBakula: yeah still here, reading
TinaAlsGirl5: I don't read much anymore. School has just become too much of a nuisance... But, I just read Compulsion again, and *every* *single* time... I got it finished in a week and a half. I read 300 pages in five days
BaKfan: LOL
TinaAlsGirl5: I've been there, Mike... I've still gotta remember to register, though
BaKfan: shes a quiet here but she aint on MSN
Biridox: Ender's Game is about a kid named Andrew "Ender" Wiggen, about 6 when the books starts...that goes to battle school after an alien race tries to wipe out the human race, twice...
Biridox: sounds lame, yes...but it's so awesome!
MikeKraken: cool Joy. ^_^
MikeKraken: LOL...
MikeKraken: BRB
BaKfan: Cool, I like to give things ago, I am reading two books at the moment
Biridox: They start breeding geniuses to go to war for them from the time they are 6
Biridox: Oh, and I haven't been to the ST for Leapers forum, Mike
Biridox: Where's that?
BaKfan: figured i might speed things up alittle LOL
Dman176: it's at
Dman176: uh, hold on, Krystal
Biridox: k
TinaAlsGirl5: Hehehe... I always find myself reading more than one book at a time. Not too long ago, I was reading *four* books at a time
Biridox: Ahh
BaKfan: i know the feeling Joy
Biridox: thanks
Dman176: yw
BaKfan: if I pick a new book up i start wating to read it
MikeKraken: I've had 3 at once.... a long time ago... 3 years ago?
Biridox: I just read Brave New World a few weeks ago. Interesting book, there
MikeKraken: I've barely read since grade 13...
BaKfan: and the amount of times i got to town and buy a new book im surprised im not reading four at a time too
MikeKraken: Oh, I wanna read that, Krys!
alsplacebartender: i'll be back in five minutes...
Dman176: hey, Krystal, did you ever get around to reading any of TLC, BTW?
SueJBakula: Your Video is downloading for me now Joy
Biridox: It was pretty good. although I didn't know what to think about the whole replacing Jesus with Henry Ford, thing.
Biridox: Since the book is actually about how bad the world can get...I'm not sure if he's trying to bash Christianity or just make a point
TinaAlsGirl5: Cool
BaKfan: i hear ya
Biridox: And I haven't actually yet, Damon
BaKfan: D man you played the new hlk game yet?/
Dman176: hlk?
BaKfan: Hulk
MikeKraken: it's a dystopian novel, right?
Dman176: oh no, I've seen it in a store though
Biridox: yup
Dman176: it does look good
BaKfan: Dean says its shit
MikeKraken: I love dystopian novels...
MikeKraken: "hlk"??
BaKfan: too repetative
Biridox: Brave New World reminded me a lot of 1984...also a very god book
Biridox: good
Biridox: lol
BaKfan: lol
MikeKraken: yeah.. wanna read that too
Dman176: hold on everyone, need to turn over the computer for a minute, brb
BaKfan: Hulk Muke... er i mean mike
MikeKraken: Muke!
MikeKraken: LOL
MikeKraken: that's worse than Moke! :P
Biridox: Ack! I have to go. I'll talk to you guys later! Maybe now that things are calming down I can return to the boards...
MikeKraken: TTYL, Krystal! Nice chatting!
Biridox: See ya, everyone! :)
BaKfan: later Brix
BaKfan: u 2
MikeKraken: Hey, Joy: "Mine? Mine! Mine Mine!"
SueJBakula: Oooops, no it's stopped again Joy
TinaAlsGirl5: Really?
SueJBakula: Bye Krystal
TinaAlsGirl5: Hehehe @ Mike
MikeKraken: I got it downloaded now, Joy, too... will watch it soon
BaKfan: whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa we all turning upside down for Dman
MikeKraken: LOL
Biridox: LOL!
MikeKraken: I kjnow Ruth!
TinaAlsGirl5: Bye Bye Krystal
Biridox: Anyway...ciao!
(Biridox left)
BaKfan: the rush of blood to my head - mike
MikeKraken: LOL!
MikeKraken: I just listened to that entire album today..
BaKfan: Cool aint it
MikeKraken: for sure!
BaKfan: playing it now
MikeKraken: I'm 33rd in the queue for M.I.A. ...
BaKfan: i got 3 albums que
BaKfan: on MP3
BaKfan: player
BaKfan: coldplay rush of blood and parachute and radiohead amnesiac
alsplacebartender: oh finally back
MikeKraken: oic... hehe
BaKfan: wow look at that
BaKfan: I called you Brian
MikeKraken: LOL
alsplacebartender: i know. No CHUBBIE!!
BaKfan: is that a first?
TinaAlsGirl5: For those reading the transcript who wanted to find the site that had the Enter The Matrix trailer for Revolutions.... Here's the link It's the first trailer
alsplacebartender: i do believe so!
BaKfan: whoa you mean i even called u chubbie in email? LOL
alsplacebartender: yes lol
BaKfan: well i like niknames hehe
alsplacebartender: wow this has been going for 5 1/2 hours :)
MikeKraken: yeah, no kidding!
alsplacebartender: bout time to wrap it up?
MikeKraken: We kinda slowed down... haha
BaKfan: I wish I could change my Nik in Als Place
alsplacebartender: to what?
BaKfan: rainbow razorbrain
BaKfan: same as MSN
BaKfan: and Yahoo
alsplacebartender: well just create a new name and start posting under that
BaKfan: well i didnt wanna confuse yall
BaKfan: lol
MikeKraken: LOL
alsplacebartender: i think we would know who you are lol
BaKfan: am i that bad?
MikeKraken: Well, I gotta go... 5 hours of chatting... haha
MikeKraken: I need to buy bus tickets. ^_^
BaKfan: my rep follows me everywhere? lol
BaKfan: awwwwww
alsplacebartender: lol
MikeKraken: LOL you're right Ruth
BaKfan: okay Mikey
MikeKraken: bye bye, everyone... I had an awesome time!!
alsplacebartender: yeah mike it's getting late and I have to finish my last character bio for SBP
alsplacebartender: thanks Mike!
alsplacebartender: have fun!
BaKfan: okay then all time to go
MikeKraken: I will (at work?). :P
BaKfan: say night night
MikeKraken: "Say good night, Gracie.":
TinaAlsGirl5: Alrighty. I had a great time. I'll to ya'll laterz, k? :) Bye bye
alsplacebartender: night damon, joy, sue, mike, rithie!
BaKfan: laters Joy"
BaKfan: rithie?
BaKfan: LOL
alsplacebartender: hahaha ruthie
(MikeKraken left)
(TinaAlsGirl5 left)
alsplacebartender: bye all!
BaKfan: bye allllllllllllllllllll
BaKfan: bye chubbie
BaKfan: LOL
Dman176: i'm back
Dman176: you're all going though?
BaKfan: yah we wrapping up
alsplacebartender: yep this is it dude!
Dman176: oops, all well
BaKfan: awwww
alsplacebartender: thanks for coming
BaKfan: sorry D
BaKfan: YW
Dman176: good, I only really came back to officially sign off
BaKfan: enjoyed it
alsplacebartender: bye guys!
BaKfan: thanks for doing this for us brian
Dman176: talk to you all soon
alsplacebartender: my pleasure
BaKfan: byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Dman176: bye all
(Dman176 left)
alsplacebartender: later...
BaKfan: bye
(BaKfan left)

Chat ended at 8:30pm EST - Total chat time: 5 1/2 hours!

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