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Sunday, January 25th, 2004

Al's Place Online Community Chatroom
Special Guest: Cliff Bemis of "A Hunting We Will Go"

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5pm - 7:20pm EST


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SueJBakula joined

jannagalaxy:: hi sue

alsplacebartender:: welcome Sue, we should be underway very shortly!

SueJBakula:: Hiya all, just got my granddaughter to bed

alsplacebartender:: what time is it there Sue?

SueJBakula:: 22:13

jannagalaxy:: same as me

alsplacebartender:: how are you guys in the UK faring on getting the DVD set?

SueJBakula:: where in England are you?

jannagalaxy:: Teesside

SueJBakula:: I've had an email that mine has been shipped on the 8th but not recieved it yet

jannagalaxy:: I got my DVD set on Friday from play but I had to pay an import tax

jannagalaxy:: but it was worth it

alsplacebartender:: sue, you're really going to love it! They did such a great job with it! And yes, Janna, it definately is worth it!

SueJBakula:: said the cost was all inclusive but I'm having my doubts now

jannagalaxy:: I watched all the behind the scenes first

alsplacebartender:: me too

SueJBakula: I can'r wait for mine to arrive

jannagalaxy: I just found out on friday that anything over £18 you have to pay import tax for it to enter the UK

jannagalaxy: But I already knew I had to pay an import tax but not a handling fee from royal mail!

SueJBakula: $36 but I'm not sure if it's US dollars or Canadina

(Biridox joined)

jannagalaxy: well ya live and learn. I couldn't believe how early mine was sent.

jannagalaxy: it was sent on 2nd june

jannagalaxy: hi

alsplacebartender: hi biridox!

Biridox: Hi everyone!

alsplacebartender: we were just beginning to discuss the DVD set

Biridox: Am I early or late...? Heh, I just came on, saw the "going on RIGHT NOW," panicked and came here. :D

alsplacebartender: right on time, Cliff Bemis should be here around 6:00

jannagalaxy: brb

Biridox: Yeah! Go me!

alsplacebartender: (in 45 minutes)

jannagalaxy: back

(leaper1 joined)

Biridox: I finally made it to a guest chat! I swear, something always seems to be going on right then, and I always end up missing it at the last moment.

jannagalaxy: hiya!

Biridox: Hello!!

Biridox: brb

alsplacebartender: hi Helen!

SueJBakula: welcome Biridox

SueJBakula: and Helen

Biridox: Ok, I'm back

leaper1: hi

leaper1: sorry

SueJBakula: Helen says Hi, she's having problems with the chat

leaper1: i can only get in using text only mode

jannagalaxy: BRB in 10 mins

alsplacebartender: ok janna

leaper1: unfortunately, I won't be able to stick around to chat to our guest :(

Biridox: :(

leaper1: just wanted to hope you all have a great time

SueJBakula: thanks Helen, sorry U can't be with us but know UR here in spirit

alsplacebartender: thanks Helen...

leaper1: right to the bottom of the bottle Sue! lol

Biridox: If you have a question you want asked, we'll be sure to ask it for you..

SueJBakula: teehee

leaper1: I did think of one the other day, but naturally I can't remember what it was now! doh!

Biridox: Naturally ;)

SueJBakula: I'm the same, unless I write it down as soon as I wake up, it's gone forever

Biridox: Hey Bri, when you gonna get Dean and Scott to come to one of these chats? Hehehehe

alsplacebartender: when you guys help me get up a ton of cash to get them to come hahaha

leaper1: now that really would make me upset

Biridox: :-D

leaper1: that i'd have to miss them!

alsplacebartender: how come you can't stay helen?

SueJBakula: That's one of the questions I asked at the last Trek chat with Scott LOL

leaper1: I have to go to bed - I start work at 7.15 tomorrow

Biridox: Hahaha!

leaper1: and it is half past ten here now

leaper1: :(

Biridox: Ah, that's're one 'a them on the other side of the world...

leaper1: yup dagnabit

SueJBakula: yup, a quarter of a world away

alsplacebartender: oh, walk on the wild side helen... you don't need that much sleep lol

leaper1: if it were up to me, i sit it out to the end

leaper1: but i have reached my curfew time - so have fun guys an gals

leaper1: and say hi from me

Biridox: Bye, Helen! We will

alsplacebartender: bye helen!

SueJBakula: sure we will, Helen

leaper1: Enjoy enough for me as well!!!

leaper1: Ttfn

SueJBakula: see you 2mora, hon

leaper1: I look forward to the transcripts

leaper1: bye ya'all

(leaper1 left)

SueJBakula: bye Helen

SueJBakula: BRB, gonna stock up on refreshments for the chat LOL

jannagalaxy: oh by the way, I'm still here just catching up on some homework

alsplacebartender: I loved that last installment of the QL/Enterprise comic!

Biridox: Haven't seen it. I'll have to go check it out..

Biridox: In fact, I am going to go look at it...brb.

alsplacebartender: i am watching Star-Crossed as we wait for more people to arrive :) what a great episode!

(RossBeckett joined)

RossBeckett: Hi

alsplacebartender: Welcome!

Biridox: I'm loving the Enterprise Leap comic! Did Gelf do all of it?

alsplacebartender: yeah, it's great work!

Biridox: Hey there!

SueJBakula: Hiya Steve

Biridox: It's fantastic! It must have taken quite a while to put together, I'm sure

alsplacebartender: "Stawpah is Steve in Russian" lol

(RossBeckett left)

CliffBemis joined)

alsplacebartender: Welcome Cliff!

jannagalaxy: yippy!

Biridox: Looks like Steve's having some problems getting in..

CliffBemis: well thanks everyone. nice to be here.

SueJBakula: Hello Cliff, welcome to Al's Place

Biridox: Hello there!

jannagalaxy: hello

CliffBemis: Wow, so you folks are really Quantum Leap fans, huh?

Biridox: :-D

jannagalaxy: yep, yep, yep

jannagalaxy: 100%

alsplacebartender: Oh yeah lol... I think we all loved the episode you were in :)

Biridox: You mean 110%, don't you?

CliffBemis: well thanks for the clips to remind me of it. It was a long time ago.

jannagalaxy: :p

SueJBakula: sure did :)

alsplacebartender: Cliff, can you tell us anything you do remember from the set?

CliffBemis: What year was it Brian?

CliffBemis: Oh I can tell you a lot!

jannagalaxy: cool

CliffBemis: First of all, I had just gotten out of the hospital two days before that.

alsplacebartender: Year was 1991, Cliff

CliffBemis: I had thrown my back out very badly, and was on muscle relaxers.

CliffBemis: I was very concerned when they had me climbing all over the train.

(MikeKraken joined)

CliffBemis: I didn't want to throw it out again.

CliffBemis: But luckily, I was fine.

(RossBeckett joined)

CliffBemis: We shot most of it over at a train museum here in L.A.

(RossBeckett left)

MikeKraken: Hi all!

SueJBakula: I know all about back problems and the worry it can cause

alsplacebartender: Hi Mike, Cliff has just arrived and telling us a bit about the shoot

(RossBeckett joined)

Biridox: Hey Mike!

RossBeckett: Steve here!

SueJBakula: Hoya Mikey

CliffBemis: Well I just wanted to make sure that I could do the scenes was all.

MikeKraken: Please to meet you, Cliff!

CliffBemis: Thanks Mike, same here.

MikeKraken: *Pleased

RossBeckett: Hi Cliff!

CliffBemis: Hello Ross

Biridox: Hello again, Steve! :)

RossBeckett: Hi

CliffBemis: So what would you folks like to know?

jannagalaxy: shouldn't of said that!

alsplacebartender: I would like to know about your audition for the episode. Do you remember much about it?

CliffBemis: because?

Biridox: Hmmm...obvious question: What was it like to work with Scott and Dean?

CliffBemis: Hmmm. audition.

CliffBemis: I honestly don't remember anything about the audition.

jannagalaxy: you'll get questions left-right and center!

CliffBemis: Not sure that I actually did audition. It might have been one of the jobs that I was asked to do.

CliffBemis: Scott and Dean?

CliffBemis: Well Scott was terrific. He is from the musical theatre world, like myself, and we knew tons of people in common.

CliffBemis: you've heard of six degrees of separation, but in the acting community, it is more like 1 or 2.

Biridox: Hehe, I love that game. Hahaha...! :)

CliffBemis: We started talking and realized that we had both worked with many of the same people, although not with each other.

MikeKraken: <LOL>

CliffBemis: That was the first time i had met or worked with him.

CliffBemis: Dean was a little distant.

RossBeckett: lol

CliffBemis: Seemed to be in his own world, but was very nice and pleasant.

CliffBemis: Most of my stuff had to do with Scott or the other bad guy and the girl who hid the money.

CliffBemis: I can tell you a funny story about the very first take I had.

RossBeckett: Cool!

SueJBakula: Great!!

CliffBemis: I had to pull into the parking lot, get out of the car, put my hat on, go over to the other side of the car, drag the girl out and lift her up and over the fence.

jannagalaxy: brill!

CliffBemis: Well i hit my mark on the dime! Perfect.

CliffBemis: Got out, went to the other side, dragged the girl out.

CliffBemis: They yelled "Cut!"

CliffBemis: "Cliff" the director said,"your hat's on backwards."

CliffBemis: did everything just right except my hat

RossBeckett: LOL

CliffBemis: i was kind of embarrassed.

MikeKraken: hahaha

jannagalaxy: :D

alsplacebartender: LOL! that's so funny!

Biridox: Hehehe!

CliffBemis: obviously had to do the whole thing all over again.

jannagalaxy: giggles!!!!!!!!!!

(RossBeckett left)

CliffBemis: well it's not THAT funny, but it was at the time I guess.

alsplacebartender: What about the fight scene at the end? How did that go?

MikeKraken: yeah, I could imagine they got a couple of chuckles outta that

CliffBemis: I think my part shot over a perid of a week or so.

jannagalaxy: proberly, but I'm in a funny mood! :)

CliffBemis: The fight scene went fine. We rehearsed it several times, and it
came off without a hitch.

CliffBemis: although...

CliffBemis: they had a stunt guy for when Scott jumped on me.

alsplacebartender: really? didn't realize that... very interesting!

CliffBemis: had nothing to do with me not being able to do it, but the director had a buddy who he wanted to make some money, so they put him in my uniform and let Scott jump on him.

MikeKraken: I'll have to watch that ep again soon... keep a look out. :P

jannagalaxy: me too

CliffBemis: that way he could earn money towards his union health coverage, which is how it is determined whether we receive coverage or not.

CliffBemis: yea, the cut is very quick. i have my back to camera, the guy jumps on him, then it's back to me again.

jannagalaxy: i'd like to ask a question, if it's alright

CliffBemis: the motel scene was shot way north of here at a place that they use constantly for country motel scenes.

CliffBemis: sure, ask away jann

SueJBakula: same with a lot of the stunt scenes, they're sone so well that you don't notice the switch

MikeKraken: Where are you at the moment, Cliff?

CliffBemis: Los Angeles.

CliffBemis: I live in the Hollywood Hills near Universal Studios.

MikeKraken: So the motel is in California somewhere (when you said north)?

CliffBemis: I can look out the window and see it from here.

MikeKraken: Neat!!

CliffBemis: when I said North I meant North of L.A.

jannagalaxy: I'm Janine from the town of the birth of railways. Being in a time travel show has it ever made you think about your life in the past and things about it that you'd like to change if you had the chance?

CliffBemis: about 45 minutes north. They shoot a lot of stuff just outside of town.

SueJBakula: You're so lucky, I live in drealy old Nottingham, England

CliffBemis: I think there are a lot of things I'd like to change, but then again if I did, i wouldn't have the experiences that I've had now.

CliffBemis: I think all we can do is make the most out of the hand which we're dealt.

CliffBemis: lemons into lemonade so to speak.

CliffBemis: I'd like to take back a few things I've said or done, but probably not change experiences.

jannagalaxy: that is so ture

CliffBemis: Everything that happens to us is for a purpose I believe.

CliffBemis: We're supposed to learn our lessons from them, and then use that knownledge to make better choices in the future.

CliffBemis: sorry for the typos

SueJBakula: don't worry about them, we all make them, me especially

MikeKraken: LOL, Sue said it. :P

MikeKraken: but that is an excellent outlook on life, Cliff

jannagalaxy: my head is spining, still getting over the bad blood test results,

CliffBemis: So where is everyone located?

CliffBemis: what's that jann?

jannagalaxy: Stockton-On-Tees, Teesside, England

SueJBakula: Nottinghamshire, England

MikeKraken: I'm in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada at the moment

Biridox: Medford, Oregon here.

jannagalaxy: what was what?

CliffBemis: Well I've been to Medford, and to England, but not those specific towns.

(RossBeckett joined)

alsplacebartender: I am in Southport, North Carolina

CliffBemis: And have been to Canada lots of times, but not Ontario.

RossBeckett: I had to leave for a minute.

CliffBemis: Is Southport anywhere near Charlotte?

Biridox: Next time you come by, you should stop in for a visit! Hehe ;)

MikeKraken: Which provinces have you been to in Canada?

Biridox: Free lodging at my house! :D

RossBeckett: LOL

MikeKraken: LOL @ Brix

alsplacebartender: about 4 hours away, I go there many times a year to visit my best friend from high school

SueJBakula: Yeah, we'd need 2 lifetimes to visit all the placedswhere everyone's from

CliffBemis: Well I have shot episodes of shows up in Vancouver. As you know that's the Canadian Hollywood.

MikeKraken:: Yeah, it sure is

!jannagalaxy:: hey isn't that where they film stargate?

CliffBemis:: My best friends moved to Boone, NC Brian.

CliffBemis:: the actor robby benson and his rockn roll wife, Karla  DeVito.

MikeKraken:: I think so, Janna...

alsplacebartender:: I was born in Boone! I go there twice a year to visit my   grandparents

MikeKraken:: I don' t watch it, tho'

CliffBemis:: I thought Stargate was done at Universal, but maybe it's moved to

RossBeckett:: Robby Benson? That sounds familiar.

CliffBemis:: All the other Star Trek series were done at Paramount.


CliffBemis:: Robby Benson was a star when he was younger.  Vocie of the
Beast in Beauty and the Beast, plus One on One, Ice Castles, Ode to Billy Joe.  lots of stuff.

Biridox:: If you're curious as to who you are talking to, Cliff, there is a page at Al's Place called the Alumni page with pictures of all of us whackos you are talking to.

Biridox:: We're a pretty close knit group. Hehehe

alsplacebartender:: Yeah Biridox is a cutie

RossBeckett:: LOL

SueJBakula:: and I'm the grandma LOL

Biridox:: Awe, thanks Bri!

jannagalaxy:: i'm an old person wearing a girls mask

RossBeckett:: LOL @ Sue!

CliffBemis:: Are there more than you guys or is this the "core"   group?

jannagalaxy:: i've got support socks on in that picture

Biridox:: Oh, yeah. There's tons of us. A lot of us couldn't make it, and some are showing up later, etc.

jannagalaxy:: still got to wear the horrible things.

alsplacebartender:: Oh there are about 200 more of us... don't know where they are right now, but there are a LOT more lol

jannagalaxy:: hey way la-de-da

RossBeckett:: I'm so glad I finally made it!

SueJBakula:: there's a lot more from the UK, but it's late here and Monday is a work day

jannagalaxy:: amen to that

CliffBemis:: totally understand.

CliffBemis:: so is quantum leap airing in the UK these days?

jannagalaxy:: i think it''s on sci-fi at the moment

SueJBakula:: yup, it's currently airing on the Sci-fi channe over  here

jannagalaxy:: used to be on UKGold *big mistake*

alsplacebartender:: The first season of Quantum Leap was just released on DVD for the first time this week, so that has been the hot topic lately

jannagalaxy:: they chopped it up into bits!

SueJBakula:: yep, UK Gold mad a lot of cuts to the episodes

CliffBemis:: what year did my episode play?

Biridox:: I miss having Quantum Leap regularly around here. I want them to bring it back! My tapes are wearing thin...

jannagalaxy:: dean was so adorable

MikeKraken:: "A-Hunting We Will Go" was season 4, no?

CliffBemis:: Scott has a great reputation in the biz. but Dean...

CliffBemis:: have you ever had either one in the room?

MikeKraken:: We wish!!

tjannagalaxy:: cliff, you should see the message for leapers he did on the dvd!

CliffBemis:: lol, next time I see Scott I'll tell him to do it.

SueJBakula:: Season 3 Mikey

Biridox:: We hope! In the, Bri?

MikeKraken:: yep, you're right Sue

jannagalaxy:: I've loved QL since I was 9 years old.

jannagalaxy:: and had my first crush on scott when i was 11

jannagalaxy:: I'm 22 now but I still do on both counts!

CliffBemis:: yea he said he used to get TONS of letters each week.

RossBeckett joined

jannagalaxy: oh I sent him a letter once when i was 17

jannagalaxy: no i was 16

SueJBakula: Cliff, is there anyone else you work with who has Guest starred on Quantum Leap? Maybe you could put a word in for us ;)

Biridox: Hehehe

CliffBemis: well if I had a complete cast list there would no doubt be alot of people I've worked with.

Biridox: Ick. Ugly color...I'm changing

CliffBemis: most of my friends and I don't really talk about too much episodic stuff we do. Mostly series or movies. the big stuff.

CliffBemis: not that QL isn't big!

CliffBemis: dont' meant to diminish it in anyone's eyes

alsplacebartender: nice save, Cliff LOL

SueJBakula: LOL

CliffBemis: Whew!

Biridox: ;)

RossBeckett: LOL

jannagalaxy: wow it's getting on here

MikeKraken: I can't get back into regular graphic mode... -_- BRB

Biridox: Speaking of "the big stuff," what other movies and things have you done?

CliffBemis: What time is it there Jann?

(MikeKraken left)

RossBeckett: We're are missing quite a few people though :(

alsplacebartender: What was it like to work with Jane Sibbett (the woman you had in the police car)

RossBeckett: Yeah?

CliffBemis: Jane was very pleasant. Nice girl. Geez guys, it's been a long time.

jannagalaxy: my doctor would got nuts if they knew i was still awke urfing the net. They .....oh it's 23:27

CliffBemis: I dont' really remember too much about her.

(MikeKraken joined)

CliffBemis: I see the other guy that was in the scene at auditions from time to time.

CliffBemis: no doubt you can tell me his name.

RossBeckett: It has been about 12 or 13 years since the ep aired.

RossBeckett: Whew!

MikeKraken: A-Hunting We Will Go - That was one of my TEA adopted episodes.. haha...

RossBeckett: Time flies

CliffBemis: I did a movie in Prague a few years ago called "Au Pair II." It airs a lot on Fox.

jannagalaxy: don't say that ypu'll make us feel old!

CliffBemis: I'll also be singing at The Hollywood Bowl on Aug. 1. in a concert version of "Mame."

jannagalaxy: oh boy, i'm type-sluring on

MikeKraken: original broadcast Wednesday, April 17, 1991

(RossBeckett left)

CliffBemis: It stars Michelle Lee, John Schneider, (dukes of hazzard) and Jean Smart (Designing Women)

CliffBemis: I was also the spokesperson for IHOP restaurants for ten years, appearing in over 60 commercials for them.

MikeKraken: Yes Cliff, his name is Ken Marshall ... on the IMDb, they had his role switched with yours for QL, so I had to fix it. haha

Biridox: IHOP! Hehehe

CliffBemis: I have a Christmas CD which I produced myself, as well as some other music projects.

CliffBemis: Yes, Ken Marshall. That's him.

CliffBemis: Nice guy.

CliffBemis: visit my website sometime guys.

alsplacebartender: Hey if you see Ken again, tell him to come chat with us!

MikeKraken: What is IHOP (I don't think we have any in Canada)?

Biridox: Going there right now.

alsplacebartender: International House of Pancakes!

alsplacebartender: Yum

CliffBemis: there are only IHOPs in the Vancouver area.

Biridox: Food. That's what it is! Yum!

CliffBemis: about 10 only.

MikeKraken: Opposite end of the country from me... hehe

(RossBeckett joined)

CliffBemis: I grew up in Cleveland Ohio, so you are North of there right? Near


MikeKraken: Yeah, closer to Toronto actually

Biridox: Hey, If I use the "contact Cliff" feature on your website, will you get back to me? Hahahaha, had to ask. :D

CliffBemis: which is near buffalo

CliffBemis: Of course. I answer all my Email.

Biridox: Great! :)

SueJBakula: hahahaha

alsplacebartender: How did you get the contract on IHOP? That was a LOT of commercials!

MikeKraken: Waterloo is about 3.5 hours driving to Detroit, and probably about 1.5 to Buffalo

jannagalaxy: I'm sorry guys, but i'm going to have to go. my legs are killingme and i'm supposed to get as much rest as possible. oh and keep my circulation going. oh boy sorry to be so depressing.

CliffBemis: I auditioned against 200 other guys for the job.

CliffBemis: Nice meeting you Jann.

CliffBemis: Get some rest and get well!

Biridox: Bye, Jan!

CliffBemis: Is it a fairly small town Mike?

MikeKraken: bye bye, Janna, take care!

SueJBakula: Bye Janna!

jannagalaxy: nice meeeting you to. i'll visit your website tomorrow promise. bye everyone! :)

CliffBemis: So Sue, did you use Bakula in your screen name in honor of Scott?

CliffBemis: Thanks Janna.

jannagalaxy: :)

MikeKraken: Waterloo is about 99 000 people (big university town), but it"s right next to Kitchener of about 190 000 people... big town for Canada :P

SueJBakula: of course, LOL

jannagalaxy: bye

(jannagalaxy left)

CliffBemis: well I think there's already a Mrs. Bakula.

SueJBakula: he's been my hero since the mid 70's

SueJBakula: I don't mind "sharing" LOL

Biridox: LOL

CliffBemis: you couldn't pick a better hero. He's worthy of your admiration.

alsplacebartender: You did "Naked gun 2 and 1/2"... what was that like?

CliffBemis: Unlike some stars I've worked with, he has no attitude "better than me" thing going. Real down to earth.

MikeKraken: :D I was gonna ask that, too

CliffBemis: Naked Gun was fun, because the scene was so funny. We kept cracking up at the dog with two tails.

MikeKraken: I love Leslie Neilsen

CliffBemis: Mainly because the Zucker brothers kept cracking up.

CliffBemis: it was fun to do. And was done on a sound stage not far from Star Trek.

CliffBemis: over at Paramount.

SueJBakula: neat

MikeKraken: You should give Scott a call... get a guest spot on "Enterprise". <L>

alsplacebartender: yeah and tell him to come chat with us too! lol

Biridox: Or get us a guest spot on Enterprise. ;)

MikeKraken: LOL

SueJBakula: Oh yeah, for sure

CliffBemis: well I know from having done a series for awhile, that the first time we see the scripts are usually the first day of rehearsal for that episode. We never have time to let the casting people know that we have a friend we'd like to get on the show.

CliffBemis: I swear if I ever produced a show, I'd have all my friends working.

alsplacebartender: You did Cheers too! One of my favorite shows

MikeKraken: wow, it's been 40 minutes already. :D

Biridox: Hey! If you aren't too busy in the future, Cliff, you should give our Quantum Leap Radio Plays a visit! We make "episodes" and record our voices. Shane plays Sam, and I swear he sounds so much like Scott it will scare you!

CliffBemis: is that good or bad?

(RossBeckett left)

Biridox: I play Ziggy, hehehe.

CliffBemis: I'll do that. would be fun.

MikeKraken: That's good, the time is passing quickly... we're having fun. :D

CliffBemis: any other questions?

(RossBeckett joined)

CliffBemis: you mean you don't want to know all the 'dirt" I found out?

alsplacebartender: give us the dirt!

Biridox: Dirt? Do tell!

CliffBemis: Ah ha! So you ARE there. lol, there is no dirt. Just thought I'd see if I could get a rise out of you guys.

SueJBakula: and if you like reading, there's a ton of great writer's over at QLTVS

CliffBemis: thought you'd ask more quesetions.

CliffBemis: questions even

alsplacebartender: hahaha

Biridox: Thought we'd have more people, lol.

CliffBemis: yea, guess I'm not much of a draw today.

MikeKraken: oh, we just tend to go off on tangents. haha

Biridox: Where are we all?

RossBeckett: Especially me, LOL

alsplacebartender: what sort of work are you doing these days?

SueJBakula: don't know where everyone is tonight, we're missing quite a few regulars

CliffBemis: getting ready for the concert at the Hollywood Bowl, plus working on a new album.

MikeKraken: What kind of ALBUM?

CliffBemis: doing one for meditation and relaxation. Favorite "soft" songs meant to totally relax and remove you from this noisy world.
alsplacebartender: do you still get royalties from the Quantum Leap episode?

CliffBemis: Yup. Although by now they don't amount to much.

SueJBakula: really, I could do with some of that after today, LOL

alsplacebartender: well when seaosn three comes out on DVD, yor're sure to get a LOT more :)

MikeKraken: Oh, neat... I'll have to keep a look out for it. Being a university student, I need a lot of that. LOL

RossBeckett: I can't wait for season 5 to come out!

RossBeckett: :)

alsplacebartender: Which episode of Cheers were you in and what character did you play

CliffBemis: last check I got was in May for 23.00. Gives you an idea of how it diminishes over time.

CliffBemis: In Cheers I played Norm's boss when he gets a job at a beer factory, tasting beer.

RossBeckett: LOL

CliffBemis: It was very funny. I had a full beard when I did that show.

alsplacebartender: Oh! yes, I remember that

SueJBakula: If your memory streaches back far enough, what was it like working with Don Bellistario

RossBeckett: I've never seen that ep!

CliffBemis: Don is never on the show. Or at least not when I worked.

CliffBemis: I mean not on the set.

CliffBemis: I think that Andy Cadiff directed.

CliffBemis: He was terrific. I've auditioned for him since.

CliffBemis: He works a lot.

MikeKraken: Yes, you're right

MikeKraken: in that he directed :P

alsplacebartender: Tell him to come chat with us! LOL sorry couldn't resist the plug there

RossBeckett: Speaking of directors that work a lot, James Whitmore Jr.

CliffBemis: Yup, I worked with him too.

CliffBemis: But I can't remember on what.

RossBeckett: Cool

MikeKraken: One question: How did you manage to be on so many of my favourite TV shows? haha

RossBeckett: brb!

CliffBemis: My agent just gets me the auditions, and I go. Simple as that.

(RossBeckett left)

CliffBemis: you have no idea how many I've auditioned for that I HAVEN'T gotten.

alsplacebartender: can you tell us some that you didn't get?

Biridox: How many auditions have you done?

MikeKraken: "Married... with Children", "Who's the Boss?", QL of course, "Lois & Clark", and "Cheers"...

CliffBemis: auditions? hundreds!

CliffBemis: life of an actor is to find work.

CliffBemis: that's what we do. professional auditioners

CliffBemis: the odds are generally 20/1

Biridox: I've always wanted to do theater acting. Do you ever do stage productions?

CliffBemis: you have to go on 20 before you book 1. My odds, thankfully, are a ltitle better than that.

alsplacebartender: well you have done some great shows and movies... and your singing carreer is looking bright too. That's great!

CliffBemis: Yes, I grew up doing theatre, and love that medium more than anything.

SueJBakula: If you couldn't ever have become an actor/singer what would have been your second choice of profession?

Biridox: Great!

CliffBemis:: funeral director

SueJBakula:: LMAO

CliffBemis:: worked in a funeral home for about three years.

CliffBemis:: that's why i'm excited about tonight.

MikeKraken:: that's a very different choice of carrer... wow

CliffBemis:: MY favorite show returns.  Six Feet Under.

CliffBemis:: best thing on TV as far as I'm concerned.

CliffBemis:: and my very first job in Hollywood was with Frances, who plays the Mother.

MikeKraken:: I could beg to differ, but I have never seen the show. :P

SueJBakula:: How do you rate all of these "Reality" TV shows that
have beens swamping the TV networks?

MikeKraken:: *barfs at the mention of reality TV*

CliffBemis:: Reality TV is KILLING our business.

CliffBemis:: It has put a lot of actors out of work.

MikeKraken:: Who needs actors when you can use idiots for free?

CliffBemis:: Not to mention writers, directors, costumers, make up people,
caterers. you name it.

CliffBemis:: People are so eager to get their faces on TV. It's amazing.

Biridox:: Not to mention the fact that it's about as far from actual "reality" as you can get...

MikeKraken:: Exactly...

CliffBemis: All you have to do is watch the news, and see everyone in the background trying to get on camera.

MikeKraken: both what Cliff and Krystal said..

SueJBakula: My thoughts exactly, personally I switch over

(RossBeckett joined)

CliffBemis: Well guys, I need to wrap it up here. Any last requests?

RossBeckett: Uh, not sure yet.

SueJBakula: I know w're a crazy bunch here but would you come and chat with us again?

CliffBemis: Guess not. Well I want to thank you all for your hospitality, for inviting me to join you today, and to watching QL.

CliffBemis: I hope to see you all again.

alsplacebartender: I just want to say thanks so much for talking with us here! It was a pleasure having you. If you run into anyone out there who has been in Quantum Leap, tell them about us, will you? We are always looking for guest stars, etc to come and chat!

CliffBemis: Have a great one.

Biridox: I know we have some people that wanted to say hi that couldn't be here... Joy, Jennie, Damon, Neverreturnedhome, to name a few.

MikeKraken: Thanks very much for being here, Cliff!

CliffBemis: Well maybe I can catch the rest another time.

CliffBemis: Take care all.

alsplacebartender: Feel free to come back anytime!

CliffBemis left)

Biridox: And all of us that couldn't be here will be reading the transcript, so thanks a lot for coming! :)

RossBeckett: You too Cliff

MikeKraken: wow, this thing is a little slow...

RossBeckett: Thanks!

SueJBakula: yes, it slowed on me too

alsplacebartender: That was fun :)

MikeKraken: I was having trouble typing at points

Biridox: Yup

MikeKraken: Yeah, that was amazing!! What a great guy

RossBeckett: My list of people is gone now?

Biridox: List of people?

RossBeckett: screen names

alsplacebartender: I'm glad you guys got to come today :) the others who
missed it will be jealous lol

RossBeckett: :) I'm glad too.

SueJBakula: they sure will

Biridox: Mmm-hmm!

MikeKraken: LOL

MikeKraken: We can rub it in their faces forever. :P

alsplacebartender: mike, thanks for saving the few lines i missed for the transcript. Can you send 'em by email later?

MikeKraken: Yup, I sure can. ^_^

SueJBakula: I see The Rod didn't make it again, I hope he doesn't kick himself too hard

Biridox: Poor Rod. :(

alsplacebartender: he was just on the board too... don't know why he didn't stop in!

RossBeckett: There was one time that I made it in to the chat room, but I missed the celeb!

Biridox: Wonder where He is?

RossBeckett: Forgot who , though

alsplacebartender: he just gave us a new Rodvision, so go check it out!

Biridox: Oh, will do!

RossBeckett: I saw him there too.

RossBeckett: Cool

SueJBakula: and where's MJ and Damon? I thought they's be here

MikeKraken: Only person I wasn't expecting was Joy

RossBeckett: Testing color

RossBeckett: Same!

Biridox: Whoa, that's weird watching your colors changing...

alsplacebartender: So is everyone enjoying their QL DVD's?

RossBeckett: It would be so neat to have every single memberin for a chat!

Biridox: I need to get mine! :\

SueJBakula: still waiting for mine :(

MikeKraken: Not yet. I haven't been able to get someone with a DVD player yet

alsplacebartender: or at least get the max 25 in here at one time... turnout today wasn't too good :( but glad you could make it!

RossBeckett: I ordered my DVD set via Columbia House

RossBeckett: Along with Season 4 of TNG and another movie

MikeKraken: I'm very glad I was here; he's been in quite a number of shows/movies that I enjoy. :D

alsplacebartender: Steve, I have been renting Friends via

RossBeckett: :)

SueJBakula: Hope you're not pulling on your mother's purse strings Steve? LOL

RossBeckett: No, LOL

Biridox: We need to start doing drills for everyone to show up. Have some kind of horn you can download that will play loudly when the chat is going...


alsplacebartender: lol great idea!

RossBeckett: LOL @ Biri!

alsplacebartender: netflix is an online DVD rental service.... very good service

RossBeckett: Oh

Biridox: Or just flood everyone's inboxes the day before a chat. Hehehe

RossBeckett: Which season did you rent

RossBeckett: ?

alsplacebartender: well, I sent out a newsletter just for the chat a day before to over 225 people... thought that would help lol

alsplacebartender: i have rented 1 through 3

alsplacebartender: so far

RossBeckett: 225! Wheeeeewwwww!

SueJBakula: yup, I got it Bri, I need prodding now and again LOL

alsplacebartender: i get about 2 new subscribers to the newsletter each day

MikeKraken: Brian, you have to get Renée Coleman or Carolyn Seymore in here... hehehe...

RossBeckett: 2 times the average 30 day month is 60 people /month

alsplacebartender: those would be great choices, Mike! I have been looking for them

RossBeckett: times!

alsplacebartender: yep, that's about right

MikeKraken: I need more info on the evil leapers. LOL

RossBeckett: 720/year

RossBeckett: end!

SueJBakula: did you use a calculator, Steve?

RossBeckett: Yeah

SueJBakula: LOL, thought you might

alsplacebartender: well guys and girls, I am going to call it a night. My new girlfriend is coming by and I have to get the transcript going!

Biridox: Alright. Bye Brian!

RossBeckett: I recently finished reading Guinea Pig Part 2, and started Hawaii Blues(which, the idea of gave me an idea which changes my priginal idea of "A leap for Rachel"

SueJBakula: NEW!!! spill the beans

RossBeckett: Make sense?

MikeKraken: All righty, I should head back to my schoolwork.. and yes, NEW?!!

RossBeckett: LOL

alsplacebartender: yes, yes, I have started dating a really nice girl lately and she's been taking a lot of my time lol

RossBeckett: Original! OOps

MikeKraken: Awesome... :D

MikeKraken: congrats!

SueJBakula: great for you Bri

RossBeckett: Cool, nice

alsplacebartender: well i'm not getting married tomorrow or anything but thanks guys!

Biridox: I'm back to reading Gelf's comic strip for Enterprise Leap. :)

MikeKraken: LOL :P

RossBeckett: I started reading that

alsplacebartender: You guys have a great night and we'll get together again soon I hope!

RossBeckett: Pretty good

MikeKraken: Well, good night, everyone.

MikeKraken: Bye bye!

Biridox: Bye Bri!

SueJBakula: g;night Mikey

RossBeckett: STUART FRATKIN! That's the one I missed

Biridox: And bye to anyone else who is leaving

MikeKraken: 75 minutes of great chat. :D

alsplacebartender: send me that missing stuff please!

MikeKraken: I will do that now. ^_^

RossBeckett: Yeah Mike!LOL

SueJBakula: and byr Brian, thanks again for the chat

alsplacebartender: thank you, sue! always fun talking with you all!

MikeKraken: Agreed. :D TTFN!

(MikeKraken left)

RossBeckett: TTFN?

alsplacebartender: I'm leaping out... later all!

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