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Sunday, July 17th, 2005

Al's Place Online Community Chatroom
Special Guest: Chris DeFilippis author of "Foreknowledge"


3 pm EST

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alsplacebartender:: hey helen

leaper1:: hi

alsplacebartender:: how are you?

alsplacebartender:: geez where is everybody

leaper1:: not too bad, aside from the asthma and the hayfever

leaper1:: damon has been having probs

leaper1:: he is trying to get on via his sisters pc

alsplacebartender:: ok

leaper1:: i will have to duck out now im afraid, but shd be back in 20 mins

leaper1:: u know wot it like here

leaper1 left

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alsplacebartender:: Hi Chris!

Dman176:: I think I got this working now

ChrisDeFilippis:: Hello

alsplacebartender:: Well.... it looks like some people either forgot or
couldn't get into the chat room.

alsplacebartender:: Ezboard had a crash a few weeks ago and things
haven't been the same

Dman176:: I'm having a lot of problems myself at the moment, Brian

Dman176:: I'm using my sister's broken PC right now

Dman176:: Mac doesn't seem to be compatible with this anymore

alsplacebartender:: Chris, I don't want to waste any of your time, so can we
reschedule this for another date when I get my own chat software set up
and it'll be more stable for everyone?

ChrisDeFilippis:: Things are working okay on this end

Dman176:: Helen should be online at MSN and yahoo, you could nudge her

Dman176:: anyway, hello there,Chris, I'm Damon

alsplacebartender:: she was here but left a moment ago

ChrisDeFilippis:: It's fine with me if you want to reschedule, but I think the
lack of participants might have more to do with the fact the Foreknowledge
came out so long ago. Hello Damon. Nice to meet you

Dman176:: if you want to do that, Brian, it would be fine, I guess... I was
looking forward to chatting with Chris

alsplacebartender:: No, I know a lot of people said they were coming and
were very interested. Loved the book myself

ChrisDeFilippis:: We can still chat if you'd like. I set the time aside.

Dman176:: oh, I don't know, a lot of us seem to remember that particular

ChrisDeFilippis:: Glad to hear you loved the book

alsplacebartender:: I think Damon is writing a story partly based on it?

Dman176:: Helen is around, so she might be going back anf forth at home

Dman176:: she asked me to give her a nudge when the time came, but this
computer doesn't have Yahoo or MSN installed anymore

ChrisDeFilippis:: What do you remember? I was actually looking forward to
asking a lot of questions myself because the book came out with very little
comment from the fan community and I'd always wondered how it had been

Dman176:: so, if you could do it, Brian, she'll probably try and come
back... she was having some of the same problems that I was having,
since we both can only use Safari

alsplacebartender:: she'll be here in a few

Dman176:: well...

Dman176:: I don't remember every single detail, of course, it WAS a long
time ago when I read the book, lol

ChrisDeFilippis:: me neither

alsplacebartender:: ok Chris.... the mud-wrestling angle... how did that
come about? lol

Dman176:: but I still have it... I was actually going to re-read it a few weeks
ago, but didn't have the itme

ChrisDeFilippis:: Mud wrestling: Sam always has to have a somewhat
ludicrous Leap in. What could be more rediculous than that?

Dman176:: true

ChrisDeFilippis:: Ridiculous

ChrisDeFilippis:: You'll see that I'm a horrible speller

alsplacebartender:: ha! but it was fun. I liked that you had Sammy-Jo Fuller
in the story

ChrisDeFilippis:: I was also trying to catch the attention of the series editor
Ginjer Buchanan

Dman176:: yeah, I liked the concept behind the story, that they had to
prevent a time paradox

alsplacebartender:: How did you get the book published? How did you go
about it?

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Dman176:: I wish they had explored that more in the series

ChrisDeFilippis:: Sammy Jo was always in my mind as a character. She
was absolutely necessary to the polt resolution

Dman176:: Hi, Tom

ChrisDeFilippis:: make that PLOT resolution. grrr...

Als Handlink:: Hey Damon

Als Handlink:: Hey all

ChrisDeFilippis:: Hello

ChrisDeFilippis:: Getting the book published:

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ChrisDeFilippis:: I wrote Ginjer Buchanan a proposal for a different QL story
based on a TV script I had written while in college

Dman176:: Ah, Jennie, you made it

ChrisDeFilippis:: She didn't like that, but she liked my writing enough to
request something else.

#McDuck:: :) Yeah....I had to finish Ch 13 of Harry Potter first. <g>

ChrisDeFilippis:: I'm no match against JK...

Als Handlink:: I was supposed to get that on Saturday through Amazon
and they didn't send it yet

alsplacebartender:: lol Chris

#McDuck:: heh heh

Als Handlink:: How is it so far

#McDuck:: Ah, but I chose coming here over proceeding to Ch 14

Dman176:: oh, I don't know about that... my sister thinks Rowling is a
terrible writer

ChrisDeFilippis:: Thanks for tearing yourself away, Jennie

#McDuck:: Very good....a bit different than the last, esp with how it starts.
Lot of unanswered questions

#McDuck:: you're welcome, Chris. <g>

Als Handlink:: Has she ever written anything besides HP

Dman176:: don't think so, Tom

#McDuck:: HP was her first publication

ChrisDeFilippis:: I'm waiting for the new George RR Martin myself.

ChrisDeFilippis:: Rowling has only done the Potter books

Als Handlink:: I just finished the new Lincoln Rhyme Novel by Jeffrey
Deaver myself

Dman176:: oh, and yes, Brian, to answer the question earlier, my VS idea
is partially inspired by Foreknowledge

alsplacebartender:: I was skimming to refresh my memory, but you had Al
leap with Samantha being the observer to fix a broken timeline... that was a
good angle

Dman176:: not sure how much about it I should say here though... although
I believe Jennie and Tom know the details

Als Handlink:: I don't have Foreknowledge. Is it still in print

Als Handlink:: hehehehehehe

ChrisDeFilippis:: Thanks. And it's nice to actually have inspired someone.
I'd like to know at least a little bit about it if you wouldn't mind

#McDuck:: If you can't find it, Tom, I've seen just about all the QL novels at
my local used bookstore

#McDuck:: Plus there's always eBay <g>

Dman176:: well... it's actually a series of stories, I'm not even going to write
them all... do you know about the Virtual Seasons?

ChrisDeFilippis:: Really? I never see them anywhere. And I look, believe

Dman176:: the books are hard to find now unfortunately

ChrisDeFilippis:: I've seen the Virtual Seasons section of this site, but
haven't had time yet to check them out

alsplacebartender:: I see them off and on... various older bookstores have a
copy or two here or there.

Dman176:: I always wondered why they stopped the book series... not
enough people buying them?

ChrisDeFilippis:: BINGO

Dman176:: that's a shame

#McDuck:: Pity. Some were really good. Yours was one of the ones I count
in that, Chris.

alsplacebartender:: the die-hard fans were buying them back then, but your
casual reader really didn't give them much of a look

ChrisDeFilippis:: Couple that with the fact that QL was no longer being
seen on the air ANYWHEWRE and you had a little hope for continuation

#McDuck:: and the fanbase wasn't as huge as Star Trek

Dman176:: so do I, Chris... yours and Elizabeth Storm's were probably the
best, IMO

ChrisDeFilippis:: Thanks. Nice to mentioned in the same sentence with
Elizabeth; she's the all time fan favorite. And a very nice woman

alsplacebartender:: I liked the book series a lot, especially the writers who
kept with the cannon of the show. You did a great job with that one, Chris.

alsplacebartender:: have you met Elizabeth?

#McDuck:: I agree, Liz struck me as a very sweet person.

ChrisDeFilippis:: It was one of my main aims. As nasty as this sounds, I
hated most of the books in the series because none of them ever jived very
well with the TV show.

Als Handlink:: I have 2 copies of QL: The Novel, Also Independence, The
Begining, Prelude, The Wall, Knights of the Morningstar, Mirrors Edge, and
Too Close for Comfort

#McDuck:: Doesn't sound nasty to me, Chris.

#McDuck:: Sounds truthful

ChrisDeFilippis:: I met Elizabeth at Eastleap in 1995 I think. Wonderfully
sweet woman.

Dman176:: I think a lot of fans would agree with you, Chris

alsplacebartender:: yeah, a lot of the books had Sam's mind leaping
instead of body.... just didn't sit well

Dman176:: the earlier novels weren't all that great

#McDuck:: There was one that was just a retelling of the Star Trek episode
where Kirk split into two.

ChrisDeFilippis:: I actually played up on the whole mind/body controversy
in a scene at the end of FOREKNOWLEDGE

ChrisDeFilippis:: And I must admit *gulp* that I didn't totally hate Double or

#McDuck:: Only it was Sam instead of Kirk. I actually tossed that one
across the room when I finished it.

Dman176:: there was a very interesting VS story called "Cross Currents"
that played around with the whole body/mind thing

#McDuck:: <---treats her books as treasures. If that's any indication of what
I thought about that one.

ChrisDeFilippis:: I had that reaction to Mirror's Edge

Dman176:: the woman died in the Waiting Room and when am leaped, he
was in her physical body while in the Waiting Room

ChrisDeFilippis:: Absolutely ponderous

Dman176:: home, but yet not home

#McDuck:: I wasn't crazy about that one either, Chris

leaper1 joined

#McDuck:: Hi Helen

Als Handlink:: I'm halfway through Mirrors Edge

leaper1:: hi all

ChrisDeFilippis:: I'm sorry you still have that much more to suffer through

ChrisDeFilippis:: Hello!

Als Handlink:: lol

Dman176:: sorry, Helen... MSN and Yahoo aren't on this computer

alsplacebartender:: haha!

Dman176:: but I'm not having any problems anymore

leaper1:: sok dman

leaper1:: gd

Als Handlink:: I have to read something till I have HP and the Half Blood

ChrisDeFilippis:: Thanks to all for joining

leaper1:: Pleasure to meet u mr De Fillippis

ChrisDeFilippis:: That's my dad. Call me Chris

leaper1:: my daughter is on p424 of HP & HBP

leaper1:: lol

Dman176:: anyway, Chris, the VS is currently on summer hiatus, going
into its 12th season... I introduced a character about a year and a half ago
named Dr. Connors, who became what I dubbed a "Rogue Leaper"...
neither good nor evil

ChrisDeFilippis:: I love rogue characters!

Dman176: he's out there somewhere, trying to restore all of the changes
that Sam and the Evil leapers have made

ChrisDeFilippis:: Why Sam's changes?

leaper1:: 'played' by david duchovny yeh?

ChrisDeFilippis:: Is he a purist?

#McDuck:: Why don't yu have yours yet Tom?

Dman176:: he's like an anti-time travel time-rtraveler

leaper1:: have u read it yet Jen?

ChrisDeFilippis:: Must make for many sleepless nights...

leaper1: oh 4 sure

#McDuck: I finished Ch 13 before logging in Helen

leaper1: kewl

leaper1: dont tell me

leaper1: i dont get my hands on it till becky has finished

Dman176: thinks Sam is "playing God"

#McDuck: Don't worry. I haven't read any articles about the
sales/parties/etc b/c I don't want to be spoiled on ANYTHING.

ChrisDeFilippis: FACT: I have not read one word of Harry Potter.

ChrisDeFilippis: Any book ever

leaper1: chacun a son gout

#McDuck:'ve seen the titles. <wg>

leaper1: teehee

leaper1: good one jen

ChrisDeFilippis: Got me

#McDuck: :-)

Dman176: I look at it like this: he is what Sam would be if he wasn't
brought up to beleive in God or Time or Fate or Whatever

Als Handlink: There are some very good writers in TVS. And I am am going
to write some stories for season 12

leaper1: correction

#McDuck: Eleiece and I just finished a 4-parter for it.

leaper1: there are some great writers in TVS

ChrisDeFilippis: i always thought Sam was more forced to accept the role

leaper1: why?

Dman176: part of it also has to do with a recurring nightmare he's had
since he was a child, but that's a small part of it

ChrisDeFilippis: Not like he had much chioce

Als Handlink: I stand coerrected Helen

#McDuck: I've always thought Sam was raised in it, but didn't necessarily
follow it when he grew up.

leaper1: lol

#McDuck: Foundation rather than active current faith

ChrisDeFilippis: That's reasonable.

Dman176: he's convinced that Sam is going to be the cause of a great
cataclysm and he thinks it's because of his time-traveling

leaper1: i think leaping re awoke his faith

leaper1: it did mine!

ChrisDeFilippis: I think Al is the one who benefited from reawoken faith
more than Sam

Dman176: anyway, I haven't done much with it yet, because there were
some other great stories that some people needed to tell

Dman176: so, I held off on it for a little while

ChrisDeFilippis: My advice: Don'thold off on writing anything ever. Just do it
and sort it out in the end.

leaper1: good advice

Dman176: it's like on TV, the editor, MJ, tries to coordinate all of the
stories from one week ot the next for continuity and what have you

leaper1: and balance

Dman176: so, it's actually working out perfectly now

alsplacebartender: you said you had sent in a television script you had
written first but it was rejected... do you still have the script?

ChrisDeFilippis: Great.

Dman176: wish she could be here now, but she's coming back from
vacation today, I beleive

leaper1: oh yeh, her cruise

ChrisDeFilippis: Sure do. It was called PARADOX and I tried to
unsuccessfully sell copies at the last Eastleap convention

#McDuck: Today or Monday. Dennis delayed departure by a day

Dman176: I'm already intrigued by that title, lol

leaper1: indeed

Als Handlink: Me too

ChrisDeFilippis: Hurricanes... Harry Potter... I don't stand a chance!

#McDuck: LOL

Dman176: I bet I know what Brian will ask next :p

alsplacebartender: I'd put it on the website if you want :) I know people
who'd love to read that....

Dman176: bingo

alsplacebartender: damon knows me so well

#McDuck: LOL :raises hand: I would

Dman176: lol

leaper1: I was telling Damon earlier, I feel like I'm a real writer now, cos I
got some fanmail!

Dman176: Helen writes for VS too, btw, Chris ;)

leaper1: *raises hand: me too

Als Handlink: You knew that was coming. I would deffenatly read it

ChrisDeFilippis: I had just seen "Raped" and it was so great that it inspired
me to sit my butt down and hammer out my own episode.

Dman176: she's very good

#McDuck: I think everyone in here has (or will be)

leaper1: *blushes

Dman176: Jennie wil be too

leaper1: Jennie is an ace writer

Als Handlink: I already submitted my first story

#McDuck: okay, now *I'm* blushing, Helen <g>

leaper1: have u guys read Beth yet?

Dman176: she's already written a great story for Brian's Starbright prequel
series... I've told her how much I feel I pale in comparison to her

ChrisDeFilippis: It's great to hear that everyone here is doing so much to
keep Leap alive

leaper1: if not, get to it!

#McDuck: Shame Ann Marie isn't here so we can make HER blush too.

leaper1: lol

leaper1: brb

Dman176: ok, Helen

#McDuck: Thanks, Damon. :)

Dman176: you're welcome :)

#McDuck: The one MJ's airing now on VS (Stardust) I was toying with
submitting to Berkeley, but they killed the novel program before I was near
finished with it.

ChrisDeFilippis: Bad news for Brian. I only have hard copies of Paradox.
You'd have to scan it in and format it yourself.

alsplacebartender: Ann Marie.... Jennie that is the name of a character in
Foreknowledge! LOL

#McDuck: I was cause of much vexation. I was visiting Ann Marie
when the novel came out

#McDuck: She was reading it

Dman176: yeah, MJ had written a novel around the time they canned th
eprogram too

#McDuck: <g>

Als Handlink: I am thouroghly enjoying Stardust

ChrisDeFilippis: Did she like sharing a name with that raving loony?

alsplacebartender: I could do that Chris.... I did it with several actual
scripts, a couple that were never produced

#McDuck: Ann Marie is a PHENOMENAL writer, btw, too

#McDuck: Do I have to answer that, Chris? At least you hyphenated the
loony. <g>

ChrisDeFilippis: I always felt the novel program suffered from lack of
interest, both internally and externally.

#McDuck: btw, she's on the West Coast, but she may drop by later. She's
probably just getting out of church now

ChrisDeFilippis: Did she hate the character or the book as a whole. Be
honest> I can take it.

#McDuck: No, she, like me, rates it as one of the better novels.

ChrisDeFilippis: Glad to hear it.

#McDuck: We're both Al-coholics, though, so I have to be honest that Liz's
are our favorites. <g>

Als Handlink: I really want to read it now

Dman176: speaking of raving loonies, lol, my idea is going to start
branching off to a new character who will basically be causing chaos in the
timeline due to something Connors accidentally sets in motion... don't want
to reveal too much to people, unless I've told all of you already

ChrisDeFilippis: As i said before, it's just an honer to mentioned in the
same breath with Liz

#McDuck: Thank you, Tom...just saw your comment above. :)

Dman176: like in Foreknowledge, someone will have to leap back and try
and stop her while Sam is off doing his own thing

ChrisDeFilippis: Sammy Jo?

Dman176: no

ChrisDeFilippis: Tom?

Dman176: um... maybe

Als Handlink: I am actually keeping up with it on a week to week basis.
Ask Damon, when Season 11 ended, I was only on like the 11 13 or
something like that

ChrisDeFilippis: d'oh!

#McDuck: :) I'm honored.

Dman176: like I said, don't want to say too much, but my idea was to give
MJ something very different than what we've all been use dto

#McDuck: And I'm just glad that MJ went on vacation after Chapter Three
and NOT Chapter Two

Dman176: I like to shake things up in the types of things I write... give
people the unexpected

#McDuck: I think I would have to go into hiding otherwise

Als Handlink: Yeah, three was a real nailbiter

Als Handlink: I like shaking things up too.

Dman176: if you'd like, I could e-mail the concept to you, Chris... I'd be
honored to get an opinion from someone who's been published :)

Als Handlink: Shh. I read the third one in work while I had a student

Dman176: if you had the time, that is

Dman176: if not, I understand

#McDuck: LOL

Dman176: hey, I had to ask ;)

ChrisDeFilippis: I'd be happy to look at it, but just because I manged to
land a slot in the novel program doesn't make my opinion any more valid,
especially considering some of the novels that were released. You all seem
to have a great handle on your interpretations of the show and the
directions you'd like to see the characters go in.

Dman176: or, I could have Brian forward it

Dman176: I'd appreciate that, Chris :)

ChrisDeFilippis: Get it to me however you'd like.

Dman176: thanks

ChrisDeFilippis: So who has actually read Foreknowledge here?

Als Handlink: Yeah, you'll be blown away Chris

leaper1: i have read it, but must confess it was a while ago

#McDuck: I has been a while though

Dman176: so, that was going to be another question I wanted to ask you...
what do you suggest for aspiring writers like myself, Jennie, MJ, Helen,
etc. to get noticed by a publisher? Where to go, etc.?

alsplacebartender: I have.... it's been a handful of years and I have been
skimming it the last day or so :)

Dman176: literary agents, that kind of stuff

leaper1: hey, i did get a letter from Ginjer Buchanan,remember Damon

leaper1: and it wasnt a total rejection!

#McDuck: Thanks, Damon. <g> (Writer with a day job thanks to first
rejection letter, as my best friend said)

leaper1: i was considered, but lost out in the end to Loch Ness Leap

Dman176: I meant in general, not just for QL :)

#McDuck: Yeah, I'm working on a Christian romance novel, for instance.

leaper1: im just showing off! :P

Dman176: I know :p

Als Handlink: I wish I had. I need to find a copy though

Als Handlink: Lochness Leap, That's one I need too

ChrisDeFilippis: I wish I knew what to tell you. Foreknowledge was almost
a fluke, becasue Ginjer (as some of you have already had experience with)
was unusually open to working with new writers. And I knew QL cold. The
book just pour out of me with a ready-made place to pitch it.

#McDuck: Tom, try eBay and if yuo can't find anything, let me know and I'll see if my used bookstore has it still

ChrisDeFilippis: I've not ewxactly been buring up the charts with followup
work. To date, I have published no other fiction professionally.

leaper1: i got the feeling Search and Rescue was not originally written as

#McDuck: Or, or Amazon's used sales

ChrisDeFilippis: But I have not been really trying, either.

Als Handlink: Will do, Thanks

leaper1: That it was a story that had been rejected and was hastily
rewritten as Ql to get in the niche

Dman176: I know that Pocket Books has an annual contest every year or
their Star Trek: Strange New Worlds anthologies

Dman176: I've been contemplating trying to write a short story for that, but
I'm not good with all that terminology

ChrisDeFilippis: But Foreknowledge is enough to get agents interested in
seeing other stuff; I'm finally working on new fiction and hope to sell
something again soon.

leaper1: technobable is easy damon

#McDuck: technobabble <g>

#McDuck: Do you have an agent, Chris?

leaper1: fingers crossed for u chris

ChrisDeFilippis: SNW can be a stepping stone. I know an author who just
got a story published on SCI Fiction (Datlow editor) who got her start in the
SNW anthologies

ChrisDeFilippis: I HAD an agent shortly after FOREKNOWLEDGE was
published. But the relationship was going nowhere and I ended it.


4 pm EST


Dman176: I might as well bring it up here... I've recently been wondering if we could all somehow get Universal to sign off on converting TVS and the related virtual series into book anthologies... get QL noticed again

ChrisDeFilippis: I have since made other ageny contacts, but will not waste
their time until I have some finished work I consider ready to sell.

Dman176: I always though it was a shame that they ended the books

leaper1: same here

leaper1: especially since my follow up was about to be considered for one!

ChrisDeFilippis: Will never happen. If the book series had been viable
commercially, Berkeley never would have given up the option.

Als Handlink: I have half a story written that I want to submit to L. Ron
Hubbards's Writers of the Future

Dman176: there is so much "fanfiction" and audio productions out there
that is so much better than the "professional" stuff you see being made on
TV and movies these days

ChrisDeFilippis: You always have to consider the bottom line. It's all that

leaper1: they would have sold better if they'd had more writers like u chris,
and the vs writers

leaper1: like damon sed

Dman176: makes me want to start my own company sometimes :p

leaper1: go for it damon!

ChrisDeFilippis: I don't know about that. Most of the tie-in series rely on
built in fan bases to sustain them. The writers are secondary to name
recognition. I just don't think QL has the kind of pull that we all know it

leaper1: it worked for the guys at motown!

Dman176: need money, unfortunately... something of which I have very little
these days

leaper1: i hear that!

#McDuck: Another part of the problem was some booksellers organized
them alphabetically rather than grouped them as a series at first

ChrisDeFilippis: Plus, Universal and Don own the rights, so the ball is in
their court.

#McDuck: alpha by author, I should say

leaper1: yeh

Dman176: perhaps if Universal ever gets off their butts and makes that new
spinoff/ series, QL will be popular again

leaper1: did Don have to approve the 'official' books?

leaper1: or did he give creative control to Ginjer

ChrisDeFilippis: I don't know. They were always grouped as a series here in
Long Island bookstores.

Dman176: oh, you're an Islander, Chris? Wherabouts?

#McDuck: You know, I really think part of the reason for the lack of sales is
that QL was such a varied show. You had a lot of people who enjoyed it
who wouldn't be the type to want to necessarily read stories about it---or
even be aware that there was such a thing

Dman176: I'm in Queens

Als Handlink: If Don Bellsarrio ever read TVS, I'm sure he would agree. I
mean, TVS has strived to stay true to the show\

#McDuck: At first, they were alpha by author, round here, then they
became grouped as a series

ChrisDeFilippis: Don did NOT have to approve the official books. But
Universal DID. Ginjer had complete control of choosing the books, then she
and the authors whould have to work with Universal if they had any

ChrisDeFilippis: I'm in Suffolk

leaper1: shame, if Don had decided, the less good stories might not have
got out there

Dman176: what part of Suffolk?

ChrisDeFilippis: Don was too busy with JAG at that point to care much
about the QL books.

leaper1: guess so

Als Handlink: I never did care for The Wall

#McDuck: I thought it an interesting premise, but it was definitey

ChrisDeFilippis: I sent him a copy of Foreknowledge when it came out just
to thank him for the inspiration. He sent me a nice letter back. I sent a
copy to Deborah too.

Dman176: yeah, Ashley McConnell's weren't that great... she had a weird
idea of how QL worked

leaper1: are we going to get into that debate?

leaper1: kewl

leaper1: I gave a copy of one of my stories to Dean recently

leaper1: doubt if he'll read it though

leaper1: dont suppose I'll ever know

ChrisDeFilippis: to be fair, Ashley was writing before we'd seen the Waiting
Room on TV and had to make a lot of stuff up that later turned out to be
presented differently on TV.

Dman176: oh for sure, I realize that too

ChrisDeFilippis: She decided to stick with the vision she created.

Dman176: the comics were similar too

ChrisDeFilippis: Even after the fact.

Als Handlink: I didn't like how she always had just Sam's mind leap. I know
she wrote her first before it was determined with unreasonable doubt that it was Sam's body leaping, but it still annoys me

leaper1: consistency probably best at that stage

leaper1: i always take the stand that it could be body or mind, depending
on the demands of the leap

Dman176: think she even said it in one of her prefaces... consider it an
"alternate" universe

ChrisDeFilippis: Again, I touched on the whole mind/body debate at the end
of Foreknowledge, just to annoy fans.

leaper1: lol

leaper1: not annoy

leaper1: stimulate debate

ChrisDeFilippis: No, annoy.

Als Handlink: lol

ChrisDeFilippis: ;-)

alsplacebartender: lol @ chris

Dman176: I played around with the inconsistencies in my first VS story

leaper1: i found a way of explaining Ziggy's 'sex change' too

Als Handlink: I never thought of it as just his mind leaping.

Dman176: I had Sam "re-leap" back to the first episode... he was caught in
a time-loop type thing and when he saw the IC door open for the first time,
it was invisible like in the pilot

ChrisDeFilippis: Nevermind that Al was having the debate with Sammy-Jo,
perhaps the most definitive evidence of body leaping.

Dman176: Sam wondered, 'Why the heck is an invisible door sliding open
horizontally, when it shoukd be a white door opening vertically?'

ChrisDeFilippis: Three words: special effects budget

leaper1: roflmao

Dman176: oh yeah, I know that :p

Dman176: but I had fun playing around with it

ChrisDeFilippis: what does roflmao mean?

leaper1: we dont have that probs with stories

leaper1: roll on floor laughing me a** off

Dman176: there are some people on the various messageboards who
analyze every little detail in a sci-fi series

#McDuck: I personally prefer rotflmbo

Dman176: that was my way of saying, "Get over it!" :p

ChrisDeFilippis: Don never seemed bothered by details.

leaper1: yeh

Dman176: exactly

leaper1: we sometimes say why should we worry when don didnt

ChrisDeFilippis: Well, you do worry when you're writing a book.

leaper1: exactly

ChrisDeFilippis: And look at Voyager and Enterprise. Bad thing CAN
happen when you ignore canon

leaper1: surely

Dman176: yeah... although I did like the Temporal Cold War concept... I
assumed they were using that to try to explain some inconsistencies... it
worked with DC Comics 20 years ago

ChrisDeFilippis: Espeically a tie-in property, you have an obligation to the
hardcore fans you know are your primary readers to get your facts straight.

leaper1: absotively posilutely

ChrisDeFilippis: That's why many if not most of the books were lacking in my opinion.

Dman176: plus the fact, I have a huge epic storyline in mind that's very similar to that that I'd like to try and write someday

leaper1: i couldnt agree more

Dman176: it will take me years to write it though

ChrisDeFilippis: QL or Trek?

Dman176: my own creation

Dman176: has a little bit of a lot of things in it though

ChrisDeFilippis: More power to you. When it's a huge television
phenominon, will you accept my submissions?

leaper1: teehee

leaper1: say yes damon

Dman176: I'm actually hoping it will become the next Star Wars... it's a

Dman176: lol, yes

Dman176: I DO have a TV series in mind though... who knows ;)

ChrisDeFilippis: And Star Wars was the next Lord of the Rings

ChrisDeFilippis: And so it goes

#McDuck: :)

Dman176: the problem is trying to make them different enough so that
people don't think you're ripping off other ideas

ChrisDeFilippis: What thing specifiaclly did you all like and dislike about the books in general?

#McDuck: As Shakespeare said, there is nothing new under the sun. All
you can do is present it in your own unique way

leaper1: which is why Don wouldnt read the fanfic

Dman176: because there really are no more oriignal ideas left

leaper1: exactly

#McDuck: That last was my addition of course. <g>

ChrisDeFilippis: And he opens himself up to litigation if he does.

#McDuck: I liked being able to get inside their heads.

ChrisDeFilippis: Again, remember the bottom line.

leaper1: yup

Dman176: oh yeah, I understand completely why he doesn't read any of it

#McDuck: Which was sometimes a good thing if the author was good, and
a bad thing if the author wasn't

#McDuck: Or if the author wasn't familiar truly with a character.

Dman176: it would be stupid for any producer to read unsolicited material

ChrisDeFilippis: That's what meant about an obligation to detail.

leaper1: so chris, if they ever get to make the rumoured spin off series,
would you submit for that?

ChrisDeFilippis: I'd need an agent first, but are you f-ing kidding me?

Dman176: lol

ChrisDeFilippis: YES

Dman176: I think we ALL would try

(TinaAlsGirl5 joined)

leaper1: hi joy

ChrisDeFilippis: In fact, I hope they take Foreknowlege and turn it into an
episode. I wouldn't get any $$$$ from it, but hey.

TinaAlsGirl5: Hullo

#McDuck: Hey Joy

#McDuck: How was Wonka?

ChrisDeFilippis: Hi.

Dman176: I'm just hoping it's not a stupid explanation

Dman176: hi, Joy

Dman176: glad you could make it

TinaAlsGirl5: Hello Mr. DeFilippis

leaper1: thats his dad!

ChrisDeFilippis: Hi. Call me Chris

TinaAlsGirl5: Oh, okay... Chris... :)

ChrisDeFilippis: Heard Wonka sucked

TinaAlsGirl5: I loved it

TinaAlsGirl5: Seen it three times now

Dman176: I think my sister liked it too, Joy... she said her friend asked her
the other night if she wanted to "Wonka" with her :p

Dman176: "I think we should Wonka... what do you think,Devin?"

TinaAlsGirl5: My sister never seeks out multiple viewings of a movie, but
she actually *wants* to see Wonka again

TinaAlsGirl5: lol

ChrisDeFilippis: Can't be any worse tha Fantastic Four

#McDuck: Sign of a good flick. I want to catch it soon.

TinaAlsGirl5: So, have I missed much?

Dman176: I saw F4 last night... it was okay... not as good as Batman
begins though

leaper1: i'm all for obligation to detail chris - for one of my vs stories i
created 3 page back stories for characters who died in the first paragraph!

ChrisDeFilippis: That's a little nuts...

ChrisDeFilippis: ;-)

#McDuck: Very Tolkien-ish

#McDuck: <g>

leaper1: i wanted them to be real people to me and to the other characters,
not just names on a page

Als Handlink: I saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith. That was excellent

Dman176: well, Joy, we talked a little bit about his book, my VS idea, how
he went about submitting his idea, etc.... can't think of anyhting else at the

ChrisDeFilippis: I can understand that. i felt very connected to my
characters too

leaper1: i think you need to

TinaAlsGirl5: cool cool

Dman176: I saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith too... it was pretty good

#McDuck: Harry Potter

#McDuck: <G> We talked abit about Potter. LOL

Dman176: Helen, the room working okay for you?

TinaAlsGirl5: hehehe... Harry Potter.... I started reading it at 5pm-ish last
night... stayed up all night and finished it by 5am

Dman176: just wondering


TinaAlsGirl5: No, not a word

#McDuck: I'm only finished thru 13

leaper1: sok atm damon

Dman176: ok

TinaAlsGirl5: You've gotta hurry, though, 'cause I'm itching to talk to
someone I know about it

Als Handlink: You read it in one night

TinaAlsGirl5: Yes

TinaAlsGirl5: First time I've ever done that with a book that siz

TinaAlsGirl5: *size

#McDuck: I will let you know as soon as I am done. I was babysitting
yesterday, so I wasn't able to start, and then I had to prep a Sunday
School lesson last night

Als Handlink: Um, I haven't even recieved my copy yet

TinaAlsGirl5: Oh, that stinks

#McDuck: That totally stinks.

leaper1: brb

#McDuck: I got mine yesterday from Barnes and with free
shipping no less

Als Handlink: Just say this, where does it rank as far as how goot it is
compared to others

Als Handlink: good

TinaAlsGirl5: I'd rank it up with OOTP -- it's an emotionally charged (and
draining) experience

Dman176: so, Chris, how would you prefer I send my outline to you? Would
you like me to send it through Brian... I don't know how you both contacted
each other before

Als Handlink: Wow, that is my fav. so far

#McDuck: Wow. Which is your favorite of the six so far, Joy? Azkaban is
still my favorite book, but I've not finished 6 yet

#McDuck: Order of the Phoenix is right underneath it

ChrisDeFilippis: I'll ask a question: What were the best and worst aspects
of Foreknowledge? Pull no punches, please. Assuming that you can
remember it, that is.

ChrisDeFilippis: damon: send it through Brian

ChrisDeFilippis: Probably easiest for now.

#McDuck: Well, I really liked the end with Al and Ann-Marie. Can't
remember a whole lot of specifics, but his kindness and pity

Dman176: I would almost ask if you'd be interested writing a story for part
of my arc, but that's probably wishful thinking :p

Dman176: ok

Als Handlink: Chris, did you come up with the name, or did the editors
choose it

(DeadZoneLeaper joined)

Dman176: well, I'll try to remember some deatils

#McDuck: Hi Greg

Dman176: Ah, greg joined

DeadZoneLeaper: Hi Jennie

Als Handlink: Hey Greg

TinaAlsGirl5: Hiya Greg

ChrisDeFilippis: The name was a working title until I came up with
something better. But Ginjer liked it and it stayed.

DeadZoneLeaper: Hi everyone

ChrisDeFilippis: Hello

Dman176: I liked how you had Al go back to when Sam won the Nobel
Prize and we got to see more of LoNigro

Dman176: I would have liked to have seen more of that era in Sam's life
explored on the TV show

alsplacebartender: I liked the stuff with Sammy Jo and Al at the project a
lot too. Always interested in seeing how Sammy Jo fit into the project

ChrisDeFilippis: McDuck: Glad you liked that scene. I had finished the final
chapter days before, but the book didn't seem finished to me until I wrote
that. It was almost as if Al was sitting somwhere in my head demanding it.

#McDuck: He does that sometimes. LOL

ChrisDeFilippis: The Nobel Prize was a no-brainer. When else would
Ann-Marie hear about Sam?

DeadZoneLeaper: Sometimes it seems AL is much easier to write for than
Sam, I can hear his "voice" speaking his dialogue

Dman176: Greg has written some very interesting VS stories as well

#McDuck: Al has a lot more layers to him.

ChrisDeFilippis: And Dana LoNigro also plays a small but crucial role in the
story. So Sibby's inclusion was obvious.

Als Handlink: Yeah, I like writing things about Al

Dman176: you used the alternate ending to MI in one story, didn't you,
Greg? ;)

ChrisDeFilippis: I don't agree. Sam is a muchmore compelling character to
write in my opinion

DeadZoneLeaper: yeah, I found a way to tie that in, but I didn't make Sam
and Al go far out in the future, I made it near-future and it just seemed to fit

ChrisDeFilippis: Not Al bashing he quickly hastens to add

#McDuck: LOL

DeadZoneLeaper: lol

Dman176: heh heh

#McDuck: You've got at least two Al-coholics in here. LOL

ChrisDeFilippis: Don't flame me

Dman176: I always found it interesting that even though Sam had the
theories, he needed LoNigro to help him figure it all out logically

DeadZoneLeaper: With Sam, I will say it is a lot of fun writing about what
kind of situations you can put Sam into

ChrisDeFilippis: Al is easier in the sense that he's sort of the kitchen sink
character. If you want Sam to gain knowledge about something he has no
experience with, you just drag it out of Al's increasingly checkered past

Dman176: if you really think about it, Quantum Leap wouldn't exist without
either of the two men

#McDuck: Sam is a good situational guy, he's the boy scout.

ChrisDeFilippis: is "checkered" right?

TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, once an Al-coholic, always an Al-coholic... :)

#McDuck: But Al has so much to him. Bravado hiding pain, for one thing.
Al's got a lot more pain than Sam does.

DeadZoneLeaper: we wont FLAG you for using that term

TinaAlsGirl5: checkered is a good word...

Dman176: oh boy, there goes Greg with his puns :p

DeadZoneLeaper: heh

TinaAlsGirl5: lol

ChrisDeFilippis: must... dodge.. puns...

#McDuck: At least he'susing good NASCAR puns this time. ;)

ChrisDeFilippis: And I don't think Al's pain is any more valid than Sam's. He
still gets to sleep in his own bed at night.

Als Handlink: Watching NASCAR right now

Dman176: to be honest, I can't remember much bad about the book... I
preferred it a lot over most of the others

#McDuck: I'm not discounting Sam's, but Al's goes all the way back to
childhood. Sam, at least, had a loving family.

(Johi36 joined)

Dman176: I'm one of those people who can understand that complex
time-travel conundrum type stuff

#McDuck: And Sam CHOSE To step into the accelerator, while a lot of Al's
pain happened to him out of circumstance

DeadZoneLeaper: Yeah, Damon spins our heads sometimes..;)

ChrisDeFilippis: Who keeled, were killed or beaten by their husbands

Dman176: sometimes? :p

Dman176: hello, Johi

DeadZoneLeaper: welcome Johi

Johi36: Hi :)

#McDuck: Hi Johi

ChrisDeFilippis: Hello

DeadZoneLeaper: Chris, have you written fiction for other shows than QL?

ChrisDeFilippis: I LOVE that complex time-travel conumdrum type stuff. It's
what insipres me.

Als Handlink: Yeah, I feel bad for MJ with all the ideas Damon has for TVS

ChrisDeFilippis: Other than a couple of rejected Star Trek proposals for
Pocket Books. No.

Dman176: ok, I've got another question for you, Chris, because I have found
myself doing this a lot lately... did you do any research into how those
time-travel conundrums supposedly work? Different theories and all that?

ChrisDeFilippis: Only if I have to explain something technically.

ChrisDeFilippis: The method isn't so important compared to the drama the
act of TT creates

leaper1: i agree there

ChrisDeFilippis: I do keep up with the latest theories out of personal
curiosity, though.

leaper1: i think one of the strengths of ql is that at times the time travel is
incidental to the heart story

Dman176: I guess I'm referring to the part where they first realize that
Sam's life is endangered in the 80s

#McDuck: Absolutely. it was just a device.

#McDuck: It was all about the characters and the drama

DeadZoneLeaper: I assume it is difficult to get work published for a tv show.
A bunch of us wrote a very long involved story arc that probably could have
been as long as the Xindi arc, and I would love to have every story that
connected to it, be published into one book

Dman176: nothing changes right away... am I remmebering that correctly?

ChrisDeFilippis: Yes, the TT is incidental to the stories, but intergral to the
overall premise

ChrisDeFilippis: Actually, noting that they realize. But if it was changing,
they really wouldn't know to realize it, would they? Only Ziggy was able to
sort the matter out initially, and it locked her up totally.

ChrisDeFilippis: nothing that they realize. sorry

Dman176: well, like Al noticed that McBride was replaced

ChrisDeFilippis: Yep. That's when it was already almost too late to stop.

Dman176: which I thought was a nice touch, by the way, too, with the
references to past TV episodes

ChrisDeFilippis: There were actually some complaints about the many
show references.

ChrisDeFilippis: To which I say, WHAT?!?

Dman176: lol

DeadZoneLeaper: I like references to things, continuity is a good thing

leaper1: same here

Dman176: must be from a continuity standpoint

ChrisDeFilippis: It's all you have in a tie-in series, As I said above

Dman176: some people don't like QL to be continuous in that sense, I

#McDuck: I personally liked wher ethe novels tied-in with the show directly.
Otherwise it's a separate entity and a free-for-all

leaper1: ditto

Dman176: Greg and I have actually thrown in quite a few Back to the
Future references in our stories :p

ChrisDeFilippis: I don't know. The stories HAD to be origianl leaps. But it
makes little sense to write as if you're in a vacuum.

DeadZoneLeaper: I'm sure some ppl not familiar with our Virtual Seasons,
probably wouldn't like the fact that Tom has been brought back into the
fold, or that the President now knows PQL works and has someone update
him on what the project is doing

leaper1: i like 'in jokes' too - like in my recently posted story, where sam
has to notice a film showing in a cinema in 88 and its married to the mob!

DeadZoneLeaper: Dean was in that

leaper1: exactly

#McDuck: Right. That's what I mean. Not every novel needed to tie=in with
an ep, but they couldn't just do whatever the heck they wanted. Must be in
line with canon.

Dman176: I kind of look at QL the same way as how BTTF works... Sam
came from the original timeline. If he kept changing along with the changes
he made, then it would sort of negate the need to change things, wouldn't
it? :p

leaper1: here he goes....

leaper1: :P

Dman176: lol

DeadZoneLeaper: LOL

ChrisDeFilippis: One of my in jokes was the way Sam signed his placard at
the Nobel ceremony, "All the Best, Sam Beckett" That's how Scott signs
most of his autographs

leaper1: kewl

Dman176: ah, see, I did not know that

DeadZoneLeaper: me either

#McDuck: That's where it's helpful to have GFTW in charge. ;)

Dman176: that was a nice touch :)

Als Handlink: I thoroughly dissected everything about

Als Handlink: BTTF

leaper1: i really wanna re-read it now

leaper1: *adds to the 'to do' list

#McDuck: How many miles longisyour list now, Helen? lol

ChrisDeFilippis: For the Record: I think BTTF II was the second best TT
movie ever made.

leaper1: teehee

#McDuck: What was the first?

Als Handlink: ME TOO C

ChrisDeFilippis: How can there be any question: 12 Monkeys

Dman176: I loved it too, Chris... I know a lot of fans thought it was too

ChrisDeFilippis: Hands down

ChrisDeFilippis: period

Dman176: ah, I need to see that one

ChrisDeFilippis: end of discussion

Als Handlink: BTTF2 was easilly the best

#McDuck: LOL

leaper1: same here

DeadZoneLeaper: I had Sam get a major haircut in one of my stories so
that when he looked in the mirror, AL said he looked like a "captain" from
some sci-fi show he just watched

Dman176: I've heard it was excellent

Dman176: yeah, I liked that one, Greg

leaper1: nice touch

#McDuck: You'd love it, Damon (12 Monkeys)

#McDuck: Right up your alley with the theorizing

Dman176: I thought Millennium was a good novel... not the best movie

#McDuck: Though I do have to say, I love the Bill & Ted moment about
leaving the keys

DeadZoneLeaper: Honorable mention to Planet Of The Apes, I count it as

leaper1: my friend emma wrote a story where sam leaps into harry damour
from illusions

ChrisDeFilippis: You haven't seen it???!?!? EWnd this chat right now and go rent it for pity's sake!

DeadZoneLeaper: 1968 not the remake

#McDuck: There is only ONE Planet of the Apes, and Burton's was NOT IT

leaper1: called when harry met sammy

DeadZoneLeaper: Terry Gillaim makes some good movies

Als Handlink: I liked Frequency too

#McDuck: He was a Python, wasn't he?

DeadZoneLeaper: yup

Dman176: yeah, Bill and Ted was good... they follow the predestination
paradox very well

ChrisDeFilippis: I thought the B&T's "keys" scene was sheer brilliance

leaper1: frequency was good

Dman176: oh yeah, that was great as well

ChrisDeFilippis: Gilliam did all the Python animations.

leaper1: yup

DeadZoneLeaper: Wyld Stallions!!

Als Handlink: It's sad, most of my students have never even heard of B&T's

alsplacebartender: be excellent to each other

DeadZoneLeaper: yeah, he occasionally showed in skits, like the Spanish

#McDuck: So-crates

DeadZoneLeaper: he also directed Fisher King, which I thought was good

Dman176: I still have that one VS idea where Sam is talking to Dr. Mason
Crane and he's being told that he's really an actor who played the role of
Sam Beckett on acult Tv show

#McDuck: Did he? Oh that one was heartwrenching!

#McDuck: I haven't been able to bring myself to watch it again, though I
very much loved it

ChrisDeFilippis: Any last questions about the books or show? I have to get
going soon.

leaper1: look forward to that one damon

Dman176: if I can ever get it done, Helen :)

leaper1: were u a fan from day one chris, or did u come to the series mid

DeadZoneLeaper: Do you still have any QL stories that you might get
published somehow?

Dman176: I wish I could think of more questions

Dman176: Are we still going to try and reschedule, Brian, or do we really
not need to anymore? :p

ChrisDeFilippis: Midway. My dad was watching the show one night (81/2
Months I think) and I was just hooked from there.

DeadZoneLeaper: I assume the favorire episode question was already

DeadZoneLeaper: favorite

Dman176: no, it wasn't... good one, Greg

#McDuck: Oh....what do you think of the DVD releases with the music

ChrisDeFilippis: Other QL Stories: Only "Somewhere Between Limbo and
Lightning," posted here on Brian's site

alsplacebartender: i think this one will siffice damon, but Chris... you're
welcome to come back anytime you'd like!

DeadZoneLeaper: Leap Home is my fave

leaper1: that's on my to do list too Jen!

#McDuck: What is, Helen?

ChrisDeFilippis: My absolute favorite ep? Nuclear Family, followed closely
by Shock Theater/Leap Back

Dman176: I would definitely love to read that script you wrote, Chris

leaper1: reading somewhere between...

Dman176: the Paradox one

#McDuck: ahh gotcha

leaper1: my fave is catch a falling star

DeadZoneLeaper: hmm, need writers for your Season 12 arc, Damon?

leaper1: scott sings!

#McDuck: Any question about mine? M.I.A. of course! LOL

leaper1: indubitably

Dman176: I'm sending him the outline, Greg ;)

DeadZoneLeaper: There are just some episodes that are excellent on so
many levels

DeadZoneLeaper: KEWL

leaper1: oh for sure

leaper1: and even the 'worst' ones had redeeming features

DeadZoneLeaper: even Blood Moon?

leaper1: yeh

#McDuck: Sure...Ian Buchanan!

#McDuck: <g>

leaper1: even miss deep south

DeadZoneLeaper: I have a hard time with that one

ChrisDeFilippis: Black on White on Fire is also a big fave.

Dman176: hey, I liked that one... probably one of the only people that DID,

DeadZoneLeaper: that is a good ep

ChrisDeFilippis: Stupidist Episode: Dreams

leaper1: oh no

ChrisDeFilippis: Most Boring: Hurricane

Als Handlink: I really liked The Curse of Ta-Hotep, but my Fav. is A leap for
Lisa and Trilogy Part 3

Dman176: really? I loved Dreams

leaper1: miss ds stupidest

ChrisDeFilippis: Most Pointless: Curse of P'Tha ho Tep

leaper1: sam would never want his sister to see him as a beauty queen!

#McDuck: I'm gonna hide, but I can't stand Trilogy

Dman176: maybe it was because of Dr. Crane.. he was creepy

DeadZoneLeaper: good to see you have potential writers for your arc,
Damon, i can focus on my NGAH project...;)

ChrisDeFilippis: And the scene with Sam and Al singing in Miss Deep
South is second only to Sam's Mr. Scrubbo spot in Future Boy. You gotta
love it

#McDuck: LOL

Dman176: well, we'll see, Greg...

Dman176: yeah, Mr. Scrubbo was funny

ChrisDeFilippis: Sam speaking in the falsetto was just downright

alsplacebartender: i loved mr. scrubbo spot! I fell off the couch!

DeadZoneLeaper: i'll tell ya later, D, I put some thought to your Holly
Hathaway question

DeadZoneLeaper: Future Boy is a good one

Dman176: ah, ok, Greg

Als Handlink: I just watched that Ep. again Yesterday

5 pm EST


ChrisDeFilippis: My other favorite is Goodnight Dear Heart

leaper1: brb

DeadZoneLeaper: Moe Stein is John the Head Visitor Alien from V

Als Handlink: I don't know about that one Chris, It was good, but Fav.???

Dman176: I loved Lee Harvey Oswald, Shock Theater, Leap Back, and of course, Killin Time

ChrisDeFilippis: I feel so bad for Hilla everytime, and Sam kneeling beside the grave is one of the best endings of an ep ever

DeadZoneLeaper: It's got a future Star Trek actor in it

#McDuck: And a future Desperate housewife

#McDuck: <g>

Als Handlink: I did like how he read the poem

ChrisDeFilippis: Hey, I hated Trilogy too.

ChrisDeFilippis: Some of the only work by Deborah I didn't care for

#McDuck: It was just.....major ewww factor. First he's her dad, then he's
her lover.

Dman176: what did you think of the Evil Leapers, Chris?

ChrisDeFilippis: My overall assessment: boring

Als Handlink: Part 3 was excellent. The first time I saw it and they revealed
what Laura looked like under her scarf

ChrisDeFilippis: And a creepy way for Sam to get a daughter

ChrisDeFilippis: Boring for Triogy. Evil Leaper: Gimmicky

ChrisDeFilippis: But watchable in a post Doogie Houser sort of way

#McDuck: They've grown on me in time, but I wasn't fond of the concept at
all at first

Als Handlink: What about A Leap for Lisa. I loved the part where they
replaced Al as the Hologram

Dman176: I remember reading somewhere that Don really wasnt too fond of
the Evil Lepaer idea

Dman176: NBC pressured him into creating a nemesis though

leaper1: i hated it until vs! the evil leaper i mean

#McDuck: I think that's what changed my mind, too....some of the stories.
(Not just VS stories, either)

Dman176: yeah, we all added some good spins on the Evil Leapers

leaper1: and qr as well of course

Als Handlink: The second one, where Sam leaped into Arnold Watkins, I
didn't care for that one

Dman176: probably put a lot more thought into it than whatshername did...
Robin Bernheim, I think?

ChrisDeFilippis: ALfL: More gimmicky stuff, with St. John and Bingo. If they
can leap Bingo into himself at an earlier point, why can't they just leap the
visitor into Sam and bring him home?

#McDuck: Well, I wasn't referring to QR (I can't get into it). But other fics

leaper1: gd point chris

alsplacebartender: i always wondered that too

Als Handlink: yeah it is

ChrisDeFilippis: As Don said, don't look too closely at this stuff, folks

#McDuck: Yup. LOL

leaper1: must have to do with brain wave synching

Dman176: hmm... I expect some readers might find my idea a bit
gimmicky too

ChrisDeFilippis: Another point I try to address in Foreknowledge, by the by

leaper1: als

#McDuck: How so, Chris? <g>

Dman176: I liked A Leap for Lisa... that was another inspiration for my idea

leaper1: i have a question for u chris - if the series hadn't ended, how do u
think don would have addressed the death of dennis wolfberg?

DeadZoneLeaper: Maybe because like in Mirror Image, Sam can go home if
he wanted to, but his doubts block him. I bet if they had tried to bounce
Sam home like Bingo, Sam's subsconscious probably would have
prevented it

ChrisDeFilippis: In a scene with Wietzman. I think the chief concern is that
there would be no guarantee that the Visitor wouldn't stop Leaping even if
Sam returned.

leaper1: logical

ChrisDeFilippis: Oh yeah I forgot: Mirror Image is also one of my all time
favorites and by far the best series finale ever made.

leaper1: would gushie/gooshie have changed faces or been replaced?

DeadZoneLeaper: I give Newhart that distinction

DeadZoneLeaper: best final ep

Dman176: interesting... there are a lot of people who hated it, probably for
the sole reason that Sam never returned home

(feldon23 joined)

feldon23: hello everyone

ChrisDeFilippis: I think they would have probably gone with another actor
for the role.

leaper1: hi morgan

alsplacebartender: Hi Morgan, you made it!

DeadZoneLeaper: I thought the Bartender would have been a great
character to explore had the show continued

Dman176: I didn't like it at first, but over the years, I've changed my view on

DeadZoneLeaper: yeah, I hated it at first

leaper1: same here damon

feldon23: greetings Mr. DeFilippis

leaper1: hated it for ages, ignored it for ages

feldon23: MI cured me of any desire to follow QL for quite a few years.

#McDuck: Hi Morgan

Dman176: hi Morgan

ChrisDeFilippis: Dennis was good, but seen only ion like what? Three
episodes? I don't see Don retiring a character for that, especially when
Donna can go from Teri Hatcher to whoever that woman who played her
was in The Leap Back

feldon23: hi McDuck, DMan176, alsplace,. anyone I've missed...

leaper1: true

#McDuck: Amen to that, Chris!

ChrisDeFilippis: Hi Morgan

(#clara5 joined)

leaper1: i tackle it in 'run for their lives'

#McDuck: I initially liked Donna, and then saw Leap Back. :-P

alsplacebartender: hi clara

#clara5: hello everyone

#McDuck: Hi Clara

Dman176: hi Clara

Johi36: Hi Clara

Dman176: VS has replaced Gooshie twice already

#clara5: O TOTALLY forgot there was a chat :-$

DeadZoneLeaper: I didnt like the person they chose for older Donna

leaper1: kill gush, but his replacement must answer to the 'nickname' while
on duty

leaper1: so sam doesnt suspect

feldon23: so unusual to hear the negativity about Donna. I liked the actress

leaper1: true damon

leaper1: once by me

#clara5: so, what did I miss?

feldon23: second.

feldon23: but I am not drawn to movies/shows/episodes based on

leaper1: nah, didnt like mimi

ChrisDeFilippis: Guess it's just a mysoginistic guy thing.

Dman176: I never really had an opinion on the older actress

ChrisDeFilippis: I misspelled that, I'm sure

#McDuck: miosgynist.

#McDuck: <g>

#McDuck: Misognyist

DeadZoneLeaper: it's very Seinfeld petty, but Mimi's eyes bugged me for
the characetr of Donna

#McDuck: I evne typoed it lol

#McDuck: Three time!

#McDuck: Yikes

#McDuck: misogynist

#McDuck: There you go

Dman176: lol@Jennie

#McDuck: :)

feldon23: here's an OT... I wonder if in the future that creators of TV shows,
when the show is cancelled, they publish a "canon" guide with all the
backstory and history of the characters and some statements about each
to help fanfic authors continue series

leaper1: just ask damon

Dman176: lol... me?

#McDuck: More likely, someone could find the show's "Bible" and sell it on

leaper1: u could ive em all the canon damon

ChrisDeFilippis: I once wrote in to request a bible for QL and was told there
wan;t one.

leaper1: chapter and verse

DeadZoneLeaper: The Complete QL Book, or QL: A to Z worked for me

ChrisDeFilippis: wasn't one, sorry

Dman176: if you're referring to my TV show idea, I could do that someday

DeadZoneLeaper: the Sliders idea?

feldon23: DeadZone: Chunovic's book?

Dman176: no no, something completely different

DeadZoneLeaper: yeah

Dman176: an original idea

DeadZoneLeaper: but A to Z book has a lot of detailed stuff

feldon23: DeadZone: did any chapter in that book have less than 10

ChrisDeFilippis: Sliders: the worst execution of one of the most intriguing
premisies ever.

Dman176: I agree whoehearetedly there, Chris

leaper1: it started well but went off the rails

ChrisDeFilippis: I used A to Z a bit when writing Foreknowledge.

Dman176: it was my second favorite show next to QL

DeadZoneLeaper: yup

feldon23: Chris: maybe they didn't know if they wanted it to be an 80's teen
show or a serious sci-fi?

DeadZoneLeaper: The A to Z book is pretty good

ChrisDeFilippis: I don't think they knew anything beyond: we have this neat

Dman176: Sliders was meant to be a satire on real-wrold situations with
science fiction mixed in... but the knuckleheads at the wonderful Fox
network decided to make it like The X-Files

leaper1: i'm gonna have to go soon folks, tis gone 10pm here and i have
work at 7am

DeadZoneLeaper: or: What movie can we imitate this week?

leaper1: lol

ChrisDeFilippis: Any last questions? How abut from the newcomers?

alsplacebartender: understandable helen, glad you could make it!

Dman176: picked a new producer who literally said... yeah, what Greg said

leaper1: me too

#clara5: no problem Helen, see you later!

Dman176: ok, Helen, ttyl

#McDuck: chat later, Helen! nite!

DeadZoneLeaper: I need to find a Greatest American Hero A to Z or
something simialr, the bug to write a next gen of that show is really starting
to kick in

ChrisDeFilippis: Thanks for showing up, Helen. i appreciate it.

leaper1: its been great talking to you Chris, and good to 'see' all my friends
again, shame sue couldnt make it

#clara5: well, I don't really have any questions, especially since I don't
know which ones have already been asked

ChrisDeFilippis: Well i don't mind repeats this late in the game. I have
about 5 more minutes to spare

Als Handlink: Sliders really went downhill when it went to Sci-Fi. It didn't
help that Wade and the Prof. Left the show. I wouldn'teven give the last
seson thew time of day

Dman176: in other words, ask anyway, Clara :p

DeadZoneLeaper: I watched it for Kari, I won't

DeadZoneLeaper: I remember when she was on MTv's Remote Control

ChrisDeFilippis: No pressure

Dman176: they actually fired John Rhys-Davies because he was very
outspoken about hwat the show could be doing

ChrisDeFilippis: My first Kari sighting too. Sigh...

Dman176: lol

Johi36: I don't have any questions either :)

DeadZoneLeaper: lol

Dman176: same here

#McDuck: JRD is awesome

DeadZoneLeaper: Not bad for a dwarf

leaper1: lol

leaper1: he's tall as treebeard!

DeadZoneLeaper: lol

DeadZoneLeaper: lol

Dman176: the 4th season had a good premise, but they didn't follow
through on it

DeadZoneLeaper: is that ENTirely acurate?

feldon23: rofl

leaper1: lol

Johi36: :)

DeadZoneLeaper: sorry..the puns..the puns

Als Handlink: I did like Kari's Charecter

#McDuck: Here we go again. <g>

DeadZoneLeaper: I loike what Kari brought to the show...;)

Als Handlink: Always liked Kari

Dman176: yeah, she grew on me too, Tom

#clara5: ok, so did you have any problems about characterisation while
writing? were there any dark spots that you had to do a lot of research to
be able to write?

DeadZoneLeaper: How does a QL come to you? I always start with an
image in my head of the leap-in, then I figure out everything else

DeadZoneLeaper: QL story

Dman176: oh, I do have another question too, Chris, sorry... what's your
style when you write? How do you plot your ideas out? I find I often jump
back and forth when I'm writing

#clara5: I'm asking that because I'm having a HUGE writer's block on my
Star Wars fanfic for exactly those reasons...

DeadZoneLeaper: yeah I hate when my writing seems FORCEd

Dman176: oy... *rolls eyes* at Greg

leaper1: Greg!

DeadZoneLeaper: muah-hahaha

#clara5: lol @ Greg

ChrisDeFilippis: i don't know how to answer that. Most of my ideas begin
with a premise that intrigues me, then I fill in the details from there.

Als Handlink: I am having a writers block with my current VS epp.

ChrisDeFilippis: The foreknowledge premise was: what if someone didn't
like how Sam had changed their lefe "for the better"

ChrisDeFilippis: life

ChrisDeFilippis: sorry

ChrisDeFilippis: then the story evolved from that

leaper1: one of my stories came out of a one liner from a comedian

Als Handlink: which one

DeadZoneLeaper: i find playing nit-picker helps me get thru block. I readit
as if someone new was looking at it and asking questions.. What if this
happened? Why does this need to happen?" and out of rationalizing my
ideas sometimes new ones emerge

leaper1: skin deep

ChrisDeFilippis: i usually have a pretty detailed outline before I begin, but
it's not strictly necessary

Dman176: so, you don't have a problem sitting down and writing chapter by
chapter, or do you sometimes have a really good scene you want to write

leaper1: that one had nothin but the joke, and applyin it to sam

Als Handlink: I need something to happen in the middle of my story

DeadZoneLeaper: I outlined all of my VS stories, I had them broken down
by Acts (like an episode)

leaper1: the rest came from why that should be

Dman176: for me, I get sidetracked a lot because I'm not always so good
with descriptive material

#McDuck: what was the one-liner, Helen?

Dman176: I'm impatient to get to the good stuff

DeadZoneLeaper: then I tried to figure out what would make a good "Visual
image" before the "commercial break" and then the rest would fall into

(#SetandDrift joined)

#McDuck: Damon.....for Stardust I first wrote what became Chapter Three
and then went back and wrote what led up to it

#McDuck: Hey Ann Marie!

DeadZoneLeaper: Dialogue is probably my worst area."

ChrisDeFilippis: My script for PARADOX began with a scene; Sam and Al
fighting. Then wrote around that. Foreknowlede was ruthlessly plotted and
outlined before I bean. It had to be to sell it to Berkley.

#SetandDrift: Hi! Finally made it.

leaper1: if acupuncture is pins in u to heal

leaper1: and voodoo in image of u to hurt

leaper1: wot if identical twin has acupuncture?

#McDuck: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Johi36: lol

#McDuck: I was always wondering what the joke was that led into that one

Dman176: Hi, Ann-Marie... unfortunately, I think Chris will be leaving us

Als Handlink: I just read those stories Helen. They wre very good

DeadZoneLeaper: we'd have the premise for Hellraiser V

ChrisDeFilippis: Yeah. 5:30. So ask away.

leaper1: thanks

Dman176: I'm the reverse, Greg... dialogue is my best area

ChrisDeFilippis: You're not THE Ann-Marie, are you?

#SetandDrift: Ah, well. This is the earliest I could make it...

ChrisDeFilippis: I had to ask

#SetandDrift: NO! I dubbed it the evil hyphen twin. <g> I actually don't have
a hypen - it's Ann Marie

#SetandDrift: And as a devout Al fan, I was SO upset when my namesake
shot him....

DeadZoneLeaper: I think I am better at action sequences than dialogue.
Heck, I use G.I. Figures to choreograph fight scenes

leaper1: i use my son!

ChrisDeFilippis: You were upset, meaning my writing evoked a reaction,
meaning I did my job. Thanks

Dman176: I use my hands to act out stuff... probably shouldn't be saying
that *hides*

#clara5: Greg, you'll HAVE to help me out with my story then (if you have

leaper1: hey damon whatever works

DeadZoneLeaper: for my story when Sam was a superhero impersonator, I
used Gung Ho the Marine versus Cobra Commander

#McDuck: ROTFL

#McDuck: G I Joe....not just for kids anymore....

Als Handlink: hehehehe

leaper1: sam leaps into gi joe.....

DeadZoneLeaper: probably less painful than attacking a

#SetandDrift: I enjoyed your book, yes. I just hope if anyone else uses my
name in a story, she's a GOOD person. ;-)

#clara5: well, nothing's exclusively for kids these days...

#McDuck: lol @ Ann Marie :)

DeadZoneLeaper: Sam leaps intop He-Man

DeadZoneLeaper: and Kringer can see Al

#clara5: good one Ann Marie

Dman176: yup... He-Man just came out on DVD and I feel like a little boy

Dman176: not just for kids anymore

leaper1: I have the power! oh boy!

#clara5:: what about my thing with Gargoyles... not much better

Als Handlink:: I never really got into He-Man that much

#McDuck:: <--Disney nut <g> I'm not saying a word

leaper1:: really gotta go now guys

leaper1:: ttyl

DeadZoneLeaper:: Cant see Sam as Optimus Prime tho

#McDuck:: Bye Helen

Dman176:: ok, Helen

DeadZoneLeaper:: bye helen

Dman176:: bye

leaper1:: thanks again chris

leaper1:: ttfn

leaper1 left

#clara5:: Jennie, I'm probably as bad as you, except maybe with the going
to disneyland/world 5 times a year, lol

#clara5:: bye!

DeadZoneLeaper:: Sam as Lion-O

#clara5:: oops, missed her

ChrisDeFilippis:: Looks like my time is up. Thanks to all of you for coming.
I honestly didn't think anyone would remember Foreknowledge at this point,
much less want to chat. Thaks for proving me wrong. I'll send Brian the
PARADOX script ASAP. If you have any questions, have Brian forward
them. Thanks again!

DeadZoneLeaper:: Thank you, Chris

#McDuck:: Only cuz it's closer for me! LOL

#SetandDrift:: Thank you, for the brief time I was able to chat with you.

Dman176:: and I'll be sure to forward my outline to you thru Brian, Chris

#McDuck:: Thanks for coming, Chris.

#clara5:: thank you Chris, for being here

Dman176:: I appreciate you taking the time to look at it

DeadZoneLeaper:: Don't be a stranger to the boards at Al's Place

Dman176:: come back anytime

alsplacebartender:: well chris, i just want to say thank you so much for
joining us today!

alsplacebartender left

ChrisDeFilippis:: Will do. take it easy!

alsplacebartender joined

feldon23:: so THAT'S what that button does

ChrisDeFilippis left

#clara5:: have a nice day!

Johi36:: Thank you Chris!!!

Johi36:: Oh, I was too late

Als Handlink:: Jennie, Write a QL story that has Sam leaping into Woody
from Toy Story, in the Ice Capades or something

#McDuck:: And now the seven second lull while everyone regroups

#clara5:: so was I...

#SetandDrift:: 1...2...3..4...

#McDuck:: Tom....Eleiece and I just finished one for VS where Sam leaps
into a guest on the Tower of Terror

#SetandDrift:: Nope, sorry, only took you 4 seconds.

#clara5:: well, I'm still wondering if Greg will help me...

#McDuck:: LOL

DeadZoneLeaper:: whats it about?

#clara5:: Star Wars...

Johi36 left

#clara5:: post ep 3

DeadZoneLeaper: between 3 and 4?

feldon23: the only story I see between 3 and 4 is Leia. which really wouldn't
be all that interesting IMO.

#clara5: yep... it's an alternate Universe, and I'm going to ignore a few
things that were said in ep 3 because it would ruin any chance of having
mush in my story

feldon23: oh

alsplacebartender: hey guys for those that don't know him yet, Morgan
(feldon23) has gone to great length and pains to help create our new
messageboard coming soon!

DeadZoneLeaper: kewl

#McDuck: huzzahs for Morgan :)

feldon23: thanks :)

#clara5: yes, that you ssooooooo very much Morgan

#SetandDrift: Yay!

Als Handlink: Thanks Morgan

#clara5: *hugs Morgan*

feldon23: QL fan who knows a thing or two about vBulletin and went through
the EZBoard transition myself 2 years ago.

alsplacebartender: he knows about a million things or two lol

#McDuck: vBulletin is wonderful!! My Disney MB home is on vBulletin

#McDuck: MB for messageboard, Greg, btw. ;)

feldon23: and as a graphic designer, I couldn't help but polish up the logos
on the forum just a bit. hope Brian doesn't mind :)

(Dman176 left)

#clara5: anyways, Greg, if you want we could talk about it on MSN or ICQ

alsplacebartender: the images he has created are outstanding.... you guys
are gonna be impressed

#McDuck: When's the great reveal?

DeadZoneLeaper: I would be interested to some degree, right now my ideas
for my spin-off show are racking my noggin'

Als Handlink: When do we get to see it

#clara5: I can't wait to see them!!! *is all excited*

feldon23: it doesn't help that Brian's web hosting company has TWICE
pointed to some other website (or nowhere) in
the last week

#clara5: stupid web hosters... grrrrrrrr

alsplacebartender: it'll probably be either tomorrow or tuesday. I'm kinda
waiting on the DNS problem Al's Place is experiencing right now to clear
up. It'll be this week

#clara5: can't do a single thing right

#McDuck: Fun

#clara5: Joy!

Als Handlink: Are we going to notice the changes right away

DeadZoneLeaper: Rapture

DeadZoneLeaper: Bliss!

#clara5: (not the person, the emotion, lol)

(Dman176 joined)

DeadZoneLeaper: wb D

#clara5: Welcome back!

Dman176: had some problems, sorry

DeadZoneLeaper: Eww, Eww, Mr. Kotter

TinaAlsGirl5: Oh, I'm here....

#SetandDrift: I'm sorry to pop in and then back out so fast, but my husband
has to use the computer (working on his masters degree online through
University of Maryland and has a paper due).

#clara5: anyways, it's been fun but I'm afraid I'll have to go now, it's pretty
hot and I don't feel so good after giving blood friday

TinaAlsGirl5: A friend showed up to talk about Harry Potter...

alsplacebartender: the board looks much like what we have now, except
better lol. The virtual seasons board and SBP board are both cleaned up
and look great too

#McDuck: Okay....glad to see you Ann Marie and that you got to chat ith
the author

#SetandDrift: Jennie, I am determined to work on my story some today, so
hopefully in the next few days you'll have part 4.

#McDuck: Yay!! Can't wait.

#McDuck: :)

#SetandDrift: Bye, all, have fun chatting!

#clara5: bye Ann Marie!

#McDuck: Bye. Good luck to Darin

(Sherdran joined)

#McDuck: Hey Eleiece

#clara5: and I'm going out too, have a nice day everyone!!!

Sherdran: Hi

Dman176: hi, Eleiece

#McDuck: Bye Clara. Have a good day

DeadZoneLeaper: h Eleiece

#SetandDrift: Oh, rats, and I'm leaving just as Eleiece joins... maybe we
can chat sometime soon.

Sherdran: Hi, Damon!

DeadZoneLeaper: bye clara, talk to you about those ideas sometime

Sherdran: Sounds good to me, SetandDrift!

Dman176: I'm going to have to leave in a few minutes myself

(#SetandDrift left)

#clara5: hey Eleiece, see you later

#McDuck: It's Ann Marie, Eleiece

#McDuck: Oh, she's gone now

Sherdran: Hi, Clara, have a good evening.

Sherdran: I know. *g*

(#clara5 left)

#McDuck: Oh okay, when you put her handle, I wasn't sure. :)

Sherdran: Yup.

#McDuck: Today is the 50th Anniversay of Disneyland! :)

Sherdran: Cool!

alsplacebartender: neato!

Als Handlink: Tony Stewart just won the NASCAR race and just climbed
into the starter stand

#McDuck: And yestreday, along with Harry Potter....I got my CD of Walt
Disney Takes You to Disneyland

#McDuck: LOL Congrats to Tony.

#McDuck: Who came in 2nd?

#McDuck: Or, more specifically, where did Junior and Mikey finish?

Als Handlink: Kurt Busch I think, Then B. Labonte

Als Handlink: Junior, I think 9th, Mikey, I'm looking

Dman176: well, everyone, it's been fun, but I need to get going for now...
this computer is being nutty

Sherdran: Sounds like you've hit the proverbial 'mother lode' of good stuff in
the last 24 hours, Jen! *g*

alsplacebartender: thanks for coming Damon! glad you were able to :)

Sherdran: Take care, Damon. :-)

#McDuck: Okay, bye Damon!

Dman176: Tom, if you want to e-mail me about your roadblock, I'll try to
help you if I can

DeadZoneLeaper: byr Damon

#McDuck: <g> Yup. 13 chapters done on Potter.

Dman176: ok, talk to you guys later

Als Handlink: Rusty, 8th. So the Miller car beat the Bud Car

#McDuck: Would've been more if I didn't have to teach Sunday School

Als Handlink: See Ya Damon

Als Handlink: Will do

#McDuck: like Rusty too, though. :)

(Dman176 left)

Als Handlink: Mikey was 17th

#McDuck: Top 20 at least. :)

#McDuck: Have they said where they stand in points?

alsplacebartender: well.... i had planned on a three hour chat and it's been
just about that. i'll need to leave to grab dinner and a movie tonight but you
guys have fun and iif someone wants to keep transcribing everything after i
leave, i'll add it to the chat transcription tomorrow!

Als Handlink: He should NOT be leaving DEI

Als Handlink: Not yet

#McDuck: He is????????

#McDuck: Noooooooo

#McDuck: Thanks, Brian. Have a good time!

Als Handlink: Yeah, Next season, He's out

#McDuck: Who's he switching to?

#McDuck: Have they said?

Als Handlink: Don't know

Sherdran: Have a great one, Brian! Bye.

Als Handlink: Who knows, Maybe he will end up at Penske

Als Handlink: See Ya Brian

alsplacebartender: yes, Julie wants to go eat and see Wonka tonight.... so
I am finally getting away from the computer desk I have been sitting at
every waking moment for the past few days and doing something outside
the house lol

#McDuck: Wonder if Junior will get his "old" crew chief back then?

Als Handlink: That seems to be up in the air right now

TinaAlsGirl5: Wonka rocks. You'll love it

TinaAlsGirl5: Seen it three times now, and I plan to see it several more

alsplacebartender: thanks Joy! I'll let you know what I thought!

#McDuck: I can't believe he's leaving DEI

#McDuck: :shakes head:

alsplacebartender: DEI?

#McDuck: Dale Earnhardt

Als Handlink: Me Neither. That is easily the best ride he has ever been

#McDuck: Um....Incorporated?

Als Handlink: Yeah

#McDuck: Racing team

alsplacebartender: oh ok lol

Sherdran: Well, it looks like I got here just in time to wave bye-bye to
everyone, so..... I'll wave bye-bye, too. Catch y'all later!

Als Handlink: bye

(Sherdran left)

#McDuck: I think I'm gonna dive back into Hogwarts

alsplacebartender: well have fun everyone! glad you made it :) see you all

#McDuck: Catch y'all later! Bye!

(#McDuck left)

Als Handlink: Yeah, rub it in why don'tcha

(alsplacebartender left)

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