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Sunday, November 14th, 2004

Al's Place Online Community Chatroom


3:00 pm - 7:15 pm EST

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3:00 pm EST

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alsplacebartender:: hey damon

Dman176:: hey Brian

Dman176:: waiting for others to show up

alsplacebartender:: guess we'll get this thing started in a few

SamsLittleMiracle joined

alsplacebartender:: welcome!

Dman176:: hello Miracle

SamsLittleMiracle:: Thanks and Hi

Dman176:: Emily was it?

alsplacebartender:: how are you?

SamsLittleMiracle:: yup

SamsLittleMiracle:: I'm doing well

SamsLittleMiracle:: yourself?

Dman176:: I'm ok, watching Die Hard 2 at the moment

alsplacebartender:: doing great! hopefully more people will be joining us soon

SamsLittleMiracle: Ya

SamsLittleMiracle: I'm watching Nascar

SamsLittleMiracle: Go kacey Khane! :)

Dman176: did you assume an MB name yet, Emily?

SamsLittleMiracle: I'm so excited about the chat, I have been waiting to have a
members chat ever since I joined

Dman176: :p

SamsLittleMiracle: MB?

alsplacebartender: glad you came! We usually have a nice turnout for these
things. Takes a littlke while to get everyone in, but don't worry

alsplacebartender: oh no, let's not get that going LOL

Dman176: should she know what MB means, Bartender MB?

Dman176: lol

SamsLittleMiracle: I have been wondering

alsplacebartender: go ahead if you must

Dman176: Monkey Butt

SamsLittleMiracle: I have seen posts joking about them

SamsLittleMiracle: lol

SamsLittleMiracle: !

Dman176: so... if you want an MB name, be my guest! :p

SamsLittleMiracle: So explain more about the clan of the MB's

Dman176: MJ and Greg started it, those freaks!

SamsLittleMiracle: and what is your MB name

SamsLittleMiracle: ?

Dman176: Senior Assistant MB, I believe

Dman176: or SAMB

alsplacebartender: SAMB? Sam Beckett? Hmmmm

SamsLittleMiracle: good one

alsplacebartender: lol

Dman176: MJ and Greg started it, those freaks!

SamsLittleMiracle: and what is your MB name

SamsLittleMiracle: ?

Dman176: Senior Assistant MB, I believe

Dman176: or SAMB

alsplacebartender: SAMB? Sam Beckett? Hmmmm

SamsLittleMiracle: good one

alsplacebartender: lol

SamsLittleMiracle: ya you and QL Nut are both from there

(DeadZoneLeaper joined)

SamsLittleMiracle: It is pretty nice

Dman176: well, it's about time Ass. MB

SamsLittleMiracle: It gets too hot here though

DeadZoneLeaper: howdy Senior Ass. MB

SamsLittleMiracle: lol

alsplacebartender: hey greg

DeadZoneLeaper: hey brian

SamsLittleMiracle: Hi Greg

DeadZoneLeaper: hi Em

SamsLittleMiracle: I'm trying to come up with a MB name

alsplacebartender: how about SamsLittle MB? LOL

DeadZoneLeaper: LMMBO

Dman176: LOL

Dman176: go for that one

SamsLittleMiracle: hehe

SamsLittleMiracle: LMMBO huh?

DeadZoneLeaper: what does LMMBO mean?

DeadZoneLeaper: it's like lmao

DeadZoneLeaper: wonder where the rest of the MBs are?

Dman176: give them time

SamsLittleMiracle: SLMB it is

DeadZoneLeaper: wait I see them! Up in the sky, a whole legion of flying MBs!!

SamsLittleMiracle: LOL

(#McDuck joined)

DeadZoneLeaper: Hi Peon MB!

Dman176: there's another MB

SamsLittleMiracle: Hey Jennie

#McDuck: Hi Assistant Chief

#McDuck: Hey Damon

#McDuck: Hi Emily

#McDuck: This MB here for a few....will duck out (no pun intended) for a few,
and then return for a longer haul. :)

SamsLittleMiracle: I am now known as SLMB

#McDuck: Sam's Little MB?

SamsLittleMiracle: yup


#McDuck: Can we shorten that to Bobo?

DeadZoneLeaper: you quack me up

SamsLittleMiracle: ya

Dman176: LOL

#McDuck: I try

alsplacebartender: hey jennie!

#McDuck: ;)

#McDuck: Hi Brian!

SamsLittleMiracle: p)

SamsLittleMiracle: )P

#McDuck: So how's everyone doing?

DeadZoneLeaper: doing ok

Dman176: I'm ok

SamsLittleMiracle: I can't make the smiley with the tongue out

#McDuck: :P

Dman176: multitasking a bit at the moment

#McDuck: :p

#McDuck: Try colon and lowercase p

SamsLittleMiracle: I'm doing well

DeadZoneLeaper: :p

SamsLittleMiracle: :p

#McDuck: there ya go!

DeadZoneLeaper: watching football and chatting

SamsLittleMiracle: yes!

#McDuck: who's playing?

(QL Nut joined)

DeadZoneLeaper: Im watching Jacksonville and Detroit

QL Nut: hey guys

DeadZoneLeaper: Go JAGS!

#McDuck: Hiya!

#McDuck: LOL

Dman176: Chris, right?

QL Nut: yup

DeadZoneLeaper: hi QL Nut

QL Nut: how's everyone

Dman176: hello

QL Nut: whats up

SamsLittleMiracle: I wonder how my bears are doing

#McDuck: I'm avoiding watching the Saints find yet another way to lose.
(Assuming they even sold enough tickets that it's not blacked out here)

#McDuck: But at least LSU won last night!! Geaux Tigers!

DeadZoneLeaper: CHI 14 TENN 7

DeadZoneLeaper: I need Chicago to win

SamsLittleMiracle: yea

#McDuck: Fantasy Football?

SamsLittleMiracle: :)

#McDuck: Da Bears! LOL ;)

DeadZoneLeaper: no division team

#McDuck: Ahh

QL Nut: I'm surprised I remembered to come lol

#McDuck: Glad to see ya, Chris

SamsLittleMiracle: any good plays by # 31 that you know of?

DeadZoneLeaper: Jags Colts Titans Texans seem division

DeadZoneLeaper: same

QL Nut: yes same here

#McDuck: Greg's speaking phonetically now LOL

SamsLittleMiracle: How are you Chris?

DeadZoneLeaper: hukd on fonix wurkd fer me

QL Nut: pretty good and yourself?

Dman176: lol@Greg

alsplacebartender: hey chris

QL Nut: hey how u doin

QL Nut: Brian right?

SamsLittleMiracle: I'm doing well

alsplacebartender: that's right... doing great!

DeadZoneLeaper: dont know how 31 is doing

QL Nut: awesome site

#McDuck: Yes it is! :)

alsplacebartender: thanks :)

SamsLittleMiracle: that's alright

SamsLittleMiracle: That Is why I don't like living in TX

QL Nut: at least it's warm there

(ziggyego joined)

SamsLittleMiracle: I can't get my bears games

#McDuck: This is going to be a COLD winter.

alsplacebartender: hey dermot!

QL Nut: hey ziggyego

DeadZoneLeaper: surprised Chief ain't here yet, she went to get a chop-chop
yesterday, I assumed she was getting it done to be presewntable in here..:p

#McDuck: hi dermot

(leaper1 joined)

#McDuck: Hi Helen

Dman176: hello Helen

Dman176: you need an MB name

DeadZoneLeaper: hi all recent arrivals

Dman176: and Dermy... hello

SamsLittleMiracle: Hey ziggy and Helen

ziggyego: hi all, made it at last!

#McDuck: BRB y'all....dinner

leaper1: hi

(#McDuck left)

DeadZoneLeaper: k

QL Nut: glad u could make it

ziggyego: have i missed at craic?

QL Nut: so how long has this site been running?

ziggyego: ive been here, 2 or 3 yrs anyway ql nut

QL Nut: wow

alsplacebartender: we've had this messageboard and chat for over 2 years
now, but the Al's Place site has been around since 2000

leaper1: so do i finally get to find out what MB means?

QL Nut: nice

ziggyego: it certainly has changed a lot since the 1st version brian lol

alsplacebartender: true... so true lol

QL Nut: I was telling Damon and Jen a few nights ago how peaceful the
community is here

leaper1: all for the better!

ziggyego: excuse me if i seem a little unfocus tonight. too many guinnesses
last nite

QL Nut: lol

leaper1: tut tut

Dman176: Brian explained the messageboard already, ok

Dman176: 2 years

Dman176: Monkey Butt, Helen

Dman176: MB

leaper1: charming!

ziggyego: wasnt even irish guinness, it was english guinness. yuck! lol

Dman176: lol

QL Nut: hm never had guinness

DeadZoneLeaper: Hey Em go to and click on game stats for your game to see how 31 did

ziggyego: never ql nut? well it's an aquired taste

leaper1: i have a friend who was prescribed guiness

QL Nut: lol

leaper1: had to drink a pint a day - cos no matter wot

ziggyego: guinness good for the blood ;(

ziggyego: ;)

SamsLittleMiracle: cool


leaper1: she couldnt get her weight over 6 stone

QL Nut: good excuse to be drunk 24/7

QL Nut: my doctor told me to

leaper1: lol

SamsLittleMiracle: I will do that Greg

ziggyego: i wonder if al was a fan of the black pint

QL Nut: could be, could be

(Neverreturnedhome joined)

ziggyego: hi neer

QL Nut: it never said his drink of choice I don't think

leaper1: hi

ziggyego: never

Dman176: I'm not a big fan of Guinees myself

Neverreturnedhome: hey guys

DeadZoneLeaper: hi

QL Nut: hey Neverreturnedhome

Dman176: hey there

ziggyego: dman!! shame on u lol

SamsLittleMiracle: Hello

alsplacebartender: hey, welcome!

DeadZoneLeaper: I drink Yuengling..local brew

(Neverreturnedhome left)

(Neverreturnedhome joined)

QL Nut: I prefer Heineken or Corona w/ lime

ziggyego: where's local deadzone?

leaper1: i dont drink - boring aint i

Neverreturnedhome: computer always going awol on me

DeadZoneLeaper: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

QL Nut: nah u don't seem boring

Dman176: me too, Chris

DeadZoneLeaper: the setting for Mike's War Bride story..hehe

Dman176: can't drink Bud, tastes like swill to me

DeadZoneLeaper: looking forward to reading it

QL Nut: never

QL Nut: American beers are thin

Neverreturnedhome: any news on blf and season three dvd yet

SamsLittleMiracle: I drink mixed drinks or wine if I ever have anything

ziggyego: too right ql nut!!

Dman176: nothing yet

alsplacebartender: i haven't heard anything new on either one

leaper1: at college i used to drink green cows!

Dman176: as soon as someone hears something, you can bet it will be posted here

DeadZoneLeaper: bud is watee

DeadZoneLeaper: water

QL Nut: lol

QL Nut: yea pretty much

Neverreturnedhome: season one must ave done well to get season two out though woohoo

QL Nut: Bud Light is even worse

Dman176: we're pretty quick like that

ziggyego: there won't b any news on season 3 until after season 2 has been

SamsLittleMiracle: Dark beers are pretty good too

QL Nut: never tried dark beer before

DeadZoneLeaper: bud, keystone, natural light, old milwaukee, milwaukee's beer affordably priced for college students, but awful

QL Nut: I figure season 3 should be out hopefully before June 2005

ziggyego: season 1 was fantastic, even though it was a little light on the Xtras.
still, I loved the menu screens

Dman176: I like Cider myself... Magners is pretty good

QL Nut: prob will get delayed

Neverreturnedhome: <still to get dvd's

DeadZoneLeaper: I like Woodchuck Apple Cider

Dman176: me too

DeadZoneLeaper: used to get pitchers of that

ziggyego: u can get them cheap on eBay now

Neverreturnedhome: had all on hardrive so there aint no rush

DeadZoneLeaper: Walmart had em cheap too

Neverreturnedhome: god bless internet #

QL Nut: lol

leaper1: season one only just out in england - region 2

QL Nut: hey Brian, I sent u an email and pic did u get it?

QL Nut: to post on the Alumni page

Dman176: your story looks interesting, Helen

leaper1: thankie

ziggyego: multiregional players are the way of the future leaper 1 lol

leaper1: i enjoyed writing it

Dman176: MJ broke the pattern though

leaper1: it was inspired by a joke

Dman176: did you notice? ;)

Neverreturnedhome: takes ages for dvd's to be realesed here

leaper1: yeh, dont follow sue :(

Dman176: she didn't even realize

leaper1: bet not

QL Nut: where u from Neverretunedhome?

leaper1: i can play region 1 zig

Dman176: I think she's trying to stretch out the arc more

Dman176: don't want them all clustered together

DeadZoneLeaper: MJ really has a tough job organizing the schedule this
year..wonder why?..*whistles*

leaper1: but as hubby sed, if we not buy region 2 as well

ziggyego: helen, did u get R2 as well?

leaper1: they not release them in later seasons

leaper1: gettin for xmas

alsplacebartender: i must not have received it, QL nut. Can you send it again

DeadZoneLeaper: getting Season2 for Xmas

QL Nut: sure

Dman176: I'll be asking for it for Xmas too

QL Nut: yea I prob screwed something up

leaper1:: im hoping

ziggyego:: anyone got any hot ql news to tell?

leaper1:: but not holdin my breath

QL Nut:: its pretty big but not sure how to shrink the pic down to size

Neverreturnedhome: wont it be ace when they bring out a mammouth box set
with all five seasons *holds breath*

Dman176: I'd better get it, because I'm purposely not going to pick it up Dec

leaper1: im getting seasons 1-6 of stargate sg1 for sure

ziggyego: i wonder how long S2 will come from america, especially over the
christmas holidays

Dman176: especially with me, I could probably find it a week early again too :p

leaper1: so may not get much else

ziggyego: my sister is getting me all of blackadder for christmas

leaper1: teehee

(Sherdran joined)

alsplacebartender: i can resize a pic for you

leaper1: cunning plan zig

ziggyego: hey sherdran

Dman176: Eleiece

leaper1: hi eleiece

Neverreturnedhome: helloo sherdan

DeadZoneLeaper: hello

SamsLittleMiracle: Hi

alsplacebartender: hey eleiece!

Sherdran: Hi everyone!

QL Nut: ok sounds good

alsplacebartender: just send it to

ziggyego: brian, sorry about the slow gaelic version. really busy lately

Dman176: is it possible? the men actually outnumber the women this time? :p

leaper1: atm i thinkso

ziggyego: dont sound so happy dman lol

Neverreturnedhome: strange that

Dman176: me? I'm fine

Sherdran: T'would appear so at the moment.

Dman176: LOL

Neverreturnedhome: dammm i have to go to work but i found these on my net
travels plz have a look

alsplacebartender: no problem, dermot! whenever you have time, it will be a
great addition!


Dman176: oh, I knwo what you mean

Neverreturnedhome: and

SamsLittleMiracle: Is it usuaqlly the other way around?

Neverreturnedhome: surreal stuff

Dman176: yes, it is

Neverreturnedhome: later guys keep leaping

ziggyego: does anyone know if macgyver is available on DVD?

Dman176: ok, neverreturned

alsplacebartender: later guy

Dman176: glad you could stop by

Neverreturnedhome: *disappears in a blue light*

(Neverreturnedhome left)

DeadZoneLeaper: dont know but is a good place to check

QL Nut: Brian does it have to be an attachment?

ziggyego: thanks

Dman176: how's Departure coming along, Greg?

leaper1: love macgyver

alsplacebartender: yes, it does

DeadZoneLeaper: Page 15

Dman176: cool

DeadZoneLeaper: might be long but it ain't gonna be a 2 parter

QL Nut: MacGyver!

Dman176: ah

leaper1: did u like my nod to it in Leap to the Rescue dermy

QL Nut: better be on DVD soon!

DeadZoneLeaper: lot of explaining and stuff

Dman176: yeah

ziggyego: :D

ziggyego: :O)

DeadZoneLeaper: setting up the finale for MJ

ziggyego: good old bruce mcgill was a macgvyer regular ;)

DeadZoneLeaper: I think Brian might like it

leaper1: kewl

Dman176: I think so too, Greg ;)

alsplacebartender: yeah, i'll be checking that out for sure

(#McDuck joined)

QL Nut: ok Brian, sent it and made as an attachment

DeadZoneLeaper: at least I have about 4 months to finish it. :p

Dman176: wb, Jennie

DeadZoneLeaper: wb MB

ziggyego: mcduck! hello

SamsLittleMiracle: Hello again J

#McDuck: Thanks, y'all

leaper1: wb jen

QL Nut: yea Bruce McGill was there all the time

alsplacebartender: thanks, QLnut

QL Nut: its kind of weird that he guest starred in the first & last episode of QL

#McDuck: Hey Eleiece!

DeadZoneLeaper: Weird Ernie Wierd?

Sherdran: I can't stay too long. I'm busy working on my story for TVS.

QL Nut: I wonder if Don B did that on purpose

ziggyego: as just pivotal roles too ql nut

Dman176: yeah, it IS weird, isn't it, Chris?

Dman176: :p

Sherdran: Hi, Jennie!

DeadZoneLeaper: I don't think it's weird

DeadZoneLeaper: :p

#McDuck: I need to e-mail you....

QL Nut: Don must have realize

QL Nut: d

ziggyego: i was y he didnt play on the double faces like the rest of them

QL Nut: anyway he looked different enough as not to be confused as the same

DeadZoneLeaper: " has begun..."

SamsLittleMiracle: I always thought it was pretty cool myself

#McDuck: How's your story coming, Eleiece?

Sherdran: Okay, Jennie.

Dman176: lol@Greg

DeadZoneLeaper: :p

Dman176: yup, "It has begun..."

Dman176: "Good luck... Sam"

leaper1: say greg or dman, can u answer my trivia q?

Sherdran: Well, I'm nearing 50 pages and I figure maybe between 2/3 and a 1/2 finished. I'm really under the gun to get it finished!

DeadZoneLeaper: about Al?

Dman176: all I can say to that is check out Greg's story Quantum Departure
when it gets put on the TVs schedule ;)

leaper1: yeh

#McDuck: Wow!! Can't wait to read it!

leaper1: neat

DeadZoneLeaper: I think it might be on the TV A to Z page

DeadZoneLeaper: TVS

leaper1: but was there a nun named on the tv series

leaper1: tried there

#McDuck: Okay, while the above stmt was directed at eleiece, it holds true for
Greg's as well. LOL

DeadZoneLeaper: ahh

leaper1: not detals i after

Dman176: oh... yeah, the little bit that I added on

Sherdran: If I don't go insane with keeping all of the 'frogs' in this episode in
order! LOL!

#McDuck: I was pretty sure Al mentioned a nun by name, but I can't think of it
to save my life

DeadZoneLeaper: dont know that one

leaper1: let loose the frogs of war!

#McDuck: Cry Havoc!

leaper1: same here

ziggyego: Season 1 of MacGyver coming on 25th January 2005

leaper1: ooooh

Dman176: just curious, E, is it "A Leap Frog Christmas"? or "THE Leap Frog

leaper1: great

DeadZoneLeaper: let loose the frogs of war, let thy enemies croak!!!

QL Nut: wow nice

Sherdran: A... Leap Frog Christmas

QL Nut: I'll finally get to see the first episode

leaper1: frogs of war is a book by andrew harman

ziggyego: guess what im going 2 order ;) hehe

Dman176: ok

leaper1: he is great writer

#McDuck: Ahhh, I was just mangling ole Shakespeare

Dman176: in your tag, are you referring to TVNewsCam Stephanie?

leaper1: so duz he

leaper1: he uses puns and word play all time

Dman176: who posted the writer's challenge?

#McDuck: LOL I'm in good company then

leaper1: yup

Sherdran: And before anyone gets the notion that there really are frogs in this
episode...... there aren't.

leaper1: i work with him on sat ams

#McDuck: How do you see the tags pre-Ep?

#McDuck: I only ever seem to get summaries.

Dman176: um... thinking

DeadZoneLeaper: Oh, i was looking forward to a ribbiting story with frogs!!..:(

Dman176: LOL

leaper1: rlf

SamsLittleMiracle: LOL

#McDuck: It may still be "ribbiting" though.


DeadZoneLeaper: silly ribbit

#McDuck: as in "riveting"

Dman176: Trix are for Kids

QL Nut: lol

#McDuck: just to clarify

Sherdran: Sorry to croak on your hopes DZL. *g*

DeadZoneLeaper: my pun as well J..;)

#McDuck: lol

#McDuck: gmta

DeadZoneLeaper: You did, just a TAD

Dman176: Jennie, you're talking about the TVS tags, correct?

#McDuck: Si senor

Sherdran: Okay, I'll 'hop' on board...... what's a TAD?

Dman176: how to see them beforehand

Dman176: ok

DeadZoneLeaper: a tadpole

#McDuck: tadpole

Sherdran: gotcha

Dman176: let me check quick

leaper1: go to submit an ep

#McDuck: You gotta HOP to it to keep up

leaper1: style and format

DeadZoneLeaper: sorry i was tring not to guild the lily and pad out these
horrible puns

leaper1: writers ref manual

Dman176: nm, Helen's explaining

ziggyego: is sam beckett of irish descent?

QL Nut: prob not

leaper1: ch3 tags and summaries

QL Nut: thats odd I wonder what he is now lol

DeadZoneLeaper: the scientist or the playwright?..:p

#McDuck: That's where you see the completed ones?

ziggyego: hehe DZL

SamsLittleMiracle: I believe heis

leaper1: see the full tags with spoilers

SamsLittleMiracle: he is

ziggyego: i know don named him after the playwright

leaper1: yeh

QL Nut: I wonder why?

QL Nut: must have been a big fan

leaper1: just for the fun of honeymoon express

QL Nut: scott & sam have the same initials

Dman176: btw, Helen, is Mikey in on your Aurora development?

leaper1: think so

#McDuck: Wow, convoluted to get there. LOL Thanks, Helen

Dman176: I didn't even know you were having her use Dom's last name

alsplacebartender: what's this, damon?

ziggyego: i like from honeymoon express

leaper1: i old fashioned

Dman176: oh no, not "our" Aurora, Brian

Dman176: the Aurora in the VS

Dman176: sorry

ziggyego: "u have to stop the u2 from being shot down" "the rock band?!?"

leaper1: married women take hubby name

#McDuck: Sometimes

alsplacebartender: oh ok, yeah aurora said she might stop in later on

QL Nut: haha

Dman176: oh she did?

Dman176: that would be nice

leaper1: yw jen

Dman176: haven't talked to her in a while

QL Nut: (Al)my first, third and fith wife.......(Sam) how odd

#McDuck: lol Love that line, Chris

QL Nut: lol

SamsLittleMiracle: hehe

SamsLittleMiracle: That line is classic

alsplacebartender: yeah, the Radio Files has all but died, no one making the

Dman176: the reason I said that, Helen is becuase I called her Dr. Aurora
Gonzales in my season premiere

leaper1: nm

ziggyego: got to go people. chat later all x x x x im still in msn if ppl have me
on their list

4:00 pm EST

leaper1: she may use it professionally at times

Dman176: that's what I figured

alsplacebartender: later dermot! glad you made it!

leaper1: ttfn dermy

SamsLittleMiracle: bye ziggy

Dman176: oh, ok, bye, Dermy

DeadZoneLeaper: Aurora "Borealis" Gonzalez

ziggyego: toodles

ziggyego: and stink a cyber-guinness in my name ;)

ziggyego: *sink

DeadZoneLeaper: c ya

(ziggyego left)

QL Nut: take care Dermot

#McDuck: bye dermot--glad you made it

leaper1: lol

#McDuck: drat, too slow

QL Nut: wa wa wa wa waaaaaa

Dman176: Greg comes up with the dumbest puns sometimes... that MB, what
an Ass. :p

SamsLittleMiracle: LOL

QL Nut: lol\

leaper1: reminds me of bit in bruce almighty

Sherdran: brb

leaper1: bout the anal dwelling butt monkey

Dman176: LOL

QL Nut: haha

Dman176: that was a good movie

SamsLittleMiracle: lol

SamsLittleMiracle: ya it was too

Dman176: of course, I also had that idea of a an ordinary human being
inheriting the powers of God... not as a comedy though

DeadZoneLeaper: read the Piers Anthony novels for inheriting power

#McDuck: I was really pleased w/ the way they handled that

QL Nut: spider man rule would apply there.....with great power comes great

Dman176: so was I, Jen

Dman176: exactly, Chris

#McDuck: That movie had the potential to either be something really profound
or totally blasphemous.

#McDuck: They went with profound

leaper1: gremlin philosophy too

QL Nut: yes

QL Nut: spider man u mean right

QL Nut: it was better than the first

#McDuck: Who me? I was talking about Bruce Almighty

SamsLittleMiracle: definitely

QL Nut: oh gotcha

QL Nut: never saw bruce

Dman176: Spidey 2? Yeah, I think it was a tad better than 1

#McDuck: The confusion of crisscrossing convos commences. ;)

Dman176: if you're a fan of Jim Carrey, you should check out Bruce

Sherdran: Haven't seen either of those movies (Spiderman -- 1 or 2--- or Bruce

Dman176: lol@Jennie

#McDuck: Eleiece, Bruce Almighty was AWESOME

SamsLittleMiracle: I love how they set it up for the 3rd one

leaper1: saw the Grudge today but wish i hadnt bothered

DeadZoneLeaper: Spidey movies area swingin' good time

#McDuck: We'll have to add it to our list.

#McDuck: LOL

QL Nut: yea Jim Carey is great

#McDuck: Oh Helen, I coulda warned you. Some friends saw it. Sorry I didn't
know you were considernig it

leaper1: nm

Dman176: I LOVED the Spidey movies... I do have the Spidey avatar after all

DeadZoneLeaper: didnt get to see Inceredibles today

leaper1: not over here yet


Sherdran: Jen, at the rate the list is going, that would mean about a week's
worth of non-stop movie watching! Something tells me the boss wouldn't see
the humor in that! LOL!

QL Nut: there's a lot of different enemy clues for spider man 3

#McDuck: I can't wait to see it.

#McDuck: again

QL Nut: I would see the incredibles

#McDuck: LOL That's true, Eleiece. LOL

QL Nut: the cartoon movies are usually better than regular movies most of the
time lol

leaper1: bridget jones 2 is good

alsplacebartender: i loved Incredibles!

#McDuck: I tell you what, Disney's story department could take a page or two
from Pixar....that's how Disney was under Walt!

Dman176: Star Wars 3 is looking awesome from the little I saw of the trailer

#McDuck: I'm serious, John Lasseter is the Walt Disney of the 21st Century!

SamsLittleMiracle: I wanna go to all the movies ya'll are talking about

QL Nut: yea I saw the trailer

alsplacebartender: yeah, i can not WAIT to see Episode III

Dman176: yeah, the Pixar movies are really good

alsplacebartender: Pixar has never failed me lol

SamsLittleMiracle: I can't wait for Star Wars 3

#McDuck: I can't wait for Edge of Reason, Helen, glad to hear it's good. I loved
that book the best of the two

SamsLittleMiracle: !

QL Nut: personally I liked the Toy Story films

#McDuck: Pixar won't be the one to suffer from the break w Disney.

Dman176: is that definite now, Jen?

#McDuck: Hopefully, for Disney's sake, they can work something out
(preferably involving the removal of Eisner)

QL Nut: Pixar is already making another movie next year called Cars

#McDuck: I don't know if it's 100% definite, but the wind seems to be blowing
that way

DeadZoneLeaper: have the GAry Numan song in my head now

#McDuck: I know Eisner is a big stumbling block to them working it out--as in
Pixar doesn't want to work w/ him

Dman176: oh, I can't stand Eisner... imo, he's singlehandedly destroyed the
magic of what Disney once was

#McDuck: Yeah, I think Cars is the last one they're contracted w/ Disney

SamsLittleMiracle: Ya it has Nascar people doing some of the voices

Dman176: sequel after sequel after sequel

#McDuck: Exactly!!!

#McDuck: And let's elminate hand-drawn animation b/c of the success of Pixar?

Dman176: Walt never wanted to do that

#McDuck: Hello! Pixar isn't successful b/c of the MEDIUM

QL Nut: NASCAR- Non Athletic Sport Centering Around Rednecks

#McDuck: It's the story, stupid! LOL

Dman176: each movie was supposed to be its own story

#McDuck: it---NASCAR fan here

#McDuck: ;0

#McDuck: ;)

QL Nut: haha lol

QL Nut: no harm meant

Dman176: lol

SamsLittleMiracle: Go Kacey Khane!

DeadZoneLeaper: nice amicable sportsfan cares about racing

#McDuck: LOL s'ok. I need to get off my soapbox about Eisner, anyway LOL

SamsLittleMiracle: :)

#McDuck: sorry 'bout dat y'all

QL Nut: there u go

Dman176: Walt is probably spinning in his grave over what Eisner is doing, Jen

#McDuck: I know he is

SamsLittleMiracle: yup

Dman176: and with that said, I"ll shut up about it ;)

SamsLittleMiracle: it is awful

SamsLittleMiracle: How's Jacksonville doing Greg?

Dman176: tumbleweeds go by*

#McDuck: LOL

SamsLittleMiracle: haha

#McDuck: ::listens to the do-de-de-do Western music:

QL Nut: lol

DeadZoneLeaper: choking

Dman176: someone who used to frequent the board used to say that :P

#McDuck: I didn't realize my soapbox was the sole topic of conversation at the

Dman176: :p

#McDuck: LOL

DeadZoneLeaper: 17-10 now Jax with Det making a drive 2 min left

Dman176: let's not get into THAT though

Dman176: lol

DeadZoneLeaper: it was 17-0

Dman176: I guess it's good I can joke about it now

leaper1: love the new roleplay logo bri

leaper1: yeh true dman

alsplacebartender: thanks helen!

alsplacebartender: thanks to mike for that page

Dman176: yeah, that's a cool page, Brian

leaper1: yeh brill

Dman176: I'll have to compliment Mike when I see him

#McDuck: E-mail on its way Eleiece :)

Dman176: hey, Brian, for thr transcript, you are leaving out the first few things
you and I talked about, right?

alsplacebartender: yes lol

Dman176: just making sure :p

Sherdran: I'll check the box in a minute, Jen.

QL Nut: unfortunately guys I have to be on my way now...gotta take care of a
few things around the house before it gets dark

Dman176: ok, Chris

#McDuck: Okay. Glad you stopped by Chris!

leaper1: ttfn

alsplacebartender: sorry to see you go!

QL Nut: me too!

QL Nut: lol

Dman176: you should be Nutty MB :p

leaper1: and brb from me guys

#McDuck: 'kay

QL Nut: I'll come back later on

Dman176: what do ya think, Ass MB?

QL Nut: if anyone happens to be here

QL Nut: anyway

DeadZoneLeaper: Em 4th and 5 on JAX 33 if they fail here, JAX should win

QL Nut: nice meeting everyone!

SamsLittleMiracle: bye chris

#McDuck: ditto!

DeadZoneLeaper: bye QL Nut

QL Nut: byebye

Dman176: ttyl, Chris

#McDuck: bye Cris

#McDuck: Chris

QL Nut: ttyl

Sherdran: Bye, Chris

(QL Nut left)

SamsLittleMiracle: cool Greg

DeadZoneLeaper: *fingers crossed*

Sherdran: Jen.... got it.... Sounds like a plan to me!

#McDuck: COOL! :)

Dman176: oh E, you never answered my question before, or if you did, I didn't
see the answer... in your tag, are you refering to TVNewsCam Stephanie?

Sherdran: once more... brb

Sherdran: Yep

Dman176: ok

Dman176: Stephanie's another one... wish I knew what was going on with her

Sherdran: Once more.... brb

Dman176: we'll talk sometimes and she doesn't always seem all there...
distracted by too much stuff in her life, I suppose

Dman176: ok, E

Dman176: *twidding my thumbs*

#McDuck: sorry....was in another window

DeadZoneLeaper: what a pane

Dman176: LOL

#McDuck: Checking something out on MT

SamsLittleMiracle: which E you talking to?

Dman176: Greg, sometimes I think you're my friend Chris in disguise :p

Dman176: oh... sorry, Emily.... was talking to Eleiece

DeadZoneLeaper: maybe I am, maybe I ain't

Dman176: we usually call her "E"

Sherdran: bck

SamsLittleMiracle: I thought so

Dman176: Sherdran

Dman176: wb, E

Sherdran: :)

SamsLittleMiracle: but wasn't 100% sure

Dman176: sorry for the confusion, Emily

Sherdran: Had to pay the guy who's cutting my grass.

SamsLittleMiracle: no prob

Dman176: E refers to Sherdran

DeadZoneLeaper: ah crap, 2nd punt returned for a TD, tie

Dman176: for future refernence :p

#McDuck: wb Eleice.

SamsLittleMiracle: just call me Em or Bobo

Dman176: *reference

#McDuck: ROTFL

Dman176: will do, Bobo :p

#McDuck: @ Bobo

SamsLittleMiracle: sorry Greg

SamsLittleMiracle: :(

Sherdran: Sherdran is the name of a character in a sci-fi story I've been
working on for a lonnnng time. Maybe someday it might get finished! *g*

#McDuck: Glad you have someone to do that for you Eleiece

#McDuck: cut your grass, not finish your story for you. ;)

#McDuck: Is the wind as bad over by you as it is here, btw?

Sherdran: LOL! What's even handier, is that Ron and his family live kitty-corner
across the street from me.

Sherdran: Doesn't seem to be.

#McDuck: Okay, it keeps whistling around my window

Sherdran: What's it whistling? :P

#McDuck: Well it ain't Dixie. LOL

Sherdran: roflol! I couldn't resist!

Dman176: when did you speak to Aurora, Brian?

DeadZoneLeaper: or Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho

#McDuck: I think it's compounded by the fact my Dad's got the AC running and I'm already cold

Sherdran: That would do it.

#McDuck: And the wind noise is making me feel colder

Sherdran: And the overcast skies don't help, either.

#McDuck: Indeed not. Icky driving home from church today

alsplacebartender: earlier, maybe around 3pm on MSN

Dman176: hmm, ok

Dman176: it seems like Eric might be the only one doing QL audios anytime

(SueJBakula joined)

DeadZoneLeaper: howdy

(TinaAlsGirl5 joined)

Dman176: hey Sue, you made it

DeadZoneLeaper: howdy

SamsLittleMiracle: Hi

Sherdran: Hi, Sue!

Dman176: and Joy made it! :)

TinaAlsGirl5: Hey all!

SueJBakula: Hiya all

Dman176: helloooo ladies

SamsLittleMiracle: hello to both of ya'll

TinaAlsGirl5: So, I miss anything interesting?

SueJBakula: I think I got the conversion a bit wrong, thought I had another half

alsplacebartender: hey joy! hey sue!

Dman176: Jennie was updating me on her situation, and people discussed the
DVDs earlier... other than that, don't think you missed much

Sherdran: btw.... now the ratio of gals to guys is 2 to 1.

SueJBakula: *waves*

TinaAlsGirl5: Hi Brian

Dman176: yeah, the other guys left :(

Sherdran: Hi, Tina

Dman176: :p

TinaAlsGirl5: Hi Sher

Sherdran: LOL..... what a nice Cajun greeting!

alsplacebartender: just the way i like it, eleiece

Dman176: what do ya think, Ass. MB? Do we need to designate MBs to Sue
and Joy? :p

TinaAlsGirl5: I should be getting the Observer issue with the Callaway interview

DeadZoneLeaper: yeah

Sherdran: Aha! A rascal amongst us! *g* But a nice rascal is our Brian. :)

alsplacebartender: hahaha

SueJBakula: Yeah, what is this MB??????

leaper1: im back, and hi sue!

Dman176: roll call on MBs: Senior Assistant MB here

Sherdran: Thanks, for asking Sue. I was about to ask that very question.

alsplacebartender: Bartender MB here

DeadZoneLeaper: Ass. MB here

TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, I was going to ask, too...

Dman176: LOL... MB stands for...

SamsLittleMiracle: Bobo here

Dman176: Monkey Butt

SamsLittleMiracle: or SLMB

(#McDuck joined)

#McDuck: Argh

DeadZoneLeaper: wb Peon MB

#McDuck: Stupid internet crashed

Dman176: oh no, you cloned yourself again, Jen

Dman176: lol

DeadZoneLeaper: Attack of the MB Clones

#McDuck: ROTFL I don't know how that happens

Dman176: McDuck is Peon MB

SamsLittleMiracle: Sorry Jennie

#McDuck: Hi Sue and Joy...

TinaAlsGirl5: Hi Jennie

SueJBakula: Hiya

#McDuck: I have no idea how much of that saga made it through before it

DeadZoneLeaper: and you get a nice # next to your name too

#McDuck: I realized I was the only one posting and then looked up and saw I
was the only name

#McDuck: And I knew it was all going down after that

#McDuck: LOL

Dman176: we were just doing MB roll call for the uninformed

DeadZoneLeaper: no sign of Chief MB tho

Dman176: Jennie always has the # in front of her name... don't know why

#McDuck: Cuz I special like dat

Dman176: yes, Chief MB is absent

#McDuck: I always do?

Dman176: yup, Jen

Sherdran: Monkey Butt? Okay, I'll admit it.......I'm am clueless.

DeadZoneLeaper: yup

#McDuck: Hmmm.....that's weird

DeadZoneLeaper: Legion of MBs

#McDuck: Don't forget, Dean Koontz is our MB Laureate

SamsLittleMiracle: Who is Chief MB?

SueJBakula: com'n COUGH UP!!! What is MB?

Dman176: who do you think started the MBs, E? Think about it...

DeadZoneLeaper: MJ is Chief MB

Sherdran: What.......that I'm clueless about Monkey Butt, Jen? roflol!!

DeadZoneLeaper: lmmbo

#McDuck: ROTFL!! No, that I have a # LOL

Dman176: Monkey Butt = MB

#McDuck: still LMMBO

DeadZoneLeaper: okay here is the story

Sherdran: Ah.... the Chief just came online.

TinaAlsGirl5: Well, this is certainly going to make for an interesting transcript
for those who couldn't come today

#McDuck: Greg, you don't still have that passage do you?

Dman176: uh-oh... MB madness shall soon ensue

SueJBakula: yeah, I need an explanation, feel do thick!!!

Dman176: once the Chief enters, it's all over :p

DeadZoneLeaper: One night I had watched an episode of South Park where
the Genetic Engineer guy was trying to create a 5-assed monkey

DeadZoneLeaper: Later that night I was readingone of MJ's stories

DeadZoneLeaper: She had called a character a nozzle and I replace it with
Monkey Butt, and the name kinda stuck

#McDuck: I doubt he's Net savvy, but you just never know

Dman176: too true, Jennie

leaper1: cant be too careful jen

Dman176: then again, perhpas he'd realize that his life would be endangered if
he persisted ;)

#McDuck: LOL

DeadZoneLeaper: so now everyone has a MB name

leaper1: i dont

Dman176: in reference to DZL: and thus, the legion of MBs were born

SueJBakula: wHAT'S MINE?

#McDuck: should be Pasta Chef MB... ;)

leaper1: SEMOLINAS TO U JEN!!!

#McDuck: Right back atcha, sister! LOL :)

SueJBakula: LOL @ Helen

leaper1: teehee

#McDuck: (was hoping you'd pick up on that)

Dman176: hmm, what do you think, Sue?

DeadZoneLeaper: MJ will need to be informed of the MB additions

Dman176: Joy needs one too

#McDuck: Just rest assured, everyone is higher man on the totem pole than
I....for I am but a lowly peon. ;)

leaper1: awww

#McDuck: It's comfy at the bottom. ;)

leaper1: ur high in my esteem jen

Dman176: Eleiece needs one too come to think of it

DeadZoneLeaper: And the Dean Koontz passage only makes it better

Sherdran: That depends on us newbies, Jen. Seems you'd rank higher than us

#McDuck: Dean Koontz---MB Laureate

#McDuck: Quite literally, I am the Peon MB

Dman176: since many of us call her Mom, it should probably be something
designating seniority

#McDuck: Mama MB

Dman176: heh heh, sounds good

DeadZoneLeaper: TOUCHDOWN!!!!!..JAX win!!

DeadZoneLeaper: in OT

Dman176: congrats, Greg

SamsLittleMiracle: :)!

#McDuck: Which leaves Sue and Joy.....

SamsLittleMiracle: :) !

SueJBakula: so does that make me Granny MB?

DeadZoneLeaper: woo-hooooooo

SamsLittleMiracle: :)

SamsLittleMiracle: !

Dman176: Helen's Pasta Chef MB?

Sherdran: Works for me! *g* Does that mean I get to toss coconuts at all the
naughty little MBs when they get outta line? ;P

SamsLittleMiracle: yea

#McDuck: So Greg, am I needing to clamber up and take down Fear Nothing

DeadZoneLeaper: if the Peon feels it necesary..;-)

DeadZoneLeaper: you can dabble in a little monkeyshines if ya wish

#McDuck: LOL

leaper1: ur the alpha female sue!

SueJBakula: LOL

leaper1: ;)

#McDuck: Methinks I'll have to be dodging some coconuts after the passage,
but I shall duly make the sacrifice

leaper1: lol

SamsLittleMiracle: lol

#McDuck: ::ahem:: The official literary passage of the Legion of MBs

Sherdran: Hmmm.... guess that means Mama MB better stock up on extra
coconuts! (Now where'd I put that shopping list....)

#McDuck: From FEAR NOTHING, by Dean Koontz, (c) 1998

#McDuck: page 410

#McDuck: "Again, I squinted through the window near which the table was
placed, but no monkeys were on that section of porch, and nothing but the rain
and the wind moved through the dark dunes beyond the railing.

#McDuck: "Over the sink, one of the monkeys had managed to turn its back
and still cling to the window. It was squealing as if with laughter as it mooned
us, pressing its bare, furless, ugly butt to the glass."

#McDuck: ::ahem:: The End

DeadZoneLeaper: lmmbo

leaper1: oh my i do declare!

DeadZoneLeaper: NO 27 KC 20 FINAL

SamsLittleMiracle: the bears?

TinaAlsGirl5: Yay! We lost!

TinaAlsGirl5: *laughs @ Koontz quote*

#McDuck: That's cause for celebration, Joy? LOL

#McDuck: the loss I mean, not the Koontz quote

DeadZoneLeaper: checking now Em

TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah; I don't like my home team

DeadZoneLeaper: KC?

#McDuck: I like mine but I shouldn't. LOL

TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah

DeadZoneLeaper: I live in PA and all my teams are in

Dman176: sorry, guys, had to change a light bulb that just burned out

Sherdran: Monkey butt against the window? Hmmmm..... might one also call
that a "monkey butt moon shine"?


DeadZoneLeaper: LMMBO

leaper1: lol

TinaAlsGirl5: LOL Sher!

SueJBakula: teehee

SamsLittleMiracle: haha

#McDuck: Dean Koontz--MB Laureate

#McDuck: And the twisted thing is, if he knew he'd probably get a kick out of
it. Man's sense of humor is too twisted for color TV (much like my own)

DeadZoneLeaper: He graduated from the college I did, only much earlier of

(Dman176 left)

#McDuck: that is way cool. Bobby Hebert graduated from same college I
did....only earlier

(Dman176 joined)

DeadZoneLeaper: who is Bobby?

#McDuck: wb Damon

DeadZoneLeaper: wb Senior Ass. MB

#McDuck: Bobby Hebert? QB

leaper1: wb dman

#McDuck: Used to be w/ Saints and then I think they traded him to Atlanta?"

DeadZoneLeaper: ohh, sorry I was thinking you were talking about a writer for
some reason

#McDuck: Oh no....sorry for the confusion

DeadZoneLeaper: CHI 19 TENN 17 F/OT

#McDuck: I'm hoping to one day be the writer ppl say "I graduated with her!"

SamsLittleMiracle: oh yes!

leaper1: thatd b kewl

SamsLittleMiracle: :)

DeadZoneLeaper: Thank you Chicago

leaper1: brb

#McDuck: k

DeadZoneLeaper: rebuilding Jags go to 6 and 3

SamsLittleMiracle: we are like 4--6 now

DeadZoneLeaper: 4 and 5

SamsLittleMiracle: even better

SamsLittleMiracle: lol

Sherdran: btw, gang, MJ said that she will be here as soon as she finishes up
some stuff for school.

(Dman176 left)

SamsLittleMiracle: I hope I didn't just curse them

DeadZoneLeaper: get a couple of wins and the team can look a t a playoff birth

DeadZoneLeaper: berth

Sherdran: I started to say....... LOL!

SamsLittleMiracle: that would be awesome

DeadZoneLeaper: I hate homonyms

SamsLittleMiracle: lol

Sherdran: Sometimes they can be a lot of fun. *g*

#McDuck: thanks for the heads up, Eleiece!

Sherdran: :)

(Dman176 joined)

#McDuck: wb again Damon

Sherdran: wb, Dman. :)

SamsLittleMiracle: wb SAMB

Dman176: sorry, everyone

SueJBakula: wb Damon

Dman176: computer hung up on me, had to restart

Dman176: thanks

#McDuck: That's what happened to me too. Bleach

SamsLittleMiracle: it's ok

#McDuck: blecch that should say

#McDuck: LOL

DeadZoneLeaper: I gotta run...ttyal

#McDuck: bye Greg

#McDuck: Nice chatting w/ u

Dman176: oh bye, Greg

SamsLittleMiracle: bye greg

#McDuck: Oh Eleiece....still getting calls---usually not more than 2 days between. :D

DeadZoneLeaper: Bye J,D,Em...fellow MBs, newly annointedMBs

#McDuck: Joy, did you ever get titled yet, by the by?

(DeadZoneLeaper left)

TinaAlsGirl5: Bye bye greg, nice chattin' with ya

TinaAlsGirl5: No, I don't think I got a title

#McDuck: Ack....must rectify that!

#McDuck: Hmmm.......

Dman176: did Sue get one?

5:00 pm EST

#McDuck: I think Sue dubbed herself.....but let's be sure.... Do you wanna be Granny MB, Sue?

#McDuck: Joy....I suggest Scholar MB

Dman176: btw, Joy, I do believe that Teresa Bruckner will be making a cameo in next week's TVS story... the one that Greg wrote

Sherdran: That's great, Jen!

leaper1: awww sweet

leaper1: how bout linguist for sue

leaper1: she got her own lang aint u sis

#McDuck: Noo......even better

#McDuck: Archivist MB

Dman176: along with a number of other people involved with Sam's leaps in
recent years

#McDuck: Since she has that great forum for our writings

Dman176: I like Scholar MB for Joy

Dman176: it fits her

Dman176: :)

SamsLittleMiracle: ya

leaper1: true jen

#McDuck: So it has been spoken, so shall it be. ::draws plastic sword::

Dman176: lol

#McDuck: Joy----we dub thee--Scholar MB

SamsLittleMiracle: haha

TinaAlsGirl5: Okay, then... thank you for the title

#McDuck: I think I deserve a promotion. ;)

Dman176: meanwhile, she's thinkin' 'Okayyy, these people are really wacko!"

TinaAlsGirl5: hehehe

Sherdran: About that possible reference by Al about one of the nuns at the
orphanage he was at.... I've checke the A to Z 'bible' and found no reference.
The only time I recall Al referring to a nun by name was in the QL book "Angel
Unaware". But I can't recall what that nun's name was.

#McDuck: And my QL novels are in storage

#McDuck: Can't look it up

leaper1: thx eleiece

Dman176: hmm, let me check, they're all up on my shelf

#McDuck: I'd consider Liz Storm to be pretty canonical. :)

TinaAlsGirl5: That's cool about Teresa showing up... I feel really bad because I
still haven't read most of last season, and haven't read anything from this
season; school/college has just kept me way too busy

Sherdran: Hang on... I've got my QL novels on a shelf. let me get the book and
see if I can find that nun's name. brb

#McDuck: You could always call her Sister Mary Clarence (Sister Act ref) LOL

TinaAlsGirl5: lol

Dman176: she showe up in mine too, Joy although it was the future, so she
was about 50 years old or so

leaper1: already got one jen

Dman176: it won't happen that way anymore ;)

leaper1: sam is colored nun

#McDuck: ROTFL

#McDuck: Perfect

leaper1: canna say more

leaper1: workin wit mikey

#McDuck: Joy---I didn't make it to the PO yesterday. Will mail that Observer to
you tomorrow from work.

TinaAlsGirl5: not a problem

#McDuck: Oh, and check out the Pippinduck album if you haven't had a
chance to and let me know what you think of the card dealie

Dman176: I'm looking in Angels Unaware too, but I don't have the first clue
where in the book it would be mentioned

leaper1: dont sweat it now

leaper1: not urgent

Dman176: I know

#McDuck: That was like me trying to find the MB passage in FEAR NOTHING
Knew it was there, but not WHERE

#McDuck: the first time it came up, that is

leaper1: needles in haystacks

TinaAlsGirl5: Oh, yeah, I saw the card stuff--WOW! These cards are gonna
look so awesome! I feel like I'm not doing enough to help...

#McDuck: You're signing it aren't you? Sweetie, you've got a LOT on your
plate. It's okay It's all good

SueJBakula: Oh BTW, region 2 of the QLDVD came yesterday so I now have
2 copies :)

#McDuck: Yay, Sue!!!

leaper1: mine put up for xmas sue

Dman176: Joy, you started reading last season? How much of it did you get

SueJBakula: awww

leaper1: brb

Dman176: ok, Helen

SueJBakula: k

#McDuck: I finished the front of it last night

Dman176: the Bartender's been surprisingly quiet

(QLDamsel joined)

#McDuck: All hail the Chief!

#McDuck: ;)

SueJBakula: Hiya MJ

Dman176: the Chief has entered!

QLDamsel: *bows* Thank you, thank you, thank you.

SamsLittleMiracle: Chief MB hello

Sherdran: Hail To The Chief!!!

Dman176: the Ass left a short time ago

#McDuck: We've appellated new MBs.


#McDuck: Sam

#McDuck: Sam's Little MB

#McDuck: Mama MB

#McDuck: Scholar MB

#McDuck: Pasta Chef MB

#McDuck: and Archivist MB

TinaAlsGirl5: Uh... I think I only read through Quake (which was just the third ep...)

#McDuck: er....that would be 5

SamsLittleMiracle: or Bobo for me as well

Dman176: ah, ok, Joy, was just curious

Sherdran: btw... I skimmed through Angels Unaware and so far haven't found a
specific reference made by Al about a nun at the orphanage.... yet. I'll keep

Dman176: Bobo, aka Sam's Little MB

#McDuck: Yes, that's right. SLMB can be shorthanded Bobo

leaper1: hiya mj!

QLDamsel: Hi Helen.

#McDuck: (mumbles....I wanna promotion....) ;)

Dman176: lol

SueJBakula: teehee

alsplacebartender: Hey MJ!

Dman176: Bartender MB is around here somewhere too, but he's being vewy
vewy quiet

SamsLittleMiracle: haha

Dman176: oh, nm

Dman176: there he is

QLDamsel: Hi Brian.

TinaAlsGirl5: Jennie--Yeah, I signed the card... sent it off yesterday to Claire.
Took me forever to figure out what to put; I ended up with a four-line poem

alsplacebartender: sorry i am so quiet guys... i just found a treasure trove of QL stuff and I'm getting it all saved now to use later :)

#McDuck: Oh that'll be wonderful, Joy!! Can't wait to see it

Dman176: ah, cool

QLDamsel: Ohhh boy!

Dman176: what a guy! :)

SamsLittleMiracle: :)

#McDuck: My mom had a great idea fr it, too. I'm going to go find some
powder blue or silver vellum. And that'll go inside the card surrounding the
signed parts

Dman176: so, can you figure out which MB belongs to whom, Chief?

#McDuck: We'll excuse you on that account, then, Brian. ;) But only for that

QLDamsel: Geez... no

alsplacebartender: lol jennie, thanks

#McDuck: I'd think you can get Bobo right off the back.... :)

Dman176: Scholar MB... think about it

Dman176: yeah, Sam's Little MB is kind of obvious

QLDamsel: No

Dman176: Mama MB should be sort of obvious too ;)

QLDamsel: Mama?

QLDamsel: Mama MB?

Dman176: aka Mom

QLDamsel: Eleiece?

Dman176: yup

Sherdran: Throw the Chief a coconut!

QLDamsel: But to me she's a sister...

#McDuck: archivist obvious if you think about it.......

SueJBakula: LMAO

QLDamsel: *catches it and throws it to Brian*

Dman176: thought most of us called her Mom though :p

#McDuck: I just call her. ;)

Sherdran: Hey......throwing coconuts! Sounds like the Krewe of Zulu doesn't it,
Jen? LOL!

#McDuck: ROTFL!!!

#McDuck: All these years and I STILL have never caught one

QLDamsel: Archivist.... uhm....

alsplacebartender: *looks up but it's too late* KONK!

#McDuck: Of course, maybe if I'd actually venture OUT on Mardi Gras Day I'd
incrfease my chances

QLDamsel: Sue?

#McDuck: Bingo!

Dman176: ok... Pasta Chef MB is Helen... don't know where that came from


Sherdran: With my luck, if someone threw a coconut to me, it'd bounce off my
noggin into someone else's hands.

QLDamsel: Catches another coconut and throws it to Jen!

Dman176: SamsLittleMiracle, aka Emily is Sam's Little MB aka Bobo

#McDuck: LOL Same we'd have to stand next to each other and
hope my luck worked for you and yours for me. LOL

#McDuck: ::CATCHES coconut----in her dreams....actually it bounced off her
noggin to Eleiece::

leaper1: wheres everybody gone?

Dman176: so that leaves Scholar MB... someone who's very intellignet and
always provides tons of informartion for us

#McDuck: still here Helen

Sherdran: Not a chance! Jay was of the firm belief that the day BEFORE Mardi
Gras, you get your goodies and such inside and then lock the door till Mardi
Gras was over with!

QLDamsel: TinaAlsGal :D

Dman176: yup :)

TinaAlsGirl5: *blushes*

SueJBakula: Think Helen has lost her connection

#McDuck: that sucketh muchly

Dman176: LMMBO@Jennie

SamsLittleMiracle: bummer

#McDuck: brb

Dman176: ok

SamsLittleMiracle: cool

Sherdran: Well that's an MBMS... Helen losing her connection, that is.

#McDuck: y'all can think up a better title for me while I'm gone LOL

QLDamsel:: well, I can't stay long guys.... I've got to pack more.

TinaAlsGirl5:: hehehe... Jennie's "sucketh muchly" line reminds me of the
poem I wrote for English 101 called "I Doth Despise Thee Too Little"... it's
about my dad...

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Dman176:: aw, ok, MJ

Dman176:: Helen's back

SueJBakula:: still got her on msn but she;s not seein these mssgs

#McDuck:: WB Helen

leaper1:: didnt know id gone

SamsLittleMiracle:: wb helen

#McDuck:: Hope the packing goes well, MJ

leaper1:: been typing but nowt comin through

TinaAlsGirl5:: I think Jennie should be Artistic MB--she's doing a great job on
the Sassies X-Mas card

QLDamsel:: You have to realize that when you have stuff... it's hard to get it
into a box.

leaper1:: lost whole bunch of stuff

TinaAlsGirl5:: Or Creative MB

Dman176:: understand, MJ

#McDuck:: Aww, thanks, Joy


#McDuck:: I'm going to have to jam stuff in a box soon. Our office has to move

QLDamsel:: Well... you guys and gals... have a wonderful afternoon.

QLDamsel:: Eleiece....

#McDuck:: ::groans at the thought::

#McDuck:: You too, MJ

leaper1:: take care mj

Dman176:: take care, MJ... ttyl, maybe

QLDamsel:: tonight... k?

SueJBakula:: bye MJ

Sherdran:: Works for me, MJ. 9-ish?

QLDamsel:: Uppo. :D

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#McDuck:: wb Brian

SamsLittleMiracle: brb

QLDamsel: Sorry for the short stay.... but... you know how it goes....

QLDamsel: Later all.

#McDuck: indeedy do

QLDamsel: Chief MB Out.

Dman176: we understand, dear

#McDuck: take care MJ

Dman176: bye

(leaper1 joined)

(QLDamsel left)

alsplacebartender: lol thanks... who can give me a transcript for everything
after #McDuck: y'all can think up a better title for me while I'm gone LOL

Dman176: problems, Brian?

#McDuck: wb again Helen

leaper1: thx

alsplacebartender: just got too long, no problem

Dman176: I would try, but if I scroll up, it'll freeze again

#McDuck: do you do that? It's on my screen but it won't let me

SueJBakula: go into text mode

alsplacebartender: joy is going to do it, but thanks!

leaper1: did that to me too dman

Dman176: ok

#McDuck: Oh okay, thanks Joy!

Dman176: yeah, if I leave the window alone, I'm fine

leaper1: listen guys im gonna have to split in 10mins

TinaAlsGirl5: no prob

Sherdran: Well, gang, it's time for the Mama MB to bid one and all adieu.
Gotta go work with the frogs some more.

#McDuck: That time already?

leaper1: got a 10+ hour day at work 2mora

Dman176: cause of crfew, right?

Sherdran: Later, all!

#McDuck: Happy hopping, Eleiece

Dman176: *curfew

leaper1: yeh

Dman176: ok, E

Dman176: ttys

Sherdran: Ribbit, ribbit!

Dman176: lol

leaper1: lol

#McDuck: love ya!!

Sherdran: Dittoes!

(Sherdran left)

SueJBakula: bye Eleiece

#McDuck: Helen, gonna start knitting that scarf tonight.

leaper1: huh/

Dman176: only men here now and me and Brian

leaper1: oh u r

leaper1: soz

#McDuck: Was it not you I told about that?

Dman176: *are me and Brian

#McDuck: LOL the way that sentence originally read

#McDuck: The ladies are men and the men are ladies. LOL

(leaper1 left)

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#McDuck: wb Helen

Dman176: yes, sorry bout that... The only men here now are Brian and myself

alsplacebartender: i was about to say, what the--- lol

leaper1: keeps freezing me out

SueJBakula: Helen's having probs, she say goodnight all!

Dman176: ok, sorry Helen :(

leaper1: have fun folks

Dman176: I'll ttys

leaper1: hope so

TinaAlsGirl5: Tell Helen goodnight!

#McDuck: tell her goodnight

(gelfling1220 joined)

Dman176: so, Brian, I think I asked you before, but how is the schedule
looking for SBP?

Dman176: GELF!!!

Dman176: howdy

#McDuck: Hi Gelfling!

gelfling1220: Hey folks!

TinaAlsGirl5: Hiya Gelf!

SueJBakula: Hiya Gelf

TinaAlsGirl5: *looks at Sue...* Great minds think alike...

SueJBakula: :D

Dman176: ok, let's see here... I guess Gelfling needs to be Gelfling MB :p

Dman176: unless someone can come up with something better

gelfling1220: I'm already a MB

Dman176: you were?

gelfling1220: yup

Dman176: I don't remember

gelfling1220: *laugh*

Dman176: what was your designation?

gelfling1220: umm... I think it was General

gelfling1220: not sure

Dman176: oh right

alsplacebartender: hey Gelf!!

#McDuck: General MB! :salutes:

Dman176: yeah, I think that was it

Dman176: remember now

Dman176: sorry, Gelf, my brain's been turning to mush the past few weeks

gelfling1220: *salutes*

gelfling1220: Heh, I can relate

#McDuck: The MB with the MB (mushy brains)

Dman176: well, Chief MB and Ass MB have come and gone already

(leaper1 left)

gelfling1220: aw =(

Dman176: how's everything going, Gelf?

gelfling1220: It's all right... been really busy

gelfling1220: I actually forgot there was a chat today!

Dman176: btw, Emily, do you know who everyone's names are now?

alsplacebartender: hows your QL/StarTrek online comic book coming along?

gelfling1220: *cough* well...

gelfling1220: I haven't really had time to work on it

gelfling1220: but if anyone has any ideas on where it should go next, I'd be
curious to hear 'em ;)

#McDuck: Well, I hope your muse inspires's very good

alsplacebartender: it's so much fun to read and the pictures you use are
great... for anyone who wants to read it, here is the link:

gelfling1220: thanks... it's just more of a time issue right now

Dman176: you could always play around with the temporal Cold War, Gelf

TinaAlsGirl5: I need advice; there's something on Ebay that I really want, but I
need to figure out how much I'm willing to bid for it...

#McDuck: I probably wouldn't go over $25 if it were me

Dman176: probably depends on how much you're willing to spend, Joy

Dman176: I wouldn;t go over your personal limit

TinaAlsGirl5: Well, right now it's just at 3.25, so I'm probably going to put in for 5 first

Dman176: whatever it might be

TinaAlsGirl5: Well, as long as I keep enough back to see Finding Neverland
when it comes out, I'm willing to shell out what's left (so that'd be around

alsplacebartender: i will be back in 5 minutes - and yes, i think Finding
Neverland will be GREAT

Dman176: I would say Buy it Now, but it doesn't appear to have that option

gelfling1220: Finding Neverland was actually playing near my school.. they just
took it out of the rotation

#McDuck: not once a bid's been placed

Dman176: oh, yeah

Dman176: ok, that's how it works

Dman176: I did that once with an old Gameboy game I was looking for

Dman176: a rare one

#McDuck: I like Buy it Now, but sometimes you end up paying more

TinaAlsGirl5: Unfortunately, I have to wait 'til the 24th to see Finding Neverland,
seeing as how Kansas City is neither in the top 10 nor top 20 markets; so I
won't see it 'til the wide release

SueJBakula: Helen's gone now and I've passed on all of your 'goodbyes'

TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, Buy It Now is a really convenient option, 'cause you can
be assured of getting what you want

Dman176: ok, I just found this in the Angels Unaware book... she was called
Sister Mary Something

Dman176: I guess Al didn't know her last name?

TinaAlsGirl5: lol

Dman176: it's a flashabck to when Al's father died

SueJBakula: I'll past that on Damon, I'll see her tomorrow

Dman176: *flashback

Dman176: don't know if that's what E was thinking about or if it was something
else in the book

#McDuck: That's probably what she was thinking about

SueJBakula: I don't know, I don't have either of those books, they're so difficult
to get hold of over here

Dman176: they're extremely hard to find now

Dman176: I think they're all out of print

Dman176: I bought each of them when they first came out

alsplacebartender: i have them all and you can find them occasionally on ebay

#McDuck: testing.....making sure internet not acting yup again

(#McDuck left)

Dman176: except of course the Genesis novelization and Ghost and the
Gumshoe... I don't think they were published over here

gelfling1220: I've found a couple of the novels at used/discount warehouse
book places

SueJBakula: I've got 7 from ebay, but that was ages ago


gelfling1220: I also found one of the big trade books at a comic shop in the

TinaAlsGirl5: I've bought two times from that site; very fast and everything
came in top shape

Dman176: which one, Gelf?

Dman176: which store, I mean

gelfling1220: Village Comics

gelfling1220: the one around the corner from the QL vegan restaurant ;)

Dman176: ah, ok

gelfling1220: (which is no longer called that :()

Dman176: heh heh

Dman176: really?

gelfling1220: yeah, they changed the name recently

Dman176: I saw another one somewhere in Queens though

Dman176: a bigger restaurant

Dman176: maybe they moved

gelfling1220: lol, that's what I was about to say

gelfling1220: where in Queens?

Dman176: saw it pretty recently, in fact

Dman176: not sure, my boss was driving

gelfling1220: ah ok

(#McDuck joined)

SueJBakula: You guys are so lucky, but I doubt the council will relocate me to
the US though

Dman176: um... maybe around Union Turnpike somewhere?

Dman176: further east

Dman176: I think, not sure

Dman176: wb, Jennie

SueJBakula: wb Jan

SueJBakula: Ooops Jen

SamsLittleMiracle: I'm back

#McDuck: thanks

Dman176: who's lucky? me and Gelf?

SamsLittleMiracle: what did i miss

#McDuck: stupid internet keeps crashing

Dman176: wb, Emily

SamsLittleMiracle: ?

SueJBakula: anyone in the US, we either get stuff late or not at all

Dman176: oh, gotcha Sue

Dman176: I don't think you missed a whole lot, Em... Gelfling's here now

Dman176: other than that, not sure

Dman176: I can't scroll up to let you know

SamsLittleMiracle: Hi Gelfing

gelfling1220: Hi there!

TinaAlsGirl5: brb

Dman176: ok

(SueJBakula left)

(SueJBakula joined)

Dman176: I was asking you before, Em, didn't realize you were gone... do you
know everyone's names now at least?

SueJBakula: am I still here? cos my window just blanked

gelfling1220: why shouldn't she?

Dman176: you're still here, Sue

#McDuck: I see you Sue

SamsLittleMiracle: Lets see do I know everyones names

SueJBakula: good

TinaAlsGirl5: I'm back

SamsLittleMiracle: do you mean MB names or regular names

Dman176: regular names, not including Gelfling

Dman176: she has no real name :p

gelfling1220: *laugh*

SueJBakula: LOL

#McDuck: LOL

Dman176: neither does The Rod

(#clara5 joined)

#clara5: hi everyone!!!

SueJBakula: everyone knows me, teehee, been here since the start

Dman176: hello Clara

SamsLittleMiracle: Joy, Brian, Damon, Jennie, Helen

SueJBakula: Hiya Clara

Dman176: well, you're kind of obvious, Sue since your name's in your handle

#McDuck: Hi Clara

SamsLittleMiracle: Hi Clara

SueJBakula: :P

#clara5: I just got home from a Sci-Fi convention...

#clara5: lol

Dman176: I meant, do you know whose handles belong to whom, Emily?

#clara5: that's why I wasn't here earlier

TinaAlsGirl5: Heylo Clara

gelfling1220: Hi!

SamsLittleMiracle: handles? you pics or avatars?

#clara5: it was too fun, I just couldn't leave

Dman176: our IDs we use here

SamsLittleMiracle: mean

Dman176: mine is Dman176

Dman176: but my name is Damon

gelfling1220: lol and he's De man ;)

SamsLittleMiracle: oh ya most of them

Dman176: I've heard that before :p

Dman176: they used to call me Da Man, Da Myth, Da Legend

SamsLittleMiracle: I have gotten to know them from the posts

gelfling1220: aw shucks, and here I thought I was being clever

Dman176: heh heh :p

#clara5: I didn't think there would be anybody left...

Dman176: ah, ok, Em

#McDuck: I see my first #. Clara has a # on my screen

6:00 pm EST

Dman176: ah, you're right, Jen

Dman176: Clara has one too

#McDuck: I don't see my own though. That's weird

Dman176: that's weird

Dman176: I wonder why

#clara5: I have a what?

Dman176: a # in front of your name

Dman176: #clara5

Dman176: #McDuck

#McDuck: I bet she can't see it either

Dman176: you're the only 2 that have that

#McDuck: I can't see the # on my name

Dman176: probably not

Dman176: must have something to do with where you're logged in from or

#McDuck: I don't know....if that was the case Eleiece would have had one as
we use same ISP company

#McDuck: and live in same area

Dman176: right

Dman176: I have no idea then

Dman176: oh... wait, are you both local users?

#clara5: well, I don't see mine either

#McDuck: I'm a local user

#clara5: I am

Dman176: ah ha, that might be it then

SueJBakula: I'm Global

#McDuck: Hmm...maybe so

Dman176: I think the rest of us are global

#McDuck: Everyone else signed up Global?

TinaAlsGirl5: I think I'm global

#McDuck: That must be it then. # = local

SueJBakula: think I've had my ez account about 7 years now

Dman176: you know something, I think that IS it

alsplacebartender: yes, local users get a # sign in front... i just got caught up
in the chat

Dman176: this might have been brought up once before

SamsLittleMiracle: I'm global too

Dman176: ah, well, you know why Jen and Clara

#clara5: lol

Dman176: *now you know why, I meant to say

#McDuck: LOL

#clara5: I wasn't even wondering, lol

#clara5: still too much into my sci-fi convention...

#McDuck: Oh, Brian....what's your opinion on subtitles on stories?

#clara5: any lotr fans out herfe?

#McDuck: ;) at Damon

Dman176: oh boy, here we go

alsplacebartender: subtitles?

#McDuck: LOL Right here. :)

SamsLittleMiracle: I think i'm caught up on stuff now

SamsLittleMiracle: :)

Dman176: Greg is a LotR fan :p

alsplacebartender: huge LOTR fan here

#McDuck: <--has her name in the credits on extended DVD of Fellowship

Dman176: The Fellowship of the Leapees, The Two Sams, The Return of the

#McDuck: Yeah, like each part with a sub-title

#clara5: hehe, well I bought a miniature replica of Narcil, Aragorn's sword in

SamsLittleMiracle: Me Too

SamsLittleMiracle: :)

alsplacebartender: oh, that's cool

#McDuck: neat

Dman176: you guys just noticed that now? lol

#clara5: yeah, it's a 1/5 model... it's ssoooooooo cute!!!!!

Dman176: oh, nm

#McDuck: sounds like you have a hobbit sized sword. :)

Dman176: thought you were talking to me, didn't see clara's IM

Dman176: cool, Clara

Dman176: :)

#clara5: it's even small for a hobbit... Sting was a bit smaller, but was only a
1/3 replica

#clara5: it's adorable... I just couldn't reswist... lol

#McDuck: lol

Dman176: I still have yet to really sit down and watch the LotR trilogy

#McDuck: I couldn't pass up Minas Tirith box and preordered extended RotK

#McDuck: gift set that is

Dman176: normally not into fantasy genre

Dman176: but I keep hearing how great the trilogy is

SamsLittleMiracle: I can't wait to get extended RotK

#McDuck: Brian---was your cool comment about sub-titles or about Clara's

alsplacebartender: about the subtitles

alsplacebartender: why you ask?

#clara5: preordered ROTK extended (not the gift box) at the same time I
ordered QL

#McDuck: Don't kill me.

#McDuck: LOL

#McDuck: I was wondering about adding subtitles to "Sinners" and putting in
the verse reference at the beginning of each part

Dman176: Jennie wants to follow Greg and my lead and add subtitles to each
part of her story

#McDuck: But don't know if that would enhance or detract

#McDuck: as the subtitles I came up with are all from verses in Proverbs

alsplacebartender: i think that would be appropriate in this case... let's do it!

alsplacebartender: I'll wait for MJ to finish editing, but send the titles in along
with the verses

#McDuck: Okay. I'll send you an e-mail shortly.

alsplacebartender: great!

Dman176: I asked before too, Bri... how's the SBP schedule looking?

Dman176: were you planning any kind of season finale?

Dman176: or is Jennie's meant to be one?

TinaAlsGirl5: I've still gotta finish my SBP story... *sighs*

#McDuck: Yes, you do....b/c I wanna READ it!!!

Dman176: I haven't even written one yet, Joy, so you're not alone

Dman176: I told Brian about my idea, but not sure if it's really season finale

alsplacebartender: i hope to have one more story at least this season.
Damon... I liked your idea we discussed before, so you can write it if you want

Dman176: you think what I said could be a season finale?

Dman176: I'm asking you

SueJBakula: Has everyone lost interest in TLC? Quite a few have gone AWOL

alsplacebartender: yes Joy... write, write, write!

Dman176: because I'm just wondering

Dman176: I asked because I noticed that the schedule only goes to March
now, not May

alsplacebartender: yes, I would love to have two or three more stories this

Dman176: at some point, I will try to get back to it, Sue, I promise

#McDuck: brb....friend calling from WDW!!!

Dman176: cool... ok, Jen

SamsLittleMiracle: ok

Dman176: ok, Brian... was just curious

TinaAlsGirl5: Well, I can see if I can get my story written over Christmas
break--I have a whole month off! (I *love* college!)

Dman176: maybe I'll try to think up something for SBP soon... IF I can figure
out my whole TVS arc thingy

SueJBakula: Thanks Damon, Sam's still in a sorta pickle

Dman176: yeah, I know, Sue

#clara5: anyways, as for my SW fanfiction, I may finally get some help, which
would mean if I get enough time and a good idea, I could write some QL stuff,
maybe around next year, lol

Dman176: Eden's sort of gone AWOL as well, I'm assuming that MJ hasn't
followed up on her

TinaAlsGirl5: Oh, Clara--I forgot to tell you; if you want any help with your SW
fanfics, I may be able to help

Dman176: aka future Ziggy

#clara5: really? that would be nice to have many different opinions

SueJBakula: ahhhh, thought you and MJ were Eden

#clara5: thanks Joy, I'll keep your offer in mind

Dman176: yes, we both were

Dman176: I was Lothos, MJ was Ziggy, we're both Eden

SueJBakula: yup

Dman176: aka "Evil Ziggy" heh heh

TinaAlsGirl5: I'm on's Ep3 spoiler forum, so I might be able to
give you general info on what might happen in Ep3; not too much, though,
'cause I'm trying to keep myself as spoiler-free as possible

#clara5: I can understand you, Joy... I hate spoilers... but since I need the

alsplacebartender: i know what's going to happen. let me see if you all agree.
Anakin will turn to the dark side and become Darth Vader. What do you think?

Dman176: LOL

gelfling1220: LOL

#clara5: I even saw a french Quebec fan film today... and it was surprisingly

SamsLittleMiracle: lol

SamsLittleMiracle: !

alsplacebartender: just a guess

#clara5: lol

Dman176: sounds like a reasonable guess, Brian :p

SamsLittleMiracle: :)

#clara5: but that's very vague...

SueJBakula: I'm not into SW, sorry

Dman176: I can tell y'all how Titanic ends too, in case you haven't seen it :p

gelfling1220: *laugh* it's like spoiling the end of Titanic ;)

Dman176: LOL

gelfling1220: jeez Damon...

SamsLittleMiracle: LOL

#clara5: no problem Sue, you don't have to be...

Dman176: LOL

#clara5: LOL

Dman176: that was a freaky coincidence, Gelf

gelfling1220: lol

SueJBakula: GMTA

gelfling1220: ?

Dman176: Great Minds Think Alike

gelfling1220: ah

SueJBakula: great minds think alike

SamsLittleMiracle: cool

Dman176: you didn't know that one, huh, Gelf?

gelfling1220: nope

SueJBakula: that's what freaky about Helen and me

SamsLittleMiracle: don't feel bad

SamsLittleMiracle: I didn't either

Dman176: it's funny,I knew absolutley nothing when I first started chatting

Dman176: didn't even know what the heck lol meant

SamsLittleMiracle: I haven't done a chat in ages

#McDuck: I'm back. She's having a blast. Met Soap Stars yesterday

SueJBakula: I remember when I had to ask LOL

#clara5: there are some things I still don't know... actually many things

Dman176: people said it all the time, and I felt embarrassed to ask what they meant

TinaAlsGirl5: Well, Clara, I could send you the link to the message board and
you can do some searching on there for specific spoilers...

Dman176: wb, Jennie

SueJBakula: wb Jen

gelfling1220: welcome back

#clara5: well, no need for that right now Joy... maybe later

TinaAlsGirl5: I believe someone actually put together a rough draft of what will
occur in the movie based on the various spoilers he's read and pictures and stuff

#clara5: wb jen

TinaAlsGirl5: Alrighty. I can e-mail it to you later

#McDuck: thanks

SamsLittleMiracle: ya I have been IMing Brian asking him what certain things

Dman176: heh heh

gelfling1220: it doesn't help when people make stuff up either, right MBs? ;)

#McDuck: Might end up changing Spring trip plans from Wilderness Lodge to
Port Orleans. Save some $ and she's loving the Port Orleans

Dman176: you know what lmao means?

alsplacebartender: see emily? you're not alone lol

TinaAlsGirl5: I have to be going in a few minutes; gonna go with my mom to
take my sis to work and then go to a dollar store where they're selling Wild
Wild West episode videos!

#McDuck: I prefer LMBO

#McDuck: LOL

Dman176: LMAO rather

SamsLittleMiracle: ya

#McDuck: have a good time, Joy. So glad you were able to stop in

Dman176: well, you need to know what LMAO means before you can figure
out what LMMBO means :p

SamsLittleMiracle: I know now

TinaAlsGirl5: okay gotta go!

gelfling1220: bye Joy!

Dman176: ok, Joy

TinaAlsGirl5: See ya'll laterz! I had fun!

TinaAlsGirl5: Bye!

#McDuck: No....I use LMBO instead of LMAO

Dman176: great talking with ya again :)

(TinaAlsGirl5 left)

#McDuck: always have

#McDuck: even pre MB stuff

#McDuck: I just tossed in an extra "M"

#McDuck: for LMMBO ;)

Dman176: yup

SamsLittleMiracle: haha

Dman176: you know what ROF, or ROTF means?

Dman176: I"ve seen it used different ways

#McDuck: First time I've seen it w/o the L

SamsLittleMiracle: Rollong on the floor

#McDuck: Brian, I e-mailed you the Sub-titles

Dman176: ROFL

Dman176: yup


Dman176: my teenage sister actually made up a list for me one Christmas

SamsLittleMiracle: Brian had to tell me earlier

#clara5: lol

gelfling1220: I remember I had to make someone a list of smilies once...

#clara5: so, was the chat good?

Dman176: included all the emoticons and anime emoticons too

alsplacebartender: got 'em Jennie! thanks!

Dman176: told me that OMG is usually only use by women

#clara5: how many people were there at max?

SamsLittleMiracle: lol

Dman176: yeah, I think it wnet pretty good

#McDuck: You know, I pretty much only see women post that come to think of it

gelfling1220: really? I've seen guys use it too

Dman176: um, maybe 10 at the most at one point

#McDuck: Cool. Glad they made it Brian. Sorry I've been such a pest with this saga

Dman176: I know... she said women usually use it more though

alsplacebartender: you haven't been a pest at all... it's a great story!

Dman176: Greg sometimes says OMG... but I often wonder about him anyway :p

SamsLittleMiracle: Jennie did you know you are listed twice in here?


#McDuck: Thanks

#McDuck: Aw, thanks to you too, Sue.

Dman176: if you leave and re-enter, Jennie's clone will be gone

SamsLittleMiracle: cool

#McDuck: Attack of the Clones. LOL

gelfling1220: I was at a forum once that used to have emoticon "pie fights"

Dman176: at least, it workded that way for me

#clara5: not listed twice for me

SamsLittleMiracle: i just thought it was funny

#clara5: lo Jen...

#McDuck: Are they both pound-signed?

Dman176: because you entered after she got cloned, Clara ;)

#clara5: hehe

SamsLittleMiracle: yup they

Dman176: hey, I remember Brian once had like 5 clones in this chatroom once

#McDuck: Yikes! LOL

SamsLittleMiracle: lol

#clara5: :)

#McDuck: OMG, just got a 3MB (non-monkey-butt) e-mail from a friend.
Wasn't prepared for file to be that big! LOL

Dman176: Gelf, have you spoken to Aurora at all lately?

gelfling1220: No...

gelfling1220: Which is not good, 'cause I need to talk to her too, actually

#McDuck: is it that quiet or is my connection acting up?

SamsLittleMiracle: it is quiet

Dman176: no, it got quiet all of a sudden

#clara5: no, it's quiet...

#McDuck: okay, whew.

#clara5: lol

#McDuck: I think I've crashed like 3 times today

SueJBakula: Has anyone else read "With A Little Help" in the Starbright

#McDuck: ::waves madly::

SamsLittleMiracle: lol

Dman176: Gelf and I were just discussing something in private, that's all

#McDuck: Ahhh....just figured out how to private chat. Double click on the
name. Learn something new every day! LOL

Dman176: yup

SamsLittleMiracle: you got it

Dman176: well, I"ve read it, Sue... great so far :)

#clara5: well, no ql reading for me yet...

#McDuck: There's this one Chat had to be careful

#McDuck: If someone new came in the whole list would shift down and it
would highlight someone new and you might not realize it

alsplacebartender: With a Little Help is a greta story guys! You should
definately read it... we're having a lot of fun with the new series!

Dman176: whose idea was it to put that notice at the bottom of her story about
my story?

#McDuck: It's wonderful. Really grabs ya.

Dman176: you guys didn't have to do that *blushes*

alsplacebartender: i did that - figured that it might be cool to show that we are
crossing over into TVS for those folks who love TVS.

#McDuck: I thought it was a nice touch

Dman176: thanks, Brian... you didn't have to do that :)

alsplacebartender: no problem... i thought it was a fun thing to have the stories

alsplacebartender: great job with that Sue!

Dman176: yeah, even though technically, they don't really crossover, since
SBP is pre-leap

Dman176: so, for anyone that hasn't read either of them, you'll notice slight

Dman176: in Part 2 of Sue's story, I should say

SamsLittleMiracle: ok

SamsLittleMiracle: thanks for the heads up

#McDuck: brb....proofing something and need to double check hymn numbers

Dman176: ok

#clara5: ok

Dman176: well, Brian, actually, if I decided to write that Connors story for
SBP, it might slightly tie in with Greg's current story too

Dman176: the timeframe, I mean

Dman176: mid-1985

#McDuck: back. Man it's hard to get to that shelf

alsplacebartender: that woud be cool with me... i say go for it

#clara5: lol

Dman176: well, just so that you know, according to the TVs story, Sam did a
lot of touring on the lecture circuit in 1985 to get more funding for SBP

Dman176: I would use that angle

#McDuck: sounds interesting, Damon!

alsplacebartender: yeah, that definately works for the series

Dman176: ok, just wanted to let you know for consistency purposes ;)

(MikeKraken joined)

gelfling1220: Mike!

MikeKraken: Anyounghasayo!

alsplacebartender: well, i have about 10 minutes left here but you guys feel
free to continue on with the chat! If anyone wants to transcribe what goes on after I leave, send it to me and I'll add it to the transcript!

alsplacebartender: Hey Mike!

Dman176: heyya, Mikey!

MikeKraken: I only have 15 minutes... it's quarter to nine. haha

MikeKraken: Hi everyone. :D

#McDuck: Hi Mike!

MikeKraken: Jennie, I've never chatted with you before... haha

#McDuck: I need to head out soon myself. Didn't plan on staying this long but
was having a blast chatting w/ everyone!

MikeKraken: How long have you guys been going for?

#McDuck: Is this truly a first? LOL

SamsLittleMiracle: hey mike

#McDuck: Since 2 PM my time.....I logged in briefly at 2:17, and then again at quarter to 3

MikeKraken: Hi there, SLM ^_^

#McDuck: It's now quarter to 6

MikeKraken: Wow, nearly 4 hours...

Dman176: I don;'t think so, other chats have gone on longer, I think

#clara5: Hey Mike!!!

MikeKraken: Hi Clara! Long time no chat ^_~

MikeKraken: I've been in chats that went on nearly six, I think.. haha

MikeKraken: not to mention the three-hour one we had two Saturdays ago

alsplacebartender: Yeah Mike, we had one that went on for 7 hours!

SamsLittleMiracle: sorry I missed that one

#clara5: very funny, Mike... if you exclude ICQ it's true, though

#clara5: I came here only an hour ago...

#McDuck: Well, I'm gonna call it quits now. Been a blast!

MikeKraken: So how was this chat? What was the turnout like? I was
surprised to still see seven people here

MikeKraken: Bye bye, Jennie

#McDuck: Everyone have a great week!!

SamsLittleMiracle: Well this is my first official chat and I'm having a wonderful

#McDuck: And I'll catch y'all round the boards

SamsLittleMiracle: :)

#McDuck: Bye!!! ::HUGGLES::

(#McDuck left)

Dman176: oh, ok, Jennie

SamsLittleMiracle: Bye Jennie

Dman176: darn, missed her

SamsLittleMiracle: too slow

SamsLittleMiracle: darn it

alsplacebartender: me too... oh well

MikeKraken: She'll read the transcript :P

alsplacebartender: i am working on it as we speak

MikeKraken: I'll have to read what I missed!

Dman176: brb

SamsLittleMiracle: ok

#clara5: missed Jennie too...

MikeKraken: *hears the Jeaporday! theme playing...*

Dman176: back

SamsLittleMiracle: lol

SamsLittleMiracle: wb

Dman176: hey, you still here, Sue?

MikeKraken: *Jeapordy

Dman176: I forgot, wanted to ask you something

Dman176: Jeopardy

MikeKraken: Damnit LOL

MikeKraken: Leave me alone, it's early in the morning :P

Dman176: lol

Dman176: I meant no offense, Mikey :p

SamsLittleMiracle: lol

MikeKraken: I know you didn't ;D

Dman176: Mike, was gonna ask Sue to set up a writer's forum for both of us
on TVS


7:00 pm EST

MikeKraken: Ohhh, good idea... :D

#clara5: hehe

alsplacebartender: well, i am about to call it a night. great chat guys! we'll have
to do this again soon!

#clara5: bye Brian!!!

Dman176: ok, Brian

MikeKraken: I should go too.. one minute until 9:00

SamsLittleMiracle: Nice chatting with you as well Brian\

MikeKraken: almost time for the Samsung anthem... <groan>

Dman176: I'll be e-mailing you soon about that thing

#clara5: bye Brian

MikeKraken: see ya Brian!

#clara5: duh, said it twice, lol

MikeKraken: LOL @ Clara!

alsplacebartender: thanks damon, later everyone!

Dman176: bye

gelfling1220: Bye brian!

MikeKraken: I'm gonna jet now... chat with you all later!

Dman176: ok, Mike

SamsLittleMiracle: see ya

gelfling1220: Actually... I need to get back to homework... I only planned to be
here 10 minutes and it's been nearly an hour!

Dman176: I think a bunch of us are probably gonna get going soon

#clara5: bye Mike

SamsLittleMiracle: ya

(MikeKraken left)

#clara5: well, now's the end of the chat I guess...

SamsLittleMiracle: I guess so

gelfling1220: toodles everyone!

#clara5: bye

Dman176: I guess so too

SamsLittleMiracle: :(

(gelfling1220 left)

Dman176: bye, Gelf, we''ll talk soon

Dman176: too slow again

#clara5: I'll stay until dinner's ready

#clara5: talk less, you won't be so slow...

Dman176: did Sue say she was going for a minute?

Dman176: she just disappeared suddenly

SamsLittleMiracle: i don't know

SamsLittleMiracle: no not that I can see

Dman176: well, I guess I'll be going in a few minutes myself... need to rest my
eyes a bit

SamsLittleMiracle: I sure have had fun chatting with everyone

Dman176: so did I

SamsLittleMiracle: and getting to know ya'll a little better

Dman176: it was a pretty decent turnout today

SamsLittleMiracle: that's cool

SamsLittleMiracle: I don't know what the norm is

Dman176: This was about the norm, I'd say

SamsLittleMiracle: cool

#clara5: not as if I chatted that much... but I don't regret it... this sci-fi
convention was pretty cool

Dman176: I've never been to a convention... sounds like you had a lot of fun

SamsLittleMiracle: I just heard the Incredibles is # 1 at box office for second
week in a row

Dman176: well, I guess it's time for me to head out of here too... I'll post that
request to Sue on her QL writer's board

SamsLittleMiracle: it even beat out Polar Express

Dman176: exhaustion starting to catch up to me again

SamsLittleMiracle: Nice to talk to you again Damon

Dman176: you too

Dman176: and you too, Clara

SamsLittleMiracle: or Assistent MB?

Dman176: bye

Dman176: lol

#clara5: bye

Dman176: Senior Asssitant, I think

SamsLittleMiracle: bye

SamsLittleMiracle: Ah yes

SamsLittleMiracle: sorry

Dman176: or Senior Associate, one of those

Dman176: ok, bye

SamsLittleMiracle: Senior Assistent

SamsLittleMiracle: bye

#clara5: see you!!!

(Dman176 left)

#clara5: anyways, dinner time, I'll be back in about half an hour, so if you're
still there...

SamsLittleMiracle: ok I don't know

SamsLittleMiracle: Nice talking with you though

SamsLittleMiracle: have a nice dinner

#clara5: see you

SamsLittleMiracle: bye

alsplacebartender: nice talking to you all! I have finish the transcript and it will
be posted in about 5 minutes. Hope to see you back here again next time!

SamsLittleMiracle: definitely

SamsLittleMiracle: bye all

alsplacebartender: Leaping out....

Total chat time: 4 hours, 15 minutes

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