Accelerate 1996

The third British Quantum Leap convention was held in London on April 12th through 14th, 1996.

Thanks to Ian Collier for many of the photos shown.


Complete convention program book


Informational flyers
and other materials


Backdrop for the main hall

Good Morning Peoria theme party


Mike Tucker giving his talk about special effects on Red Dwarf and Doctor Who

John D'Aquino


Rev. Michael Fuller, Bo Maxwell and Steve Wilson gave a joint discussion entitled `Religion versus Myth versus Science in Quantum Leap'


Dealer's Room

Dealer's Room

Dolls for the Charity Auction

Al impersonator?


Mike Tucker and Sophie Aldred

Sophie Aldred

John playing "Father And Son" by Cat Stevens


John's birthday

Birthday card showing John dressed as Ben Krieg from SeaQuest standing next to a mirror in which Sam is wearing his Fermi suit, with the words `Oh Boy!' written at the top.


Mirror Image debate

Bo Maxwell's sideways look at time travel


Closing ceremony

"Welcome to the millennium" party
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