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LeapCon 2016
25+ Years of Leaping
Los Angeles, California - 2014


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To celebrate 25+ years of Quantum Leap, we're strongly considering holding a fan-run Los Angeles LeapCon, hopefully with Scott Bakula and a few other guests! The con would be 100% for the benefit of charity. It would be a one or two day fan convention.

This survey will let us know if there's enough fan interest to proceed with our plans.

Would you be intested in attending?
Definately will even if Scott and/or Dean can't make it
Maybe (50/50 chance)
Only if Scott is there
Only if Scott AND Dean are there

Should this con:
Be 100% Quantum Leap-related
Be more closely related to Scott Bakula and/or Dean Stockwell and their career material

What is the MOST you would be willing to pay for a short weekend or one day of programming?

We anticipate that the room rate at the con hotel will be approximately $150 per night. We are looking at the Beverly Garland Holiday Inn (the same hotel where The Leap Back 2009 convention was held).
Would you be likely to book a room at the con hotel?

Would you be likely to bring your spouse/significant other and/or your children to the convention with you?
Coming Alone

Where did you hear about LeapCon 2016?

Al's Place Quantum Leap Fan Site

Al's Place Facebook Page

Can you volunteer or provide at a small cost any service to the convention? Examples: Graphic Artist, Legal, Audio/Video, Los Angeles Liason, Photographer, General Volunteer, etc. Please list any services you would be willing to provide!

Please provide us with your e-mail address. This is to reduce the number of bogus entries and so that we can contact you about further plans.

Thank you for your time and interest. After clicking "submit" you will be taken to our forum to chat with other fans about this!


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LeapCon 2016 - 25+ Years of Leaping - A QUANTUM LEAP convention

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