Leap Day Speech
February 29, 1992


Dean Stockwell's Star Ceremony Speeches Quantum Quarterly, Spring 1992

Guy Stockwell: It's an honor; I've known him since he was a kid!

Scott Bakula: I wasn't expecting to say anything, so I won't . . . I just want you all to realize how difficult it is to work three and a half years with a man that you never know what he's doing behind your back. He's probably doing something behind my back right now, and I'd never know it in front of all these people [Dean does, in fact, begin flapping his hands about, but immediately stops when Scott turns around to confirm his theory. Audience laughs] I've already said this many times before, that I wish you all would have the experience of knowing this man the way I do. He's one of the gentlest spirits that I've ever met, and I just feel so privileged that I've had a few moments to share with him in front of a camera, and in life. Thanks very much!

Dennis Hopper: Dean Stockwell is my best friend in the whole world. He's the dearest man I know. We've been everywhere from France to Mexico to, I don't know, we've been all over the world together. I love Dean Stockwell. Dean Stockwell, in all the galaxies, is a really major star. I don't know anyone that I appreciate as much as Dean Stockwell. So having said that, I'm gonna go back to when I was a kid in Kansas, and I remember seeing Roddy McDowell and Dean Stockwell and Elizabeth Taylor coming out of school at MGM in the newspapers in Kansas City, Missouri, and I thought, "Boy, am I jealous of these guys!" I remember coming to Hollywood when I was 18 years old and going over to what was the Graumann's Chinese across the street and seeing all the faces and all the hands in the concrete over there. So today for Dean to finally have a star here is really, really important. I wouldn't have missed this for the world. I just came back from Thailand so I could be here, and I'm very proud of my friend, Dean Stockwell. Thank you!

Dean Stockwell:Well, thank you. I want to thank the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. This is truly a unique and wonderful honor. I really appreciate it very much.

First of all, I want to ask: are there any Leapers here? [Ardent 'yes'] Do you know what day it is? It's Leap Day; it's our day! So take the Leap! This, as you heard from Christina Mavroudis, this came about largely because of you guys, the fans of Quantum Leap who got together and united their efforts to raise the money for this  these Stars cost money  to raise the money to pay for this Star through their efforts in recycling. And that to me is more important.

I want to especially thank some of my dear friends that made their way here. Some of them didn't come very far, only from Thailand! Other ones came from the Valley. Dear Roddy [McDowell] over there. Thanks for coming. A great actor and just a beautiful guy. We go back a long way, quite a long way. He's the only other kid I see around here. And, of course, Dennis. One of the finest actors, directors, artists, and talents in this country. I had hoped, when I heard that I was indeed getting a star, that I would be very lucky and get a star next to Dennis'. Now I find out that he doesn't have a star yet. We have to do something about that right away, because that's ridiculous [applause of support]. And dear Scott. I've never had a working relationship better than the one I have with Scott Bakula. Thanks for coming. And Deborah Pratt, our executive producers and one of our finest writers is here.

I started at a very early age in this business and I'm sure most of you have read stories about people who have started as children and ended up in very difficult lives and bad consequences. It's not the easiest life in the world, but then no life is easy. But I have to tell you that I had the love and concern and care and devotion of my mom. And without that, I might not have been here today. My mom is here. And my dear brother Guy, who was always a wonderful example to me, and who has always supported me, and who is a fine actor and the finest acting teacher in town. [thanks his niece for coming]

I have to apologize that my wife Joy couldn't make it; the kids have a little bit of a cold, and babysitter problems, but she'd like to be here. I especially want to thank her for her unfailing support over the years and her great work on environmental problems especially in trying to do something about the destruction of the ozone layer. Joy, I wish you were here.

Other than that, I hope that in times to come that when people see my name on a star here, and I'm very lucky to be between two very beautiful women  Liza Minelli and Donna Summers  that they'll remember what I tried to do in my life and my work but also remember that I was concerned about what's happening with this planet, because this is the number one important thing facing this world today. There are a lot of problems in the world, a lot of tragic things that have to be addressed, economic, medical, political, all kinds of things, but, to my way of thinking, they pale in comparison to the overall problem of the environmental deadline. So I'm going to go on and work on preserving the ozone layer, encouraging everyone to recycle. I just feel extra motivated and reinforced by the efforts on the part of the Quantum Leap fans that have helped give me this star. Thank you very much!


Quantum Quarterly - The Luncheon

Dean Stockwell said a few words later that day at the luncheon in his honor:

"This is just a little chat here, a little appetizer before lunch. I can't stay too long. I have to apologize by the way, because I have to go pick up the children. Just one of those responsibilities that I relish. I can't tell you how moved I am by this ceremony. I don't think I can possibly successfully describe today and how I feel about it, you'd have to be there! But I can understand  Liza Minelli has the star right next to mine, and . . . [turned away from mike; inaudible] . . . I had been working for many years to be recognized, and maybe that's as it should be, and I feel good about it. I just feel it's extra good fortune . . . [turned away from mike; inaudible] . . . to you guys, and the recycling that you did, the whole idea of it  it's just so special."

[Scott Bakula could not appear at the luncheon, so he wrote a letter, which was read aloud]:

Dear Happy,

Sorry I couldn't be at the luncheon but you more than anyone understand family commitments. I remember the first time I heard your name associated with the project Quantum Leap. I was then, as I am still today, in shock that you would be considering this unknown quantity with this unknown actor. I'm still pinching myself. What you have brought  and wrought  to this huge, three and a half year old effort is immeasurable. Your passion for the work, your wacky sense of humor, and your love of humanity have made this leap a highlight of my comparably short professional life. I'm still trying to figure out how, out of all of our journeys, the one time we switched places, you get the girl and get laid! I only hope someday Don will leap me home at the same time you're there so that I can give you a real hug in person. I feel privileged to be a part of your special day, and I feel privileged to start every workday with a guy who enters the makeup trailer and announces 'Good mornin', everybody, the fun starts now!'

Your leaping buddy,

The Hunk in a Dress
The Prime Time Slime,

Dr. Sam Beckett

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