"Ghost Ship"

Leap Date:

August 13, 1956

Episode Adopted by: Crys Crys


After all this leaping Sam still hasn't learned to fly, and he is once again the pilot of a private jet taking a newly-wed couple through the Bermuda Triangle. When his co-pilot begins having strange flashbacks from a war mission, Sam must bring him back to reality while taking care of the woman who's appendix has burst.


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Original Air Date:

March 4th, 1992


Leap Date:

August 13, 1956


A Detailed Synopsis:

This is your warning. This is a fully detailed summery, so beware...turn back now...

Alright, we come in seeing Sam as a pilot. He's in shock by the fact he's flying, again. At which point the cigarette he is smoking falls from his mouth. Sam bends forward to pick it up and ends of pushing the controls forward, sending the plane basically into a nose dive.


1st Break

Pilot Cooper steps in and helps Sam recover the plane. And with a little discussion come up with the story "We hit an air pocket". Plays around with some switches and Sam goes to the back of the plane to tell Grant and Michelle what happened. This is where we first find out Michelle is sick. Sam heads back to the front, this is where we first see Al. And we also hear the first of the information Sam recieves. Which is there is a problem with Michelle's appendix. Durning the conversation the plane turns around, heading towards Virginia.


2nd Break

Sam goes back to the cock pit and tries to talk the captain into turning the plane back on its original course. But instead Sam gets orders to go tell the newly weds the new plan of action. As he walks towards the back of the plane, Sam sees Al in the galley. He's banging his handlink against his hand because it's acting screwy. Al believes it's because the plane is in the Bermuda Triangle. Sam doesn't. They talk about the Bermuda Triangle and the weird events that have occured in the area. Suddenly the handlink comes back online, but not until the plane has cleared out of the Triangle. Al, after being scared by Sam tells him of the original history, where as Michelle dies before making back to the states. It takes 4 hours to get back to Virginia and only 1 hour to get to Hamlton Harbor in Bermuda. Problem is Michelle only has 3 hours to live. She dies because her appendix brust. Wendy comes in and gets Sam and informs him Michelle isn't doing well. He goes to check on her, feels around her stomach area, asking about the pain. He goes to the galley to find something to give relief to the pain. He gives Wendy 3 asprins and some hot towels and she is off to the back of the plane. Sam returns to the cock pit and tries to get the captain to turn the plane around. Al's back and calls him to the galley. Cooper has his 1st flash back. Al tells a little of Cooper's history. Sam goes back to the cock pit and Cooper turns the plane back to Bermuda.


3rd Break

Cooper heads to the back of the plane. Sam gets to fly the plane and Al gets to help. We see Cooper telling Grant and Wendy that they will be landing in Bermuda in about an hour. Back in the cock pit, Al sees a Liberty ship. And Cooper comes back, Sam tells him of the ship, but it disappeared. Sam finds out from Cooper that Michelle is feeling better. Sam goes to the back to check on Michelle then goes to the galley. He tells Wendy that Michelle's appendix burst which is why the pain went down. He begins to make an IV from what's lying around. He takes boiled water and adds salt to it and sticks it into Michelle. Because of this Michelle wakes up from her state of shock. Sam returns to the galley and sees that Al is losing contact. Sam learns that he has changed history that now the plane disappears. Cooper continues to have flash backs. And Sam loses total contact of Al.


4th Break

Sam and Grant talk in the galley. Cooper has an even more involved flash back. He goes on to tell Wendy and Sam about his last mission. Lightening strikes the wing of the plane. Sam and Cooper try to pull the plane back up but in order to do that, the plane must lose wieght. So Sam and Grant throw some luggage and a chair out the door. This allows the plane to gain altitude. They make it to Hamlton Harbor and Al returns. All's well with the mission and Sam leaps.



Flying in and out of the Bermuda Triangle and Hamlton Harbor.


Name of person leaped into:

Francis "Eddie" Brackett


Songs and Music:

Theme by Mike Post

Music by Velton Ray Bunch


Project Trivia:

This is 1 of the few times Sam isn't in the United States. Another time being "Lee Harvey Oswald" and others.


Sam Trivia:

Nervous when he alone flies.

Doesn't believe the myths Al tells him about.


Al Trivia:

Al on the other hand does believe there is something screwy dealing with the Triangle.

We are also get a better understating of the fact Al was in the military by knowing about the ship and telling Sam about being in the service.


Miscellaneous Trivia:

Plane being flown is a Gremin Goose.



Sam turns one of the many knobs before Al tells him what to do. As if rehearsed....


Al's Outfits:

Only 1: A peach suit with a brown, tan, and white shirt that has squares on it.


Sam's Outfits:

Only 1: Navy blue pants, light blue shirt, blue tie, black shoes, a sliver watch, and a wedding band.



Paris Qualles and Don Bellisario.



Co-exective producer: Deborah Pratt and Michall Zinberg.

Superving producer: Harker Wade

Produced by: Jeff Gourson, Tommy Thompson, Chris Ruppenthal, and Paul Brown.


Regular Cast:

Scott Bakula as Dr. Sam Beckett

Dean Stockwell as Al Calavicci

Deborah Pratt as Ziggy


Guest Cast:

Scott "Derek" Hoxby as Captain Cooper

Kimberly Foster as Michelle

Kurt Deutsch as Grant

Carla Gugino as Wendy


Best Line:

Sam is left alone to fly the plane. Al tells him to turn a knob. Sam is happy and excited about "flying" the plane.

Sam: I can fly!

Al: You can dial.


Best Scene:

Where Al gets all worked up about being in the Triangle and gets himself all turned around in the galley. He ends up losing Sam, although he was just standing there the whole time, and when he see's Sam again, Al screams and yells at him to never do that again. But Sam didn't do anything...



Cooper: Tell them we hit an air pocket.

Sam: There's no such thing as an air pocket.

Cooper: We know that, they don't.

Sam towards Al.

Sam: Where the hell have you been?

Al: Huh?

Sam: I just about crashed this damn thing a minute ago.

Al: Hey, take it easy. You're a moving target, you're lucky Ziggy was even able to find you at all.

Al: You're a fledgling, air born, limo driver.

Sam: Maybe he is, but I'm not. In case you don't remember I don't drive these things.

Al: Well, you did great as a rocket test pilot.

Sam: I crashed!

Al: Not before you broke Mach 3 1st.

Sam: Amoung other things.

Al: Come on it's easy. It's like, it's like riding a bike.

Sam: Yeah, only when you fall off of a plane you crash and burn.

Al: It's called buying the farm.

Sam: Well, whatever it is, you're dead.

Sam: Thank God for auto pilot. But this is weird Al.

Al: Weird?

Sam: Yeah.

Al: When you were flapping your wings up and down, before we went on automatic pilot, that was weird.

Grant tells Sam he will always have a job with him and his father.

Sam: Just what I need. A life time job flying in the Bermuda Triangle.

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