"Miss Deep South"

Leap Date:

June 7, 1958

Episode adopted by: RoseAnn Erks
Additional info provided by: Brian Greene


As a beauty contest finalist competing for the title of "Miss Deep South", Sam must uncover the reason that his pageant roommate -  a beautiful, sweet girl with a lot of promise - disappears off the face of the earth before the pageant ends.


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Production # 66406

TV Guide Synopsis (TVGuide.com):
Sam (Scott Bakula) gets himself into a real beaut: he's a pageant contestant who must keep a competitor from making a tragic decision. Connie: Heather McAdam. Peg Myers: Nancy Stafford. Clint: David A. Brooks. Vicky: Julie Ann Lowery. Judge: Hugh Gillin.

TV Guide Synopsis (Original):
Sam (Scott Bakula) gets himself into a real beauty as Miss Sugar Belle in a Southern pageant, he must prevent a fellow contestant from making a tragic decision that will send her into oblivion.


Miss Deep South Pageant, somewhere in Alabama

Name of the Person Leaped Into:
Darlene Monte (or Monty)

Leap Date:
June 7, 1958

Broadcast Date:
November 2, 1990 (Friday)

"Great Balls of Fire" by Jerry Lee Lewis and performed by Scott Bakula

"Cuanta La Gusta" performed by Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell

"I’m Walkin’" by Ricky Nelson

"Splish Splash" by Bobby Darin

Project Trivia:
The gummi bear handlink is seen again before it's proper introduction in "The Great Spontini."

An elevator appears to be used in the Imaging Chamber to move Al up and down. Or perhaps it's just Ziggy projecting his image vertically.

Sam Trivia:
Sam says he hasn’t seem a black and white television like this since he was a little boy. 

Sam doesn’t know who Carmen Miranda is. 

Sam plays "Great Balls of Fire" on the piano. 

Sam remembers his little sister Katie.

Al Trivia:
Al knows the lyrics to "Cuanta La Gusta" and helps Sam with the words and dance.

Al appears in the episode 9 times. The imaging chamber door opens once.

Al’s Outfits Worn in the Episode:
Al’s first outfit is a silver jacket, blue shirt, grey pants, and a black tie. 

The second outfit is black pants, a black vest with silver dots, green, brown, orange, white colored shirt, and a shiny bronze tie.

Al's Women:
All beauty pageant contestants, especially the one going into the elevator!

When Al was in flight school, he had a fling with a beauty queen.

Miscellaneous Trivia:
A TV Guide ad superimposed Bakula's head onto a woman's body.

It is the 35th annual Miss Deep South pageant.

Pageant contestant Cheryl Birch was named for Universal’s Director of Business Affairs.

Most of the episode was filmed at the Los Angeles Ambassador Hotel, which closed in 1989. It has since been demolished.

Regular Cast:
Scott Bakula
Dean Stockwell

Guest Stars:
Heather McAdam as Connie Duncan (or Douglas)
Nancy Stafford as Peg Myers
David A. Brooks as Clint Beaumont
Julie Ann Lowery as Vicky Jenkins
Hugh Gillin as Contest Judge
Linda Hoy as Arlene
Marte Boyle Slout as Thelma (female judge)
Martin Clark as Master of Ceremonies
Karen Moore as Cheryl Lynn Birch
Janeen Rae Heller as Beauty Contestant Sawyer
Cynthia Windham as Missy
Luann Lee as Girl at Elevator

Theresa Ring as Darlene Monte (Mirror image)

Guest Cast Notes:
Hugh Gillin played Howard on "The Facts of Life."

Nancy Stafford played Joan on "St. Elsewhere" and Michelle Thomas on "Matlock."

Guests Who Appeared in Other Episodes of Quantum Leap:
Robert Harris Duncan, the choreographer for this episode, wrote "Running for Honor."

Cynthia Windham played Sister in "Hurricane."

Julie Ann Lowery played Ellie LaForge in "Lee Harvey Oswald"

Best Line:
"Where’d you learn to… Um, the 4-H club."

Best Scene:
The best scene is where Sam beats up Clint in Clint’s hotel room. He does this to protect Connie by getting the film back. He gets Clint to tell him where the film is by holding him out of the window.

Say What?
The episode of "Leave It To Beaver" showing on the television did not actually air until several months later.

The photos used to find out Connie had posed for nude photos was developed seemingly too quickly. The one-hour photo process didn't begin until the 1970's.

The Jerry Lee Lewis tour poster that out points out is "next week" says June 24th on it - over two weeks after the leap date.

Stock footage from the 1980's era movie "Streets of Fire" was used during the episode. The hairstyles are very 70's/80's and the fact that multiple races were dancing together would not have happened in the 1950's.

Quotable Quotes:

This isn't on the program! What the heck is she doing up there?
Oh lighten up, Harlan, it's rock and roll, and I like it!
-- the pageant judges describing Sam's performance in the talent contest, "Miss Deep South"

You shake my nerves, and you rattle my brain...
That kind of love drives a....er, WOMAN insane.
You broke my will, oh what a thrill
Goodness, gracious, Great balls of fire!
-- Sam, "Miss Deep South"

-- Al, "Miss Deep South"

She had a major league set of gun turrets. ... That was a complement!
On what planet?
-- Al and Sam, "Miss Deep South"

I haven't seen a black and white set like this since I was a little ... girl.
-- Sam, "Miss Deep South"

You know, you're really a prude!
-- Al to Sam, "Miss Deep South"

Zippers were a brilliant invention.
-- Al, "Miss Deep South"

You see that, even as a hologram I'VE GOT IT.
-- Al, "Miss Deep South"

Don't tell me, let me guess, Scarlett O'Hara on steroids.
-- Al, "Miss Deep South"

Where did you learn to ...
4H club.
-- Connie and Sam, "Miss Deep South"

I felt alive - like I had electricity shootin' all through my body . . . you ever felt that way?
Yeah, once or twice.
-- Connie and Sam, "Miss Deep South"

So ... what are you measurements?
-- The pageant judge and Sam, "Miss Deep South"

That was the most humiliating experience of my life.
-- Sam, on the 'talent' contest, "Miss Deep South"

Just hang in there Connie, the cavalry's coming.
-- Al, "Miss Deep South"

I'm sorry, was that your foot? ... Watch your head! ... I'm sorry ...
-- Sam to Clint, "Miss Deep South"

Stay with her Al.
Like white on rice lil darlin'.
-- Sam and Al, "Miss Deep South"

"I just wish Katie could be here to see this."
-- Sam, "Miss Deep South"

Personal Review:
This episode is very good. It is very humorous. It gives you an insight on how much stuff a woman goes through when they are getting ready for a beauty pageant. It shows how much work it takes to do things and makes an important statement about who you are.


Tommy Thompson

Christopher T. Welch


Donald P. Bellisario - Executive Producer
Jimmy Giritlian - Associate Producer (as James S. Giritlian)
Paul Brown - Co-producer
Jeff Gourson - Co-Producer
Deborah Pratt - Co-executive producer
Chris Ruppenthal - Producer
Robert A. Wolterstorff - Supervising producer
Harker Wade - Supervising producer
Michael Zinberg - Co-executive Producer

Tom Boyd - Oboe soloist

Velton Ray Bunch - Musical Score

Donald Woods - Music editor

Mike Post - Music by/Music supervisor, Composer (theme music)

Michael Watkins - Director of Photography

Jerry Temple - Film editor

Peter Gulla - Assistant camera

Mark Abbott - Gaffer

Eldon Hansen - Rigging technichian

Ellen Lubin Sanitsky - Casting

Robert L. Zilliox - Set decorator

Jean-Pierre Dorléac - Costume designer 

Ronald R. Grow - unit production manager

Cameron Birnie - Production designer

Ryan Gordon - First assistant director

Robert Brooks Mendel - Second assistant director

Rick Bozeat - Sound effects editor

Paul B. Clay - Supervising Sound Editor

Mark Hopkins McNabb - Sound mixer

Diamond Farnsworth - Stunt Coordinator

David Rawley - Costume supervisor

Donna Roberts- Costume supervisor

Tommy Thompson - Executive story editor

Bobby Duncan - Choreographer

Jean-Pierre Dorléac had considered submitting this episode for an Emmy consideration. However, due to the inappropriate stock footage inserted (possibly from the 1970's), he chose not to submit.

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