"Nuclear Family"

Leap Date:

October 26, 1962

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In the body of a bomb shelter salesman during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Sam has to stop the killing of a neighbor during an air raid alarm which results in the conviction of his brother.


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Production # 66426

TV Guide Synopsis:
Sam must prevent a fateful killing when he falls into the brother of a fallout-shelter salesman (Timothy Carhart), whose family's tensions escalate during the Cuban missile crisis. Burt: Kurt Fuller. Kate: Kim Flowers. Stevie: Robert Hy Gorman. Sam: Scott Bakula.

Broadcast Date:
May 15, 1991 (Wednesday)

Leap Date:
October 26, 1962

Homestead, Florida

Name of the Person Leaped Into:
Eddie Ellroy, a junior student at Oklahoma State, currently working for his older brother selling bomb shelters to make extra money.

Theme by Mike Post
Score by Velton Ray Bunch

Project Trivia:
Handlink: Colored Cubes / Gummy Bear

Al Trivia:
Al flew reconnaisance flights over Cuba during the crisis in a F-4 Phantom Escort, in the squadron that went in right after a U2 was shot down while photographing missile bases.

Al's Outfits Worn in the Episode:
First appearance: White dress coat and pants; white shoes, orange dress shirt; zebra-striped tie; some kind of circular pin on the right breast of his coat; lit cigar. Appears and leaves through the Imaging Chamber Door.

Second, third, and fourth appearance: Multi-coloured scaly purple and silver dress coat; wide, gold belt; white dress shirt; gray pants; black-and-white-striped tie; black shoes; cigar. (no Imaging Chamber Door)

Fifth appearance: Light brown vest; patterend orange dress shirt; gold tie; same pin from before, but on left breast; unlit cigar. (no Imaging Chamber Door)

Miscellaneous Trivia:
While "Duck and Cover" may seem futile during an atomic blast, doing it further away from the blast could protect you from being impaled by flying pieces of bursting windows and debris. Good advice!

A sketch of the bomb shelter is included in "The Complete Quantum Leap Book."

Kiss With History:
This episode takes place during the final days of the Cuban Missile Crisis, a situation that occurred between Russia and the United States October 16-28, 1962.

Regular Cast:

Scott Bakula as Sam Beckett
Dean Stockwell as Al Calavicci

Guest Stars:

Timothy Carhart as Mac Ellroy
Kurt Fuller as Burt "the Turtle" Rosencranz
Kim Flowers as Kate Ellroy
Robert Hy Gorman as Stevie Ellroy
Candy Hutson as Kimberly Ellroy
Delia Salvi as Mrs. Klingman
Celia Lovsky as Piano Teacher
Patrick M. Bruneau as Eddie (Mirror image)

Guest Cast Notes:
Candy Hutson did the voice of Cera in three of the "The Land Before Time" movies.


Timothy Carhart (born December 24, 1953) is an American actor. He starred in the CBS drama Island Son (1989–90) and has had recurring roles in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000–03) and 24 (2002). He also starred in the 1992 Broadway revival of A Streetcar Named Desire. His film appearances include Ghostbusters (1984), Pink Cadillac (1989), Thelma & Louise (1991), and Beverly Hills Cop III (1994).


Kurt Fuller is frequently cast as a weaselly executive, a smarmy authority figure, a law enforcement officer or overprotective father.[citation needed] He may be recognized as nerdy television director Russell in Wayne's World; a spiteful mayoral aide in Ghostbusters II; the sleazy television executive and mastermind of the "Battle of the Tough Guys", Mr. Brell, in No Holds Barred; a seedy real estate agent in Elvira: Mistress of the Dark; and the power-abusing, egotistical NSC Director Robert Lindsey in the third season of Alias. Usually cast in comedic roles, Fuller played real-life figures Werner Klemperer (in Paul Schrader's Auto Focus) and Karl Rove (on the TV satire That's My Bush!). He also portrayed Pacific Bell Retirement Fund Executive Walter Ribbon in The Pursuit of Happyness

Fuller has also appeared in many television shows, including Knight RiderTimecopQuantum LeapL.A. LawMurder, She WroteAlly McBealFelicityMalcolm in the MiddleThe West WingBoston LegalBoston PublicHouseMonkDesperate Housewives, the live-action version of The TickCharmedCarnivàleMy Name Is EarlUgly BettyGleeDrop Dead Diva and the pilot episode of NewsRadio. He has had a recurring role as Woody the Coroner on Psych and another on Supernatural, depicting a malevolent angel called Zachariah.[1] Fuller later reprised the role for Supernatural's 300th episode "Lebanon." He also acted as a Senior Police Officer in the 2000 comedy Scary Movie, who is the commanding officer of Doofy.


Kim Flowers is best known for her supporting roles in the films Alien: Resurrection and Another Day in Paradise and for her supporting roles in the TV series Pensacola: Wings of Gold and H.E.L.P..


Celia Lovsky (born Cäcilia Josefina Lvovsky, February 21, 1897 – October 12, 1979) was an Austrian-American actress. She was born in Vienna, daughter of Břetislav Lvovsky (1857–1910), a minor Czech opera composer. She studied theater, dance, and languages at the Austrian Royal Academy of Arts and Music. She is best known to fans of Star Trek as the original T'Pau, and to fans of The Twilight Zone as the aged daughter of an eternally youthful Hollywood.


Paul Brown

James Whitmore, Jr.

Deborah Pratt
Michael Zinberg
Harker Wade
Paul Brown
Jeff Gourson
Chris Ruppenthal

Theme by - Mike Post

Music by - Velton Ray Bunch

Co-executive Producers - Deborah Pratt, Michael Zinberg

Supervising Producers - Harker Wade

Co-Producers - Paul Brown, Jeff Gourson

Produced by - Chris Ruppenthal

Written by - Paul Brown

Directed by - James Whitmore, Jr.

Executive Producer - Donald P. Bellisario

Associate Producer - James S. Giritlian

Executive Story Editor - Tommy Thompson

Director of Photography - Michael Watkins A.S.C.

Production Designer - Cameron Birnie

Edited by - Jerry U. Frizell A.C.E., Ken Denisoff

Unit Production Manager - Ron Grow

First Assistant Director - Ryan Gordon

Second Assistant Director - Kate Yurka

Casting by - Ellen Lubin Sanitsky

Set Decorator - Robert L. Zilliox

Costume Designer - Jean-Pierre Dorleac

Costume Supervisors - David Rawley, Donna Roberts-Orme

Sound Mixer - Barry D. Thomas

Stunt Co-ordinator - Diamond Farnsworth

Panaflex® Camera and Lenses by PANAVISION®

Supervising Sound Editor - Paul Clay

Music Editor - Donald Woods

This motion picture is protected under laws of the United States and other countries. Unauthorized duplication, distribution, or exhibition may result in in civil liability and criminal prosocution

Copyright © 1991 by Universal City Studios, Inc. All rights reserved.

Country of first publication: United States of Amercia. Univeral City Studios, Inc. is the author of this motion picture for purposes of the Berne Convention and all national laws giving effect thereto.

The charcters and events depicted in this photoplay are fictitious, and any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Personal Review & Synopsis:
The era of "duck and cover" and air raid sirens: Sam leaps into the height of the Cuban Missle Crisis as the brother of a bomb-shelter salesman. It's up to him to prevent a neighbour from being shot by one of the host's family members. "It's World War III!"

I would have to say this is one of Sam's easier leaps. Simple mission: stop Bert from getting shot, which Ziggy gave a 99% probability. The only real obsticle was keeping the kids from being so scared and Mac happy with Eddie's salesmanship. It's a pretty good episode that delves into the psyche of the people at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Very intruiging!

Best Line:
Sam: "Let's just pretend that you can travel into the future and look back at this time right now. You'll see that the Russians never hurt you or your family, and you'll see that you were spending a lot of your time and energy being afraid of something bad that never happened."

Best Scene:
Sam is giving Mrs. Klingman a tour of the bomb shelter, and what he says triggers her memory of the Holocaust.

Say What?
The actual leap date is October 26 and last a couple of days. However, the Presidential address seen on the TV was from November 2nd. Sam apparently stuck around a few extra days simply to give Mac the idea to sell swimming pools?

Similarly, the Presidential address shown before the blackout was from September 13th.

Mac says he's been trying to sell Burt a shelter for three years. A few moments later, he says it's been two years.

Sam states he was eight years old during the Cuban Missile Crisis, but he was actually nine years old.

The "Mr. Ed" episode seen on TV was actually aired in January of 1961. It was the first episode.

The Woody Woodpecker cartoon was from 1969, seven years after the setting of this episode.

Quotable Quotes:

Sam: "Then why waste your money on a shelter?"
Mrs. Klingman: "You're right! You're not much of a salesman!"

Al: "Long enough to see that you are a real mensh."
Sam: "Mensh?"
Al: "Mensh. It's means 'good guy'. It's a word that my fourth wife... third... third or fourth wife, Ruthie, used to use. She never used it about me, though."

Stevie: "Whatcha doin'?"
Sam: "Nothin'. What are you doing?"
Stevie: "Nothin'. Wanna join me?"
Sam: "Maybe later."

Al: "Annuals or perennials?" (pops up behind Sam burying shotgun shells)
Sam: "Do you have to sneak up on me?"
Al: "Well, I'm sorry, do you expect a hologram to knock?"

Al: "Oh, 'Duck and Cover', I remember that. Isn't like an air-raid show for kids to duck and..."
Sam: "Yeah, it teaches them that if they hide under a picnic blanket, it works wonders against atom bombs."

What do you expect, a hologram to knock?
-- Al, "Nuclear Family"

Survive in style!
-- Motto of Ellroy Atom Bomb Shelters, "Nuclear Family"

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