"A Portrait For Troian"

Leap Date:

February 7, 1971

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As a parapsychologist, Sam must save a woman from drowning in a lake as per the family curse. Haunted by the voice of her dead husband, Troian has hired Sam to prove the voice she is hearing real. But is there more to it than just a ghost's curse?

Look for Carolyn Seymour who also plays Zoey in the Evil Leaper episodes!


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Production # 65019

TV Guide Synopsis:
Sam appears as a ghostbuster working for a widow haunted by her husband's drowning, who soon needs Sam to save her, too. Troian: Deborah Pratt. Miss Stoltz: Carolyn Seymour. Jimmy: Robert Torti. Mrs. Little: Bett Ray. Sam: Scott Bakula.

Near Los Angeles, in Southern California

Leap Date:
Sunday, February 7, 1971


Parapsychologist Timothy Mintz

Brodcast Date (in the USA on NBC):
December 13, 1989 - Wednesday

Air Date in Germany on RTL:  March 8,1991
Air Date in France on M6: October 19, 1993
Air Date in the UK on Sky One: June 28, 1996

Project Trivia
The hologram frequency is registered as supersonic on the device used by the ghost hunter.

An electroencephalograph would show Sam's brain waves instead of ones of the Leapee.

Sam Trivia:
Sam has a talent at engineering things that could come quite handy if needed.

Al Trivia:
Al is afraid of ghosts, ghouls, living dead, etc…. anything supernatural.

Al's Outfits Worn in the Episode:
Green and blue shirt, shimmery black and green vest and matching tie, green slacks and shiny buckled belt.

Red hat and shoes, white stripped shirt and black and white check suspenders.

White jacket, black shirt withred and white dots, black tie with small white dots, pink slacks, red shoes, sunglasses pin on jacket.

Miscellaneous Trivia:
Dean Stockwell did the whispering voice from the grave. "Troian…" …"Jimmy..."

Michael Zinberg was involved in 9 episodes of the show

This episode was written for the first season, but eventually aired during the second season. In the opening summary, you may spot clips from Camikazi Kid.

References to Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca (Mrs Stoltz/Denver, dead husband/wife) and Wilde's Portrait of Dorian Grey (the changes in the painting).

Nathaniel Claridge was married to Priscilla Stoltz, 131 years ago.

Paul Brown, who was the story editor on this episode and had various production roles during the series, appears here as Julian Claridge.


Kiss With History:

California's Sylmar earthquake. It was the worst recorded quake in the city's history. Heaviest death toll was in San Fernando Valley, epicenter of the jolting.  Scientists at California Institute of Technology said the quake measured 6.5 on the Richter scale.   Its epicenter was 10 miles east of Newhall. The quake was the worst in the Southland since the Long Beach disaster of 1933. Gov. Ronald Reagan declared a state of emergency in Los Angeles County.

Guest Cast:  
Deborah Pratt - Troian Claridge
Robert Torti - Jimmy Giovanni
Carolyn Seymour - Priscilla Stoltz
Bill McLaughlin - Coroner
Bette Rae - Mrs. Little
Donald P. Bellisario - Dr. Timothy Mintz (Mirror image)
Dean Stockwell - Ghost voices
Paul Brown - Julian Claridge

Guest Cast Notes:
Deborah Pratt became the voice of Ziggy in later seasons of Quantum Leap. She was a recurring character in "Airwolf" (Marella), in Magnum, P.I. (Gloria). A talented writer and producer to Bellisario's series and "The Net". As a producer and co-creator of the show, she makes that only appearance along with Donald Bellisario in that very episode. Troian is their daughter's first name.

Donald P. Bellisario who wrote and produced the episode appears as Dr. Mintz's mirror image.

Robert Torto had the recurring role of "Jay Clemens" in The  Drew Carey Show.

Carolyn Seymour is from UK. British accent really does well playing villains! She was on Bellisario's Magnum, P.I. playing Elizabeth, Lady Ashley in episode: "Echoes of the Mind: Part 1 & 2" (episode # 5.1/5.2.) and playing Leeann in episode The Love-for-Sale Boat (episode # 5.17). She appeared in three different characters on episodes of  Star Trek: The Next Generation and played the recurring role of Mrs. Templeton on Star Trek: Voyager.


Scott Shepherd
Donald P. Bellisario

John Hill
Scott Shepherd

Michael Zinberg

Executive Producer:
Donald Bellisario

Associate  Producers:

David Bellisario 
Jeff Gourson

Executive Story Editor:

Paul Brown


Mike Post

Supervising Producer:

Scott Shepherd


Deborah Pratt

Produced by:

Harker Wade

Director of Photography:

Henry Lebo

Production Designer:

Cameron Birnie

Edited by
Ken Dennis

Unit Production Manager:

Paul Cajero

First Assistant Director:

Roberto Villar

Second Assistant Director:

James Dillon

Ken Carlson

Set Decorator:

Robert L. Zilliox

Costume Designer:

Jean-Pierre Dorleac

Costume Supervisors:

David Rawley
Donna Roberts-Orme

Sound Mixer:

Mark Hopkins McNabb

Stunt Co-ordinator:

Diamond Farnsworth

Camera and Lenses by PANAVISION®

Guests who appeared in other Quantum Leap episodes:
Deborah Pratt is also the voice of Ziggy in "The Leap Back" and "Killin' Time." She also voices the opening narration in future episodes.

Carolyn Seymour plays the "evil observer" Zoey in three episodes, starting with "Deliver Us From Evil."

Sam has leaped into Dr. Timothy Mintz, a famous parapsychologist and ghost hunter. He must prevent a young widow from sharing her husband's fate at the bottom of a lake.

Dr Beckett leaps into a stormy night. He is in the middle of a cemetery and a beautiful woman, standing at a doorway to a mausoleum, is calling out. She presses him to check whether his electronic machinery has picked anything because her dead husband, Julian, is calling to her.
Jimmy, Troian's brother wonders whether Sam is helping her to further his own ends. He tries to warn Sam off, with help from the eccentric Ms. Stoltz. He is worried that Troian is having a nervous breakdown since every member of the Claridge family has died a violent and untimely death, including Troian's late husband Julian who drowned in the lake three years ago.

Best Line:
Al: "You tell Ziggy that if he doesn't center me on Sam right now, I'm going to feed his.. microchips to Tina's crocodile!"

Best Scene:
Near the end of the show, at a very thrilling moment, Al yells at Ziggy that he wants to be centered on Sam. One can expect Dr Beckett to be far from the site. But he is rushing towards Al at that very moment and Ziggy transports Al mere yards from his original position, just in time to see him running past.

Say What?
Julian's feet move in the scene where the bodies are laying on the ground near the end. 

Mrs. Stoltz appears to be smiling a bit also as a dead corpse.

Quotable Quotes:
I'm not into necrophilia!
At last, something sexual he's not into!
-- Al and Sam, "A Portrait for Troian"

What happened?  Did the storm knock the power out?
No, it was the b**gieman!
-- Sam and Jimmy, "A Portrait for Troian"

I'll tell you what I think, that lake is so cold, Julian needs someone to cuddle.
-- Al, "A Portrait for Troian"

You tell Ziggy that if he doesn't center me on Troian right now, I'm going to pull his sex sensory microchips and feed them to Tina's crocodile!
-- Al, "A Portrait for Troian"

This family has suffered more drownings than unwanted kitty cats.
-- Al, "Portrait for Troian"

A fire would be dangerous.
So would pneumonia.
-- Ms. Stolz and Sam, "A Portrait for Troian"

Leaping into other people's lives, I feel a lot like Don Quioxte-- a stranger, out of place in time on an impossible quest.  Set to right the unrightable wrong, to fight the unbeatable foe.[and the wild winds of fortune, will carry me onward, oh whither soever they blow.  Withersoever they blow.  Onward to glory I go!] Uh, oh.  If this is glory, something tells me I'm in big trouble.
-- Sam, leap in from "Catch a Falling Star" to "A Portrait for Troian"

This is a fresh one.
It could still have... yucky stuff in it.
-- Al and Sam, "A Portrait for Troian"

Regional titles:
Germany: Die Stimme aus der Tiefe
France: Histoire de fantômes sournois
Italy: Il Ritratto di Nancy

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