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Leap Date:

June 15, 1972

Episode adopted by: R. Joy Helvie


Sam leaps into Dr. Gerald Bryant, an english teacher who is having a fling with a student named Jamie.

Sam meets the woman who stood him up at the altar in his own life - Donna Elesee - but she has not yet met him in the future. Al tells Sam he is there to keep Dr. Bryant and Jamie Lee apart, but Sam thinks he is there to get another chance with Donna. He believes that if he can get Donna back together with her father, that she may marry Sam after all. But Al warns that she might marry the first guy she was engaged to instead, if he pulls it off.

While conflicting with Oscar, the boy wrestler who is in love with Jamie Lee...Sam, Donna, Oscar, and Jamie Lee all head to Washington to reunite Donna and her father at the Watergate hotel.


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Place: Lawrence College; Marion, OH

Date: June 15, 1972

Leapee: Dr. Gerald Bryant


"American Pie"
"Betcha By Golly Wow"
"We Live on Borrowed Time"


Caused the Watergate scandal by breaking into the Watergate apartment building


Handlink: 1/4 inch thick/flat, transparent black plastic, black data screens, few buttons

Imaging Chamber Door: invisible, manually opened/closed

#1 Rule: "The Time Traveler shall not take advantage of his position to improve or alter his life."

Weitzman--senator heading PQL funding committee; tall, skinny, has Lincoln fixation; wants Sam declared non compos mentis

black lights cause Al’s holographic image to glow transparent blue


Donna turned 30 in 1984 when leaving Star-Bright; this is when Sam met her

Wedding held on June 5 at Old Mission Chapel--it was hot; Donna left Sam at the altar

Donna’s father left when she was 8

Donna was engaged once before Sam

Sam’s doctorates: Ancient Languages, Medicine, Quantum Physics, no psychiatry


1) black blouse
, gray slacks, black shoes w/silver tips, Project Star-Bright button/pin; lights up

2) blue metallic shirt, gray slacks, silver tie, white robe/tunic, large white sash with hieroglyphics


Donna Elesee: Teri Hatcher
Jamie Lee: Leslie Sachs
Colonel Wojiehowitz: Michael Gregory
Oscar: Michael McGrady
Frank: Charles Walker
Harry: Ken Gibbel
Space Cadet Student: Stacey Adams
Afro Student: Tonya D. Pullum
Progmatic Student: Mary Boessow
Headband Student: Lisa Meddin
Waitress: Anne Leyden
Dr. Gerald Bryant (mirror): John Tayloe
Gas Station Attendant: Kort Falkenburg


Executive Producer:
Donald P. Bellisario

Written by:
Deborah Pratt

Directed by:
Mark Sobel

Music by:
Mike Post

Edited by:
N. Mario DiGregorio

Art Director:
Cameron Birnie

Director of Photography:
Roy H. Wagner a.s.c.

Supervising Producer:
John Hill

Deborah Pratt

Produced by:
Harker Wade

Associate Producer:
David Bellisario

Unit Production Manager:
Paul Cajero

1st Assistant Director:
Tom Connors

2nd Assistant Director:
Roberto Villar

Melissa Skoff, c.s.a.

Casting Associate:
Debi Manwiller

Set Director:
Robert L. Zilliox

Executive Story Consultant:
Deborah Arakelian

Costume Designer:
Jean-Pierre Dorleac

Costume Supervisors:
David Rawley
Donna Roberts-Orme

Sound Mixer:
Ron L. Collins

Sound Editor:
Vic Lackey

Music Editor:
Susan Mick