The Episode Adoption



19 Volunteers Participated
in the TEA program:

Names & Number of TEA's

Sherdran (16)
Carol (13)
MikeKraken (13)
R. Joy Helvie (8)
Rose E. (8)
Becky (7)
Rindi (5)
Brinsley (4)
MJ Cogburn (4)
Xeen (4)
Albingo (2)
Gelfling1220 (2)
MrsBeckett (2)
TVNewsCam (2)
Crys Crys (1)
Janna Galaxy (1)
Lola (1)
RossBeckett (1)
YankeeSNL01 (1)


Many thanks to Stephanie
for providing this idea
to Al's Place!



First Season Adoptions

  1. Genesis - R. Joy Helvie
  2. Star-Crossed - R. Joy Helvie
  3. The Right Hand of God - R. Joy Helvie
  4. How The Tess Was Won - Carol
  5. Double Identity - Albingo
  6. The Color of Truth - TVNewsCam
  7. Camikazi Kid - Carol
  8. Play It Again, Seymour - Allison <aka> YankeeSNL01


Second Season Adoptions

  1. Honeymoon Express - AlBingo
  2. Disco Inferno - Sherdran
  3. The Americanization of Machiko - MikeKraken
  4. What Price Gloria? - Missy <aka> MrsBeckett
  5. Blind Faith - Xeen
  6. Good Morning, Peoria - Carol
  7. Thou Shalt Not... - Sherdran
  8. Jimmy - Missy <aka> Mrsbeckett
  9. So Help Me God - Sherdran
  10. Catch A Falling Star - Gelfling1220
  11. A Portrait for Troian - Xeen
  12. Animal Frat - Xeen
  13. Another Mother - Rose E.
  14. All-Americans - Sherdran
  15. Her Charm - Carol
  16. Freedom - Carol
  17. Good Night, Dear Heart - MikeKraken
  18. Pool Hall Blues - Carol
  19. Leaping In Without A Net - Xeen
  20. Maybe Baby - Lola
  21. Sea Bride - MikeKraken
  22. M.I.A. - R. Joy Helvie


Third Season Adoptions

  1. The Leap Home - Sherdran
  2. The Leap Home, Part II (Vietnam) - Sherdran
  3. Leap of Faith - MikeKraken
  4. One Strobe Over the Line - Sherdran
  5. The Boogiem*n - Carol
  6. Miss Deep South - Rose E.
  7. Black and White On Fire - Sherdran
  8. The Great Spontini - Janna Galaxy
  9. Rebel Without A Clue - R. Joy Helvie
  10. A Little Miracle - Carol
  11. Runaway - Sherdran
  12. 8 1/2 Months - Sherdran
  13. Future Boy - Becky
  14. Private Dancer - gelfling1220
  15. Piano Man - Rose E.
  16. Southern Comforts - Becky
  17. Glitter Rock - Rose E.
  18. A Hunting We Will Go - MikeKraken
  19. Last Dance Before An Execution - Becky
  20. Heart of a Champion - Rose E.
  21. Nuclear Family - MikeKraken
  22. Shock Theater - MikeKraken


Fourth Season Adoptions

  1. The Leap Back - R. Joy Helvie
  2. Play Ball - R. Joy Helvie
  3. Hurricane - Sherdran
  4. Justice - Becky
  5. Permanent Wave - Rose E.
  6. Raped - Carol
  7. The Wrong Stuff - Carol
  8. Dreams - Rindi
  9. A Single Drop of Rain - MikeKraken
  10. Unchained - MikeKraken
  11. The Play's the Thing - Rindi
  12. Running For Honor - Sherdran
  13. Temptation Eyes - Sherdran
  14. The Last Gunfighter - Carol
  15. A Song for the Soul - MJ Cogburn
  16. Ghost Ship - Crys Crys
  17. Roberto! - MikeKraken
  18. It's A Wonderful Leap - R. Joy Helvie
  19. Moments to Live - MikeKraken
  20. The Curse of Ptah-Hotep - Becky
  21. Stand Up - Rose E.
  22. A Leap For Lisa - Becky


Fifth Season Adoptions

  1. Lee Harvey Oswald - Ross Beckett
  2. Leaping of The Shrew - Becky
  3. Nowhere to Run - Carol
  4. Killin' Time - MikeKraken
  5. Star Light, Star Bright - MikeKraken
  6. Evil Leaper I: Deliver Us From Evil - Rose E.
  7. Trilogy Part I: One Little Heart - MJ Cogburn
  8. Trilogy Part II: For Your Love - MJ Cogburn
  9. Trilogy Part III: The Last Door - MJ Cogburn
  10. Promised Land - Brinsley
  11. A Tale of Two Sweeties - Sherdran
  12. Liberation - Sherdran
  13. Dr. Ruth - Carol
  14. Blood Moon - Sherdran
  15. Evil Leaper II: Return - Rindi
  16. Evil Leaper III: Revenge - Rindi
  17. Good-Bye Norma Jean - Brinsley
  18. The Beast Within - Brinsley
  19. The Leap Between The States - Brinsley
  20. Memphis Melody - Rindi
  21. Mirror Image - TVNewsCam


TEA - The Episode Adoption Program

The guideline info and other general information that was used when episode were adopted:

DO NOT FORMAT YOUR SUBMISSIONS IN ANY WAY!! Send them in notepad, Microsoft Word, or another non-formatted non-html style. If your page width is formatted in any way, it is sometimes very difficult to make it fit into the episode guide page table. DO NOT JUST COPY AND PASTE INTO THE BODY OF AN EMAIL PLEASE.

To adopt an episode, email me with your request. Once you are approved, you will have two weeks / 14 days to complete it. Your 'due date' will be shown next to your name on this page below. Any TEA not turned in at that point will be re-opened for adoption by someone else. Have fun and get 'em in soon!

To allow everyone to be as involved with making this one of the most unique Quantum Leap sites out there, we have a program called TEA - The Episode Adoption program - and here is how it works:

Starting at the first season, you sign up to become the "guardian" of one episode. Once you have turned in that TEA synopsis information, you may then choose another TEA to adopt. Then, when all of the synopsis' for the season have been posted, the second season episodes would be made available for adoption, and so on until all 5 seasons are complete!


Guardians type up a synopsis, which will be posted to that page in the episode guide. For example, some of the things you can include within the synopsis are:

Name of the Person Leaped Into
Project Trivia
Sam Trivia
Al Trivia
Miscellaneous Trivia (how many times Al popped in and scared Sam, how many cigars Al smoked, etc)
Al's Outfits Worn in the Episode
Broadcast Date
Regular Cast
Guest Stars
Guest Cast Notes (interesting things you've discovered about those who appeared in the episode)
Guests who appeared in other Quantum Leap episodes
Cast members who have passed away (as of the date the synopsis was written)
Personal Review
Best Line
Best Scene
Worst thing about the episode
Say what? (AKA things in the episode that make no sense)
Quotable Quotes

Also, the episode guardian could write their own missing scenes to explain something that might have happened but wasn't shown, etc.

The first, second, & third seasons are complete! You can take a look at these entries to get an idea of what to do! All you have to do is email me first with your choice of episode to make sure no one else already has it.

This is first come, first serve, so get your request in ASAP!

This program was very successful. Try it on your own site or message board!

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