"The Wrong Stuff"

Leap Date:

January 24, 1961

Episode Adopted by: Carol <aka> C_Dean n C_Al


Much controversy was caused by this leap as Bellisario leaps Sam into a chimp in the chimponaut corps. His job is to get the chimp into the space program - or he'll disappear forever due to unethical helmet testing methods. He also must avoid the advances of a female chimp in the next cage!


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The Wrong Stuff

(ep 4.7 / #67308)



Sam leaps from kicking butt (Raped) to getting his but kicked and shot with a dart gun and getting his head patted and being told ‘Good Boy’ all the time. LOL … poor Scott!

Sam tells Al that he’s leaped into a diaper, and that he has to get out of here! He has an admirer in the next cage that won’t leave him alone. When he’s eating a banana and Corey grabs at it through the bars, Scott pulls back and says, "I’m hungry! So sue me!" He is subjected to prodding and probing and testing. He has to make sure that BOBO is accepted into the space program or he won't leap and will disappear along with the other chimps that don't pass.

Al is all excited because Sam has leapt into the Chip-A-Naut space program. Al was an astronaut on Apollo. He helps Sam with the testing equipment and explains what it’s for and why. The information he is getting from Ziggy is so vague that he seems to be making stuff up as he goes along.

Dr. Leslie Ashton is the trainer of the chimps. She is very passionate about them. She treats them as if they are part of her family. She’s also very protective of them. If she thinks anyone is going to harm them she is in there fighting for them anyway she can.

Dr. Frank Winger on the other hand is all about research and doesn’t care who or what it is. But he will change his tune when he least expects it.



Florida, The Cape


Air Date:

November 6, 1991


Leap Date:

January 24, 1961 – Tuesday

[& January 25th – Wednesday]



BOBO # 52


Personal Review:

This was an especially interesting episode because Sam and Al could talk to each other with out anyone being the wiser. But the one-liners that Dean and Scott were throwing at each other was hilarious to me. The first time I saw this episode I laughed so hard I missed some of it. Luckily I was taping it and I got the re-play it over again. LOL … The chimps were so cute too. Scott actually kissed one a couple times too! Another time the chip was fixing his hair and had it’s arm around Scott’s neck. Awww … All in all … this is one of my favorite ~QL~ episodes!


Show Music & Songs:

~QL~ Music by: Mike Post


Best Dean and Scott Scene and Lines:

Al: "What about the Quantum rules? You have to at least pretend that you are who you leap into".

Sam: "That’s if I’m a human, I’m not human I’m a chimp. We don’t have rules for chimps, do we?"

Al: "You can’t get off on a technicality."

Sam: "Ok wise guy, then what am I here to do?"

Al: "Join the circus?"

Sam: "This isn’t funny Al. This is not funny!"

Al: "Have you looked in the mirror lately?"

Sam: "Yah! Yah, I looked in the mirror lately"

Al: "Look, I dare you, go ahead look. Look!"

Sam: "I don’t wanna look."

Al: "You look, I dare you! And if you don’t think that’s funny. HooHooHooHoo."

Sam: "Ha-Ha Al!" (Scott gives Dean a raspberry and the ‘squinty eye’ look)


Best Scenes:

*Sam is strapped into a chair that is slowly spinning around on a platform. There is a metal board in front of his face, with colored lights and switches.

Sam: "Al, this is ridiculous!"

Al: "Come on! If a chimp can do it, you can do it!"

Sam: "I don’t even know what I’m suppose to do though … they just … they just strapped me in this chair here … and I …"

Al: "Look … I use to be an astronaut. This thing is a piece of cake!"

Sam: "Ok … ahhh … what does this thing mean right here?"

Al: "Ahhh … I have no idea."

Sam: "What do you mean you have no idea, you … you were an astronaut … you …"

Al: "Yah … but I wasn’t a astro-chimp. That’s a different program, entirely!"

Sam: "Ok! Ok! All right, Al. Just help me figure out what to do here. You know I hate going round and round like this!"

Al: "Okay … all right … ahhh … I hate ta … I hate to spy on my neighbor there."

Sam: "DO IT!"

Al: "Apparently you’re supposed to flip the corresponding switch, to where the colors come up on the board there."

Sam: "So what … just … just flip this?"

Al: "Yah just flip that. That’s it."

Sam: [Buzz] "AH!"

Al: "WHAT?"

Sam: "Dis … the thing just … just shocked my foot!"

Al: "WHAT?"

Sam: "It … it … YES!"

Al: "Oh da … Well it shouldn’t happen if you’re doing it right!"

Sam: [Buzz] "AHHH! It did it again! Oh … oh my … AL! You gotta help me get outta here!"

Al: "Well if you can beat the time limit for his switch …"

Sam: [Buzz] "AHHH!" … [Buzz] "AHHH!"

Al: "Hit the switch were the lights are! Where the lights are! It’s where the lights … HURRY UP!"

Sam: "YAH!" [Bloop-bleep-bloop – jackpot noise]

Al: "Bingo! 3 bars! Jackpot! All right … now … then see that? The little hole there?"

Sam: "Yah …"

Al: "Well that’s your food came in there … that’s your little reward. Yah … well … stick your hand in there and scoop it out. That’s it …"

Sam: "Okay … now what?"

Al: "Eat it!"

Sam: "AL! This stuff must be like dog chow! I’m not gonna eat this stuff!"

Al: "Do ya wanna leap outta here or what?"

Sam: "NO! If it means …" [Sniffs it] "Oh God! No if it means eating this? No … I’d rather stay in this spin forever!"

Al: "They’re watchin’ you over there … you gotta make believe you’re a chimp … PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH! Come on Sam! You earned it … you eat it! … How does it taste?"

Sam: "You ever eat from a cat box? OHHH …"

Al: "Swallow it!"

Sam: "OHHH …"

Al: "Now look … ahhh … ahhh … wash it down with some fluid … hey see this tube right here? There’s fluid in there … wash it down …"

Sam: [Gags]

Al: "What now?"

Sam: [Gags – coughs]

Al: "What’s the matter?"

Sam: [Making a sour face … coughs and gags]

Al: "WHAT? !!!"

Sam: [Makes a caterpillar wiggle movement with right index finger]

Al: "CATERPILLARS AGAIN!!! … Awww no …"

*Sam is strapped into another chair, something like a bucking bronco machine with a joystick. It jerks you left, right, back and forward.

Al: "Ok … now … this one’s easy … very easy … it’s designed to test your equilibrium. To see how well you do in outer space."

Sam: "I’m NOT going into space!"

Al: "Of course you are."

Sam: "OHHH! Want do I do AL? HUH?"

Al: "Watudo? You grab the joystick!"

Sam: "WOHP!"

Al: "The idea is to stay horizontal … no no no …"

Sam: "AH!"

Al: "NO, NO … Lateral … lateral …"

Sam: "How am I suppose to do …"

Al: "No back lateral … lateral …"

Sam: "AHHH!"

Al: "No back … right … right …"

Sam: "AHHH!"

Al: "Forward … back, back … right … too hard …"

Sam: "AHHH!"

Al: "No back … forward … back, back … right … left …"


Al: "NO left, back, right, lateral, too hard …"

Sam: "OH – OH – OH – OH …"

Al: "90° …"

Sam: "Maybe I’ll do better on the next one …"

*The next machine Sam is strapped into is a centrifuge machine … going round and round and round … Al is just watching, turning his head every time he passes by. This scene makes me dizzy just watchin’ it … LMAO!!!

Sam: "Oh – oh – oh - oh – oh – oh - oh – oh – oh - oh – oh – oh - oh – oh – oh - oh – oh – oh - oh – oh – oh - oh – oh – oh!!!"

*Sam is back in his cage and Al is standing next to it.

Sam: [Throwing up]

Al: "I know exactly how you feel Sam. One time I tossed my cookies on the ‘Tea Cup’ … at Disneyland."


Miscellaneous Trivia:

Dean Stockwell was the first to 'Leap' through time on an Episode of the Twilight Zone: 'A Quality Of Mercy' (12/29/61) playing a war hungry US Lt. in August 1945.

Al smoked 4 cigars.

Al popped in and out 4 times.


Project Trivia & Bloopers:

The hand link is the ‘Gummy Bear’. Multi-colored little squares that flash, beep and squawk.

Al is seen using the IC door to leave and is heard when he enters.

Ziggy is called a he in this episode.

Al sees Sam leap into the next adventure.


On Jan 31, 1961, the first fully equipped operational Mercury capsule suborbital test launch with a primate, Ham, onboard in MR-2. On November 29, 1961, the first Chimpanzee to orbit the Earth was Enos, in MA-5.

Sam has a chain around his neck with a tag that reads "#52" all through the show. But at the end just before he jumps in the water, to save Dr. Frank Winger, it's there and after he pulls him out of the water it's not there. So ... did it come off when he dove in or did the prop guys goof?


Sam Trivia:

Sam remembers:

He got a Nobel Prize in physics

Al use to be an astronaut

Sam says, "Even though my memory was Swiss cheesed, I couldn’t forget the early days of the space race. In our mad dash to beat the Russians we quickly put together a space program and shot anything and everything up into the air. I only hoped I wouldn’t be one of the anything’s."


Sam’s Best Scene / Best Lines & ~QL~ Trivia:

Two guys came in and took Corey away on a cart. Dr. Leslie Ashton comes in and notices that Cathy is in Corey’s cage.

Dr. Leslie Ashton: "Cathy? Cathy, what are you doing in Corey’s cage?"

Sam: "They took Corey!"

Dr. Leslie Ashton: "Where’s Corey? [Looking in the cage]

Sam: "They took her! They took her! Two guys took her!"

Dr. Leslie Ashton: "Corey?" [Looking around]

Al: "Sam, you’re grunting! All she hears is grunting. She doesn’t hear your words!"

Dr. Leslie Ashton: "COREY!" [Now looking under the cages and all around]

Sam: "Out that door!" [Sticking his arm out of the cage and pointing]

Dr. Leslie Ashton: "Someone took her?" [Now standing in front of Sam’s cage and looking at him]

Sam: "Yes! Yes! … Ahhh … two … ah … see this?" [Grabbing her smock and pointing at the name tag]

Dr. Leslie Ashton: "Doctor?"

Sam: "YES! Doctor! Yes … Doctor!"

Dr. Leslie Ashton: "Doctor took her?"

Sam: "Doctor … ahhh … ummm …" [Pointing at her ring]

Dr. Leslie Ashton: "Ring?"

Sam: "uh-huh …" [Shaking his head in a ‘yes’ motion]

Dr. Leslie Ashton: "Doctor Ring?"

Sam: "Ahhh …" [Flapping his arms like a bird]

Dr. Leslie Ashton: "Doctor …"

Sam: "Huh … huh …"

Dr. Leslie Ashton: "Doctor … ring …"

Sam: "Huh … huh … huh …"

Dr. Leslie Ashton: "Dr. Winger? … Dr. Winger took her?"

Sam: "YES! … YES! YES!" [She looks into his eyes and he looks into hers]

Al: "Boy you two would be great at a party."

Sam: "Those are the guys! Those are the guys that took her! [Sticking his arm out of the cage pointing at two guys walking in with a flat bed push cart]

Guy #1: "Hey Doc!"

Dr. Leslie Ashton: "Where’s Corey?"

Guy #1: "She’s right there!" [Pointing at one of the chimps in a cage]

Guy #2: "Yah"

Dr. Leslie Ashton: "That’s Cathy! You took Corey to Dr. Winger’s lab, didn’t you?"

Guy #1: "Who told you that?"

Dr. Leslie Ashton: "BOBO!"

Guy #1: "Ha-ha, he-he …who you suppose to be? Dr. Dolittle?" [He looks over at Guy #2]

Guy #2: "Dr Who?" [Dr. Dolittle didn’t come out until 1967]

Dr. Leslie Ashton: "What kind of research is Dr. Winger doing?"

Guy #1: "We’re not at liberty to discuss that."

Sam: [Rattles his cage and hits his forehead with his hand]

Dr. Leslie Ashton: "Head?"

Sam: [Hits his head against the bars of his cage]

Dr. Leslie Ashton: "Head impact?"

Sam: [Shakes his head in a ‘yes’ motion]

Guy #1: "What the hell?" [Looking at Sam]

Dr. Leslie Ashton: "Dr. Winger is doing head impact research on chimps? Where’s his lab!"

Sam: [He grabs Guy #1 by the neck through the bars of his cage]

Dr. Winger: "Hey! Hey! What’s going on here?"


Al Trivia:

Al and Beth were married in June 1961

We learn in this episode that Al was an astronaut on Apollo. He circled the moon 10 times and recited Genesis on Christmas Eve.

The wrappers on Al’s Cheval cigars are made in Cameroon, West Africa, which is where Dr Ashton grew up.

* … But according to: http://www.tvacres.com/tobacco.htm …*


Dean Stockwell - During his role as project observer, Admiral Al Calavicci on the sci-fi series QUANTUM LEAP / NBC / 1989-93, Dean Stockwell, puffed on Honduran handmade Zino brand cigars that cost $185 a box. He smoked about one box per episode.


Al’s Best Scene & Al’s Best Lines:

I love this scene. Dean is such a great actor and every character he plays he puts his heart into the emotion. Sam has tried his best to ward of the guards. They now shoot him with a dart gun. Even though Dean is yelling at Sam, it's with feeling.

Al: "Sam! He’s got the dart gun! AHHH! … Awww no! SAM!"

Sam: "Al …"

Al: "SAM! Can you hear me?"

Sam: "I can’t feel anything …" [He’s being wheeled away on a flat bed cart]

Al: "Get up Sam! … YOU GOTTA GET UP!"

Sam: "I can’t …"

Al: "If you don’t get up … you’re not gonna live!"

*The next scene is in the experiment lab and Sam is strapped to a chair, wearing a helmet with a mallet about 6 inches from his head.

Al: "You okay? … Come on Sam … WAKE UP! Wake up Sam! Good! Wake up! Wake up!"

*In the background Dr. Winger is speaking into a recorder and getting the apparatus ready for testing.

Al: "Can you see me? Sam … are you all right? … You gotta wake up SAM! WAKE UP! … SAM WAKE UP! … SAM WAKE UUUPPP!!! … Sam we got a problem here! … SAM WAKE UP DAMIT!!! … SAM!!! HEY! HEY! WAAAKE UUUPPP!!! … SAM!!! HEY! HEY! … Wake up!" [Sam opens his eyes a little and now begins to regain consciousness] "Can you see me?"

Sam: [Coughs, he has a tube in his mouth]

Al: "You all right? You okay?"

Sam: "Am I dead?"

Al: "Are you dead? No you’re not dead! But you’re gonna be dead if you don’t get outta there! … Learn to unbuckle yourself! Hurry up Sam! Unbuckle and get outta there! That’s it … yah … that thing … your hand right …flip it out … lift it out … [The plunger plunges toward Sam’s head just as he falls forward] "OH GOD! … All right Sam, get up outta there! You gotta get outta here or you’re gonna be road kill! … The Doc put his gun there … SAM HURRY UP! Go grab the gun! Grab the tranquilizer gun! Sam hurry up!!! GET ITTT!!! Okay …"


Al’s Outfits:

(1) Blue suit w/ light blue shirt. Blue print odd cut tie. Gold color watch on left wrist. Dark gold color ring on ring finger of right hand.

(2) Pale Red Jacket w/ Black & White ruffled shirt and Black pants. Red shoes.


Quotable Quotes:

Sam: "I got a Nobel Prize in physics and get to keep my diaper on, what’s next?"

Al: "You’ve leaped into the space program!"

Sam: "I’ve leaped into a diaper!"

Al: "Why don’t you take the banana and … peel it!"

Al: "Chimps are our closest relatives. They’re so close you could share your blood with a chimp."

Sam: "I’m in the body of a chimp! That’s too close!"

Sam: "Spending the night as an astro-chimp wasn’t as bad as it might seem. My bed was … firm, the food was free and the company was … more than friendly. The only thing I really needed was … a shave. Over my entire body."

Sam: "She can see you Al!"

Al: "Of course all animals can see me. But she’s only has eyes for you."

Al: "Oh Sam, look who’s coming to tuck you in …lucky. Boy … makes me wish I was an ape."

Sam: "You’re actin’ like one!"


Regular Cast:

Scott Bakula as Dr Samuel Beckett

Dean Stockwell as Admiral Albert "Al" Calavicci

Deborah Pratt as Narrator/Ziggy (voice)


Guest Cast:

Caroline Goodall as Dr. Leslie Ashton

Peter Murnik as Second military officer

Kim Robillard as First military officer

Albert Stratton as Dr. Tucker

Gary Swanson as Dr. Frank Winger



Executive Producer: Donald P Bellisario

Co-Executive Producers: Deborah Pratt & Michael Zinberg

Supervising Producer: Harker Wade

Produced By: Jeff Gourson & Tommy Thompson, Chris Ruppenthal & Paul Brown

Written By: Paul Brown

Directed By: Joe Napolitano

Associate Producers: Julie Bellisario and James S Giritlian

Executive Producer: David Bellisario

Story Editor: Paris Qualles

Director Of Photography: Michael Watkins

Production Designer: Cameron Birnie

Edited By: M. Edward Salier

Unit Production Manager: Ron Grow

Costume Designer: Jean-Pierre Dorleac

Art Director: Ellen Dambros Williams

Sound Mixer: Barry D. Thomas

Stunt Coordinator: Diamond Farnsworth

Panaflex Camera & Lenses By: Panavision

Sound Editor: Greg Schorer

Music Editor: Bruce Frazier



Miscellaneous Trivia For Guest Cast:

Caroline Goodall as Dr. Leslie Ashton was in "HOOK" as ‘Moira Banning’. She is married to an Italian cinematographer Nicola Pecorini. The have two children and a lot of olive trees in Tuscany, Italy. She is no relation to Jane Goodall, not that I could find, though they were both born in London, England. Caroline on Nov 13, ’59 and Jane on Apr 3, ’34. So I assume that the ‘Goodall’ name in England is like ‘Smith’ here in the USA. *Kim Robillard was also in Hook.

Peter Murnik as Second military officer (Guy #2) played on 7 different "JAG" episodes from 1999 to 2000. Some were recurring roles.

Kim Robillard as First military officer (Guy #1) played in one "JAG" episode in 1997 and he was also in "HOOK" as ‘Toothless Cripple’. *Caroline Goodall was also in Hook.

Albert Stratton as Dr. Tucker played in one episode of "TNG" (Star Trek: The Next Generation-1987) in ‘The Outrageous Okona’ ep 2.4 on Dec 10,’88 as ‘Kushell’.

Gary Swanson as Dr. Frank Winger was in "Bone Collector" ’99 as ‘Alan Rubin’ [a movie I love] and in "Mambo Café" ’99 as ‘Chris’ Father’ [a movie I wanna see] … sorry about that … there was nothing else about him to talk about. LOL

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