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Quantum Leap Fanzines
Browse through the images and contents of more than 100 Quantum Leap fan publications from 1990 to the present! Several available in PDF to download.

Quantum Leap: The Virtual Seasons
With over 100 great stories in continuity and growing, this series continues the show with all new seasons. Online for 25+ years!


Live out the horrors of the Evil Leaper Project in this exciting series!

                               A Quantum Leap Prequel Series

                                 A Quantum Leap Audio Drama

Quantum Leap Role Playing Games
A page of links and descriptions about several interactive role-playing series! These are presented here for archive purposes. There are currently no active RPG games.


Quantum Leap Fan Fiction Pages & Stories

The Al's Place Fan Fiction Forum

The Miror Shattered by R. Joy Helvie

Mirror Expression - Part One by B. D. Greene
Mirror Expression - Part Two by B. D. Greene
Mirror Expression - Part Three by B. D. Greene

Time To Go Home (a continuing story) by Leanne Clugston

A Touch In Time by QL Quanta

Longer Than Forever (a poem) by QL Quanta

Somewhere Between Limbo and Lightning by Chris DeFilippis

The Quantum Leap Information Kiosk Fan-Fiction Page

Jane's Story Page (10 stories)

Merry Christmas, Dr. Beckett"

"Conduct Umbecoming"

"All the Sweet Tomorrows"


"Operation Lazarus"

"Orphans of Time"

"Man of the Century"


Crossover Stories

Empire of Dirt" (Highlander)

"The Path Not Taken" (Dark Shadows)

"A Leap for a Knight" (Knight Rider )

"Multiple Monkee Personalities" (Monkee's)

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