Green Eggs and Ham # 2



This is a Quantum Leap fanzine called Green Eggs and Ham # 2, published in 1992 and is 188 pages long. Edited by Mystery Frank.

Contents include:

  • A Friend Indeed by Barbara Victor

  • Streams of Flow by Terri Librande

  • Moody Blues by Jacke Wagner

  • Partners in Crime by Sheila Paulson

  • Photographs by Jane Mailander

  • One Small Step by Rebecca Reeves

  • Here I Come To Save the Leap@! by Elaine & Anne Batterby

  • The Female Factor by Meg Garrett

  • At a Price by Janna Stockinger

  • Silent Night by Ann Raymont

  • Those Who Wait by Jeanne O'Donnell

  • Physician, Heal Thyself by Kelly Hill