The Observer
Issue # 1

January 1991

From Project Quantum Leap at

Cover: Goldenrod cover with black diagonal bar, copied from paperwork at Senate committee hearing in "Honeymoon Express." Only text on it: Project Quantum Leap.


Quantum Leap Sets Destroyed a report on the Universal fire [Bing Futch]

Stockwell Recycling Campaign Begins [TAM]

Keep Those Letters Coming In! [Mary A Schmidt]

Scott Bakula in Sibling Rivalry  [KFB & TM]

A Short History of Project Quantum Leap [KFB]

Leaping In Behind the Lens encounters with real people, on and off the set [various]

Overheard at UCLA questions asked after the mikes were turned off [Joan Dodson]

UCLA Q&A: 11/26/90 The actors and executive producers speak! [transcribed by KFB]

Dean Stockwell on The New Twilight Zone [TM]

Dean Stockwell Films, Part 1: 1945-1951 [TM]

QL Episode Guide: Season One (an overview) [KFB]