The Observer
Issue # 11

Winter 1995

From Project Quantum Leap at

Cover: photo montage from the pilot. "It's 1995. Do you know where your quantum physicist is?"


Dennis Wolfberg: a tribute [KFB]

The Writing & Sale of Quantum Leap: A-Z: [Julie Barrett]

Stockwell's Soapbox [Laurie Farber]

Sammy Awards Results [TAM]

Interview: Deborah Pratt, Part 2 [TM, KFB et al]

Interview: John Cullum [TM; transcribed by Ann Raymont]

Interview: John D'Aquino [Margaret Colchin]

Interview: Guest Stars of "Lee Harvey Oswald" [TM; transcribed by KFB]

QL Episode Guide: Season Four, Part Three "A Single Drop of Rain" to "Running for Honor" [KFB]