The Observer
Issue # 12

Summer 1995

From Project Quantum Leap at

Cover: photo montage, Leaping through the career of Scott Bakula


Anyone Can Whistle [Heidi Sanchez]

Close Encounters in Ventura County [Cathy Madden & Cathleen Miller]

Stockwell's Soapbox [Nancy Henderson]

Close Encounter at LeapCon '95 [KFB]

Interview: Mark Bannon of Crescendo Records [David T. Okamura, KFB et al]

Q&A: Harriet Margulies - IndyLeap '94 [transcribed by Marcia Mahan]

Q&A: Rich Whiteside IndyLeap '94 [transcribed by Margaret Colchin]

Interview: Willie Garson of "Lee Harvey Oswald" [TM; transcribed by TAM]

QL Episode Guide: Season Four, Part Four "Temptation Eyes" to "Ghost Ship" [KFB]