The Observer
Issue # 15

Spring 1997

From Project Quantum Leap at

Cover: beige, first page of bogus newsletter of the League of Electrically Altered Persons (LEAP), with two "paintings" by Herbert "Magic" Williams and beginnings of articles by two other Waiting Room visitors.


Stockwell's Soapbox: What Comes from That Nozzle! [Laurie Farber]

Interview: John D'Aquino [Margaret Colchin & Marcia Mahan]

Quantum Leap Around the World (Wide Web) [Mary Anne Espenshade]

A Guide to Scott's Theater Credits [Dawn McLevy]

A Guide to Scott, Dean & Don on LaserDisc [KFB]

The (Pen)Ultimate QL Episode Guide: Season Five, Part One "Lee Harvey Oswald" to "Leaping of the Shrew"[KFB]