The Observer
Issue # 16

Summer 1997

From Project Quantum Leap at

Cover: blue, photo montage of Stallions Gate, New Mexico, Welcome to Stallions Gate, Home of Project Quantum Leap!


The Campaign for a Quantum Leap Movie [KFB and Margaret Colchin]

Welcome to Stallion's Gate [KFB]

Q&A: Michael Watkins, Tommy Thompson, Michael Stern, LeapCon '96 [TAM; transcript: Marcia Mahan]

The Hollywood Bowl on Broadway [Sue Greening]

Mr. & Mrs. Smith: An Episode Guide [Ailsa Jenkins]

Mr. & Mrs. Smith: "The Poor Pitiful Put Upon Singer" reviewed by Davina J. Pereira

Cats Don't Dance reviewed by Freda Whaley, Janey Graves and Nancy Mathews

McHale's Navy reviewed by Jennie Rowland

Midnight Blue reviewed by M.L. Farrell

Dean Stockwell Films, Part VI: After the Leap 1994-1997 [TM]

Papa was a Preacher reviewed by Sue Walker

Season Five Quiz (Part Two) [Betsie Brody Roberts]

The (Pen)Ultimate QL Episode Guide: Season Five, Part Two "Nowhere to Run" to "Star Light, Star Bright" [KFB]