The Observer
Issue # 19

Spring 1999

From Project Quantum Leap at

Cover: photo of Velton Ray Bunch, with a variety of small shots from QL of Scott and Dean singing.


Net Force by Margaret Colchin

The Music of Quantum Leap: An Overview [KFB]

An Interview with Ray Bunch [Sharon Major]

An Interview with Mindy Peterman [Micheline Caputo and Lorraine Anderson]

Q&A: Natasha Pavlovich, KC Leap '98 [Transcribed by Marcia Mahan]

A Letter from Natasha Pavlovich

Season Five Quiz (Part Five) [Betsy Brodie Roberts]

The (Pen)Ultimate QL Episode Guide: Season Five, Part Five "Dr. Ruth" to "Return of the Evil Leaper" [KFB]