The Observer
Issue # 2

Spring 1991

From Project Quantum Leap at

Cover: six primitive screen captures (best I could do in 1991) of the Mr. Little promo. "Recently I have received a few letters from fans of Quantum Leap, demanding I move it back to its original Wednesday night time slot. Listen, I run this network. Do you know what I have to say to the fans of Quantum Leap? [buried in avalanche of letters] You win!"


Bowling for Leapers report from the wrap party [Bing Futch]

Stockwell's Soapbox: Saving the Ozone [TAM]

Leaping into Fashion; The infamous Committee for a Scott Bakula Suit satire [The Fashion Observer]

Interview: Paul Brown & Tommy Thompson [KFB & TM]

Who Are You and Why? A survey [TAM]

Captain Galaxy Plays Tennis with Stars Richard Herd interview [TM]

Hitchcock Theater Q&A, 2/25/91:the actors and exec producers speak! [various]

Dean Stockwell Films, Part 2: Young Hollywood Rebel, 1957-1968 [TM]