The Observer
Issue # 21

January 2000

From Project Quantum Leap at

Cover (Artwork by Sherlock): Dr. Sam Beckett returned home, leaping in and greeting a Millenium/New Year’s party in progress at the Project.


Catching up with John D'Aquino and Deborah Pratt [Lorraine Anderson, Margaret Colchin]

Open Letter from Scott and Chelsea

An Interview with K Callan [Sharon Major]

Love Letters Weekend Report [Janey Graves]

John D'Aquino: Storyteller [transcript by Trudy Costagliola and Sharon Major]

An Interview with Sam Scarber [KFB]

Luminarias Preview [Anita Balestino]

A Leap to England for 'Spring Leap '99'! [Penny Jeffrey]

Season Five Quiz (Part Seven) [Betsy Brodie Roberts]

The (Pen)Ultimate QL Episode Guide: Season Five, Part Seven "Goodbye Norma Jean" and "The Beast Within" [KFB]

String Theory Redux [Jim Rondeau]

Q&A Continued: Beverly Leech, Natasha Pavlovich and John D'Aquino, KC Leap '98, [transcript by Nancy Kelley]