The Observer
Issue # 22

July 2000

From Project Quantum Leap at

Cover: buff/beige, A parody of the cover for Elvis Presley’s second LP on RCA, here titled "SAM" and listing the songs for "Memphis Melody."


Willie Garson Q&A, Quantum Con '94 [transcript by Trudy Costagliola]

Catching Up with Willie Garson [Sharon Major]

The Music of Quantum Leap, 1st Season [KFB]

An Interview with Tom Spiroff [Sharon Major]

An Interview with Carol Davis [Margaret Colchin]

An Interview with John D'Aquino [Lorraine Anderson]

String Theory Redux [Jim Rondeau]

Michael Bellisario: What He's Doing Now [Sharon Major]

Season Five Quiz (Part Eight) [Betsy Brodie Roberts]

The (Pen)Ultimate QL Episode Guide: Season Five, Part Eight "The Leap Between the States" and "Memphis Melody" [KFB]