The Observer
Issue # 25

March 2002

From Project Quantum Leap at

Cover: Sam in his "Future Boy" spacesuit standing next to Capt. Jonathan Archer, Enterprise NX-01. The inscription below reads, "The Return of Future Boy."


In Memoriam: Tracy Ann Murray [KFB]

Letter from Scott Summer 2001

PQL Interview with Scott [Donna Dickenson]

Don Bellisario: Riding High [Sharon Major]

Reunion 101: Dean and Harriet Margulies

Spotlight on Melora Hardin [Sharon Major]

Interview with Melora [Sharon Major]

Ziggy Awards Ceremony, 2001 Orlando Leap

The Music of Quantum Leap, Part Four: From PKE to MIA [KFB]

Q&A: Dan Roebuck and Rich Whiteside, 2001 Orlando Leap [transcript by Trudy Costagliola]

Catching Up with Rich Whiteside

A Scott-ish Adventure in New York City [Barbara Pilnick and Helene Kaplan]

String Theory Redux [Jim Rondeau]