The Observer
Issue # 27

April 2003

From Project Quantum Leap at

Cover: Focus on Writers and Writing; Cream cardstock with a picture of Sam at the typewriter, superimposed on a page from an unused Quantum Leap script.


Tribute to Parley Baer & Royce D. Applegate

An Interview with Scott Bakula [Rich Whiteside]

An Interview with John Hill [Sharon Major]

Don Bellisario’s Screenwriting Secrets [Christine Mersch]

An Interview with Gillian Horvath [Sharon Major]

An Interview with Marla J. Hayes [Sharon Major]

Dean Stockwell—Gentleman, Actor, Golfer [M. J. Hayes]

Marla’s JAG Journal: Dean on JAG [M. J. Hayes]

Focus on J. G. Hertzler; Interview [Jacqueline Bundy]

Rich Whiteside’s Interviewing Secrets [Sharon Major]

Why Sam Didn’t Leap [KFB]

String Theory Redux [Jim Rondeau]