The Observer
Issue # 3

Summer 1991

From Project Quantum Leap at

Cover: tan or beige, with photo of Richard Herd and Scott Bakula as Captain Galaxy and Future Boy. "In this Issue: The Adventures of Captain Galaxy! Plus: A Special Spotlight on Dean Stockwell! Welcome to the Future!"

Survey Results (Part One): Who We Are and Why! [TAM]

Leaping Out of Fashion - the Fashion Observer replies to critics

Interview: Richard Herd [KFB and TM]

Scott Bakula in Texas / Scott Bakula in Chicago [Julie Barrett and KFB]

Dean Stockwell at I-Con [Candyce Nathanson-Goldstein]

Dean Stockwell Speaks I-Con Q&A [transcribed by Nancy Rapaglia]

Stockwell's Soapbox [TAM] plus Dean's U.S. Senate testimony

Dean Stockwell Films, Part 3: 1970-1983 [TM]

The Dean Stockwell Star: An Update [TM]

QL Episode Guide: Season Two, Part 1 "Honeymoon Express" to "A Portrait for Troian" [KFB]