The Observer
Issue # 32

October 2005

From Project Quantum Leap at

Cover: 15th Anniversary  of PQL; photos of Scott, Dean, Deborah, Richard Herd, Dan Roebuck and Jay Schwartz.


PQL: Prehistory and Recollections [KFB]

Deborah Pratt at Scottfest 2005  [Maret Johnson]

Interview with Scott Bakula  [Jo Fox]

A Conversation with Chelsea  [Maret Johnson]

Close Encounters with Dean Stockwell at Collectormania7  [Janine Humphreys; Helen Earl]

Interview with Richard Herd  [S. Major]

Interview with Dan Roebuck  [Jo Fox]

Interview with Jay D. Schwartz  [Jo Fox]

Catching Up With Peter Noone  [Robin Iori]

Marla’s JAG Journal, Part III  [M. J. Hayes]