The Observer
Issue # 39

May 2009

From Project Quantum Leap at

The LeapBack Convention Issue
Cover: Where’s Sam? A collage of over seventy-five screen caps from Quantum Leap episodes. (Answer key included.)


A Tribute to Teddy Wilson [Cynthia Jotim]

Memories of the Leap Back Convention Weekend [Jo Fox]

Scott Collage; Friends Collage; Costume Ball Collage; and Guests of QL Convention (back cover) [Jo Fox]

Scott Bakula and Ray Bunch Together Again
(transcript and photos of Scott and Ray)

Quotes from our Fab Four (quotes from Deborah, Don, Dean and Scott at the QL convention)

Quantum Quotables (a sampling of quotes from each of the guests at the QL convention) [SAM]

From the Other Side of the Dais (a sampling of attendees’ convention memories)

Photos of Costume Ball winners and Centerpiece winner

Answer Key to cover [Jo Fox]