The Observer
Issue # 4

Winter 1991

From Project Quantum Leap at

Cover: fake Time Magazine cover, with Scott photo by Nancy Rapaglia. THE NEXT EINSTEIN - A scientist and an ex-astronaut team up to ask: is Time, not Space, the final frontier?" First printing had red border on cover.


Survey Results (Part 2): Our Favorite Things [TAM]

Interview: Tommy Thompson [Joan Dodson & Kris Arnold]

VQT: The View from Table 5 [KFB]

The View From L.A.: An L.P.O.'s Story [Bing Futch]

Interview: Beverly Bridges [KFB & TM]

Dean Stockwell Films, Part 4: 1983-1988 [TM]

QL Episode Guide: Season Two, Part 2 "Animal Frat" to "M.I.A." [KFB]