The Observer
Issue # 5

Spring 1992

From Project Quantum Leap at

Cover: blue ink on white, Dean photo from Leap Day 1992 inside Hollywood Star artwork. Dean Stockwell: a Star on Earth and in the Heavens, February 28, 1992.


Leap Weekend: On the Front Line [Bing Futch]

Leap Weekend: Another Angle [Julie Barrett, Dr. Joyce D. Hatcher etc.]

Leap Weekend: A Side View [TAM]

Book Review: Time Tripping [Ann Raymont]

Video Review: Necessary Roughness [TM]

Film Review: The Player [TM]

Interview: Chris Ruppenthal [Bing Futch; transcribed by Ann Raymont]

Survey Results, Part 4 [TAM]

Interview: Dennis Wolfberg [TM and KFB]

Stockwell's Soapbox: the Earth Summit [TAM]

Dean Stockwell Films, Part V: Not Just Al [TM]

QL Episode Guide: Season Three, Part 1 "The Leap Home" to "Black on White on Fire" [KFB]