The Observer
Issue # 6

Summer 1992

From Project Quantum Leap at

Cover: blue ink on white, photo of Scott in glasses with leap effect painted in. How do we know he's not Sam Beckett?


Interview: QL FX wizard Roger Dorney [Bing Futch]

Sam Beckett and Thomas Magnum [Brigitte Scherer]

Interview: QL Guest Star Phil Fondacaro [TM, KFB & Rosie Geonnotti]

Report: Prodigy and the P* Leapers [Patricia L. Stone]

Editorial: When Fans Go Too Far [KFB]

Necessary Roughness Redux: an alternative review [Regenia Marracino]

The Big Three Q&A: Scott, Dean & Don 3/1/92 [transcribed by Miriam Cooper & Dr. Joyce Hatcher]

QL Episode Guide: Season Three, Part Two "The Great Spontini" to "Last Dance Before an Execution" [KFB]