The Observer
Issue # 7 & # 8

Winter 1993

From Project Quantum Leap at

Cover: photo of Scott Bakula in his trailer, Sept 1992. Double issue (86 pages) counts as two issues for ordering purposes.


Sammy Award Winners

Project Calla Lily: a report [KFB], press releases [Julie Barrett & KFB], a reply [Warren Littlefield] and a newspaper article [Walt Belcher]

The Death of Leap One and Other Stories: the story behind the interviews [KFB]

Interview: Scott Bakula [TM & KFB]

Interview: Diamond Farnsworth [TM & KFB]

Interview: Lydia Cornell [TM & KFB]

Interview: Joe Napolitano [TM, KFB et al]

Survey Results, Part 5: essays by Leapers [compiled by TAM]

Scott Bakula - The Story So Far (Part One): a preliminary biography [Ann Raymont]

An Introduction to Scott Bakula on TV [KFB]

QL Episode Guide: Season Three, Part Three "Heart of a Champion" to "Shock Theater" [KFB]

Answers to Common Questions about Quantum Leap [KFB, Nancy Henderson & Gillian Eldridge]