The Observer
Issue # 9

Summer 1993

From Project Quantum Leap at

Cover: Sergeant Leaper, our most ambitious cover to date. Photo montage on glossy stock, replacing all those people and objects from the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper album cover with QL actors, producers, writers, directors, fans, etc. On the drum: Dr. Beckett's Lonely Hearts Club Band.


Canceled! - truth and speculation [KFB]

About the Cover: An explanation and contest [KFB]

Scott Bakula - The Story So Far (Part Two) a preliminary biography [Ann Raymont]

Stockwell's Soapbox: At Joy's Request [Nancy Henderson]

Don Bellisario Explains "Mirror Image" [Adina Ringler]

Report: Second Annual Quantum Leap Convention [KFB]

Interview: Chas. Floyd Johnson [TM, KFB & Marjorie Dufek]

Interview: Robin Jill Bernheim [KFB; transcribed by Shari Ramseur]

QL Episode Guide: Season Four, Part One "The Leap Back" to "Hurricane" [KFB]