Relativity 3



This is a Quantum Leap fanzine called Relativity 3, published in 1994 and is 300 pages long. GEN Real Ghostbusters, WKRP in Cincinnati, Remington   Steele, Scarecrow & Mrs. King. Murphy Brown, The Equalizer, Quantum Leap, More. Many of the people we see on TV are related.  Cousins, uncles, aunts, this is the premise of this series of connected short stories.


Table of contents:


Cover Art by Joy Riddle

Twenty Minutes of Apology from Jill – i

Twenty more minutes of apology from Elaine – ii

II: Get me to the church on time 1

            (Santa Fe, Summer 1985) Story by Jill Hargan Artwork by Joy Riddle

Das Deutsch Scarecrow Cuckoo – 42

            (Cologne, Germany, Spring 1976) Story by Marianne Evensen

Dreams End – 70

            (Houston, Summer 1977) Story by Jull Hargan

Made of Steele – 79

(Los Angeles, Winter 1985) Story by Annita K. Smith Artwork by Joy Riddle & Annita K. Smith

Home for Christmas: Steele Style – 113

(Los Angeles, Christmas 1985) Story by Annita K. Smith Cosmo Cartoon by Robin Cloward

Centerfold Cousin Art – 116

            By Rosanne Rice

Steele worker on the Line – 118

            (Denver, Spring 1986) Story by Pat Gonzales Artwork by Joy Riddle

Wrong Assumptions – 159

(Washington D.C., Fall 1986) Story by Becky Condra Artwork by Joy Riddle and Annita K. Smith

Moving Day – 170

(Rockville, Spring 1987) Story by Becky Condra  Artwork by Annita K. Smith

Echoes of the past – 173

(Rockville/Santa Fe, Spring 1995) Story and Artwork by Brenda Wagner

A Theme for Lia – 179

(Los Angeles, Spring 1995) Story and Artwork by Brenda Wagner

Birthright – 192

(Boston/Santa Fe, Summer 1995) Story by Jull Hargan Artwork by Joy Riddle & Annita K. Smith

Bay City
Baby Blues – 219

            (Bay City, March 1996) Story by Maura I. Kelly

Home is where the heart is – 232

(Santa Fe, Summer 1998) Story by Mariann Howarth  Artwork by Mariann Howarth & Joy Riddle

Downtime – 248

            (Santa Fe, Summer 1999) Story and Artwork  by Annita K. Smith

Murphy and the brain – 251

(Washington D.C., Spring 2000) Story by Sharon Dickerson Artwork by Joy Riddle & Annita K. Smith

Apocryphal Cousin Stories

            Title art by Robin Cloward

Just Say No, or Me-owww? – 268

(Santa Fe/Greenwich Village, Summer 1956, 57, & 87) Story by Eileen Roy

Moondance – 270

(Santa Monica, Summer 1993) Story by Robin Cloward  Artwork by Joy Riddle & Robin Cloward

Politically Correct – 280

(Washington D.C., Fall 1995 & Spring 2295) Story by Mark “abdul” Torres

Glossary – 287

Family Tree Appendix I

Cast of Characters Appendix II

Timeline Appendix III