Relativity 4



This is a Quantum Leap fanzine called Relativity 4, published in 1995 and is 311 pages long. Lois & Clark, Quantum Leap Remington Steele, Scarecrow & Mrs. King, WKRP in Cincinnati, Equalizer. Many of the people we see on TV are related.  Cousins, uncles, aunts, this is the premise of this series of connected short stories.


Table of contents:


Cover Art – Kate Nuernberg

Twenty Minutes of Apology from Jill – i

Twenty more minutes of apology from Elaine – ii

IV: Lost, but steele found (Mixed) – 1

            (Aspen, December 1987) Story by Jill Hargan Art by Peggy Spalding

All snug in their beds (Mixed) – 56

(Various locations, December 1934-94) Story by Annita K. Smith

Passing the torch (EQ/SMK) – 63

            (Various locations, June 1953-94) Story by Jill Hargan

Ho Ho Ho, Boy!! (QL) – 68

            (New York City, December 1962) Story by Annita K. Smith

Too little, too late (RS/SMK) – 73

(Los Angeles, July 1978) Story by Jill Hargan Art by Mariann Howarth & Cathy L.

Meeting in the middle (SMK) – 86

(Rockville, December 1988) Story by Becky Condra  Artwork by Mariann Howarth & Cathy L.

Legacy (SMK) – 99

            (Rockville, May 1989) Story by Jill Hargan Art by Cathy L.

A new steeele in the family (RS) – 104

            (Los Angeles, September 1990) Story by Sharon Dickerson

So long ,Farewell (WKRP) – 111

            (Cincinnati, May 1994)  Story by Jull Hargan Art by Mariann Howarth

Family (QL/WKRP/RS) – 116

(Santa Fe. December 1994)  Story by Annita K. Smith & Jill Hargan  Art by Annita K. Smith & Joy Riddle

Steele like old times (RS/HS/AW) – 146

(Boston, Fall 1996) Story by Maura L. Kelly Artwork Mike Cole & Joy Riddle

A Time to Heal (SMK) – 164

            (Annapolis, November 1998)  Story Jill Hargan Artwork Cathy L.

Photographs and memories (QL) – 176

            (New Mexico, December 2000) Story by Annita K. Smith

You’re Steele my little girl (RS) – 185

            (Rockville, Spring 2004)  Story by Steve Kelley

Letting Go (SMK) – 208

(Rockville, Spring 2012)  Story by Becky Condra Artwork by Cathy L.

Solomon’s Wisdom (RS) – 211

            (Los Angeles, Winter 2014) Story by Pat Gonzales


Apocryphal Cousin Stories

Blue Moon (TMC) – 218

            (Los Angeles, 1993) Story by Robin Cloward

By the light of the moon (L&C/Mixed) – 228

            (Segoro, April 1995)  Story by Elaine Gustainis Art by Peggy Spalding

The wolf claw medallion mystery (XF/Mixed) – 258

(Santa Fe, April 1995) Story by Gina Martin & Maura I Kelly Art by Mariann Howarth & Annita K. Smith

CCCXII (Mixed?) – 276

            (Tuesday, Stardate – 51362.8… or 82631.5?) Story by Mark Torres

A brief history of the Michaels family – 279

Uncle Jake’s Eulogy Contest – 295

Glossary – 298

Family Tree Appendix I

Cast of Characters Appendix II

Timeline Appendix III


Key – RS – Remington Steele, SMK – Scarecrow & Mrs. King, s1 – Salvage One, WKRP-WKRP in Cincinnati, EQ – The Equalizer, QL – Quantum Leap, RR-Rags to Riches, AW – Another World, HS – Hat Squad, SWL – She-Wolf of London, L&C – Lois & Cark, XF – X-Files, AC – Apocryphal Cousins, TMC – Totally Made-up Cousins