Samantha Beckett

I grew up on Quantum Leap, well more like the re-runs because I was 3 when it first aired.

I watch movies constantly, stopping occasionally to eat and sleep.
Dec 27, 1986 (Age: 37)
Vestavia, Alabama
I got fired from the ceramics studio, so now I'm back to being an unemployed future starving actress
Favorite Episodes
Leaping w/o a Net, MIA, Miss Deep South, Shock Theater, The Leap Back, pretty much all of them, but these are the special few.
Favorite Quantum Leap Actors/Actresses
Scott Bakula, hands down.
Favorite Characters
Both Sam and Al. Sam is the "Sam" we know and love, and Al cracks me up constantly.
Favorite Non-QL Shows
Navy NCIS, Family Guy, Lost