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  1. jassian

    211 The Outsider will be dedicated to Matt Dale!

    Such a good thing ❤️🥲
  2. jassian

    Quite the understatement😂 You’re like a fan rolemodel High time for you to get on board. 😁

    Quite the understatement😂 You’re like a fan rolemodel High time for you to get on board. 😁
  3. jassian

    And another one back at the bar

    Can’t believe it’s been this long. How have you all been?
  4. jassian

    And another one back at the bar

    Hi Friends. It’s literally been years. 🙂
  5. jassian

    Random Goofball Thread

    Sometimes, I want to post something random, but don't really want to clog up anybody's thread. So here's a fresh one. Free for all as far as I'm concerned. :D
  6. jassian

    Writing collaboration?

    To all you writers out there, Anyone in for super slow paced collaboration? I for one work best in a team.:) Please email me if you're intersted. I got a few screen ideas, probably youtube based, I'd like to bounce off people. Maybe work together? :hurray:
  7. jassian

    Hope you are all well

    Hi, Life has this way of keeping one very busy. Anyway, here's a note that all is well and I'm hoping you Lovely people are doing great! Would love to catch up some time. :)
  8. jassian

    Short notice GCI? - PREVIEW included!

    Anyone out here who can pull off some cgi in the next week? This is the scene: (kinda bloody, needs wounds and cuts) the second and third last shots need nothing. If possible I'd need the red arrow turned to wood color, but the main cutting and...
  9. jassian

    Own TV Pilot!!

    Just had to share: My Master of Arts proposal went through. I'm going to shoot my own pilot episode based on a tv show I created! And I intend to sell it. (Doesn't mean I'll succeed, but you gotta try right!!) Of course QL was one of the big inspirations. And I'm gonna be a...
  10. jassian

    attachment and extraversion

    Hi everyone, My boyfriend is doing a research paper for his psychology studies and he needs a number of people to fill out a questionnaire. It should be from a variety of different people, and even though we all love Quantum Leap, we have different backgrounds and come from different age groups...
  11. jassian

    web hosting ?

    Hey Guys, a question for all the web gurus out there: (this may be similar to ohboy's question, but I'm looking specifically for hosting experiences) I'm helping someone set up a webpage for a small business, he'll want to sell through it, so the host needs php and some selling application...
  12. jassian

    Which one to read first?

    Which one would be a good novel to start with if I haven't read any of them yet? :)
  13. jassian

    Movie Tips

    I haven't seen a topic like this yet, and as many of us seem to share similar tastes in movies and TV, I thought it may be a good idea to have a place to share movie tips.:D Please be mindful to avoid spoilers. What seems obvious to you may spoil the experience for someone else.:p I'll make...
  14. jassian

    reading the fineprint -Google gets copyright?

    Thanks to Helen (leaper1) and others for teaching me to read fine print. I discovered this as I was about to sign up for a gmail account: "By submitting, posting or displaying the content you give Google a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive licence to reproduce...
  15. jassian

    Research paper on managing a TV crew - Who can help?

    Hi guys. Did anyone on this forum ever take part in a TV or film project (preferably something that was aired, or even just podcast) in a role that required you to manage the crew to some degree (Producer, Director, 1st AD, AD, even PM or PA or anything I forgot)? It can have been a very small...
  16. jassian

    I'm graduating today!

    Just wanted to express this: :hurray:graduation's 2.5 hours away!! YAAAAY! I'll get to wear the robe and hat and all :)
  17. jassian

    Essay test reader?

    Hi :help:D, Some of you have already helped me with my copyright essay last year, which was fun. :hurray: :bow Thanks so much guys! and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping out again. I'll have plenty of essays and papers to write this year, and maybe some of you do too. So...
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    Round Robin Story B

    Please do :)
  19. jassian

    Round Robin Story B

    What's also really awesome is how seemlesly it all fits together. when I read the word file of the other story I had a really hard time separating different posts. I really could only do it by remembering. Otherwise I wouldn't have known. :) Just a real tribute to the teamwork.