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  1. Samantha Beckett

    QL Marathon Monday

    Hey all! There's gonna be a QL marathon tomorrow on Sci-fi! Yay! It starts at 8am EST. And Sci-fi are a big bunch of evil meanies, lol. Its like a weep-fest marathon. Here are the eps: Genesis 1 Genesis 2 Lee Harvey Oswald 1 Lee Harvey Oswald 2 Trilogy eps Mirror Image It's like they want us...
  2. Samantha Beckett

    NCIS fic

    NCIS Fanfic: "Dreams" Hey guys! Forgive me if this doesn't belong here but since NCIS and QL are technically half brothers, I thought it might be okay. I have been in the process of writing three NCIS fanfics at once, and the first one is done. I would love it if you guys would read it. This...
  3. Samantha Beckett

    DVD Commercials!

    As we all know, today season 4 comes out on DVD! Yippee!! :hurray: And another "yippee" to the fact that today I saw for the first time a commercial advertising all four seasons. I think it's cool that they are advertising for the dvds, but i wonder why they started with season 4. I havent...
  4. Samantha Beckett

    What Did Katie think?

    Hey, this thought came to me yesterday when I was listening to the radio. John Lennon's "Imagine" was playing and I wondered, "What did Katie think when she heard this song for the first time?" You know, Sam played that song for her and said that it wouldnt be written for several years, and then...
  5. Samantha Beckett

    Happy Singles Awareness Day!

    A touch early, but I wanted to wish everyone to whom it applies, a happy Singles Awareness Day! It's my 19th in a row! *sarcastic laugh* Can yall tell this is my least favorite holiday of the year? :lol Or...for those who have someone in their life...Happy Valentine's Day! :dreaming Samantha...
  6. Samantha Beckett

    Scott and Dean on TV

    New List! Scott and Dean on TV (Feb 20-26) Hey, I thought this would be a cool thing to have going. I use this website called and I have used it to look up whenever Scott or Dean appear on tv in the next week. I thought I would share the wealth with everyone here! For the week of...
  7. Samantha Beckett

    QL Alumni

    I just noticed this while watching "Temptation Eyes". Enterprise watchers, help me out...the woman who plays Tamlyn is the same one who plays Hoshi in Enterprise, right? It looks just like her! This brings up an idea. Let's see if we can do a "Kevin Bacon" thing and see if there were any QL...
  8. Samantha Beckett

    Super Bowl Sunday!

    What's everyone doing for it? Are you watching? Who're you going for? Do you just watch the game, or do u have a pig-out party like out family does? GOOOOOOOOO PITTSBURGH!!!!!!!!!!!! Samantha Beckett
  9. Samantha Beckett

    Dancing With the Stars

    Does anyone else watch this? I love this show, I am so addicted. I am torn between rooting for Drew Lachey (because i LOVED 98 degrees) or Lisa Renna. However, I learned today that Tia Carrere was in The Leap Home II: Vietnam so there's that "she was on QL, i should root for her" thing going on...
  10. Samantha Beckett

    2006: Leap Year

    2006: The FAKE Leap Year I just realized last night that 2006 is a leap year! We should do something to celebrate! I have two ideas we could do: *A mass listen-a-long with anyone who has the QL soundtrack--we decide a time that we all press play at the same time so we all are listening to the...
  11. Samantha Beckett

    It's Oscar Season!!!!!

    It's here at last! My second Christmas! Oscar time has arrived! :hurray: They announced the nominations this morning, and for those who are interested, here are the main categories: Best Actor Philip Seymore Hoffman- Capote Terrence Howard- Hustle & Flow Heath Ledger- Brokeback Mountain...
  12. Samantha Beckett

    Prayers Needed

    Hey guys...I'm requesting the prayers of my online friends. My cousin is in the Air National Guard and he is being shipped out to Quatar tomorrow morning at 11:00am CST. He will be there for a 4 month tour of duty. Pray for safe travels and protection for those 4 months, please. Samantha Beckett
  13. Samantha Beckett

    Water on Camera Lens in Opening Sequence?

    Think to the opening sequence where we are flying thru the air and clouds and such. Could I really be so anal about this to notice, am I the only one who sees water droplets on the camera lense? It's on the left third of the screen down toward the bottom. I just want to see if I'm the only one...
  14. Samantha Beckett

    Rose Bowl Parade

    Haha, yeah I know it's already been on TV, but I know the Travel Channel (there may be others) is replying it now and again later this afternoon. For any and all who are interested, my high school marching band performed in the parade, so if you happen to catch the repeat of it today look for...
  15. Samantha Beckett

    QL Moment in NCIS

    I got a kick out of this, and I wanted to share it with y'all. I was watching an episode of DPB's show NCIS Christmas Eve night. This particular part of the episode was focusing on McGee's extreme intellect versus the intellect of their target, who seemed to be smarter than McGee. In a nutshell...
  16. Samantha Beckett

    Round Robin: The 12 Days of Leaping

    :hurray::hurray::hurray::hurray::hurray::hurray: :hurray::hurray: :hurray::hurray::hurray::hurray: :hurray::hurray::hurray::hurray::hurray: Yay! All 12 days accounted for! This was fun! Samantha Beckett
  17. Samantha Beckett

    Favorite Holiday Movie to Watch

    I know, its not QL realted, but it is seasonal! Which is your favorite holiday movie to watch! If its not listed above, type it here! Mine is A Muppet Christmas Carol, I watch it every year! Samantha Beckett
  18. Samantha Beckett

    Round Robin: The 12 Days of Leaping

    On the eighth day of Leaping Albert said to me: Protect eight terrified children, Stop seven swimmers drowning Avoid getting slammed by six football players, Find dates for five golden girls, Reunite a family of four, Stop Three Crooks, Help two ladies across the street, And get that cat out of...
  19. Samantha Beckett

    John Spencer dies at age 58

    John Spencer, Leo McGary of NBC's "The West Wing" died Friday, December 16 of a heart attack. I am crying as I am typing this, for I truely loved this man both for his acting works and as the person he was. He will be dearly missed by all who followed his works as I did. :cry:cry:cry Here's the...
  20. Samantha Beckett

    Round Robin: The 12 Days of Leaping

    I'll do my sixth day, but I had a good five one... On the fifth day of Leaping, Albert said to me, I had 5 ex-wives! Reunite a family of four, Stop Three Crooks, Help two ladies across the street, And get that cat out of that pear tree. [I have sat at this computer for 30 minutes trying to...