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    Comment by 'mhd123' in media 'Leap-in 213 Against Time (Addison)'

    Is there a final 60 seconds of any series that tops this one? A surprise ending that completes the entire emotional arc of the entire series. It's a shame that so many people view this as a cliffhanger, or that there's a need to "bring Ben and Addison home." But oh, does it leave you wanting more.
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    Today in Quantum Leap History: May 2

    I fit firmly in the aging dad demographic, so "naval thriller with father/daughter thing layered on top" is like Fetanyl to me. In my opinion, Dean Georgaris authored the best episode in each season -- SOS and Nomad.
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    Today in Quantum Leap History: May 3

    Looking back, I think this is my favorite episode of the series. There are no beats that feel wrong at all. Everything makes sense, everything is believable. The tone is perfect in every scene.
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    Quantum Leap Cancelled After Two Seasons (2022-2024)

    I am in the advanced stages of trying to figure out a virtual season, and am communicating with MJ as to whether it'll fit in at Al's Place.
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    QL Revival Virtual Season 3?

    Thanks, I emailed MJ. We're chatting back and forth.
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    QL Revival Virtual Season 3?

    A couple of us over in the AO3 community are sorely missing the revival series, and are planning a virtual season 3 to realize some of the incredible possibilities that the finale teased. I see that the original QL virtual seasons are pretty dormant. I would be happy to take this up as an...