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    Comics needed anyone?

    I got all the Comics here. 13 Comics and I most likely wont read them anymore so I thought I ask HERE if anyone does need them. I didnt want to put them on ebay without knowing if there is interest. Dont know about the prices though but I guess this isnt a problem. And sorry If this offer isnt...
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    Ql Faq

    Found a QL FAQ on the net and wanted it to share with people that did not know it before
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    Did PQL plan on Sam to...

    ...go in the Accelerator and taking the place of someone else, who would be waiting in the future for his return to his own time when Sam is finished with his task. I ask because i thought that Sam wanted to travel in the past, but not changing place with people in the past. But if this is the...
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    Leaping to the future

    Sam Beckett never leaped to the future. Why? He is able to leap forward and backwar in his own lifetime. This brings me to the following guess: He has no future, because he is leaping for the rest of his life. What do you think?
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    QL- The Novels: a kind of compendium

    I want to list all the books here: In order of their releases: 1.) QL: The Novel (Carny Knowledge) 1992 (Ashley Mc Connell) 2.) Too close for comfort 1993 (Ashley Mc Connell) 3.) The Wall 1993 (Ashley Mc Connell) 4.) Prelude 1994 (Ashley Mc Connell) 5. ) Knights of the Morningstar...
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    Do you want a novels discussion forum?

    This really is a great forum and all users seem to be very friendly. :) Anyway, I wanted to ask why there isn't a forum about the QL Novels. Maybe this has been asked before. Please forgive me if this is the case. I'm new and didnt find an answer:wavey
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    German QL Titles and their translation

    Hi . Wanted to give you an insight on how QL and the epiodes were translated into german. The translations were mostly very different, so you can say they gave them complete other titles in most cases. It was even not called Quantum Leap. Here in germany they called it "Zurück in die...
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    Got a question about thread options

    When I was an unregistered reader of this board, when I opened a thread the first post was the oldest and the last post the newest. Now after registration its the opposite way around. I searched all the options and didnt find a way to change it back. Is there a way? :help
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    Hi from Germany

    Hi there all. I first saw Quantum Leap when it was first broadcastet here in Germany in the early 90s. I was a big fan, but missed some of the episodes. This year I was able to see the whole series and now Im a even more big fan then I was. Ia have been 17 when I saw QL first, now Im 35. I...