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  1. LadyKayoss

    QL memorabilia

    Do people still buy QL memorabilia? I'm trying to move, and I need to get rid of a lot of things. I have tons of photos (mostly of Scott Bakula), fanzines, and even a Captain Archer lifesize standee that must go. I'd be asking reasonable prices, such as $1 per photo and $5 per fanzine. I...
  2. LadyKayoss

    Beckett Family Reunion on Men of a Certain Age?

    I just read an interesting article regarding Scott's show Men of a Certain Age: For those of you who don't want to follow the link, it reports that David Newsom, who played Sam's brother Tom, is going to...
  3. LadyKayoss

    Quantum Leap fanzine

    Mods, if you feel this belongs in the fanfiction section, feel free to move it. I just placed this in the general forum for wider exposure. I was wondering if there's any interest here in Quantum Leap fanzines. For about ten years now, ever since I discovered their existence, I've wanted to...
  4. LadyKayoss

    The Dark Leaper

    Here's another question, to hopefully liven up the board a little. We know the forces of good, be it God, Time, Fate, or Whatever, are Leaping Sam around. But what do you think would happen if the forces of evil had taken Sam first? How do you think Sam would react? Would he fight it, or go...
  5. LadyKayoss

    Re-imagining Quantum Leap

    Since the board's been a little slow, I thought I'd throw out some conversation starters to liven things up. Hopefully, these aren't repeats of other threads. In another thread, we discussed who we would tolerate to see play Sam and Al in a remake of Quantum Leap. While I don't like the...
  6. LadyKayoss

    Ticket prices?

    I was just exploring the convention site and noticed that tickets are scheduled to go on sale at the beginning of next year - much sooner than I'd expected. Have you settled on a price yet? I want to make sure I have the money to buy a ticket the day they go on sale.
  7. LadyKayoss

    Birthday Leaps

    So I was bored today and out of curiosity, I began to look through the different QL episodes to see which ones were closest to my birthday to see if there was some kind of pattern. I'm curious (a dangerous state of mind for me), has anyone else done this? And what are the results, if your...
  8. LadyKayoss


    I must say, I like the convention logo. Are we going to be getting it on a nice black T-shirt? :)
  9. LadyKayoss

    Close Encounters

    Do we have a thread anywhere where we share our experiences in meeting with the stars of QL? I'd love to hear or see pictures of peoples' meetings with Scott or Dean or even any of the guest cast. Plus, I'm itching to share a picture of my own with people who will appreciate it...
  10. LadyKayoss

    Brainstorming sessions?

    I didn't know where to put this; I couldn't find a similar thread anywhere. If one exists, feel free to shift this over there (just let me know where!) Anyway, I'd like to write QL fanfiction, but this is one of those fandoms I'm wary of dabbling in because it has a large and fiercely loyal...
  11. LadyKayoss

    New Member: LadyKayoss

    Hello! I'm new here, too, though I've been a QL fan for a looooooong time. I was thrilled to find this board, and proof that the fandom is still active.