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QL Damsel 07-22-2005 05:35 PM

Vaughn Rickar

Played by: David Boreanaz

Job Description: Leaper

Born December 2, 1992, Vaughn is 28 years old and he was born on Lothos' complex on the small island that he owns near the British Isles. His parents are Vivian and Neil Rickar.

His father has worked on the Maintenance Level for fifteen years and is the Senior Maintenance Chief in the Maintenance Level, second in authority after Level Supervisor, Arthur Dane. His mother works as a Librarian on the Educational Level.

He has three sisters, Kate who is 6 years older, Veronica who is two years older and a younger sister named Danessa who is two years younger but Vaughn calls her Detesta just to irritate her.

Vaughn had the standard grade school/high school education, followed by technical training. His father wanted him to follow in his footsteps, but Vaughn didn't like it. After a couple of years of it, he decided that he didn't want to follow the old man, so he decided to apply for leaper training.

At the present moment, he is dating three different girls, Shannon, Amanda and Casey. His free time interests are: swimming scuba diving and working out.

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