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QL Damsel 02-11-2006 07:58 PM

Guidelines of Submitting A Story to QL:TVS
These are the new guidelines that I am enforcing immediately, I am but one person in amongst wonderful writers. I do my best to read, edit and put the stories in a slot in the season so that the reader will not only find the season enjoying but climatic as well. I want every season to be the best season for the readers of Quantum Leap. However, being only one person with a life full of reality smacking her in the face at times, I cannot do it all anymore.

Hence forward, the following is put in place for all submissions for QL: TVS:

1. New, original post-Mirror Image stories only. The story must have never been previously posted on the Internet, and will stay exclusive to this site until it is posted as a re-run.

2. MSWord only! If you have a really old version of Word, WordPerfect, or any other kind of word processing program, please attach to an email as a TEXT or RTF document. If you cannot do that, or don't know how to attach to an email, cut and paste the story directly to an email and sent it in as an email.

3. If you have a story (be it an idea, an almost completed story or a completed story):
  • Please check the Writer's Reference Manual for past storylines to avoice repeating themes.
  • You must submit a story pitch or a long, detailed synopsis (summary of your story) of your story. Please, do not make it a one-line explanation of what Sam is there to do (like a TV Guide). This is done so that we do not have duplicate stories as well as to let the director know when it might be best to place your story in the season lineup.
  • Your story needs to have been read by at least one beta reader before it has been sent to in to the site director. Beta readers do catch little mistakes that you may not be able to see and also catch the majority of the misspellings.
  • We prefer at least a 20-page document (that works out to be between 88 and 100 KB) starting with a PROLOGUE (the Leap in), and at least 4 PARTS. An EPILOGUE will be attached (the next week's Leap in) at the end of the story at posting.
    • Incomplete stories are perfectly OK, but should be in an outline form. A beginning, a middle and end are preferable, but if you're having trouble with the plot and need help, let the director know.
    • If your story is over 40 - 45 pages long, it is not frowned upon.
    • If your story is over 60 pages long, you may want to look at splitting up your story at a climatic scene.
      • 2 - 3 Part Stories: If your story is that long and needs to be put into sections to be parted for the lineup, please do so. However, there will be a limit on 2 - 3 Part Stories during the season.
4. What does a completed story have to have?
  • Author Information: This is any information you would like to have up on your author page. IE: Website information, current email address (if it's changed), any information you would like to give.
  • Tags: Stories must have 'tags' attached at the beginning of the story. Tag examples are in the Writer's Reference Manual. A blank tag for and explanation is found on the site as well.
  • A to Z Character / Place Synopsis and data: Any character, referenced place or new thingamabob that are created need to be listed. To see an example of one of the listings, please go to the A to Z on the site.
    • The A to Z isn't completely up to date. It is a slow process to go through all the stories picking out the characters, places, and extra data about our beloved characters to add them to the A to Z. If anyone is willing to help, Season Seven is open for your gold digging.
5. Spelling and status of charcters are in the Writer's Reference Manual, the A to Z or the cast list. We try to keep this updated, but sometimes we slip. The best way to keep track of histories is to read the 'Leaping Notes' for each episode in the Writer's Reference Manual.

6. New Characters Policy: New characters (in the Quantum Leap series) may be added with the consent of the director.

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