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DBS Producer Aurora 01-07-2003 08:40 PM

Wow! Look at this!!!
Shane passed this along to me! Thanks hon!!! Wowee!!! Someone has noticed!!!

You'll need to copy and past this all into your address bar!!

Holy moly!!


gelfling1220 01-08-2003 04:28 AM


Congrats Aurora! That's really cool! :)

leaper1 01-08-2003 11:47 AM

No more than u deserve folks!

Tres bien, mes braves

Lenick (my french penfriend's name for me at school)

alsplacebartender 01-08-2003 11:56 AM

Glad Loleap noticed you, Aurora! is a French Quantum Leap site. I have done some translation for them and they have done some for me, although I am not currently using the French page anymore.

Loleap, the webmaster, is also on the Alumni page!

They have links to lots of English sites including all the major ones like Sue's, Ziggy_the_ego's, MJ's, etc. It's fun to wander around and try to translate that stuff! Wish I had paid more attention in French class!

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