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Al The Observer 06-15-2008 05:59 PM

Happy Birthday, Al Calavicci!
Happy Birthday to Al!


(root beer)

Snish 06-15-2008 09:32 PM

Omigod! I forgot today is Al's birthday! How could I do that?

Happy Birthday to the best darned admiral in the whole fleet!

leaper1 06-16-2008 03:20 AM

Happy Birthday Al!


ris768 06-16-2008 08:49 AM

How freaky - I made my niece watch Shock Theater the other day and she being a big fan of Al wanted to then find out what happened in The Leap Back. The freaky thing was that it was June 15th!

Happy Birthday Al!

BTW did anyone else notice the calendar jumps from July to June and back to July?

Snish 06-16-2008 10:28 AM


Originally Posted by ris768
BTW did anyone else notice the calendar jumps from July to June and back to July?

I noticed that the calendar was on July (didn't notice that it changed to June though). Since they made such a big point of saying that it was June 15, I almost wonder if they made the calendar wrong on purpose to mess with our heads, since the fans are always complaining about the details that are wrong. I think it's funny.

Mr.Fusion 06-20-2008 05:19 AM

!!! Happy 80th Birthday Al !!!

ris768 06-21-2008 07:29 AM


Originally Posted by Mr.Fusion
!!! Happy 80th Birthday Al !!!

I thought Al was born in 1945 which makes him 63.

marie1439 06-21-2008 06:25 PM

That's what I thought. In the Leap Back when Sam and Al simo-leaped Al leaped into the year he was born.

marie1439 06-22-2008 01:03 AM

Actually Al was born in 1934 so he is 74 this year. I went back and watched a Leap for Lisa again. The date is June 25th, 1957. Sam leaps into Al as a kid and Al says he's 23.

Mr.Fusion 06-22-2008 09:29 AM

I was going by the Al's Place QL primer which says 1934. (QL is 6 years in the future, so... 2014 - 1934 = 0080).

ohboy 06-22-2008 10:47 AM

Even by that information, wouldn't he be 74?

- 1934

All that aside, though, happy birthday to you, Al. Afraid to ask where they are taking you for your birthday, though :nut.

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